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UPDATE - My Mother: The Death of a Narcissistic Wingnut
Today, a fellow Kossack dropped me a friend request on Facebook, and I got to thinking about how long it's been since I've written anything here. The GoS has been my home for nearly ten years, but ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 07/07/2014 205 402 1 -
Shaken: A Look Back at a Disaster
I was camping. My then-boyfriend and I, his niece, and our dog were sound asleep in our tiny camping trailer that Monday morning, MLK Day. The days at the beach north of Santa Barbara had been hot, ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 01/17/2014 50 61 - -
I lost my Daddy today
I began writing this diary early this morning while I was at work. I was just not feeling up to dealing with a systems upgrade, and I knew that eventually I'd post this. I've been a member of this ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 11/19/2013 85 185 - -
A little scared tonight....
Most of what I write on DKos is personal. Tonight is no exception. Last April, my husband and I were fortunate enough to get to see Rachel Maddow's book tour in support of [
Auntie Neo Kawn 01/29/2013 76 129 1 -
Very Heavy Turnout in Madison
Maybe the title is misleading.....I didn't live here in 2008 so I can't personally compare today against last time. But Madison usually has a very solid level of participation, and I have never seen ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 11/06/2012 23 14 - -
Mission-Based Work: Life in the Public Sector (UPDATED)
About six months ago, I was finally able to walk away from the private sector career I'd survived for nearly twenty years. I'd landed my dream job working in IT for a public organization here in ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 06/10/2012 19 48 1 179
Happy Freaking Birthday To Me
Today is my fortieth birthday. I used to measure my successes and personal accomplishments by a depressing yardstick (as I'll explain below). Since late 2004, I shifted and began to measure my life ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 03/09/2012 24 22 - 82
For Nurse Kelley, Leftovers at Their Best
Hi, all: So my husband and I did the WSJ thingy this week and found out that we're in the top 5% of household income in the country. This made us sad because we can barely save for retirement, but ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/23/2011 72 24 3 153
Help Wisconsin Families, Not Walker's Deep Pocket Buddies
As so many people around the country know, Wisconsin is known for a lot of things. [ The World Champion Green Bay Packers.] [
Auntie Neo Kawn 04/13/2011 13 10 - 86
Take a Break: Help me with my costume
So I have very little time left, as do the rest of us, to concoct a good costume for Sunday's fun. Let's put our collective thinking hats on: What to DO? Idea #1: Don a witch's ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/28/2010 53 7 - 73
Better off dead my a$$....Joe got a JOB!
Hey, remember that diary I wrote about my brother Joe and what his life has in common with [ Neil Alan Smith], the poor ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/14/2010 21 54 1 56
" surely better off dead"
[ This story] has been percolating through the blogosphere today, so if you've already seen ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/01/2010 273 698 10 133
We cannot forget each other again: Katrina
I've struggled with this diary tonight about six times. I've composed it in my head, only to delete it every time I try to write it. If it's disjointed and makes no sense, I'm sorry. I grew up poor,
Auntie Neo Kawn 08/29/2010 17 14 - 180
Holiday (or not) Dinner: What are YOU eating?
It's been a LOOONNNGGG time since I've put a diary up. Just too busy settling into the Great Lakes region after having spent my entire life on the Left Coast. I'm not Christian and don't celebrate ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 04/04/2010 128 15 - 38
Chapter 5,389: ANK Settles Into The People's Republic of Madison
Hey, Kossacks: As some of you may recall, [,-West-Coast! I recently moved] to Madison, Wisconsin. After ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/17/2009 12 1 - 86
A New Resident of Flyover Country: Goodbye, West Coast!
I'm a native of Southern California. I have lived in the Seattle area for well over a decade, which in some minds grants me native status here in the great and beautiful state of Washington. Summary:
Auntie Neo Kawn 11/05/2009 94 23 - 53
Wells Fargo Exec Moves into Foreclosed Malibu Home
A beachfront home that was relinquished to Wells Fargo as a result of losses incurred in the Madoff scandal by the couple who owned it apparently [
Auntie Neo Kawn 09/10/2009 27 33 - 105
My husband wrote a letter: Thanks, Angry Mouse!
My husband, known around these parts on rare occasions as Old Abe (he's more a lurker these days), is totally and completely pissed about the health care situation. He's been busting his ass for ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 08/13/2009 24 28 - 25
Did you vote for Darcy Burner?
