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Lesson #0 From Gaza Soldier Testimonies: WHERE'S THE WAR ???
Last week, the Israeli dissident organization "Shovrim Shtika" (Hebrew) , or "Breaking the Silence" (English) , has released a booklet with 111 soldier testimonies from last summer's war on Gaza. ...
Assaf 05/15/2015 7 13 - -
Israeli Elections Tomorrow: A Primer, and What to Watch for (UPDATE beautiful chart)
Ok, I guess it's time for my traditional pre-Israeli-elections diary. I posted one in 2009 and two in 2012/3 ( one and two ). ...
Assaf 03/16/2015 29 36 3 -
AP: 75%-90% of Deaths from Israel's "Precision" Air Strikes Last Summer were Civilians
In my last diary a couple of weeks ago , I promised to be more "in your face", writing more regularly about Gaza rather than wait for the next round of mayhem or warfare. Since then I've been a bit ...
Assaf 03/13/2015 151 168 3 -
Guess what Topic is *NOT* Mentioned by the Main Contenders in Israel's Election?
Shuja'iyya, Gaza, Winter 2015: a resident walks in what used to be a street. (Anne Paq / Activestills ) Yes, the same Gaza that reigning ...
Assaf 02/19/2015 66 39 - -
Expand the Site's F#$#%@g Mission, Kos!
...this being my modest contribution to the post-2014-midterms discussions... I feel we haven't quite come to terms with our site's collective, colossal failure in its main declared mission. It is ...
Assaf 12/03/2014 55 39 - -
W/Update: I just sent this to NPR to protest their shameful non-coverage of Climate March
If your experience with NPR coverage today (or tomorrow, Monday) was similar, use this link to contact them. Thank you. Dear Ombudsman, Today over 300,000 people marched in New York for climate ...
Assaf 09/21/2014 120 163 2 -
GAZA CEASEFIRE COLLAPSES: Here's What I Wrote President Obama
Gaza has been a bit off the headlines the last week, because there were 9 consecutive days of cease-fire, in installments of 3+5+1, each time the extension being agreed upon in the last moment. ...
Assaf 08/19/2014 125 26 - -
BREAKING: 72-Hour Gaza Ceasefire Announced
Jointly by Ban Ki-Moon and John Kerry. Yesterday we tried to postpone our 15-year-old son's trip to Israel by a few days but there were no spots. It was either go tomorrow (Friday), or cancel. He ...
Assaf 07/31/2014 191 81 - -
Gaza War (w/UPDATE): Will Obama back up his Secretary of State?
A few months ago, when Secretary of State John Kerry amped up his efforts to get an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, senior members of the Israeli resorted to attacking him personally, while throwing ...
Assaf 07/27/2014 174 74 2 -
About Gaza.
The 2014 Gaza war looks more and more like a sports competition between the leaderships of Israel and Hamas, to see who will emerge more stupid and evil. So far "my" side (that would be Israel) is ...
Assaf 07/20/2014 319 318 13 -
What to tell Climate-Confused Friends? That You don't "Believe" in Global Warming
As global warming comes back to the fore of public discourse, environmentalists wonder how to overcome the polarization (this New Hampshire poll finds global warming to be the most partisan issue, ...
Assaf 06/10/2014 59 92 5 -
UPDATE History by Ordinary People: Father-Daughter Pair Doing 6-Day Electric Car Coast-to-Coast
(h/t to the electric vehicle blog, for alerting me about this story) On Tuesday, John, a 62-year-old man from Kentucky, posted this laconic message on the Tesla owner online forum: ...
Assaf 01/24/2014 51 90 6 -
Dispelling Electric-Vehicle Myths, #4 (and last): Technology Aspects
Hooray! I am about to achieve a Daily Kos first for me: to actually complete a diary series as promised. This is the 5th and last diary in a series on the current state of electric vehicles (EVs),
Assaf 12/20/2013 31 21 - -
White Man's Burden - the Israeli Occupation Version
(this on-the-ground report and analysis by scholar-activist David Shulman, with some additions and links by yours truly, is crossposted from the Villages Group Blog) Dear Friends, By a ...
Assaf 11/18/2013 43 27 - -
What's Behind Israel's Boom-and-Bust Economic Cycles? It's the Occupation, Silly
I have been away from Israel-Palestine blogging, happily moonlighting about EVs instead... ...well, that's not quite true. I've raised a bit of I-P ruckus lately - but in Hebrew. In August I ...
