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Guess what--I am one of the 53% too....
This was inspired by Kos' tweet pic of the 18 year old claiming that "I don't expect ANYTHING to be handed to me" while his dad is paying for his college education.
Azdak 10/13/2011 8 23 1 158
Coming home to an empty house....
Yeah, this is another DDD - Dead Dog Diary. What can I say? I know this has been experienced by probably most of the members in this community, but each one is special, and it helps to work through ...
Azdak 09/30/2011 48 99 1 411
(UPDATED) Hey, Teabaggers! I got ur tax cuts RIGHT HERE! (2009 Filing Edition)
I just filed my 2009 tax return this morning (yay Turbo Tax!). As always, it's an interesting exercise matching the REALITY of what we really pay in taxes vs the pathetic whining of teabaggers and ...
Azdak 02/14/2010 253 431 19 407
WHEE: Heart Rate Monitors and Calorie Counts
Heart rate monitors (HRM) are now considered an important part of one's workout gear--some exercisers would no sooner work out without an HRM than they would without their shoes. Some consider an ...
Azdak 10/22/2009 56 16 1 141
Fitness Science, vol 2: Cardiovascular and Musculoskeletal Adaptations to Exericse Training
I know there are a number of fitness/exercise diaries that are regularly published. I have always wanted to do a series of diaries that go into some aspects of exercise physiology to help people ...
Azdak 03/09/2009 17 10 5 33
Fitness Science, vol 1: Stress-Response
I know there are a number of fitness/exercise diaries that are regularly published. I have always wanted to do a series of diaries that go into some aspects of exercise physiology to help people ...
Azdak 03/03/2009 18 11 3 22
Chuck Todd: The New MSM?
Chuck Todd was named Chief White House Correspondent after David Gregory failed up to being the host of Meet the Press. A lot of people were surprised at the move, most seeing Todd as a numbers guy, ...
Azdak 02/07/2009 53 34 - 16
Well THIS sucks--Azdak joins the ranks of the unemployed...
That's right--my annual planning session with my Regional Manager turned into the Big Adios for yours truly. What was really bad is that I had to drive 2 hours through a snowstorm to get there ...
Azdak 01/14/2009 72 30 1 18
Chicago Tribune defends Obama against latest McCain Smear (Updated with Link)
The McCain "Lie-a-palooza" festival continues today with the classic republic "Destort and Divert" maneuver. Your candidate is going down the crapper? Try to get attention with a different topic. ...
Azdak 09/23/2008 25 36 - 32
Richard Viguerie: "Values" count, not experience
The "lack of experience" meme is dead. At least according to Richard Viguerie, and whatever demographic group he represents.
Azdak 09/02/2008 12 7 - 1
TIME Magazine Tosses McCain's Salad
Yes, I know it's a vulgar reference, but it seems appropriate. And, yes, I know this is another rant about MSM anti-Obama bias, which is about as pointless as arguing against gravity. However, ...
Azdak 08/31/2008 30 35 3 22
Dear Tom Brokaw: I've only watched for 5 min and already you're an A--hole!
I got home from work early and switched on the TV to see some of the start of the convention coverage. As usual, I turned on MSNBC and found Tom Brokaw, Chuck Todd, and Dan Balz on the screen. I ...
Azdak 08/25/2008 164 28 - 16
Rachel Maddow Proves It--Intelligent Discussion is possible on cable!
Most cable shows that feature "guest panels" are almost unwatchable, in my opinion. Guests are chosen for their combativeness, and the thought is that screaming and arguing are the only ways to make ...
Azdak 08/07/2008 88 42 - 61
My mom died today (Updated)
My mom died today. She was 83 and frail. She had been diagnosed with lung cancer around Thanksgiving last year and underwent surgery in December to remove the tumor. She never really recovered and ...
Azdak 06/06/2008 318 404 6 32
Top 10 Reasons Why Obama Won't Choose Hillary Clinton as VP....
Number 10 Too disruptive to have Vice President Clinton introducing articles of impeachment every week. Number 9 Right now, Obama is busy going ...
Azdak 03/17/2008 14 9 1 1
Cookies, Pride, and Farrakhan: Challenging Apple Pie Memes
National candidates have always had to tread warily around certain statements and cultural themes. During the last 50 years, these "land mines" have remained relatively constant and are dominated by ...
Azdak 02/27/2008 24 5 - 59
Once again, the Democratic Senate Hall of Shame
Do any of these Senators have consciences?
Azdak 02/08/2008 6 5 1 -
Obama's debate scorecard
This morning I published my list of "tips" for Barack Obama to follow in tonight's debate. Let's see how he did:
Azdak 01/31/2008 9 14 1 -
OK, Barack--Here are your tips for tonight's debate
This may be the most important job interview you've ever had. Don't f---k it up.
Azdak 01/31/2008 74 27 1 8
IL Early Primary Voting--Some observations
Yesterday, Illinois opened up early voting for the Feb 5 primary. I decided to stop by and cast my vote on the way home from work today. It was the first time I have participated in early voting and ...
Azdak 01/15/2008 6 6 - 8
Ted Olson on Ed Schultz--WTF??
I know setting up big Eddie in this group is an easy target, and I can anticipate many of the responses. For some reason, Schultz has been putting Republicans on his radio show--recently it was ...
Azdak 01/07/2008 38 4 - -
I just decided my #1 reason for supporting Obama...
I know this isn't really a diary, but I have to say it.
Azdak 12/31/2007 67 18 1 19
Paul Krugman and the Fantasy of the "Small Table"
In his latest anti-Obama Op-Ed, Paul Krugman calls Obama "naive" for saying that he supports a "big table" approach to changing the health care system--one that includes Big Pharma and the insurance ...
Azdak 12/17/2007 52 18 1 -
Obama: Inspiration in the American tradition
Since his electrifying speech at the 2004 Democratic convention, Barack Obama has emerged as one of the most inspirational political figures in America today. With his vision for America, he has ...
Azdak 12/09/2007 5 12 - 10
Wow! A surprise from Melissa Bean (D IL-8)
Melissa Bean is the Representative from Illinois House District 8. She is a Blue Dog Democrat who was elected from an historically Republican district in 2004. Republicans see her as vulnerable and ...
Azdak 11/22/2007 26 21 - 35
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