As many of us remember, one of the rising stars in the Democratic Party during the last two election cycles was [ Darcy Burner], a passionate and intelligent ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 07/24/2009 15 13 - 28
My dad is DYING, Harry Reid!
My dad just turned 67 a couple of months ago. For reasons I won't go into at this moment, I hadn't seen him in seven years. It's not that I didn't or don't love my dad. I do, very, very much. But in ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 07/23/2009 30 48 1 78
Happy Birthday, Monkey Butt....
Ten years ago today, after enduring a miserable pregnancy and a rushed, poorly-considered wedding, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to an amazing person. You see, my kidlet was born a tad ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 05/15/2009 5 13 - 10
Hungry family coming to Wisconsin! Food advice?
Hey, Kossacks! Old Abe and I are going to take kidlet, who's never been, to Wisconsin for vacation this year. I need some dining suggestions in and around both Milwaukee and Madison. The only "...
Auntie Neo Kawn 05/09/2009 66 5 - 12
Kossacks, I really need some advice from you
My husband and I are avid bird types. We have nearly a dozen bird feeders of various shapes and sizes, and as the house finches, gold finches, juncos, Steller's jays and chickadees return for spring,
Auntie Neo Kawn 04/20/2009 220 20 - 35
Things to do when you're unemployed
Well, it's been a month ago since I last set foot in an office to work. Can't say I miss it. I have yet to get my first unemployment check, but will be doubling up next week (I filed my claim late ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 04/13/2009 56 32 1 19
It's My Turn: Another Jobless Kossack
Wanna hear a story? About sixteen months ago, Old Abe and I BOTH lost our jobs. We were ok financially, but when the COBRA bills started arriving I decided I'd rather have employer-subsidized ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 03/06/2009 83 56 - 21
Misery: Suvivors of Layoffs
In the current economic climate, misery takes many forms. Misery because of the loss of employment and income. Misery because of the sky-high cost of COBRA health insurance, or worse, no insurance ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 03/04/2009 8 3 - 4
My Wasilla-esque Inauguration Day
It was only after I’d booked our little getaway to [,_British_Columbia Victoria, British Columbia] that I realized that we’d miss out on watching the ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 01/22/2009 36 16 - 32
Jobs Vanishing: I'm Lucky
Consultants are like contract or temporary employees. We're usually in groups by companies who want to undertake a specific project or to augment existing staff during high volume work periods. In ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 01/14/2009 12 10 - 1
W. Washington Kossacks: LISTEN UP! Major Storm! (UPDATE)
In case you hadn't already heard, we have a very serious and major storm situation brewing this weekend. UPDATE: Please also remember to clear your yards and such of anything that could become ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/19/2008 125 57 1 30
Congrats to Linda Sanchez (CA-39)! Mommyhood!
Help me send Kossack Kongrats to Rep. Linda Sanchez, who is [ expecting the patter of little ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 11/20/2008 26 5 - 18
Feed Our Volunteers: Cooking From Kossacks
A week or two ago, someone mentioned "Cookies From Kossacks" as a means of thanking the tireless volunteers who are working day in and day out to get more and better Democrats elected to offices ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 11/02/2008 28 20 2 4
The Flaming Hatemongers In Liberal Seattle
I usually try to stay as far away from wingnut forums and discussion threads as possible, fearing that teh stupid will fry my poor brain cells and leave me intellectually incurious and incurably ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/20/2008 35 17 - 4
My Secret Recipe for Election-Night Dining: Candidate Chicken
I invented a new recipe the night that Barack secured enough delegates to win the nomination. I named the dish "Candidate Chicken" and have served it to dinner guests and at parties to rave reviews.
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/17/2008 17 6 2 10
Wanna see a way cool, totally awesome picture?
Wanna see a cool picture? I haven't seen anyone else get a picture of a live ballot, so I thought I'd share mine. ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/16/2008 58 37 1 33
California Burning Again - Kossacks OK?
There are two large fires burning at the moment in and around the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles. The first, known as the Marek fire, began yesterday in the canyon areas on the east ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/13/2008 39 20 1 9
Help me! I need sign ideas for Obama/Biden
Hi, Kossacks: A friend of mine and I will be part of a "visibility" in support of Barack and Joe this week. We'll each be carrying a sign in support of the ticket in a fairly purple area (which has ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 09/15/2008 100 6 - 39
Can I suggest an "Ike" Mothership?
