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Penny wise, pound foolish: budget cuts threaten Opportunity and LRO
We all remember those first words spoken by an astronaut on the surface of Mars: "That's one small step fo- HOLY SHIT LOOK OUT IT'S GOT SOME KIND OF DRILL! Get back to the ... [unintelligible] ... [...
Athenian 03/27/2015 1 4 - -
Israel: "massive late-evening jumps in voter turnout as evidence of fraud"
Brady Kiesling (former US diplomat who resigned in opposition to the Iraq war and the lies of the Bush administration) posted a seemingly innocuous graph from an official website with the comment:
Athenian 03/21/2015 46 27 2 -
#mazi - together Massive peaceful demonstrations in SUPPORT of the new Greek government
As the finance ministers of the Eurozone gather for a crucial meeting on the future of Greece, thousands of citizens are braving freezing temperatures (yes, it's been snowing in Athens too) to show ...
Athenian 02/11/2015 7 10 1 -
Mind-blowing poll: GOP - climate change
Over the last 24 hours I've been trying to fit into my head a statement from the new PM of Greece who said, and I paraphrase, 'I'm going to try to something innovative, to keep my pre-election ...
Athenian 01/30/2015 8 11 - -
Harsh mellows
I recommend reading the fairly short links and not relying on the quotes if you want the full hilarity of it all. A few days ago I clicked on a Maureen Dowd column in the New York Times, by mistake,
Athenian 06/05/2014 2 - - -
Do the rich have a plan?
We've been told that Plutistan (those worth more than a million) increased its population by one million last year, bringing it to 12 million, with a combined worth of over 50 trillion. To put that ...
Athenian 07/14/2013 30 10 1 -
Cairo! 'Massive' doesn't do it justice.
Athenian 06/30/2013 158 222 2 -
Brutal police intervention in Istanbul. #occupygezi
Turkish anti-riot police are brutally trying to suppress protests in Istanbul, Turkey against the destruction of the city's last remaining green space in order to build yet another mall. They are ...
Athenian 05/31/2013 13 16 - -
Associated Press-GfK poll: Obama up by 15 among all adults, up by 10 among RVs
Changed title and edited to correct a misapprehension. Good Moorrrniiing America . The latest Associated Press-GfK poll has Obama up 52 to 37 among all adults and an approval rating also over fifty.
Athenian 09/19/2012 12 7 - 326
My uncle, the family legend, took advantage of the GI bill.
I barely knew him so this post by my mother brought tears to my eyes. I won't have much to add and I really think anybody interested should follow the link and perhaps even read some more of her ...
Athenian 09/18/2012 8 6 1 60
Breaking: Attack on US consulate in Benghazi, Updated x 4 US Ambassador killed
MAJOR UPDATE: Just woke up to this: The U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other embassy staff were killed in a rocket attack on their car, a Libyan official said, as they were rushed from a ...
Athenian 09/11/2012 289 155 3 2350
Prime numbers deep connection proof? Updated
Twitter called my attention to this (hastily written and error-prone, according to the comments) post in SciAm. The picture looks beautiful (though the link to a larger version doesn't work) and it ...
Athenian 09/10/2012 51 16 2 296
Back to Benghazi
I have failed you. The photo rich diaries and insightful political posts I had promised never materialized. I finished my first stint and just went on vacation, neglecting all of you. I am truly ...
Athenian 09/02/2012 11 9 1 62
Shhh... black ops... Clint is one of ours...
On the front page it says that BHO remains a huge fan of Clint Eastwood. Well, of course. Mr Eastwood was an undercover agent who accomplished his mission. Romney's PR movie and speech were ...
Athenian 09/02/2012 12 1 - 193
An Open Letter to Chancellor Merkel
The following is an open letter to Chancellor Merkel from Thanos Tzimeros, leader of the small liberal party Dimiourgia Xana (literally, Creation Again), a voice of sanity in Greece. It clearly and ...
Athenian 05/31/2012 4 3 - 51
Benghazi calling.
I was going to post this yesterday but I was sick in bed and stuck out in the outskirts of town so I really had no personal feel for the celebrations. Now though, while still not terribly well, I am ...
