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What county sheriff might spend $10 million to get re-elected? You guessed it: Arpaio
The $10 million man Maricopa ...
Mother Mags 05/04/2015 33 57 1 -
What's the deal with Arizona education officials and websites? Please proceed
If it weren’t for his racist and asinine blog posts, former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal would likely be sitting in the same office today. Although the former ...
Mother Mags 05/02/2015 4 34 2 -
Baja Arizona Open Thread
*Greetings from Tucson* The weather here is windy and a little cool, not what we usually expect for this time of year, but I'm sure it will warm up a little by next weekend. Next weekend, of ...
Azazello 04/26/2015 9 11 - -
Sheriff Arpaio's attorney quits during contempt hearing, former staff turn on the sheriff. UPDATE!
Tuesday in Phoenix, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's civil contempt hearing began, and the first day was a doozie. US District Judge Murray Snow ordered Sheriff Arpaio to appear at the hearing ...
Mother Mags 04/22/2015 315 636 8 -
Marana Policeman Rams Suspect with Police Car
I have not seen this discussed here. Earlier in the week, a video was released showing a Marana, AZ Policeman accelerating his car and slamming into a man carrying a rifle. This man had been on a ...
Desert Rose 04/19/2015 24 5 - -
Cops run over suspect at 50MPH
Granted, the guy needed to be arrested. He had earlier robbed a 7-11 while dressed only in his underwear. He then set fire to a church. He had threatened suicide several times. Clearly he was ...
gjohnsit 04/15/2015 53 35 - -
Former AZ Governor Raul Castro has died
Raul Hector Castro, a great Democrat, Arizona's only Hispanic governor, and an American ambassador to three countries, died Friday in his sleep in San Diego, where he was in hospice care. He was 98.
sneakers563 04/10/2015 3 13 - -
Rahm Emmanuel wins again?
So what's up with this? Why no diaries on Rahm DINO who had to run in a runoff because he couldn't get enough votes to win outright. Then Rahm runs against a progressive and slanders him as an ...
Desert Rose 04/07/2015 94 12 - -
McCain: I'm running
Off and running Many people ...
Mother Mags 04/06/2015 45 47 - -
Hypocrisy much? Arizona's legislature rejects federal laws, then denies cities their rights
Sorry Arizona cities, no passing laws your citizens want Chances are, if you live in an urban area in a big rural state, you might not be represented by your legislature. That's been apparent ...
Mother Mags 04/04/2015 50 108 3 -
Maricopa County Attorney calls veteran the 'enemy' because he smokes weed
The enemy. Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn't the only Maricopa County official who regularly makes an arrogant ass of himself; the County Attorney's office has done a pretty good job of it too. Andrew ...
Mother Mags 04/01/2015 13 43 - -
Arizona school officials protest education cuts, so the legislature makes their protests illegal
Shut up or we'll shut you up! Since 2008, Arizona has cut K-12 and university budgets more than just about every other ...
Mother Mags 03/28/2015 173 224 3 -
UPDATE: Gov. signs Arizona abortion bill requiring doctors to give patients misleading information
Arizona's GOP: Who cares if the procedure is unproven? Doctors must tell women about it Let's say you have a stomachache and go to the doctor, but a new state rule mandates that your physician must ...
Mother Mags 03/27/2015 41 65 1 -
She's back! Arizona legislator suggests church attendance should be mandatory
Arizona Sen. Sylvia Allen won the Viral Emmy of Stupid a few years ago when she famously said, during a committee hearing on uranium mining, "the earth's been here 6,000 years" and has managed to ...
Mother Mags 03/26/2015 404 342 7 -
'Dirty cop' sends Arizona woman to prison for 24 years. Today she is free
Nearly everyone who's lived in Arizona for a while has heard of Debra Milke , the mother convicted of arranging for her 4-year-old son's murder in 1989. We remember the bold newspaper headlines and ...