Hurricane Ike is looking nastier by the minute. I've been monitoring Wunderground, NHC, and KHOU off and on today, and things are starting to heat up. For starters, [
Auntie Neo Kawn 09/11/2008 38 29 - 36
Is Another Major Going to Fail? WaMu
First it was Bear Stearns. Then it was IndyMac. And now, ladies and gentlemen of the left, I give you [ Washington Mutual Bank], the nation's largest ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 09/10/2008 30 10 - 1
Friday Comic Relief: A tribute to the GOP
Earlier today, I posted a song parody on a [ thread]:
Auntie Neo Kawn 09/05/2008 2 3 - -
My husband and I have been having a recurrent conversation over the last couple of years. I’d be willing to bet that, even if you haven’t articulated it out loud, or even consciously ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 09/03/2008 20 6 1 -
McCain and "Judeo-Christian" Principles: Boston Globe
On Saturday, in arguing for a strong defense of Georgia in its struggles with Russia, McCain twice noted that Georgia is a Christian nation - perhaps to distinguish it from other ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 08/19/2008 41 22 - 17
A Stack of Obama Stickers: What to DO?
A few months back, I took advantage of's offer for free Obama bumper stickers in exchange for a donation. A few weeks ago, my husband and I held a ginorous BBQ, but only about half the ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 08/15/2008 65 7 - 14
I Suck
Dearest Fellow Kossacks: Tonight, after a long, boring day at work and a glass of wine, I realized something of vital importance. I suck. My husband, the amazing man who tolerates my obsession ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 08/13/2008 114 46 1 28
Bob Novak Hits Pedestrian with 'Vette, Flees (Final Update)
[ Politico] is reporting that Novak ran down a pedestrian (who was in the crosswalk and had the right of way) and then took off, only to be chased ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 07/23/2008 734 744 12 300
O'bama, slainte!
When my husband and I were in Ireland this last February, I realized that Barack has Irish ancestry. Why?
Auntie Neo Kawn 07/11/2008 22 11 1 21
Why isn't a bumper sticker enough?
It's lunch time and I'm not hungry, so I was navigating around the tubes and found [ this]. In a nutshell: Unless a ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 07/07/2008 32 6 - 6
Today's Menu: Whatcha cookin'?
It seems as though I rarely get to cook as much as I like anymore. As a Wiccan, however, I've found myself to be something of a kitchen witch, loving to concoct recipes that I never write down and ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 07/04/2008 110 9 1 90
Two houses down, one to go: ROFLMAO
I was at the airport yesterday at baggage claim after retrieving Kidlet for summer visit. It was hot, I was tired but happy to see the Kid, and baggage claim was crowded. All in all, a usual summer ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 06/29/2008 19 17 - 34
I refuse to fly anymore
My kid flies four or five times a year to visit. The airline I have to use just announced today that they're raising the fee they charge for unaccompanied minors by 150% ! American Airlines ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 05/21/2008 106 15 - 32
Hillary and The Numbers: A True Story
Several years ago, I was pregnant with my kidlet. I went into preterm labor several months before kidlet was due for unknown reasons, and spent a total of about two months, off and on, in the ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 05/13/2008 4 9 - 1
Major Lender Excludes Loan Performance from Exec. Bonus Calculations
One of my favorite blogs in the whole world (outside of political ones, anyway) is [ CubeRules]. It's a career management blog dedicated to providing tips and advice to ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 03/05/2008 20 13 - -
Almost my B-Day: Celebrate at Seattle Drinking Liberally
Hey, Seattle-land Kossacks: My birthday is a week from today. Help me celebrate by joining us Tuesday evening at Drinking Liberally at the [
Auntie Neo Kawn 03/02/2008 10 4 - -
Part I: Return of the Native
Well, well, well, Kossacks. Old Abe and I are back from our highly-anticipated trip to Ireland. After spending yesterday tucked warmly in my bed recovering from jet-lag, I'm firing up the keyboard ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 02/26/2008 11 8 - -
Bye, Kossacks
My beloved husband, [ Old Abe], and I are abandoning Kossackstan right at the height of all the Clinton vs. Obama squabbles. Why? Oh, don't worry. We'
Auntie Neo Kawn 02/07/2008 88 29 - -
James Carville and Bill Frist???
