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An Ear for Music
A group to share and explore many different genres of music: folk, classical, pop, country, oldies, world. Currently soliciting group members to contribute regular diaries on their favorite songs, composers, and all things musical.
Daily Kos Oregon
A community blog for Beaver State politics. Have something to say? We are open to all. Just click 'MESSAGES' to ask to be granted the ability to post here.
Daily Kos Phazebook Progressive Social Networking Group
Welcome to the Daily Kos Phazebook social networking group. We are destined to become the Daily Kos largest social networking site. Are you interested in having a virtual phaze to phaze meeting with your favorite Daily Kos author or commentator? If so check out their personal DKos phazebook diary because now they and you have an opportunity to make a diary introducing yourself and your interests and you're not restricted to a few sentences or a single graphic. This is Daily Kos social networkin...
Music and Arts forum and archive at Daily Kos. Arts are essential and evolutionary.
DKos Military Veterans
Are you a veteran of the armed services? Well, hop right in - the purpose of this group is to discuss issues of interest to U.S. military vets. There are many vets (and active duty military) who actually do have a progressive political mindset. Need to know who to call when you need some help? Have a question about the VA Healthcare system (the best socialist healthcare available in America)? Got some benefit news? Or just need to vent? Then, you've come to the right place...
Freaky Friday Backstage Pass
This is a new dedicated Group for Writers and Editors of the DFH music series, Freaky Friday. This Group will be used primarily to manage the Schedule, preview and/or edit (as needed) working FF diaries in the queue, and also, to communicate and brainstorm about the flavor of the series itself as we go along. NOTE: FF is, and always has been, a DFH community Series and a pie-free zone. :-)
Group W: Resisting War
We are the Anti-War Left. We're sittin' here on the Group W bench, talking peace, peace-mongering and anti-imperialism with a side order of civil rights, and playin' with our tags: peace, peacemaking, nonviolence, pacifism, pacifist, war, antiwar, anti-militarism, resistance, conscientious objection, refuseniks, imperialism, anti-imperialism.
Helicopters and Rotorcraft
A place for those who appreciate the science and technology of rotorcraft and their operation - helicopters, autogyros, gyrodynes, rotary kites and more!
History for Kossacks
Once the name of a regularly-appearing series on DK3, History for Kossacks is now a DK4 group blog dedicated to the discussion and diarying of all things historical. Topics range from the impact of a'a' lava on ancient Hawaii to Zoroastrianism in Persia; time frame is from Australopithecus to Zulu hours today - so come on in to this dusty cave full of moldering tomes, have a seat in an overstuffed chair, and let's talk history!
Koscadia Stretches from the coastal forests of Northern California up the coast West of the Cascades well into British Columbia where the Temperate Zone changes into the Subartic Zone. And of course we are inclusive of those East of the ranges as well. Where Progressivism and Democracy are a way of life.
Military Community Members of Daily Kos
This is the gathering place for all military community members including veterans and their families. Our goal is two-fold: to publish diaries that help explain military life, especially family life, to civilians and to produce material that shows the military is not only culturally but politically diverse. Active duty family members are in a unique position, as we can freely express our political opinions whereas our active duty members are more likely to keep their mouths shut. That said, all...
Occupy the Mall - the March of the 99%
We will organize a coordinated descent of OWS, its sister movements and allies on the national mall. We will bring hundreds of thousands, even millions, representing the 99% and demanding our government back @occupythemall #occupythemall. This historic event will not happen automatically, and will take months of planning. We must start now, and this group is for organizing.
Occupy Wall Street
This is a clearinghouse of all posts related to the grassroots effort to return this country to Democracy.
PacNW Kossacks
The Pacific Northwest and Daily Kos go together like geoduck, pinot noir, and apples. This group is for sharing news and views that affect Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, British Columbia, and related areas.
PDX Metro
A Stumptown Metro Kossack Community.
Progressive Hippie
Progressives who believe that the hippies got it right back in the day and today. We have a Facebook presence. Here's the URL to our Facebook group: And here's the URL to our Facebook community page:
Protest Music

Protest and topical music including comedy. We're interested in the history of protest music, for instance labor songs, civil rights songs, anti war songs. We also feature contemporary protest music and we particularly want to hear your protest songs.

This is an open group. Please join and post your diaries. If you want to help manage the group message me and I'll make you a BlogEditor.

Of course Protest Music is on topic. But it doesn't have to be both. Protest or Music. Prote...

Team DFH
This group is for the DFH in all of us. It will be dedicated to the spread of peace and love, and of being the change we seek.
The Royal Manticoran Rangers
A group dedicated to the prevention of stagnancy of the recommended list thru a strategic increase in promotions to diaries that otherwise may have fallen short of the rec list and or the Rescue Rangers reach. Group members will create and share their own list of diaries they have recommended, and build consensus towards promoting quality diaries in the community environment. This group is in a pilot project stage. The Royal Manticoran Rangers, we help the poor and the helpless and dont ask for...
The Streetcar Barn
All things dealing with urban/suburban/interurban public transportation. Discussion is welcome on streetcars/trolleys, buses, subways, and general discussions of public transit systems.
VAGV - Veterans Against Gun Violence
This group is being started to make aware that veterans in this group are behind the President and legislators trying to end gun violence in America. You do not need to be a veteran to join. Military families and many veterans are tired of the rhetoric of the NRA speaking for them. Please join and create some ideas to help further the President and VP Biden's worthwhile effort to help make our citizens's safer. Many veterans agree more needs to be done to stop Gun Violence.
WordPress Geeks
WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) there is. I'd like this group to talk about WordPress, heck even Joomla and Drupal. I make a living using it and I have to admit I don't really get a chance to talk with many folks that know a single thing about the darn program. Lets do that in this group.

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