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I'm writing a book called "Fear & Fraud: A Reconciliation of the Bush Years" and I need your help.
I've been writing a book for the past year or so on the Bush years called "Fear & Fraud: A Reconciliation of the Bush Years." Since I've been blogging since before Bush became president, I have a ...
Attorney at Arms 06/22/2014 35 9 - -
It's only racist if it's republicans.
Apparently, disproportionate liberal criticism of the President is automatically not racist. When Republicans seem to reject everything the man says, we see it for what it is. Birth certificates, ...
Attorney at Arms 09/03/2013 58 - - -
Republican Scandal Machine Outfoxes Dems Again
From the President on down, Democrats have stood fairly strong on Benghazi. While of course adding all of the requisite disclaimers about the loss of American life being bad, etc., they utterly ...
Attorney at Arms 05/14/2013 8 11 - -
The Bush Doctrine Was Fraud, Not Preemption.
It's fraudulent war. Now, as a sense of history instead of immediacy is starting to fall over the Bush years, even critics like Rachel Maddow and Peter Beinart still believe that 'the Bush Doctrine'
Attorney at Arms 02/27/2013 5 2 - -
Joan Walsh, Concern Troll
I hate to do this, because I love Joan, I love Salon most of the time, and she's a great spokesperson for progressivism. But this piece today... what can I even say? First, the title is "The Danger ...
Attorney at Arms 02/22/2013 69 31 - -
The White Paper's Legality Is Irrelevant. Get Political.
We can have a long legal argument about whether the Obama administration's white paper on drone strikes is any good. What I will say is that there is a certain mindset shared by many of my legal ...
Attorney at Arms 02/06/2013 2 5 1 -
Mint. The. Goddamn. Coin. WH Petition!
Sign the petition : Direct the United States Mint to make a single platinum trillion dollar coin! With the creation and Treasury deposit of a new platinum coin with a value of $1 trillion US Dollars,
Attorney at Arms 01/03/2013 78 12 - -
NHL's Union Busting: A Barometer For Public Sentiment About Unions?
For those of you who follow the labor movement, but who aren't hockey fans, or have a hard time caring about the collective bargaining fate of 1%ers and just how much richer they'll get from us: you ...
Attorney at Arms 12/07/2012 8 10 - -
It's Not Good News For John McCain
Finally. It seems that the only person as butthurt as Mitt Romney this week is John McCain. He has been firing up his mouth (it's OK John, we know about your past and why PTSD might be an issue for ...
Attorney at Arms 11/15/2012 48 23 - -
California, It's Time For A Pundit Reckoning
Nationally, Nate Silver called 51 states and DC. In California, the polls accurately predicted the passage of Proposition 30 despite weeks of gloomy coverage from supposed experts who were ...
Attorney at Arms 11/07/2012 19 11 - -
One Tiny Downside of an Obama Win
Starting within minutes of the election being called for the President, we'll start to see PUMA and firebagger diaries on this site telling us how Obama and his administration are going to lock us ...
Attorney at Arms 11/03/2012 94 - - -
Field Poll Sticks A Knife In Media Narrative About Prop 30
Already leading by a minimum of 4 points in every poll ever conducted, Prop 30 scored a huge win today showing itself up 48-38 in the premier in-state poll, the The Field Poll just 5 days out from ...
Attorney at Arms 11/01/2012 15 8 - -
MSM & GOP: Time To Clean House
If Tuesday pans out the way we think it will, with gains in the House for Democrats, perhaps even a pickup in the Senate, and the reelection of the President there are two groups of people that are ...
Attorney at Arms 10/31/2012 19 27 2 -
Ryan Insults The Entire US Navy
The US Navy is the best in the world. It was Navy SEALs who got Osama bin Laden. Our Navy has more tonnage than the rest of the world put together. They do their job and they do it well. They don't ...
Attorney at Arms 10/23/2012 20 13 - -
The Electoral College Is Ripping America Apart
There is pretty wide support for reforming the electoral college. There's the simple way that's probably politically impossible: amending the Constitution, the hard way that's a little easier ...