Mother Mags 03/24/2015 93 186 3 -
Baja Arizona Kossacks Open Thread: 5th Annual Picnic
*Greetings from Tucson ...* And welcome to another BAK Open Thread. I am thrilled to announce that the 5th Annual Baja Arizona Kossacks Picnic will be held in beautiful, charming, funky Bisbee,
Azazello 03/22/2015 19 14 - -
Sheriff Arpaio admits to crimes in order to avoid trial. Victims: 'This won't fly' /UPDATE
Yes I'm guilty. Can we move on now? Very quietly this week, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's attorneys filed papers admitting that the ...
Mother Mags 03/19/2015 156 335 3 -
TEA Leader Introduces Bill to Shield Abusive Jail Guards After Son-In-Law Gets Fired
Sylvia Allen, president pro tem of the Arizona Senate, has introduced legislation that would have shielded jail guards from taking lie detector tests after her son-in-law was fired from a county ...
EricAZ 03/19/2015 9 19 - -
FREEDUMB in Arizona: Mesa Shooting
So AZ passes a "Guns for Everybody, All the Time, FREEDUMB, Yee-Haw!" law ...
BadKitties 03/18/2015 19 21 - -
Bizarro Arizona: Do the opposite
Leaving on a jet plane, except in Arizona Yeah, sure, so Arizona isn't the only state whose legislature has passed a boneheaded sovereignty bill declaring that we don't have to follow federal ...
Mother Mags 03/18/2015 110 210 2 -
Tucson Wants to Outlaw Homeless Behavior (Updated)
Quick! Look around you: you may be in a Spontaneous Crowd Management Event!
ItsaMathJoke 03/16/2015 32 11 - -
Arizona Legislature Does It Again
From the State Legislature that tried to bring "Your papers, please" into the real world, and which wanted to fine transgender people who went into the "wrong" bathroom comes a doozie. The latest ...
Proginoskes 03/11/2015 9 20 1 -
Gabby Giffords & My Wife to be on ABC World News Tonight re: Music Therapy for Brain Disorders
UPDATE: My wife's video was cut from the segment, but I hope that people found value who watched the show anyway. Seeing Gaby smile while she sang was pretty special. ABC World News Tonight every ...
Steven D 03/06/2015 18 33 - -
Gabby Giffords Speaks About Background Checks on Capitol Hill; Death Threats Posted on NRA FB Page
The NY Daily News ran an article today about Gabby Giffords heading to Capitol hill, to push for more background checks when it comes to gun purchases. It would require all gun buyers pass ...
StarbucksGirl51 03/05/2015 32 34 - -
Tucson Family-Law Judge Ignores Marriage Equality Ruling In Denying Same-Sex Divorce
If you think that Alabama is the only state with rogue state judges that refuse to follow federal court rulings/orders, you would be wrong. And, some of these judges are not even in the Southeast. ...
librarisingnsf 03/05/2015 9 17 - -
Try your hand at gerrymandering California and Arizona (because their commissions might vanish soon)
Interactive map of Arizona's current congressional districts This past week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case brought by the Republican-controlled Arizona state legislature that could result in ...
Stephen Wolf 03/05/2015 56 6 - -
Pielke unsatisfied by Grijalva's softened stance
In response to the academic outcry over the letters of investigation Rep. Grijalva (D-AZ) sent to seven GOP witnesses after the Soonami, the representative is now saying that his request for ...
ClimateDenierRoundup 03/04/2015 2 9 - -
BREAKING: Arizona and other states may get redder after today's Supreme Court hearing
I do not think that word means what you think it means It's not enough for Republicans in Arizona that they control every branch of government: the governorship; attorney general, secretary of state,
Mother Mags 03/02/2015 82 192 4 -
Air-Minded: Heritage Flight Photoblog
Once a year, civilian warbird and USAF fighter pilots meet at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, Arizona, to practice close formation flying for the upcoming airshow season. The program, which features ...
pwoodford 02/27/2015 11 18 - -
Independent Redistricting at Risk: Oral Argument Monday at SCOTUS
A very important case, Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission is being argued at the SCOTUS on Monday. The high court will hear a case Monday that could give ...
