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Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of the Dead: Censorship on Left-Wing Blogs
Hi all. I haven't posted here for a long time, but I am doing this on behalf of both myself and several other people. I hope you all don't find this to be too petty and whiny. This is a story of ...
Arken 03/02/2012 48 14 1 332
Telescopes for all!
Sorry if this sounds like spam. I just think it's a really cool educational program that deserves some promotion since it's been a volunteer effort dedicated to low-cost education. I just ...
Arken 05/29/2009 88 19 2 44
Spammers try so hard, don't they? (Random musings on spammers)
Yes I know, not a diary, bitch, bitch, bitch. I don't care. Have you looked in your spam folder lately? Mine has some great subject lines. 95% of e-mail is supposed to be spam. Think about how ...
Arken 05/27/2009 74 10 - 53
Humanity Exports Irony to Other Planets (Life on Mars?)
According to a New Scientist article , the Martian Viking and Phoenix landers, ...
Arken 05/25/2009 39 7 - 17
Cheney's Undisclosed Location disclosed by Biden
I'm probably going to take a break from Daily Kos for a while. Between being accused of being a racist and a personal information leak along with this whole banning fiasco, it's all made be very, ...
Arken 05/18/2009 102 15 - 17
Sunday Confessional
Okay, it's time for us all to confess some of our sins. I'm not a priest... or Catholic... and I don't believe in God... but hey, confession is cathartic, right? So come on, everybody. Let's ...
Arken 05/10/2009 184 14 - 21
Report from the 2009 National Association of Broadcasters Convention
I was lucky enough to spend the last few days wandering around (and taking classes at) the 2009 NAB convention in Las Vegas. The convention is a yearly mega-event trade show where the technical side ...
Arken 04/22/2009 67 12 - 17
O NOES! Twitter is teh evil!
Let me start by saying that I have absolutely no interest in using Twitter, reading other people's "tweets" or any of that. I think most of it is mindless self-indulgence. That said, I hate media ...
Arken 04/14/2009 145 12 - 38
Kossack Saturday Film Club - Postponed
Short diary here. I have been trying to watch To Kill a Mockingbird, but all week, Netflix has says it is 'temporarily unavailable' for streaming. I honestly do not remember it well enough to ...
Arken 01/31/2009 50 8 - 25
Kossack Film Club Next Saturday Evening
The votes from my diary yesterday are in and the first movie we will be watching and discussing will be-
Arken 01/25/2009 81 15 - 24
Poll: Daily Kos Weekly Film Club?
My earliest memory is watching a movie. That's how much movies are a part of my life. I owe a great deal of this to my ...
Arken 01/24/2009 133 24 1 12
Dear Lone Nut With a Gun,
We all appreciate how hard it's been for you these past eight years. There's so many reasons to hate this man- We all hate him.
Arken 01/21/2009 34 9 - 3
Party Time! Party Time! Party Time!
Arken 01/20/2009 91 29 1 27
The Paperless Society - Why it is a bad thing
There was a recent diary where the diarist was upset because they couldn't access a law text that had been scanned in and put online and it got me to thinking about a recurring nightmare I have. ...
Arken 01/15/2009 147 17 1 82
A Minority that Deserves a State
This is an expansion from a diary comment I made earlier and this is mostly a thought experiment. I have no belief this is especially likely to happen. I want to open this saying that Jews deserve ...
Arken 01/06/2009 62 11 - 21
Just to make things perfectly clear:
Okay, this is starting to piss me off since I've seen several commenters do this today. I am a Jew. My parents were both Jewish. Their parents were all Jewish. All of my ancestors we have traced ...
Arken 01/04/2009 119 61 - 16
Job Advice Needed Here
Since this is a rather slow day here, I thought I'd post a very off-topic diary asking for advice from my fellow Kossacks. As many of you know, I've been unemployed for a long time now. I'm lucky ...
Arken 01/02/2009 170 14 - 18
Blah blah blah Israel blah blah blah Gaza
Blah blah blah Israel blah blah blah Gaza blah blah blah blah Jews blah blah blah blah Muslims blah blah blah blah bombing blah blah blah blah holocaust blah blah blah blah nazi blah blah blah blah ...
Arken 12/29/2008 688 68 1 39
There is only one solution to the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict!
Arken 12/27/2008 91 9 - 20
Friday Fun: Craigslist Entertainment Job Ads
Being very unemployed and in the entertainment industry here in Los Angeles (I'm a writer/editor/sound designer/animator/voice over actor/you name it really), I spend a lot of time looking at the TV/...
Arken 12/26/2008 35 12 1 19
Zombie Apocalypse!