Attorney at Arms 10/18/2012 73 7 - -
Another Embarrassing Diary For Suckers On The Rec List UPDATE: BREAKING: RACHEL MADDOW FOR SECDEF
Paul Krugman for the council of economic advisers? I'd love it. It fits with Obama's "team of rivals" approach. Just like we would have loved Dana Bash to have independent confirmation of Harry Reid'...
Attorney at Arms 10/03/2012 94 23 - 617
Cigarettes, Global Warming, & Life on Mars: Getting Ready For The Next Right-Wing War on Science
When the government announced in the 1960s that smoking caused cancer, all sorts of denial arose. Instead of just healthy skepticism about method and science, there was a sort of undermining of the ...
Attorney at Arms 09/29/2012 15 11 - 118
Toobin Is Wrong. Again. There Is No Strategy In Roberts ACA Opinion.
Politico and TPM are reporting on Jeff Toobin's new book. You can read about it there, but here's the quote I am going to talk about: [F]or Roberts personally and the conservative cause generally, ...
Attorney at Arms 09/16/2012 27 20 - 245
I'm From The Pro-Teacher Wing of The Democratic Party
And I'm sick and tired of Ivy-League-blogger theorizing assholes and op-ed douchebag pundits who've never had a job that required any work different than a dorm room bull session trashing teachers....
Attorney at Arms 09/14/2012 84 12 - 102
WTF is going on in CA-24?
There was a poll recently by the Maldonado campaign showing a dead heat and an earlier poll or claim of a poll by Capps showing a big lead. I'm a little concerned that something is going wrong here.
Attorney at Arms 09/10/2012 7 4 - 192
The Gates Have Been Crashed
Ten years ago was a bleak time to be a Democrat. Our most gifted leader had taken a bow and rode off into the sunset. His heir apparent had taken the decision to distance himself from him and was ...
Attorney at Arms 09/06/2012 19 44 2 280
Derbyshire Rules On Tax Return and Birth Certificates
Remember toff wanker John Derbyshire and his racist rules: (10g) Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white. He was run out of ...
Attorney at Arms 08/22/2012 5 - - 79
A Modest Proposal On Gun Rights
A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. * See Disclaimers Below Short version: everyone who ...
Attorney at Arms 08/17/2012 32 3 - 233
Enough Ryan. Get Back on Romney.
OK folks, we've had a fun 36 hours or so making fun of the Zombie-eyed Grannie eater. He was a terrible pick. The worst in... years! But pretty soon, he's going to go back to the background. This ...
Attorney at Arms 08/12/2012 19 1 - 91
Mitt's Property Taxes Aren't The Scandal.
There are some diaries alleging that Mitt Romney has done something wrong by asking for his property in San Diego county to be reassessed to way less than the sale price from a few months before. ...
Attorney at Arms 08/07/2012 13 7 - 125
Mosque arson in Joplin, MO
Didn't see this diaried.... ‘Suspicious’ fire leads to destruction of ...
Attorney at Arms 08/06/2012 13 19 - 253
We've been had: Dana Bash Didn't Say That
UPDATE: Just in case you can't read, this is NOT a diary criticizing Harry Reid. Go Harry! This is pointing out inaccurate information in another diary. Anderson Cooper 360° ‏@AC360JUST IN: @...
Attorney at Arms 08/02/2012 132 192 1 3110
Offshoring Jobs is about as much foreign policy experience as seeing Russia from your house.
Meanwhile, in Syria… a violent civil war rages in one of the world's most strategically sensitive countries. Meanwhile, in Bulgaria… a terrorist attack kills several Israeli citizens: is this a ...
Attorney at Arms 07/18/2012 2 1 - 22
If the ACA dies, America may be lost.
Whether you like the ACA or not, the question of its constitutionality is a litmus test for the current health of our republic. They will try to buy you off with Prop 8. Watch.
Attorney at Arms 03/29/2012 19 10 1 202
Ron Paul Wins Virgin Islands Caucuses. Kind of.
Check this out at the VI GOP's website: Paul gets more votes, but Romney gets more delegates. So, what do you think the headline will say: Paul wins VI... or Romney? Something tells me the popular ...
Attorney at Arms 03/10/2012 22 8 - 279
Mitt's RNC Delegate Math No. 8: Mitt Continues To Underperform.
Eighth in a series of diaries on Mitt Romney's delegate math. ( #6 ) Summary: I currently project that Mitt Romney will win no more than 1062 delegates which is 82 short of what he needs to win ...