Desert Rose 02/27/2015 24 23 - -
Occupy Oak Flat asks Obama to declare site a national monument
Tonto National Forest One executive action most conservatives hate is the establishment of a national monument, which the president can do without congressional approval. He/...
Mother Mags 02/27/2015 54 92 2 -
Ten Years at DK for Desert Rose
Well, today is my 10th anniversary here at Daily Kos. It's actually a bit longer, because I lurked for a few months before signing up, but this is the official date of joining. My distaste for a ...
Desert Rose 02/25/2015 22 57 - -
The 'dark money' that helped elect Gov. Ducey in AZ now targets school officials who criticize him
George Orwell would be proud: Gov. Ducey cuts school budgets and calls it an increase It's no secret that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey sucked up to the Koch boys and took piles of their cash, along ...
Mother Mags 02/25/2015 41 92 4 -
Arizona bill allows sawed-off shotguns and silencers
Do something! The loud noise scares her Who would've thunk it that any cabal of elected officials in Arizona could be worse than Gov. Jan Brewer and her GOP-controlled legislature? Those Tea Party ...
Mother Mags 02/24/2015 37 50 - -
FOX News Claims Border Patrol Should Not Arrest Drunken Drivers
Wow, when you do a search on this item, every FOX station is parroting it. No one else is, though. The claim: FOX News Channel is reporting that the Obama Administration sent a memo telling Border ...
Village Vet 02/18/2015 27 11 - -
Took six weeks for DuceyDouglastan to become a public pee fight. Yay, AZ!
Whatever state school superintendent Diane Douglas intends to prove with her political career, it's hard to see how she plans to do it -- unless it's driving even more funding away from the schools ...
wolfbane in AZ 02/15/2015 6 10 - -
Arizona Governor, Head of Education At Each Other's Throats
While I dislike the "Popcorn!" meme so prevalent at DKos, it's hard to come up with a more apt descriptor for what's happening in Arizona between newly-elected Governor Douglas Ducey and newly-...
sneakers563 02/13/2015 29 46 1 -
Arizona's idiot legislature doesn't want you to watch their idiocy
I can understand why ...
Mother Mags 02/11/2015 77 185 2 -
The A-10 Soap Opera,
As many of you know, the A-10, The Warthog, was designed during the Cold War, to take on Warsaw Pact armour close in and low, and demonstrated it's ability at this task stellarly in both Gulf Wars,
JayFarquharson 02/11/2015 38 22 - -
Stupid Things from Arizona Politics - 02/04 Edition
Private prisons that might not be used and who cares about no actual evidence of voter fraud? After the jump.
Hi Jolly 02/04/2015 6 11 - -
States I will never visit.
Arizona, where the citizenry soil themselves with racist hatred. New Mexico, where police are murderous thugs. Utah, where rigid ideology destroys the semblance of democracy. Missouri, where the ...
FredMarkus 02/03/2015 46 7 - -
Gaza in Arizona
What follows is a letter I received from Scott Nicholson, a community organizer who has been working on the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona. It is posted here in full with his permission.
Ojibwa 02/02/2015 22 30 - -
You Can't Read That!
You Can't Read That! is a periodic post featuring banned book reviews and news. Hacked traffic sign in Los Angeles (photo credit: unknown) YCRT! updates from Tucson, Arizona, where 80 textbooks, ...
pwoodford 01/31/2015 7 16 1 -
AZ-Sen: McCain (R) Boots 'Low Life Scum' Code Pink Out Of Hearing With Henry Kissinger
Real classy John: Sen. John McCain earned some ...
poopdogcomedy 01/31/2015 7 9 - -
Miller and Schivone, Bringing the Battlefield to the Border
This article originally appeared at To receive TomDispatch in your inbox three times a week, click here . [ Note for TomDispatch Readers: For those of you fascinated by America’s ...