Attention. Your attention, please. This is the Emergency Blog Alert System. Normal blogs have been ...
Arken 12/20/2008 74 14 - 16
My Problem Goes Beyond Rick Warren
I've seen all of these diaries admonishing the pick of Rick Warren to deliver the inaugural prayer, and to me, that is a minor part of a much bigger problem- mainly that prayers have no place in our ...
Arken 12/18/2008 113 27 - 19
San Fernando Valley Fire Photos [Semi-Repost with new pics]
I'm reposting the photos I posted yesterday of the smoke plumes from the fire because not that many people got to see it and because I have some new evening photos. These are taken from Mulholland ...
Arken 11/16/2008 9 14 1 29
Photos - The San Fernando Valley Fire
Waking up to the news that the northeastern part of the valley was on fire, I went up to Mulholland drive, a road on the ridge of the Santa Monica Mountains from where you can see the entire San ...
Arken 11/15/2008 20 24 - 24
The REAL Prop 8 Boycott List
After seeing the, in my opinion, misguided Mormon businesses list, I went through the Yes on 8 long list of endorsements and got the actual list of businesses to boycott. These are businesses which ...
Arken 11/06/2008 18 13 5 152
Please! For the sake of comedy!
Eight years ago, America gave us, the nation's comedians, the greatest gift in comedic history. We had eight glorious years of George W. Bush jokes. Now, it is 2008 and, thanks to that pesky ...
Arken 11/04/2008 32 8 - -
The Ballad of John McCain
Howdy, folks. I ain't no cowboy and I ain't no gee-tar player neither, but I reckon I done writ this here song about one o' the Wests greatest zeroes.
Arken 10/27/2008 24 8 - 1
Inside a movie studio complex with a Trojan Horse (fun photo diary)
So, to defy the "this is not Myspace" folks, I am going to post a fun photo diary. I have a small voice-over/video editing studio in an aging complex in Burbank, California. It has seen much better ...
Arken 10/25/2008 15 4 - -
Why are pollsters ignoring Idaho, Utah and Arizona?
Apologies for the short diary and I will delete it if you all want. I understand that both of those are almost certainly going for McCain, but neither Utah nor Idaho have been polled for more than ...
Arken 10/24/2008 82 6 - 3
I just gave 1/4 of my bank balance to Obama. Plus, a song about zombies.
Sadly, that was only $30. I've been unemployed for several months now. I work in the entertainment industry which, historically, does well in bad economic times, but this time, it is still trying to ...
Arken 10/21/2008 29 13 - 11
How We Might Lose: The Time Safari
Time Safaris are a serious problem in the upcoming election.
Arken 10/16/2008 36 6 - 55
OMG! Obama delays baseball, world ends!
I just read this at and I couldn't stop laughing. Of all the things to get ...
Arken 10/15/2008 44 5 - 3
It's 1966 Batman in this Diary!
Arken 10/14/2008 36 9 2 3
The Top 20 Reasons to vote for McCain!
I put this as a comment to the troll diary giving us crappy top 10 reasons that were supposed to be funny but weren't even slightly. I thought I could come up with much funnier ones and expanded it ...
Arken 10/10/2008 14 8 1 4
It's Stargate SG-1 Inside this Diary!
Arken 10/09/2008 125 28 2 26
Kleptocracy - Your word for the day.
Talking about the economy and the government on the phone with my father the other day, he called the government a kleptocracy. It wasn't a word I was familiar with, but then, unlike him, I don't ...
Arken 10/08/2008 27 18 - 11
Rewarding Bad Behavior - Subprime Loans are Back!
When I was walking the dogs this morning, I saw a flier on all of the cars. This isn't unusual in my neighborhood. I'm in North Hollywood, CA a couple of blocks from the main thoroughfare in the ...
Arken 10/05/2008 76 21 - 23
The Terrorists Won.
How many times in the last seven years have we heard that if we don't do one thing or the other, the terrorists will win? Let me tell you something- they already won. I had never thought about ...
Arken 10/04/2008 32 13 - 4
Several Palin Debate Moments Not Talked About
Hi. Sorry for the short diary, but I want to address a few debate moments that aren't getting much play and which we should hit upon because I think they might have legs-
Arken 10/03/2008 174 75 2 28
It's Star Trek Inside this Diary: The Next Generation
First Officer's Log, Stardate... unknown. The Enterprise has encountered a space-time vortex and is now in orbit around planet Earth in the early 21st century. The crew has been adversely affected ...
Arken 10/02/2008 100 7 - -
Some Simple Math
Yes, this is a short diary. Hopefully the content will be worth it. People are pointing to Palin's debate in the Alaska primaries and subsequent electoral win as evidence that she will do well ...
