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Fed up with Ferguson
Some of the people on are as fact-challenged as the conservative right. And also otherwise challenged. To quote anything from the nearly 5000 pages of released transcript of the ...
Arun 11/26/2014 45 - - -
Honey or Vinegar?
I remember sometime during the summer I think, there was a diary showing the huge upsurge in unique visitors to; pretty remarkable in part because the readership of conservative sites ...
Arun 11/13/2014 7 3 - -
Liberal Romneyism
Mitt Romney is notorious for the disdain he expressed for the 47%. After Election Day, when the Democratic Party got thoroughly walloped, not just at the Federal level, but also in the States, ...
Arun 11/06/2014 7 6 - -
With Equal Justice for All
Take a look at the pictures on this page: EFI Senior Leadership. Why should you look at them? They are involved in this story : Eight workers from India were paid as little as $1.21 an hour by a ...
Arun 10/25/2014 1 3 - -
In the Bill Maher - Ben Affleck kerfuffle the other day, Affleck voiced a conventional opinion. e.g. , Affleck said that a minority of radical Islamists shouldn’t give a bad name to the ...
Arun 10/21/2014 25 2 - -
Progressive Myopia
Myopia is a gentle word for this response on the front page to Maureen Dowd's column in the New York Times, " Isn't it Rich ?" And this week, for her outstanding achievement in ...
Arun 07/13/2014 10 5 - -
Increasing our mutual distrust
If I remember history correctly, there was considerable distrust of Catholicism amongst the American public back in the 1950s and John F. Kennedy had to make a strong speech that he would not be ...
Arun 07/01/2014 14 2 - -
To be fair
If the sincere religious beliefs of the owners of a closely held corporation require them not to extend birth control coverage to their employees, then it is only fair that they be required to ...
Arun 07/01/2014 47 81 1 -
A response to Wendy Doniger's NYT OpEd
Why the following ought to be of interest on Daily Kos: Ignorance might not prevent the American academia from sermonizing to the world but, when coupled with pompousness, it damages what many good ...
Arun 03/09/2014 13 5 - -
Random Observations
Little observations, none of which merit a diary. I thought I'd accumulate them here, and hit the publish button when the count reached 10. The list starts under the fold.
Arun 02/20/2014 1 - - -
Is there a divine right to have employees?
Is there a divine right to have employees? Certainly, I don't see that right in the Constitution of these fifty fragilely United States. If someone finds having an employee offends their ...
Arun 01/25/2014 53 6 - -
Will 2014 be the Year of the American Voter?
Yours truly is in India on vacation, and is reading the Sunday Magazine of the popular newspaper, The Indian Express. You can do so, too, online though online, the photographs and graphics are not ...
Arun 12/29/2013 13 8 - -
The view from abroad
It takes only a day or two of being outside the country to realize what a fall America's standing in the world has. As a simple example, the world is taken aback that Americans have seemingly so ...
Arun 12/18/2013 12 8 1 -
The Republicans are insane
There are pages and pages and pages of stuff analyzing Republican strategy and Republican motives. They're in the pockets of the plutocrats, they carry grudges from the time of the Confederacy, ...
Arun 10/15/2013 7 7 - -
Rewording the Second Amendment
Congress shall make no law infringing on the risk of being shot. I think this is truer to the reality today than the archaic A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free ...
Arun 09/17/2013 10 5 - -
A Bargain on Corporate Taxes?
In the comments on Prof. Krugman's blog, I sometimes go off-topic, so if I could delete my following thought there, I would, and instead, ask it here, as I am. While not yielding on the raising of ...
Arun 12/10/2012 8 - - -
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