Attorney at Arms 03/10/2012 16 17 - 196
Mitt's RNC Delegate Math No. 7: Post-Super Tuesday, We're Just Getting Started
Seventh in a series of diaries on Mitt Romney's delegate math. ( #6 ) Summary: I currently project that Mitt Romney will win no more than 1074 delegates which is 70 short of what he needs to win ...
Attorney at Arms 03/07/2012 33 13 - 134
Iran=Iraq? A Simple Test
If you answer "no" to this question, you can no longer intellectually honestly equate the "buildup" to war with Iran to Bush's Iraq fraud: Do you believe that if Team Obama becomes convinced Iran ...
Attorney at Arms 03/03/2012 12 1 - 72
Mitt's Math #6: Romney Takes A Lead, Still Can't Clinch.
Sixth in a series of diaries on Mitt Romney's delegate math. ( #5 ) Summary: I currently project that Mitt Romney will win no more than 959 delegates which is 181 short of what he needs to win the ...
Attorney at Arms 02/29/2012 6 9 - 109
Brace Yourselves: AZ/MI Spin, But It's Still The Delegates, Stupid!
It's the Delegates, Stupid!
Attorney at Arms 02/27/2012 20 4 - 115
BREAKING: Prop 8 Decision Headed To Further Action in 9th Circuit.
Link. This means that the 9th circuit will review the ruling (i.e. decide whether it should be reheard) in the case and it won't be headed to the Supreme Court at this time. If the majority of ...
Attorney at Arms 02/21/2012 20 18 - 370
Mitt's Math #5: New Results, Same Story: Brokered Convention Ahead
Fifth in a series of diaries on Mitt Romney's delegate math. ( #4 ) Summary: I currently project that Mitt Romney will win no more than 961 delegates which is 183 short of what he needs to win the ...
Attorney at Arms 02/21/2012 16 8 - 152
Mitt's Math #4: Texas Poll Costs Mitt 42 Delegates From Prior Projection.
UPDATE TO NUMBER 5. Third in a series of diaries on Mitt Romney's delegate math. ( #3 ) Summary: I currently project that Mitt Romney will win no more than 914 delegates which is 230 short of ...
Attorney at Arms 02/20/2012 21 11 1 148
Is Rick Santorum Making A Hostile Bid for VP?
Mitt Romney is not on a path to secure a first-ballot nomination at present. Yet Rick Santorum is not trying to win the most delegates in the upcoming elections, instead focusing on the atmospherics ...
Attorney at Arms 02/17/2012 11 1 - 127
Delegate Math: Arizona and Michigan
Finally, a new Arizona poll. What it means for the GOP primaries on the flip. For more information, see my diary on the whole GOP race .
Attorney at Arms 02/15/2012 16 6 - 164
Mitt's Math #3: Recent Polling Update. Brokered Convention Ahead.
Number 4 update is here. Third in a series of diaries on Mitt Romney's delegate math. ( #2 ) Summary: I currently project that Mitt Romney will win no more than 952 ...
Attorney at Arms 02/14/2012 28 15 - 200
Rmoney Should Have Run 3rd Party. Too Late.
Remember The Moustache of Wisdom's failed campaign to get a "centrist" to run?
Attorney at Arms 02/13/2012 2 - - 28
Mitt's Math #2: Maine Update! Not Enough Delegates To Avoid Brokered Convention
PLEASE SEE UPDATE #3. I currently project Mitt Romney to receive no more than 1039 delegates total, 105 short of a majority needed for a first-ballot nomination. This is the second in my series of ...
Attorney at Arms 02/11/2012 36 15 - 368
Romney Doesn't Have Enough Delegates. Brokered Convention?
I was going to write a diary entitled "Mitt Still Has Enough Delegates" showing how the math still points to a Romney nomination. But I can't support that finding after looking at the numbers.
Attorney at Arms 02/08/2012 74 29 - 483
Newtmentum Is Easy To Explain
The problem with the NYT so often is that they won't call it like they see it.
Attorney at Arms 01/22/2012 20 18 1 179
Did Obama Just Clinch Reelection?