Athenian 02/18/2012 21 45 - 275
Benghazi, next stop, Athens, I'm out of here
I have a job offer! Teaching English to young kids in Benghazi, Libya for six months (extendable on mutual agreement), accommodation and car supplied, an allowance for local expenses and salary paid ...
Athenian 01/09/2012 34 23 - 170
Update from Athens, December 12, 2011 edition
Since the last time we touched this subject , things have gone south. Kids have fainted ...
Athenian 12/13/2011 8 7 - 52
An Observation about Interest Rates
When I was growing up in post-Junta Greece in the 70s and early 80s and then when I came back in the 90s, inflation and interest rates were high but the interest rates were always higher than the ...
Athenian 12/09/2011 5 - - 47
The Rules of Revolution.
Revolution is NOT war and the rules that indicate when one should go to war, declare victory or defeat are not the same as the dynamics that govern when a populace will revolt. In the comments ...
Athenian 11/20/2011 5 6 1 74
Greece has a new Prime Minister!
After several days of operatic farce alternating with tragedy, the major non-leftwing parties agreed to form a government led by Lucas Papademos. So, who is he? A cautious, soft-spoken ...
Athenian 11/10/2011 11 12 - 75
"Elephant mourns friend", updated with more video
" Elephant mourns friend " was one of the headlines I clicked on ...
Athenian 11/08/2011 25 32 - 229
Updated x 8 final: Greece has a new government
And that is about all that is certain. Papandreou will not lead it. Details to follow. UPDATE 22:30 Athens time. The outgoing prime minister of Greece, George Papandreou and his ...
Athenian 11/06/2011 32 35 1 303
Updated x 8: Greek Government close to collapse
Following yesterday's announcement of a referendum on the latest bailout/surrender of sovereignty by Greek PM George Papandreou, ...
Athenian 11/01/2011 50 25 1 274
Update from Athens
George Papandreou, the Greek prime minister, is actually fulfilling one of his campaign promises, that of green development. A recently enacted real estate tax to be collected via electricity bills ...
Athenian 10/13/2011 35 49 - 356
A good day for Libya: US recognition for the NTC, oil fields repaired
I'm sort of surprised not to have seen this mentioned here: the United States has officially recognized the leadership of the Libyan Revolution as the legitimate government of Libya, potentially ...
Athenian 07/15/2011 16 6 - 67
Nuclear Power: You're doing it wrong!
Nuclear power generation, as it is practiced today, is: inefficient, dirty, dangerous and water-dependent. It does not have to be that way. A few weeks back there was a diary ...
Athenian 07/02/2011 36 4 1 124
Now, for something completely different! How do we get from here to there? Without gigadeaths?
Self-indulgent rant follows. We all agree that the present system is unsustainable. There is some hope that things could be turned around if we grasp the bull by the horns. However we all suffer ...
Athenian 06/15/2011 20 6 - 133
Greece: Prime Minister offers to step-down for National Unity Government: UPDATED
UPDATE: Apparently the opposition's demands were too much for Mr Papandreou who withdrew his offer to resign and will proceed with a wide-ranging Government reshuffle. Awaiting developments but it ...
Athenian 06/15/2011 16 11 - 87
Gaddafi's birthday present - Libya update
Moammar Gaddafi marked his 69th birthday today (June 7). Apparently NATO thought they might join the celebrations. We're over 60 strikes today in Tripoli and action is ongoing. Are they going for 69?
Athenian 06/07/2011 10 5 - 79
Champions League Final Open Thread
In just a few minutes the Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United will begin. I just saw on Twitter a Libyan supporter of the revolution joke that this is the closest to a ...
Athenian 05/28/2011 14 5 - 56
Apaches and Tigres go to Libya, oh my!
And for once they are not American. This is a war that America has largely pulled back from and the fighters and bombers are being flown by Europeans and a couple of Arabs. Of course the US still ...
Athenian 05/24/2011 6 2 - 54
Libya, the endgame
The so-called 'stalemate' in Libya promoted by some news organizations is anything but. True, in the east the front line has remained static for a while now but that is deliberate. NATO has ...
Athenian 05/15/2011 29 14 - 119
"Why Are Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh Against Strong Women in Politics?"
