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Big threats facing endangered Florida manatees -- and how you can help
Shocking. And wrong. 830. That's the number of endangered Florida manatees that needlessly perished last year -- largely victims of deadly boat strikes and toxic "red tide" algal blooms. And now ...
AshleyAllison 05/27/2014 3 12 - -
Update on bees, Monsanto, and Bayer
Devastating. The numbers just came in , and thanks to Bayer and Monsanto, nearly one quarter of America's bees died this winter. In Maryland, the devastation was particularly historic. With almost ...
AshleyAllison 05/23/2014 261 110 1 -
Sign the petition: Don't let the tea party gut the Endangered Species Act!
Against all odds, the tiny black-footed ferret is making a miraculous comeback on the western American prairie. Once considered extinct in the wild, the wily creatures owe their fragile survival to ...
AshleyAllison 05/19/2014 11 12 2 -
Sign the petition: Stop Big Oil's assault on the rainforest
Jaime Vargas, an Ecuadorian tribal leader , stood proudly in the howling wind and rain to send us this urgent plea: "Big Oil will stop at nothing to destroy our sacred rainforest home. But with your ...
AshleyAllison 04/22/2014 2 17 - -
Sign the petition: Save our bees from toxic pesticides!
For Bob, a beekeeper from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, it was a heartbreaking winter. Nearly 70 percent of Iowa's precious bees were too sick -- poisoned by toxic agricultural pesticides produced by Bayer ...
AshleyAllison 04/17/2014 3 30 - -
A death sentence for Yellowstone's bison
* Note: While the 2014 slaughter has ended, unless we convince Governor Bullock otherwise, next year will mean more killing for Yellowstone's bison. Every winter, Sabina S. is filled with ...
AshleyAllison 03/14/2014 31 25 - -
Protecting the planet is now criminal
I have some news -- as of this week, I'm a criminal. And so are the people of Ecuador who stood against Chevron for poisoning the Amazon with 18 billion gallons of toxic oil waste in its ruthless ...
AshleyAllison 03/10/2014 46 50 - -
Sign the petition: Protect bald eagles from the NRA
On a crisp January day, the residents of Wilton Lake, Maine, saw a majestic bald eagle plummet to the ground. They rushed it to a wildlife rehabilitation center, where the staff pulled a fragment of ...
AshleyAllison 02/14/2014 7 25 1 -
300,000 West Virginians are still living with poisoned water
This post was written by my colleague, Michael Grenetz, SierraRise Director. Dr. Rahul Gupta won't let his children drink their tap water anymore -- he's too afraid of the toxic chemicals. As ...
AshleyAllison 02/06/2014 23 43 - -
Animal Planet is abusing animals for ratings and profit
When the three baby raccoons were left with Kentucky wildlife specialist Karen Bailey, she took one look and knew they were fighting for their lives. It would be a "race against time" to save the ...
AshleyAllison 01/31/2014 16 23 1 -
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