It seems pretty undeniable to me that at this point, the biggest winner of tonight’s GOP primary in South Carolina was Barack Obama.
Attorney at Arms 01/21/2012 81 22 - 559
When Paulphecy Fails
In the classic 1956 work When Prophecy Fails , social psychologists study a reclusive UFO cult in Chicago.
Attorney at Arms 01/17/2012 3 1 - 29
D'Var Torah: Bereshit. The Beginning.
b''h So, here it is. We start the cycle anew. In the beginning, בראשית, bereshit. Is this a contradiction of the fundamentals of science or something else?
Attorney at Arms 10/18/2011 15 15 1 63
PLO Ambassador: Palestine must be Judenrein.
From USA Today : The Palestine Liberation Organization'
Attorney at Arms 09/14/2011 98 6 1 279
Is this how Germans felt on the 10th anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles?
I’d love to engage in a good, heartfelt retrospective today. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. This is not merely the 10th anniversary of a terrorist attack or the death of 3,000 people. It�
Attorney at Arms 09/11/2011 3 2 - 73
Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, and Libertarians All Favor Big Government.
Ayn Rand was some kind of sociopath who put fancy pseudo-intellectual glosses on behavior considered immoral since humans swung from trees, Ronald Reagan made records for the American Medical ...
Attorney at Arms 08/30/2011 4 6 1 58
Elizabeth Warren, Campaigner?
I like Elizabeth Warren. I consider her a sort of legal grandmother of mine, as one of my best law professors was her student and we used her textbooks in some classes. Her view of bankruptcy law ...
Attorney at Arms 08/19/2011 33 5 - 92
Perry's Threat Against Bernanke is Antisemitic
The title basically says it all. Here are the facts: (1) Shitkicking Texan caricature, (2) in the context of discussing a sinister plot to manipulate the currency* (3) threatens the physical ...
Attorney at Arms 08/16/2011 45 7 1 276
Obama May Be A Keynesian. The Obama Administration Isn't
There has been a lot of discussion in a lot of blogs, articles, and so on about what Obama really thinks. Except insofar as how what someone really thinks influences policy, I simply don't care what ...
Attorney at Arms 08/13/2011 12 1 - 72
Were the Bushies Right About a Strong Executive? America as a Failing State
The elite did not need the central government to solve problems it didn't have. The elite have education, health care, housing, jobs if they need them, and clean healthy places to live with ...
Attorney at Arms 08/09/2011 6 4 - 60
Weston and Chait Are Both Right
Drew Weston is right that Obama has failed to tell a story. He has failed to make America understand why we need to do things differently than we were. But Jon Chait is right, too. He has done a lot ...
Attorney at Arms 08/08/2011 2 2 - 38
One more thing, Mr. Rich.
Frank Rich's excellent column on "Obama's Original Sin" opines that : The president’s ...
Attorney at Arms 07/09/2011 3 2 - 106
Full Employment Means Nothing
I know that all of the liberals*** are screaming about employment. But even if there was no unemployment , if too many people were working for minimum wage--or if minimum wage had been ...
Attorney at Arms 06/29/2011 18 7 - 93
Obama is just like...
Now it's George H.W. Bush . Thanks to The Nation for filling that one in.
Attorney at Arms 06/17/2011 88 3 - 238
2016 Presidential Primary
Rank speculation? Yes. Pressing issue of our time? No. And I'm sure I'll hear all that and a lot more in the comments. But the GOP gets to play primaries and I'm jealous. But who's running for the ...
Attorney at Arms 06/13/2011 70 3 - 192
Clintonomics Doesn't Work in a Depression: Part II
Geithner calls stimulus "sugar."
Attorney at Arms 06/08/2011 6 10 - 66
Dear Mr. President: Clintonomics Doesn't Work In a Depression
A response to Brad DeLong on ...
Attorney at Arms 06/05/2011 53 14 1 141
Your California GOP
Taking their toys and going home.
Attorney at Arms 06/02/2011 13 20 1 121
Brace Yourself.
February 2, 2013 Washington, ...
Attorney at Arms 06/01/2011 23 6 - 294
Sorry, Sarah is Running.
Everywhere I look, people are dismissing the idea that Sarah Palin is running. I don't know what that position is based on, though the ever-rising degree of certitude in the progressive Internets is ...