Arken 10/01/2008 12 12 - 19
A scary old meme returns- It's the Jews!
I first saw it on Daily Kos before I saw it in print, but certain people are claiming that congress taking off for Rosh Hashanah is purely political. Not only does this ignore the fact that 30 ...
Arken 09/30/2008 154 22 - 18
Watch my political ads and see a pair of boobies! (repost)
Hi. I'm reposting this today because I totally screwed up on the post code yesterday and didn't get it fixed until much later. If people are upset about the repost, I'll delete. ***** This summer, ...
Arken 09/28/2008 15 7 1 2
[UPDATED] My Political Ads from
This summer, I had the privilege to make Sendables e-Cards for JibJab . I did many on different subjects, but I thought I would post the political ones. Please ...
Arken 09/27/2008 37 10 - 15
A Tour of Wasilla! (Courtesy of the Wasilla Tourist Board)
Welcome, visitor, to our lovely little town of Wasilla, Alaska. We may not be big, but we sure do have gumption! As a first-time visitor, here is a tour of our great metropolis. With a population ...
Arken 09/25/2008 18 8 1 11
It's Star Trek inside this Diary!
Arken 09/24/2008 85 15 2 -
Time for a rewrite.
When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the ...
Arken 09/23/2008 6 5 - 2
Now that I've been outed as a troll...
(See here: ) I'd like to talk a little bit about bridges. You see, us trolls love bridges. We love living under them and we love ...
Arken 09/22/2008 301 155 8 28
They're right. I'm an elitist.
They have called me out on it. I'm an elitist, just like Barack Obama. For many years now, I have been sure of one thing. I am far superior to any of them. You might call me a child of priv*i*...
Arken 09/21/2008 200 39 - 23
[PLEASE REC] Where's Guantanamo? - Hurricane Ike Info Mothership-ish Diary Day 8
Apologies for the rec request. I posted this yesterday and got less than 5 responses and this is all pretty important. If it gets ignored, what can I say toher than I'll be very disappointed in this ...
Arken 09/20/2008 33 32 - 17
[Updating Intermittently] Hurricane Ike Media Brownout Info Diary - Day 6
*LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEER FOR TOMORROW:* I'm doing this because I am out of work right now, but I am neglecting looking for it. We need this diary tomorrow too and I will do it if necessary, but I ...
Arken 09/18/2008 283 636 9 26
[UPDATED!] Hurricane Ike Aftermath Media Blackout Mothership Diary - Blackout Ending!!!
*Hurricane Ike: recovery II here* This diary is going to take a pause from updating because I need a break. ;) Please volunteer to keep ...
Arken 09/17/2008 403 1219 18 70
Ike Aftermath Local Media Monitor Diary (Please contribute)
Apologies for the short diary, I hope comment contributors will I am not in or around Houston, but anyone can watch the local Houston news live online here:
Arken 09/16/2008 153 39 2 54
Anglican Cleric: We Owe Darwin an Apology
Just to put this up-front, I'm an atheist. That said, I am always encouraged when religious leaders embrace science. It's always good to ...
Arken 09/15/2008 44 10 2 26
Tax Karma
I'm an atheist and a skeptic, I don't believe in anything supernatural. That said, I am a firm believer in tax karma and the rich asshole wing of the Republican party is about to get spanked by it. ...
Arken 09/14/2008 5 2 - -
It is shameful. SHAMEFUL!
(Expanded from a comment in this thread .) It is shameful, inexcusable that when Barack Obama and John McCain come together ...
Arken 09/11/2008 58 14 - -
Republican McMonster! [VIDEO]
When McCain gave his RNC speech, we all noticed the blue and green screens. I have video editing software and, thanks to the help of Kossacks davechen and bjoudesigncom who provided the video for me,
Arken 09/10/2008 7 3 - -
How does she have the time?
It's something I haven't seen anyone ask. We are told she has more executive experience than Senators Obama and Biden *combined*. We are told that, in the year and a half she has been Governor, she ...
Arken 09/06/2008 33 5 1 -
Got a TiVo? Know how to upload video? I need your help!
Sorry for the short diary... I don't have a TiVo, but I do have professional video editing software, but tonight, McCain was speaking first against a green screen and then in front of a blue screen.
Arken 09/04/2008 28 8 - 7
Tomorrow's Headline: Al Qaeda Hurts America on 9/11 Anniversary
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: I got my advance copy of tomorrow's USA today and I'm posting it here to show an example of how our holy President, George Walker Bush(pbuh), is being threatened.