Assaf 11/06/2013 23 14 - -
Dispelling Electric-Vehicle Myths, #3B: Business Viability and Consumer Value
This is the 4th (and likely next-to-last) diary in a series on the current state of electric vehicles (EVs), focusing on the US, that started last month. Diaries #1 and #2 dealt with environmental ...
Assaf 10/16/2013 63 76 4 -
Dispelling Electric-Vehicle Myths, #3A: The Sales Wars
This was slated to be the 3rd diary in a series of 4, but I am splitting it because it became too long. So my series will have 5 diaries! Yay! In case you missed them, Diaries One and Two dealt ...
Assaf 10/08/2013 20 22 1 -
Dispelling Electric-Vehicle Myths, #2: Other Environmental Issues
This is Diary #2 in a 3-part series about electric vehicles (EVs), around National Plug-In Day, coming up on September 28-29. Diary #1 dealt exclusively with greenhouse-gas footprint. I tried to ...
Assaf 09/23/2013 31 20 1 -
Dispelling Electric-Vehicle Myths, #1: About that CO2 Footprint...
This is the first serving in a series of 3-4 posts about electric vehicles (EVs), leading up to National Plug-In Day on September 28. A few days ago we celebrated our own first anniversary as EV ...
Assaf 09/16/2013 156 189 28 -
[VIDEO] Elon Musk Pulls Another Rabbit out of his Hat: Tesla S Battery Can Be Fast-Swapped
A few short months ago, conventional wisdom was poking fun at the Tesla S electric car, with some columnists calling it "a glorified golf cart" (which, in case you don't know, is the N-word analogue ...
Assaf 06/21/2013 251 210 6 -
Better Place Goes Belly-Up. But Is the Switchable-Battery EV still Alive?
Last week, the Israeli company called Better Place filed for bankruptcy. Better Place (BP) tried to base its business upon battery-switching and charging networks for electric vehicles (EVs). It ...
Assaf 06/06/2013 10 12 - -
#NOKXL: Cut Off the Tar Sands - Switch to an Electric or Plug-In Vehicle
My challenge to you: make it your mission, that anyone you know who's planning to buy a new car in 2013, has at least seriously considered an EV or plug-in, and has taken at least one for a test ...
Assaf 04/21/2013 45 48 2 -
Israeli Voters Upset with Bibi - But will they Upset him Back?
Over the past couple of months, from my vantage point across an ocean and a continent, I have observed a growing disconnect between most of Israel's political analysts - and the actual campaign for ...
Assaf 01/19/2013 13 11 - -
Israeli Elections: Labor party leader pays steep price for ignoring Occupation
As events in Egypt, Syria and Palestine heat up... ...The nation-state in the middle of all this, Israel, has had its own share of high political drama. True, instead of blood, only tears and ...
Assaf 12/08/2012 43 28 - -
Gaza Ceasefire: Giving Thanks to President Obama
Some 30 hours after its enactment, The ceasefire in Gaza is holding on. It remains to be seen if and when the promise to open Gaza to normal civilian movement, laconically stated in the ceasefire ...
Assaf 11/22/2012 85 47 1 -
Israeli Government Balks at Ceasefire, Gambles with Lives of Millions (UPDATE: CEASEFIRE!)
I kinda expected this , but it's still infuriating (Hebrew, translation and emphasis mine). ...the announcement of a ceasefire scheduled to begin last night at midnight was postponed at the last ...
Assaf 11/21/2012 235 56 1 -
2012 Gaza Conflict: one can have one's own opinions - NOT one's own FACTS (+UPDATE)
America is beginning to tune in more closely to the catastrophe unfolding in and around Gaza. And not a moment too soon. If we cannot stop this in 48 hours, the list of victims since it started on ...
Assaf 11/19/2012 476 135 3 -
Let's Stop Bibi Netanyahu's Sickening "Wag the Dog" Ploy
Part of expatriate life is worrying for the health of elderly overseas parents. My father-in-law's health is bad enough to worry about , even without this recent crap. My wife's parents live in ...
Assaf 11/16/2012 104 178 5 -
Once again, Big Media chose the "Baby Rasmussens" over the "Nate Silvers"
Tuesday night belongs in the US news media Hall of Shame. It was even worse than CNN's June "Obamacare Repealed!" gaffe. Back then, it was just one network misinterpreting reality, and having a ...
