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Felony charges DROPPED for VA GOP worker who tossed registration forms
Remember Colin Small ? He is the employee of Nathan Sproul's GOP-connected company which has been accused of multiple episodes of voter suppression. Back in October Small was caught tossing ...
BRog 04/03/2013 47 156 - -
Republican South Carolina State Rep. explains GOP opposition to Medicaid expansion
I haven't found this on DKos, sorry if it's already been blogged. Kris Crawford, a South Carolina State representative gave an interview to the Charleston Regional Business Journal back on January ...
BRog 03/13/2013 3 5 - -
Obama in Madison livestream [Finished] [Updates]
Tammy Baldwin gave a great speech. Waiting for the president to come to the podium. Bascom Hill on campus is full with ~30,000, others turned away.
BRog 10/04/2012 7 9 - 116
Non-shocker from Wisconsin! Republicans lied and abused power in redistricting
Documents finally released from Wisconsin's redistricting process confirm that Republicans used their legislative majorities and a lot of taxpayer money to gerrymander districts to favor their ...
BRog 08/01/2012 8 30 - 193
Wisconsin public safety workers on Marketplace
Marketplace (American Public Media) just broadcast a brief but nice piece on public safety workers hurt by the Walker administration in Wisconsin. There are some really articulate interviewees ...
BRog 06/04/2012 4 19 - 66
Wisconsin deer hunting issue starting to get news coverage
Well I woke up to this headline on (Madison, WI): Capitol Report: Deer hunting Texas style? Walker administration says 'no' Democratic Assembly members are starting to push the issue. ...
BRog 06/01/2012 98 142 1 949
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