Attorney at Arms 05/30/2011 92 10 - 534
Seriously, Republicans?
I was never really one to have anything but contempt for the people who said that people who opposed President Bush were unpatriotic. Honestly, it's just not a constructive thing to say, even when ...
Attorney at Arms 05/02/2011 52 46 4 423
Is This NYT article a psyops piece?
Tell me I need to take off my tinfoil hat, but, honestly, doesn't this New York Times article strike you as a ...
Attorney at Arms 02/24/2011 6 2 - 90
Help Me Understand Libya
For reasons that are irrelevant here, I'm way more interested in the revolution in Libya than I am in other places. I've been hooked into al-Jazeera streaming through my PS3 for days. I'm coming to ...
Attorney at Arms 02/23/2011 6 - - 24
The Tax Tax & The Simple Accelerating Tax
We've all heard of the clever branding of the estate tax as "the death tax." But what about the ridiculous expenses and complications of paying taxes themselves and the perverse incentives they ...
Attorney at Arms 01/15/2011 25 18 4 222
1550 Warheads
There was some concern in the Hawk community about the effects on Mutually Assured Destruction if we went below about 2,000 warheads, as required in New START, down to 1,550. Hmph. Let me show you ...
Attorney at Arms 12/23/2010 19 6 - 48
Instead of the cut and paste reporting so prevalent in the mainstream media today—oh, and the rank speculation, coward phrasing of “some say”—the press has abdicated about 25%
Attorney at Arms 12/13/2010 20 1 - 36
Prop 8 Decision Limited to California?
On August 15, 2010, I wrote: Prop 8 Rejection Might Be Limited to California On August 12, 2010,
Attorney at Arms 12/06/2010 9 3 - 64
It's the economy, stupid. Deficits don't matter.
Clinton and Cheney were both right.*
Attorney at Arms 12/02/2010 4 3 - 36
START II: GOP Nuking America
Just watched The Threads and The Day After again.
Attorney at Arms 12/01/2010 4 5 - 194
Non-Kosher Meat Isn't "Humane" Either.
So, there's this article in the Independent going around that slams halal and kosher slaughter because the slaughter method is inhumane. The usual suspects are talking about it: people who ...
Attorney at Arms 11/20/2010 62 8 - 61
A Paramedic Just Saved My Baby's Life. Stop the jihad against our public servants
I just sent this letter in to my local paper after reading this article "analyzing" the top 50 ...
Attorney at Arms 11/07/2010 148 221 3 73
California Uber Alles
I am Governor Jerry Brown My aura smiles And Never Frowns! —"California Uber Alles" by Dead Kennedys OK, so we've seen that the eastern part of the country is serving us up a pretty thick ...
Attorney at Arms 11/02/2010 34 9 - 51
Is This Still The Reality-Based Community?
Yes, there are flaws with the polls. Yes, the media decided about a year ago that this election was going to be a Republican Resurgance� and has done a lot to make that a self-fulfilling ...
Attorney at Arms 11/01/2010 155 21 - 54
It's not just about jobs. It's about careers.
There's something I haven't heard people talk about that much. It's not just jobs: it's careers. The unemployment figure simply reflects people's ability to pay their next set of bills. It doesn't ...
Attorney at Arms 10/20/2010 18 17 - 92
Palin / DeMint 2012!
Both liberals and the establishment are suffering from severe denial about Sarah Palin and her plans.
Attorney at Arms 09/16/2010 28 5 - 50
An Apology To My Newborn Son
My son was born last Saturday at 1:45 p.m. He's perfectly healthy. He has all the right parts in all the right places. He's sleeping in my lap under my keyboard right now. Since about five minutes ...
Attorney at Arms 08/25/2010 27 31 4 219
Prop 8 Standing Issue: Not Good Enough
After my run this morning, I headed down to the SLO Clerk-Recorder's office to see if I could help anyone out and to see what my County was going to do.
Attorney at Arms 08/12/2010 90 13 - 46
KQED: Walker to rule on stay in the morning
UPDATE: Reportedly will be between 9 a.m. and Noon. KQED_CapNotes 6:57pm via �berTwitter We're hearing US ...
Attorney at Arms 08/11/2010 83 48 - 46
If you want to get married, consider going now.