Assaf 11/09/2012 28 22 1 -
My Friendly Smackdown to the guy "voting Green in a swing state"
This Presidential election is attracting more than its fair share of vocal, irritating third-party advocates. Interestingly, most of them try to poach Obama supporters. Earth to nudniks: it's the ...
Assaf 11/04/2012 72 17 - -
Closing the Latino Gender Gap: Top Priority in the Time Remaining
The evidence mounts that Obama's post-Debate-1 poll slip has been a change-point rather than a temporary "bump". Even as Biden's dominating performance last night helps revive energies in the base ...
Assaf 10/12/2012 1 1 - -
How NOT to Introduce New Green-Tech: The Cautionary Tale of "Better Place" (+Update)
Today ends four weeks during which Israeli business and politics were almost completely shut down due to a spate of Jewish holidays. There's a known refrain in Hebrew: "After the Holidays" , meaning "
Assaf 10/09/2012 8 11 - 92
Netanyahu's UN Speech also had REALLY-NOT-FUNNY parts...
...but they were completely upstaged by his Wile E. Coyote climax. These parts are highly worth revisiting. Bibi's brazen, out-and-out racism and lunatic brand of nationalist-supremacy, were ...
Assaf 10/03/2012 14 20 - 114
Bibi's Wile E. Coyote UN Speech as a Symbol of Right-Wing Politicians' Disdain for Everyone
Beyond everything else, it was a good laugh. Here he is, the Village Idiot that my countrymen and women back home cannot find a way to get rid of, standing on the United Nations podium with the smug ...
Assaf 09/28/2012 79 160 3 1076
National Plug-In Day: Celebrating our New, AFFORDABLE Nissan Leaf! (+Update)
This diary has been waiting around as a draft for a couple of weeks... and it has turned out for the better! Today is National Plug-In Day, celebrating and showcasing electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-
Assaf 09/23/2012 170 98 6 736
RAND Tracking Poll: Obama Surging Since "47%" Video (+Update)
For the past couple of weeks I've been following The RAND Continuous 2012 Presidential Election Poll. This poll is mentioned less in the media, and I'm not sure whether the various poll-averaging ...
Assaf 09/20/2012 12 38 2 383
Our Decade in Seattle: an Avalanche of Extreme-Weather Records
In late August we completed a decade living in Seattle. I never thought we would stay here that long, so this indicates that the place has been generally nice to us. Our kids see this as home, but ...
Assaf 09/03/2012 29 13 - 133
Military and Settler Vandalism Escalates as Court Battle over South Hebron Hills Heats Up
(Crossposted from the Villages Group blog, where a few more images can be seen) We continue to follow, report and support the struggle of the Palestinian residents of the West Bank's southernmost ...
Assaf 08/22/2012 4 16 - 78
A New Bio-Gas System in Palestinian Susya
(crossposted from the Villages Group blog, where even more images can be seen) in May 2010, the Bio-Gas project was launched to install systems for producing gas from sheep and goat dung for the ...
Assaf 07/30/2012 4 20 - 73
"Civil Administration" and Settlers Join Forces to Destroy Palestinian Susya. Court Winks and Nods?
(crossposted from the Villages Group blog, where images can be seen) In March, we reported about an unusual Israel High Court petition by Israeli settler-run groups, ...
Assaf 06/19/2012 5 22 1 102
Israel's "Super-Stinker Deal" proves that its Political System has become a Complete Farce
The political earthquake that shook Israel last week went almost completely unreported in America. I can put forward some explanations why it wasn't reported (in a nutshell, because the story is a ...
Assaf 05/14/2012 45 28 1 331
Music and Friendship at Salem: Sunita, Yasmin and the Harp
(Crossposted from the Villages Group Blog, where images can be viewed) Below is a story told by Sunita Staneslow on the new friendship and the start of musical cooperation between her, an Israeli ...
Assaf 05/11/2012 3 9 - 51
Settler Group Gives the Game Away (while Complaining too Few Palestinian Homes are Demolished)
(This hilariously ironic story is crossposted from the Villages Group Blog) We previously reported on the worrisome escalation ...
Assaf 03/19/2012 148 117 6 1188
"Operation Hilarity" - and the Law of Unintended Consequences
I have not taken part in the passionate debate about "Operation Hilarity" - the push for tactical voting in the open Michigan primary, wherein kos urged Michigan Democrats to vote for Santorum in ...