Arken 09/11/2007 1 - - 7
David Vitter- The REAL Press Conference
While going through my Tivoing of my super secret pirate satellite scanner 5000, I discovered this- the true press conference of Senator David Vitter. Yes, I know you all think you saw him apologize,
Arken 07/18/2007 17 4 - -
Thanks for the "Gift," Congressman.
A copy of an e-mail which I just sent to my Congressman, Representative Howard Berman (D-CA). I wish I could say he wasn't on our side. Sadly he is. This may not mean much to you, but it pisses me ...
Arken 12/29/2006 22 8 - 7
Merry Crispmas!
As a secular atheist Jew, I've never celebrated Christmas (although I am this year because my Mother-in-Law is visiting and I don't want to be a spoilsport), but hey, everyone else gives presents ...
Arken 12/24/2006 8 7 - -
Warning: This Diary Has No Politics- It Does Have Skeletor Though
Yes, just in time for my trip to London for an acting gig (I leave in about an hour for the airport), I have put up the brand spankin' new Episode 9 of The Skeletor Show. I wouldn't have diaried it,
Arken 11/29/2006 15 - - 5
The Russian Spy Poisoning- Something new...
Most people now know about Alexander Litvinenko, the ex-Russian spy who was poisoned with a radioactive material in the UK. The substance he was poisoned with was Polonium-210, an especially toxic ...
Arken 11/28/2006 63 13 - 7
Special Cartoon: Don Wanderer
Arken 11/13/2006 9 3 - 7
It's all over. The Democrats have won.
Arken 11/08/2006 54 26 2 10
Los Angelinos: Election Night Drinks?
Arken 11/07/2006 80 3 - -
Election Diversion: Two Historical Documents
Arken 11/03/2006 18 14 - 6
On Depression - Prepare Yourself
Arken 11/01/2006 110 33 - 9
Wow Are You Folks Shrewd
Arken 10/18/2006 102 2 1 5
Man! The One Time I Wish I'd Joined the Military...
Arken 10/12/2006 100 48 1 19
Foley is not a pedophile- which is why we should call him one!
Arken 09/30/2006 62 14 - 17
Have You Visited Street Prophets Lately?
Arken 09/28/2006 31 20 1 24
Remember the forgotten hero who saved the world on this date
Arken 09/26/2006 33 63 3 22
The Strange Case of Schrödinger's Arab
Arken 09/23/2006 32 19 1 37
Idiocracy: The Movie They Don't Want You to See
Arken 09/15/2006 38 10 - 13
Great Unsolved Mundane Mysteries of Your Life (An alternative to doom and gloom)
Arken 09/11/2006 25 5 2 -
Why is Bush visiting 9/11 memorials on 9/10?
Arken 09/10/2006 28 6 - -
The last 6 Years on IRC
Arken 08/18/2006 11 19 - 8
Who Are We Fighting Here?
Arken 08/17/2006 35 13 - 9
I feel the need to clarify a few things-
Arken 08/01/2006 194 26 1 6
Why are we worried about internet predators?
Arken 07/31/2006 76 15 1 7
Oh no! A time warp! It's Open Thread 3000 AD!
Arken 07/28/2006 91 14 - 4
Okay. Some people obviously need a punching bag.
Arken 07/27/2006 147 25 1 6
The Shirt I Am Ashamed to Wear
Arken 07/26/2006 41 26 - 2
Time for Anger Management!
Arken 07/25/2006 73 8 - 1
Does anyone here NOT understand that war is bad?
Arken 07/24/2006 215 19 1 8
Vey is mir! Yiddishe Kos!
Arken 07/23/2006 580 111 5 8
The new Kossack Chickenhawk
Arken 07/16/2006 705 299 4 25
The World is Continuing to be About to End
Arken 07/15/2006 276 114 9 21
You are Israel's Leader: What Would You Do? [updated]
Arken 07/13/2006 249 21 - 4
Bye-Bye Citgo, Hello $4/gallon gas!
Arken 07/12/2006 253 186 1 24
Kafka's Amerika becomes our America
Arken 07/06/2006 9 10 - 2
Sunday Funday: A New Cartoon
Arken 06/25/2006 6 6 - -
Want to Speak Your Mind at YearlyKos? Seek me out!
Arken 06/06/2006 25 18 1 -
Deconstructing DC 9/11: A Time of Crisis Part II Now With Less Takei!
Arken 06/01/2006 11 13 1 8
How to Get (Almost) Everyone to Drive Electric Without Forcing Them
Arken 05/31/2006 94 8 - 5
Deconstructing DC 9/11: A Time of Crisis Part I -plus- Thanks for convincing me to stay
Arken 05/30/2006 34 12 2 11
Sorry for deleting my last diary, but GBCW [Updated for clarity]
Arken 05/28/2006 485 30 2 22
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