Not so much. My husband and I just saw the Coke commercial during the SB, and laughed our asses off. If Jim Carville is supposed to represent the left against Bill "Terry Schiavo" Frist, Coke has ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 02/03/2008 93 12 - 10
I've become a whore
About six weeks ago, I lost my job as a result of the "subprime mortgage crisis". I knew that the potential was there for it to happen for a long time, and so financially I'm ok. Well, except until ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 01/30/2008 53 17 - 8
I don't care who the nominee is
I really don't. I have a laundry list of things I want to see should a Dem win the White House, just as well all do. I'm not sure I believe any of them, even the horse I'm betting on in the race, ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 01/17/2008 50 23 - 2
A Packer Fan in Seahawks-land: Playoffs!
My husband, a native Wisconsinite, and yours truly, a Packer fan for sixteen years, are geared up and ready to hit our nearby Packer bar along with several hundred of our fellow fans in support of ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 01/12/2008 109 10 1 10
On Kommunity: Thanks, Kossacks!
I've avoided the flame wars and constant attacks on the candidate diaries. I've already made up my mind as to who I favor, and the bottom line is that I'm going to vote for the nominee, whoever it is.
Auntie Neo Kawn 01/08/2008 10 4 - -
I miss my child...welcome to family law
I've been on DKos for over three years. Most longer-term Kossacks know that I'm one of a small but growing segment of American society: I'm a non-custodial mom. Today, I had to put my kid on a ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/31/2007 22 15 - 7
Unemployment-Induced Stupidity: The first 48 hours
On Monday, my husband and I, along with over 3100 of our closest friends, lost our jobs. Fortunately, my husband and I had expected layoffs for a very long time and had financially prepared for it. ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/12/2007 31 14 - -
The mortgage crisis: a primer
(Qualification: I have extensive experience in this field, but have not worked in it in some time. The opinions expressed herein are my own and not representative of any employer.) When a ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/06/2007 42 46 12 145
Mouthwatering Saturday Dinner (come drool!)
Tonight, my husband and I are honoring the return of a very special friend. A Seattle area native who moved to the "Right Coast" for a few years has returned, just in time for a nice bout of [http://...
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/01/2007 47 6 - -
Pity Party Tuesday -- Help Me, Kossacks!
I work in an industry wherein Veterans Day is observed for virtually everone. Hence, I had a three-day weekend. It sucked. My husband and I are working on some very major projects, but we're ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 11/13/2007 106 2 1 4
CRASH! Another Pacific Northwestern Windstorm
Husband and I are sitting at our desks beside our huge living room windows, watching Mother Nature lash Seattle-land with our annual dose of wind. And just a few minutes ago, I heard a thundering ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 11/12/2007 65 9 1 6
Grin F*cking
Have you ever been "grin fucked"? I have. And let me tell YOU, it's one of the most dissatisfying way of getting screwed there is. I first heard the term from my husband, [
Auntie Neo Kawn 08/15/2007 8 10 1 88
Abu Gonzo Coming to Seattle
Of all the nerve, Abu's gonna pay a visit to the US Attorney's office here in the Emerald City. I hope John McKay meets him at the [ door:]
Auntie Neo Kawn 06/21/2007 10 7 - 52
My Favorite Kossack--Handle, That Is!!
I love to read the handles of my fellow Kossacks. My own came to me in one of my rare moments of stunning genius. Trust me, they're pretty rare. For those of you who adopt a different pronunciation, ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 04/12/2007 195 17 2 10
New documents from DoJ: What's In Them?
According to [ Josh Marshall] and [ crowd], a document dump from the DoJ is coming shortly.
Auntie Neo Kawn 03/19/2007 48 14 - 10
Can you imagine Mean Jean in a pile of vomit?
(UPDATED TITLE: Just sounds...snappier!) You know, sometimes karma DOES seem to work properly. I keep thinking that this stupid administration is going to get busted for something, and every ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 03/15/2007 43 8 - 23
I love....
I've been working my ass off all day today, as has Old Abe. We're repainting the interior of our new (rental) house, which we're hoping to move into in another two to three weeks. We're tired and ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 03/10/2007 108 7 - -
Did you know tomorrow is a national holiday?
On March 9, we mark the birth of an extraordinary woman. Her courage, tenacity, dirty mind and slow wit have become the characteristics that are aspired to by the hipsters that throng to follow her ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 03/08/2007 44 16 - 15
Friday Diary Whoring...New, with PIE!
In homage to [ WMTrialLawyer], and in honor of my fellow Kossacks who've found they've lost TU today (myself included....SOB!), I give up my daily ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 02/23/2007 182 6 - 5
The Cause of Terrorism? Gay Marriage!