Assaf 02/27/2012 28 9 - 192
BREAKING: Palestinian Prisoner Stops Hunger Strike after 66 Days; will be Released + UPDATE
Ma'an: The Palestinian Authority minister of prisoners affairs said Tuesday that Israel intends to release hunger striking prisoner Khader Adnan after he completes his current administrative ...
Assaf 02/21/2012 24 22 - 217
A Plea to the World from the Principal of a Palestinian School about to be Demolished
(crossposted from the Villages Group Blog, where images can be viewed) In November we reported with joy about the new school structure at Susiya (Susya). (see ...
Assaf 02/15/2012 12 30 1 114
Israeli Occupation Builds Villas for Carmel Settlers, Destroys the Hut of their Widow Neighbor.
(crossposted ...
Assaf 02/07/2012 18 29 1 145
Sheldon Adelson already bought a politician: Israel's Prime Minister + UPDATES
Newt Gingrich's South Carolina victory has brought onto the spotlight his campaign's main benefactor,
Assaf 02/02/2012 40 61 2 442
Winter at Salem: Music Center Annual Concert - and Military Raid on Center Director's Home
(crossposted from the Villages Group blog, where ...
Assaf 01/27/2012 6 14 - 111
Military Trial of 17-year old Amal, West Bank girl. Charge: Spilling Water on Soldier. +UPDATE
(This story, rather timely for the week of MLK ...
Assaf 01/17/2012 19 26 - 221
Update about Sausan and Amal, 2 Palestinian Girls Arrested as their Home was Demolished
(crossposted from the Villages ...
Assaf 12/20/2011 14 31 1 141
"Law Enforcement" Destroys Prayer House, Homes, School - Just Because They're for Arabs
(crossposted from the Villages Group blog, where images ...
Assaf 11/29/2011 64 84 - 689
South Hebron Hills Update from the Villages Group
(This update from Ehud is crossposted from the Villages Group blog, where images can be viewed) About one ...
Assaf 11/08/2011 5 11 - 45
World-Class American Jazz Harpist Conducts Workshop at Salem Music Center, West Bank
(crossposted from the Villages Group blog, where beautiful ...
Assaf 10/26/2011 3 6 - 47
Shalit Deal - A Teaching Moment [1] DEATH OF THE "NO PARTNER" LIE
Israeli POW Gilad Shalit is finally back home after 5+ years in illegal solitary confinement. Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners were also released, with hundreds more to follow. Many of them will ...
Assaf 10/20/2011 57 23 - 289
Please Help Palestinian Community Organizer Follow His Dreams
(crossposted from the Villages Group Blog, where Ibrahim's image can be seen)
Assaf 10/13/2011 5 15 1 67
BREAKING: Israel-Hamas Prisoner Deal Reached +UPDATE: Now Approved
Just noticed that on the Israeli news, and it's on Al Jazeera too. Binyamin Netanyahu, the ...
Assaf 10/11/2011 31 27 2 286
Israel's Tahrir[3]: Ripple Effect on Politicians, Financiers Continues...
In late August, after first sending proxies to defame Israel's social-justice protesters as "radical lefties" - a move that backfired spectacularly; then trying the silent treatment, hoping ...
Assaf 10/05/2011 11 26 - 126
Israeli Settlers Mob-Assault Activists, with Police Looking on +UPDATE
I was waiting a few days as the disturbing emails piled my inbox, trying to wrap my head around them and think what angle to bring this story from. To Hell with my angle. ...
Assaf 10/04/2011 202 96 1 1101
Palestinian Return, Jewish Return, and Insufferable Western Bias
Volumes can be written on this, but my diary will be short. First, I would like to thank kos again for the insight ...
Assaf 09/30/2011 241 65 1 783
Susya Elementary School, Occupied West Bank - Second Year Opens
(crossposted from the Villages Group Blog, where pics can be found. Donation info ...
Assaf 09/27/2011 8 12 - 52
Israel's Tahrir [2]: First effect on electoral politics - Labor Party Revived
Away from the drama in Georgia and at the UN, a potentially major electoral development took place in Israel yesterday. Knesset Member ...
