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Settling for Four 9-11's per Year
Right after 9-11, a Republican-led House, a split Senate, and a Republican president resoundingly passed legislation aimed at protecting Americans by seeking to stop future terrorist acts. A small ...
BJ Rudell 12/15/2012 4 4 - -
I'm More Offended at Anti-LGBT Folks Than They Are Toward LGBTs
I was born too late to witness the Civil Rights movement. But growing up I often wondered what racists were thinking when they denied equal rights to African-Americans. Was it ignorance? Fear? A ...
BJ Rudell 05/09/2012 1 5 - 93
The Politics of Differentiation
We have reached a new era in American politics--one in which parties and politicians promote not necessarily the best policies, but rather policies that are different for the sake of being different.
BJ Rudell 04/04/2012 1 1 - 17
Santorum Loves CO2, Hates Humans
Rick Santorum continued to profess his love of ignorance on the eve of last night's primaries. In a state where a majority of Republicans believe President Obama is a Muslim, the wanna-be Commander-...
BJ Rudell 03/14/2012 7 4 - 51
Rand Paul = Awful Doctor
Senator Rand Paul has received much deserved criticism over his callous use of the ...
BJ Rudell 05/15/2011 18 13 - 159
Sarah Palin's Culpability in Attempted Assassination of Giffords
When Sarah Palin unveiled her famous "crosshairs" map of 20 congressional Democratic targets for the 2010 mid-terms, it was no accident. The allusion was not unintentional. She used gun targets on ...
BJ Rudell 01/08/2011 69 27 - 121
Palin in Iowa Today = 2012 Prez Campaign Kick-off (w/ Poll)
Cable news, Daily Kos bloggers, and others have openly questioned the GOP ticket's strategy of having Sarah Palin visit Iowa today. With recent polls showing Obama-Biden up 8 points or more in the ...
BJ Rudell 10/25/2008 83 15 1 40
Repubs Speechless -- Except When Peddling Obama Slurs
A conservative blog called Right Pundits is trying its darndest to rally the GOP faithful behind the McCain/Palin ticket. How do they do it? By ignoring reality and hyping sleaze.
BJ Rudell 10/24/2008 18 1 - -
Palin Claims VP Runs the Senate (w/ Poll)
ThinkProgress has reported that Sarah Palin claimed the vice president is "in charge of the U.S. Senate."
BJ Rudell 10/21/2008 642 827 11 558
Racist Americans Disgrace America -- W/ Poll
The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) prints a story today about a recently distributed newsletter by the Chaffey Community Republican Women. They write that an Obama victory would lead to his face ...
BJ Rudell 10/16/2008 17 5 - -
Palin Implies That McCain Will End Her Career
At a rally, Sarah Palin vowed that John McCain, as president, would "end [abuses of power] once and for all." Thanks to Talking ...
BJ Rudell 10/13/2008 15 10 - 1
McCain--the Worst Campaigner in a Generation
Despite polls suggesting an impending landslide victory for Barack Obama, we know that anything can happen. With a modest shift in support, McCain could pull out Florida and Ohio--still leaving him ...
BJ Rudell 10/12/2008 9 3 1 1
Cindy McCain Insults PTSD Veterans
In the newly published Marie Claire magazine, Cindy McCain responds to whether her husband feels the lingering effects of Vietnam. Her response would be shocking if it came from a D student in high ...
BJ Rudell 10/09/2008 56 23 1 91
Hoover's Failings Led to FDR ... Bush's Failings Will, Too
"Black Tuesday," occurring during Herber Hoover's presidency, is commonly viewed as the start of the Great Depression. "9-11," occurring during George Bush's presidency, is commonly viewed as the ...
BJ Rudell 10/09/2008 - - 1 11
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