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Dawn Chorus - Gull ID for fun and profit.
Okay, actually, no profit to be made from gull ID as far as I know. But if it's possible to tilt the meter from pure aggravation toward fun, that would be something. I've been trying to work on ...
lineatus 05/03/2015 36
She’s Not New to This Fight Ya Know
I've always loved Bernie Sanders’ passion for trying to do the right thing by working families. But I'm getting mighty tired of the way a handful of folks (mostly on my facebook feed) are ...
Alegre 05/01/2015 65
Murderer Millionaire Tulsa Deputy: $25,000 Bail. 'Rioters': Half A Million.
Two America's indeed. Millionaire 'reserve deputy' Robert Bates buys his way onto the police force, shoots and kills a black man and gets this treatment : Video shows Reserve Deputy Robert Bates ...
LieparDestin 05/01/2015 17
Texas Gov. Has State Guard Monitor Army Training In Fear of 'Hostile Takeover'
There are a lot of major things going on in the world, a lot of legitimate fears of abuse of power and out of control government. There are a lot of things that need attention, or speaking out on... ...
LieparDestin 04/29/2015 43
Hillary’s First Primary Opponent
You may not have noticed, but Hillary’s already got a fight on her hands. No… Gov. O’Malley hasn’t declared yet – he said he won’t say whether he’s in or out until the end of next ...
Alegre 04/28/2015 55
Dawn Chorus - Bolinas Springtime (this time)
Spring is sprung, the grass is riz - I wonder where the birdies iz? Bolinaz!
lineatus 04/26/2015 62
Good grief! The hand-wringing and hyperventilating over selected excerpts of an unpublished book published by Rupert Murdock and written by a Koch-funded discredited hack... Really?! The GOP are ...
Alegre 04/24/2015 52
Petraeus Gets Probation
If you are going to leak very classified information, its probably best to be the head of the CIA and not a low-level analyst, as the results of the Petraeus scandal show : David Petraeus, the ...
LieparDestin 04/23/2015 13
Hillary Supporters: Memorize These Three Cornerstones
Ok. Today’s post is gonna be short and sweet. Peter Daou penned a kick-ass reminder for Hillary’s supporters yesterday and I want everyone to read it, bookmark it – hell write the main ...
Alegre 04/21/2015 176
Feminists, Hillary Men, and Hubby
So I’ve always been impressed with the men in my life who proudly declare that they’re feminists. Hard to believe it, but even now in the 21st Century, it takes a pretty self-confident guy to ...
Alegre 04/20/2015 361

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