Bet you didn't know THAT, did you? Well, of course if you're an avid wingnut who actually believes what Concerned Women For America has to say, then you did. Otherwise, well, not so much. CWA's [...
Auntie Neo Kawn 02/07/2007 25 3 - -
Sad Auntie
Today I found a tune on my iPod that I didn't realize I had. At work, I listen to my iPod almost all day (I can't when I'm in meetings), and today I played that tune over and over again:
Auntie Neo Kawn 01/17/2007 22 13 - 8
Dear Son: A Rebel Alliance
You are getting close to eight years old now, and someday when you're older I'll bring you back to this post in this fabulous community so you can see that there are countless others who believe the ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 01/12/2007 28 10 - 4
Politics and Children, Part I: Sexism Lessons
As many of you know, my child lives over 900 miles away from me owing to a really crappy turn of law here in Washington State. This diary isn't to re-hash those details, but to make some points over ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/28/2006 9 7 - -
Abortion: Four Days Before Christmas, Ten Years Ago
Ten years ago yesterday, it was four days before Christmas. At the time, I was a mostly devoted wingnut. I say mostly because on that day, I had an abortion. At the time, I'd just started a new job.
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/22/2006 40 21 - -
Apolitical: Our Weather Drama Journey Ends
For those of you who didn't see my pre-storm and post-storm updates, welcome to the wrap up of our weather adventure this week. Old Abe and I lost power just after 1am Friday morning in one of the ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/19/2006 26 10 - 3
Apolitical: Pacific Northwest Weather Drama, Part II
HI, fellow Kossacks: Since my last post [ Thursday] night, when I thought we'd be ok, it's been a very difficult experience. I was WAY overly ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/17/2006 40 19 - 10
Apolitical: Tonight's Seattle Weather Drama
Tonight, Seattle and environs is poised for it's biggest windstorm in over ten years. According a local news [ story:] Ted Beuhner of ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/14/2006 128 15 2 5
FUN TIME: The worst gifts you've ever received?
On a radio talk show this evening on my drive home, the hosts were taking calls from people with the question "What's the lousiest Christmas bonus you've ever gotten?" Half a pig A $10 gift card to ...
Auntie Neo Kawn 12/01/2006 129 17 2 15
Reichert (WA-08) BRAGGED he got a bus driver fired!
Auntie Neo Kawn 11/03/2006 10 9 - 8
A Genetic Liberal? BS!! (w/poll)
Auntie Neo Kawn 11/02/2006 43 6 - -
Darcy (WA-08) Doorbanging: A Halloween Tale (UPDATE)
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/31/2006 43 20 - 18
DKos $1.5 Million Challenge!! YOU DID IT!!!!
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/27/2006 59 36 - 19
It's Official! Old Abe and Auntie Neo Kawn tied the knot TODAY! (w/poll)
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/24/2006 59 31 - 6
Raising a Liberal Child
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/20/2006 32 14 - 17
Need Some Good Reading Material! Ideas?
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/19/2006 139 8 3 5
Why Buffy Orpington Needs Liberals: My Story
Auntie Neo Kawn 10/10/2006 40 39 - 12
Domestic abuse: a story
Auntie Neo Kawn 09/26/2006 47 15 - 8
Reverse Diary: Political Mad Lib (FUN!!) (Story Posted)
Auntie Neo Kawn 09/18/2006 42 6 1 10
Wedding Bells on Daily Kos!!!! (UPDATE #2)
Auntie Neo Kawn 09/08/2006 180 96 2 9
Disney Company Releases "New And Improved Mickey Mouse Club Theme"!
Auntie Neo Kawn 09/07/2006 6 7 - -
What's good for the NSA is good for Corporate America w/poll
Auntie Neo Kawn 09/05/2006 13 9 - -
A Dream I'd Like To Share From Last Night
Auntie Neo Kawn 08/24/2006 7 5 - -
The REAL America: A Platform That Moves
Auntie Neo Kawn 08/23/2006 6 5 - -
Wingnut Resources: Stay Informed
Auntie Neo Kawn 08/17/2006 30 12 - 2
Markos' music made me do it: Auntie's back!
Auntie Neo Kawn 08/14/2006 33 15 - 9
GBCW: Auntie Goes on Hiatus (UPDATED)
Auntie Neo Kawn 07/09/2006 42 17 - 7
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