Assaf 09/22/2011 32 18 - 171
S&P at it again: *upgrades* Israel during Mega-Crisis (+UPDATE)
This happened over the weekend, but was not covered at Daily Kos yet. Remember S&P, that agency that - like its cronies - handed out AAA ratings to junk side-bets on subprime loans? Then last month ...
Assaf 09/15/2011 81 19 - 442
Bans, Boycotts, Baa... What Daily Kos REALLY Needs is to Launch America's TAHRIR
Wow, we just passed the 10th anniversary of Sep. 11. An event that changed so many countries forever, and affected so many lives, including my own. But we Kossacks have spent this week mostly at ...
Assaf 09/14/2011 23 11 - 208
Another Round of Israeli Military Vandalism at Umm-Al-Kheir
(crossposted from the Villages Group blog, where images can be seen)
Assaf 09/09/2011 14 29 - 153
Israel's Tahrir [1]: Will the Revolution End "Bibinomics"?
Ok... a little bird told me there was ...
Assaf 08/09/2011 49 28 4 228
Villages Group: Report on Summer Camps at Susya and Umm-Al-Kheir, West Bank
(Cross-posted from the Villages Group Blog, where pics can be found) The summer ...
Assaf 08/08/2011 7 12 - 64
Antisemitism and Political Blogging: Personal Reflections
My 5-year involvement with this site has been somewhat intermittent. Although I love to blog, there is still this other pesky thing called "life" that often tends to take precedence. At other ...
Assaf 08/04/2011 194 40 7 686
More from the Salem Music Center, West Bank: Q&A with the Kids
Crossposted from the Villages Group Blog, where pics can be found) The ...
Assaf 07/18/2011 10 11 - 60
Susya Creative and Learning Center, Occupied Palestine: 1st Anniversary Celebration
(crossposted from Villages Group, where pics can be seen) [Note: This memorable event took place late May, but Ehud only ...
Assaf 06/29/2011 5 11 - 48
Restrooms and Sanitation at Umm-Al-Kheir (a story for Shavuot)
(crossposted from Villages Group, where pics are found) Mohammed ...
Assaf 06/08/2011 21 26 2 161
May 21, 2011: Music Teachers and Students from Tel-Aviv Visit the Music Center in Salem near Nablus
(Crossposted from the Villages Group Blog, where - as ...
Assaf 05/31/2011 6 14 1 81
Bibi, Obama and Israel's A-Historical View of Itself
"It’s time to recognize this basic truth: Israel is not what’s wrong about the Middle East. Israel is what’s right about the Middle East." I'm guessing ...
Assaf 05/25/2011 64 25 2 191
At Umm-Al-Kheir, West Bank: Fighting Demolitions with Art
(crossposted from the VG blog, where pics can be seen) In November 2008,
Assaf 05/21/2011 3 12 - 50
Please Help the Enrichment Learning Program at Umm-Fakra, West Bank Cave-Dweller Village
(crossposted from the Villages Group blog) ...
Assaf 12/12/2010 27 20 - 68
The Deadly Fires: Israel's Katrina?
The Israeli authorities announced Sunday night that the fire ranging in the Carmel hills since Thursday, Israel's most devastating fire on record,
Assaf 12/06/2010 51 29 1 295
A Lost Decade in Israel-Palestine: Diary Series Kickoff
This diary opens a collaborative effort to profile the past decade in the life of Israel-Palestine. A Lost Decade in all respects. Far worse than Japan's “Lost Decade.” ...
Assaf 11/06/2010 48 32 2 129
Hebrew Lessons at the Learning and Creativity Center in Susiya, West Bank
(this guest post by Yael Arbel is crossposted from the Villages Group blog -
Assaf 10/30/2010 18 15 1 66
Premiere of a Film Documenting Relationships between Israelis and the People of Palestinian Susiya
(Crossposted from the Villages Group Blog, ...
Assaf 10/12/2010 26 25 - 46
Salem Music Center, Occupied Palestine: 3-Year Plan
(crossposted with pics on the Villages Group blog) Following is a letter from my Erella and Ehud,
Assaf 09/21/2010 10 16 - 41
Songs by Ikhlas-Yasmin Jebara from Occupied Palestine: Part II
(crossposted from the Villages Group blog) This ...
Assaf 09/05/2010 23 26 - 214
Songs by Ikhlas ("Yasmin") Jebara from Salem, West Bank - Part I
My friends from The Villages Group (crosspost link w/pic) sent me these English ...