This will be a short diary. I'm not giving formal legal advice here, but I can tell you that assuming Judge Walker's stay is lifted, there may be a very short span of time until a higher court ...
Attorney at Arms 08/09/2010 31 14 - 43
Take Impeachment Off The Table
No matter what Bush had done, Speaker-elect Pelosi said impeachment was off the table. Now, the right-wing idiot box says that Obama's alleged job offer to Sestak to get out of the election is an "...
Attorney at Arms 05/27/2010 43 7 - 27
F&%^#( Arizona Strikes Again.
Let's read through this article on the latest Arizona law targeted at Latinos . Please keep in mind as you read ...
Attorney at Arms 05/12/2010 347 267 2 66
The Death of Hyperbole
We are finally starting to see some tangible effects of the Internet on mass psychology, not just in isolated cases but all over. I speak of course of the teabaggers, but more generally of the ...
Attorney at Arms 04/07/2010 33 17 2 36
You idiots.
I came home from my first night seder and made the mistake of looking at the computer. I saw this:
Attorney at Arms 03/29/2010 49 34 4 28
Stand Up Against The McVeigh Republicans
I've had enough. I'm not good at waiting around to be victimized. I would never have lasted with Ghandi or MLK. They would have kicked me out. But we're not dealing with a situation that scary. ...
Attorney at Arms 03/26/2010 68 24 - 42
Now I Know The GOP Strategy Machine Has Failed
When you wake up in the morning and read that the Reconciliation fix has been sent to the House and two minor provisions will be struck, before freaking out consider the following: • ...
Attorney at Arms 03/25/2010 50 40 1 24
Red Dawn and Teabagger Fantasy Land
National Review Online has named Red Dawn —a 1984 Patrick Swayze flick for those of you that don't know—the #15 "best conservative movie." I believe it plays a defining role ...
Attorney at Arms 03/23/2010 90 30 2 145
I voted GOP and all I got was a stupid war!
Not me, of course. But here's another way in which HCR reshapes the last decade in politics: Let's say I'm a rabid conservative and it's 1999. We just got beaten by Clinton again. But the election ...
Attorney at Arms 03/22/2010 12 9 - 9
Preparing for Monday with the Wingers
There is still some pretty deep denial in the Nuttersphere over HCR. It looks to me like they're almost as mad that Obama and Pelosi refused to be told they lost as they are at the prospect of any ...
Attorney at Arms 03/20/2010 61 18 1 25
Waterloo: The GOP's Strategic Failure
Diarist's Note: please insert a knock-on-wood, fingers-crossed, Godwillink, etc. where necessary. Update: : Clausewitz is famous for saying, roughly, that war is politics by other ...
Attorney at Arms 03/19/2010 28 19 - 34
Teaching Layoffs And The Grand Strategy To Destroy Public Education
Note: I am a labor attorney. My wife is a school principal. My mom and mother-in-law are veteran teachers and I was raised on a single teacher's salary. That is my perspective on this. ...
Attorney at Arms 03/08/2010 40 12 1 29
Tom Friedman Fail No. 23, 108
This is a typical piece of Friedmanian shit. (Though at least he's not wetting himself over what ...
Attorney at Arms 02/14/2010 11 5 - 20
St. McCain Strikes Again
Surprise! Camera-hater Senator John McCain (R-Fail) was on a Sunday show today. Surprise! He declared his own personal issue dead with barely a whimper! What a war brave hero! BOB ...
Attorney at Arms 01/24/2010 23 8 - 12
Et tu, Barney?
I wasn't surprised to read that Jim Webb is defending the perqs of a fellow senator to stop legislation favored by a majority of that chamber from passing, but this stunned me: feel ...
Attorney at Arms 01/19/2010 43 6 - 10
Prop 8 Case: Does it come down to this?
According to the Los Angeles Times , the scumbags defending Proposition 8 have filed an ...
Attorney at Arms 01/09/2010 16 24 - 246
FACT CHECK: My Mom Campaigned On Santa Claus (UPDATED!@!)
Years and years ago, my mom told me that a fat elf who lived on the north pole made toys for children that were good and piloted a team of reindeer around the entire planet in one night and went ...
Attorney at Arms 12/22/2009 74 33 1 56
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