Because they are sexist right wing brain dead assholes with about two braincells to share between them, maybe?
Athenian 05/14/2011 13 1 - 1435
Benghazi Broadcasts with a British Accent
A bunch of Anglo-Libyans have launched a radio station, TributeFM (also available on-line ). They just had a live caller on from Tripoli. Some quotes culled ...
Athenian 05/11/2011 26 6 - 100
The one place where folks happily rush to the balcony when bombs fall
Tripoli, Libya. The sound of jets flying high above comes through the open window. Boom , boom , boom . Everyone rushes to their balconies, trying to ...
Athenian 05/09/2011 9 6 - 92
Misuratah, updated
Update: Spelling error in the title fixed : ( Minor other edits. The tale of Misuratah or Misrata or however you want to spell it, is a tale full of woe, blood and heroism, along with an ...
Athenian 05/07/2011 3 3 1 50
Highest pay counterproductive. Please spread meme for free.
There's a video I want you to see. Actually there ...
Athenian 04/28/2011 3 4 2 66
Averting catastrophe: the ways and means coming together
Global warming and climate change. Peak oil. Corporate dominance. Rising food prices. Exploding populations. Unsustainable economies. Environmental degradation. Water scarcities and droughts. Peak ...
Athenian 04/20/2011 40 44 9 276
Have they just invented the Ansible?
When I first saw this article the thought came that this would be just what the invention of ...
Athenian 04/18/2011 35 18 3 245
1821 meet 2011
1821, the year of the Greek Revolution and a new Greek relatively high-production-values documentary, can teach us much. The Greek doc and HBO's John Adams are similar in teaching sometimes ...
Athenian 03/11/2011 4 7 1 108
Something wonderful this way comes
A famous curse supposedly says "may you live in interesting times." I suppose we are all cursed as these are the most interesting times that I would like to live through over the past several ...
Athenian 02/27/2011 4 7 - 97
Whereas I know that herding cats during an earthquake in the rain through LA is easy compared to keeping Democrats together, (even if they control three branches of government and have a shot at ...
Athenian 10/08/2010 2 1 - 19
Message from a BattleStar
The vast starship was many years away when the transmissions began. Some of the scouts and weapons platforms were already in system, though. The People of Earth speech was aimed at Athens, ...
Athenian 07/10/2010 30 3 - 27
Self-fulfilling prophecies
Among the things I did tonight (it is late where I am won't be able to stay around for long) were to check the prediction of the ...
Athenian 07/06/2010 8 1 - 91
High levels of radiation across the DMZ
A real quickie here. The Associated Press is reporting abnormally high levels of radiation coming across the DMZ into ...
Athenian 06/21/2010 43 7 - 127
A dawn of a new era. Falcon 9 success
Just a couple of days ago one of our favorite comedians was bemoaning the end of manned spaceflight and he broke a lot of hearts. Colbert Nation June 1 (link is currently broken on the site, ...
Athenian 06/04/2010 36 14 - 28
Israel own goal, any way you cut it
Imagine that the flotilla heading for Gaza was full of armed terrorists. Imagine that they were laying in wait for the Israeli commandos to drop from the skies from the "black and silent copters". ...
Athenian 05/31/2010 47 2 - 21
Greece mugged by economic hitmen, you're next...
Was Greece profligate? Yes. At the same time Saint Ronnie was 'proving' that deficits don't matter, Andreas Papandreou, the Prime Minister of Greece for the same period was doing the same in the "...
Athenian 04/30/2010 45 19 1 56
Gaza incursion: intended (?) and unintended consequences
I just watched the nine o'clock news here in Athens. More than half the newscast was focused on the events in Gaza, despite a recent terrorist attack on Greek police which resulted in near fatal ...
Athenian 01/06/2009 19 1 1 -
Athens is burning. Updated
Following the murder of a 15 year by a policeman Saturday night, the entire country has plunged into chaos. You can watch the ongoing riots, which seem about to enter their fourth ...
Athenian 12/08/2008 106 49 3 30
How far can the popular vote diverge from the electoral victor?
How far, under ideal circumstances, can the popular vote diverge from the electoral college victor? Or loser? Under actual circumstances: Gore won by 500,000 votes nationwide. What is the largest ...