Assaf 08/30/2010 8 12 - 20
Major Israeli Theaters Embrace The Settlements (+BIG UPDATE!)
Some cultural news from Israel: Several of Israel's leading theater ...
Assaf 08/27/2010 52 26 1 82
Israeli and Palestinian Women Find New Way to Challenge The Occupation
(crossposted on The Only Democracy) Wow. Has it been 50+ days since ...
Assaf 08/09/2010 63 33 1 83
Our 2 Op-Eds in the Israeli Press about Israel's Future (2)
My last diary was my translation of an op-ed Ofer Neiman, a fellow ...
Assaf 06/15/2010 142 114 3 206
Our 2 Op-Eds in the Israeli Press about Israel's Future (1)
In April, in anticipation of Israel's independence day, fellow Israeli activist Ofer Neiman sent us an op-ed for feedback. I ended up co-signing the article. It appeared on Ynet, the website of ...
Assaf 06/09/2010 43 25 - 100
Bibi, Stop Racist Talk against Turks and Release All Footage!
(expanded version of Occupation Magazine post) Today (Saturday), Israeli PM `Bibi` again claimed, in rather crude terms, that the ...
Assaf 06/05/2010 62 35 - 61
Contact Obama to Demand Gaza Siege Lift! (update)
I wrote here some 40 hours ago, that Israel is determined to act as ...
Assaf 05/31/2010 343 198 3 142
Israel to World: Screw You, We will Continue to Block Gaza
It all happened before. A ship sailing to Palestine. Its organizers care not so much about the ship's arrival. They want to bring world attention to the injustices in Palestine. Live broadcasts ...
Assaf 05/29/2010 77 50 - 89
Israeli Govt. Criminalizes Its Arab-Citizen Leaders: May 14 Update
(crossposted on The Only Democracy) On ...
Assaf 05/14/2010 184 32 - 89
Israeli Secret Police Arrests Israeli-Palestinian Leaders; Press Gagged
No, this story does not come from the Occupied Territories, where residents are under a 43-year military rule and where wee-hour arrest raids are a routine occurrence. This comes from right inside ...
Assaf 05/10/2010 55 46 1 178
First Biodigester Unit at Work in Palestinian Susiya
(crossposted with pics at the Villages Group Blog) We continue supporting the economic ...
Assaf 05/08/2010 23 26 1 112
Helping Mahmud from Susya, the Organic Farmer
(This on-the ground report from my Villages Group colleagues Erella and Ehud was originally posted by me - with pictures -
Assaf 04/29/2010 16 23 - 48
...In Israel, it has been "Arizona" all along! (w/Update)
I am encouraged by the wave of justified indignation, and spontaneous boycott movement, against the new Arizona law. Indeed, requiring citizens and legal resident to carry proof of their status at ...
Assaf 04/24/2010 81 36 - 329
Btselem and 6 US Peace Groups to Obama: Lift Gaza Siege Now
( crossposted on Occupation Magazine ) This ...
Assaf 02/06/2010 87 31 1 37
Palestinian-American Student Stuns Obama with Simple Question (w/update)
Happened a few days ago, but went under the DKos radar. Just before wiping the floor with the entire GOP House caucus, Obama got stumped in Tampa by a student:
Assaf 02/02/2010 389 51 - 48
'Tis the Season: Donation options for a better 2010 in Israel-Palestine
It hasn't been a good year for Israel-Palestine. Actually, it has been a downright lousy decade. One reason is the 8 atrocious Bush years, when the pattern of US involvement in I-P was ...
Assaf 12/24/2009 20 11 1 59
"The Only Democracy"(TM) vs. Mohammad Othman, Nonviolent Activist
Today, an Israeli military court approved (with some limitations) the euphemistically named "administrative detention" of nonviolent Palestinian ...
Assaf 11/27/2009 61 35 - 235
Nonviolent Victory: Palestinians Return to Bir al 'Id
(crossposted with pics on the Villages Group blog) 10 years ago, in November 1999, the government of Ehud "peace-seeker" Barak forcibly evicted Bir ...
Assaf 11/23/2009 41 34 - 133
BBC World Challenge Competition: Vote for Israel-Palestine Alt.Energy Project
World Challenge 09 is a competition organised by BBC... finding projects or small businesses from around the world that have shown ...
Assaf 11/06/2009 9 15 - 124
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