Athenian 10/28/2008 44 2 - 6
No CT necessary. Osama will campaign for Reps.
Athenian 09/07/2006 11 - - 2
World View of US Continues Slide
Athenian 06/14/2006 7 4 - 8
Even we don't 'get' it.
Athenian 03/27/2006 5 3 - 1
A Response to a Troll. C+ Augustus IS The Worst President Yet.
Athenian 03/13/2006 21 2 - 6
Are we human?
Athenian 03/06/2006 5 6 1 3
Gitmo: New horrors.
Athenian 02/09/2006 9 6 1 -
Science: Spectacular News on AIDS, Life
Athenian 02/07/2006 24 3 - 2
Thank you Mr Brooks. Now we know what Bush is for.
Athenian 12/01/2005 13 8 - 1
Airbrushing history on dKos with poll
Athenian 11/19/2005 25 1 - -
"Who Are Americans to Think That Freedom Is Theirs to Spread?"
Athenian 06/28/2005 6 2 - 1
The flypaper analogy is right, just reversed
Athenian 06/19/2005 6 4 - -
GNN: Sirius Sector: Politics: Analysis:
Athenian 06/09/2005 1 1 - 3
Unnecessary and spiteful cruelty on Death Row
Athenian 05/24/2005 10 13 - 1
Greece wins Eurovision contest to round out a charmed year.
Athenian 05/21/2005 20 3 - 1
Jupiter and Luna.
Athenian 05/19/2005 5 8 - -
Poll says most Americans oppose Nuclear Weapons
Athenian 03/31/2005 10 2 - -
Bottlenecks, Singularities and Precipices
Athenian 03/27/2005 10 7 - -
In a parallel universe near you
Athenian 03/22/2005 15 19 - -
Coincidence. (Lost leaders)
Athenian 03/16/2005 11 2 - -
Hunting down the CIA
Athenian 03/14/2005 10 3 - 1
House Republicans worse than Bush.
Athenian 03/03/2005 3 3 - -
The UN strikes back
Athenian 03/02/2005 3 4 - -
It begins slowly and almost insidiously.
Athenian 02/28/2005 10 6 - 1
Agent Orange, redux?
Athenian 02/26/2005 9 9 - 9
Blowjob pregnancy.
Athenian 02/24/2005 128 14 - 7
War on Poverty or war on the poor?
Athenian 02/15/2005 7 7 - 8
Help the Smithsonian save a Saturn V
Athenian 02/06/2005 7 4 - -
Terraforming Mars, Venusforming Earth
Athenian 02/06/2005 15 1 - -
The promised land.
Athenian 01/18/2005 7 3 - -
What if we ante up?
Athenian 01/16/2005 10 2 - -
Science Thursday, Good and Bad News Edition
Athenian 01/13/2005 30 6 - 8
WHAT WE S H O U L D DO, revised, revisited and resized.
Athenian 01/11/2005 10 6 - -
Athenian 01/07/2005 67 48 - 3
Athenian 01/06/2005 19 7 - 1
Something dangerous this way comes.
Athenian 01/05/2005 17 - - -
Silver linings.
Athenian 01/05/2005 5 1 - -
A few suggestions to further improve this incredible site - poll
Athenian 12/26/2004 7 6 - -
Conversation with a gay friend about gay marriage
Athenian 12/23/2004 26 3 - -
"Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican" with poll
Athenian 12/21/2004 10 3 - -
Just a joke, with a poll
Athenian 12/17/2004 7 - - -
Turkey (the country, not the prez) gets EU date. Open thread invitation.
Athenian 12/16/2004 13 1 - 1
Alice. And a poll.
Athenian 12/09/2004 22 4 - 7
A note about spelling, with poll - Updated
Athenian 12/06/2004 70 4 - -
Even if Bush wins, he's toast
Athenian 10/30/2004 6 1 - -
Top ten things America can do to improve her democracy with POLL
Athenian 10/17/2004 4 1 - 23
Message to hawks: It's a shame
Athenian 10/10/2004 1 1 - -
Duelfer meaning, with poll
Athenian 10/06/2004 7 - - -
Another security chief bites the dust
Athenian 10/01/2004 3 1 - 2
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