TomDispatch 01/26/2015 2 5 1 -
Zero-Summing the MIC: A-10 / F-35 follies continue
Apparently, rigging of F-35 test results has been going on with the A-10 used as a budgetary scapegoat against the ordering of more F-35s, forgetting much of the changing needs and missions in the ...
annieli 01/23/2015 8 15 - -
Judge rules Arizona Dreamers can keep driver's licenses, overturning Gov. Brewer's ban
Score a big victory for Dream activists this week. A federal judge issued a permanent injunction Thursday on an order from former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer that ...
Kerry Eleveld 01/23/2015 20 47 - -
AZ Leg - The Homeless are So Inconvinient
I've been in hiding. Yes, it's hard to be even mildly liberal in Arizona these days. What's made me come out? One of those reminders about why I am a Democrat. Details after the jump.
Hi Jolly 01/22/2015 7 17 - -
Connect! Unite! Act! L.A., Oregon, Houston & Texas Meet-up Info — Favorite Mexican Restaurant?
A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
Azazello 01/20/2015 169 51 - -
Use the naturalization citizenship test for all HS grads? Another damn bad idea.
Arizona just passed legislation which requires students to pass the same civics and history test that immigrants must take to become naturalized citizens if they want to graduate from high school. (
Cartoon Peril 01/19/2015 67 22 2 -
Sheriff Arpaio will face contempt charges
"I hope they have a pair in my size." Yes, we've been teased with this before — from the Feds as well as local authorities — but this ...
Mother Mags 01/16/2015 120 273 - -
Which way is the political wind blowing today?
The AP story title reads: Former Giffords aide to be district director for McSally. As most know the storyline refers to former congresswoman Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) who was tragically shot in the ...
carlosgalindo 01/14/2015 3 2 - -
Arizona's Ban On Ethnic Studies Program
In 2010 Arizona adopted a law that attempts to ban ethnic studies programs in public schools using the conservative spin of reverse racism. Up until now it hasn't stood out on the national radar ...
Richard Lyon 01/14/2015 16 14 - -
NH, AZ & NC-Sen: Ayotte (R), McCain (R) & Burr (R) Look To Restrict Obama On Gitmo
Send in the clowns:
poopdogcomedy 01/14/2015 6 1 - -
Connect! Unite! Act! Denver, Asheville, Seattle, L.A. & Oregon Meet-up Info — History Museum?
A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
Azazello 01/13/2015 80 47 - -
AZ-Sen: Syrian Government Accuses John McCain (R) Of Entering Country Illegally
poopdogcomedy 01/13/2015 16 4 - -
Let me get this straight: American public lands have been transferred to Brit/Aussie owners?
Unless emails from the White House go to your spam filter, which in this case is quite fitting, those of us who signed the petition to stop the Apache land grab received the following email written ...
ruby red shoes 01/12/2015 28 27 - -
Air-Minded: the Army & the A-10
Army A-10s? Not gonna happen, folks. USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II (photo credit: unknown) Here's something I ...
pwoodford 01/06/2015 112 71 1 -
Randall Friese (D-AZ) - The Spotlight on Future Candidates Pt. 1
One of the more surprising results of this year's election was in Tuscon based AZ-02, where Martha McSally (R) defeated the incumbent Ron Barber (D) only after a month long recount. Even when I ...
El Hombre Azul 01/03/2015 10 6 - -
Judge dismisses immigration lawsuit against Obama
As far as I can tell, this has not yet been diaried: A federal judge on Tuesday night rejected an Arizona sheriff's lawsuit seeking to halt President Barack Obama's plan to spare nearly 5 million ...
chloris creator 12/24/2014 12 24 - -
Key provision of AZ elections law ruled unconstitutional
All she wanted to do was get together with some of her neighbors to protest and advocate defeat of a municipal bond election in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Four years later, her case wound up gutting ...
dobleremolque 12/23/2014 3 13 - -
So, it's officially Rep. McSally, eh?
dobleremolque 12/17/2014 5 5 - -
Navajo County targeted for right wing paradise
Former Graham County sheriff Richard Mack announced last month during a speech in Pueblo, CO, that he plans to turn Navajo County Arizona into a right-wing paradise. Mack told a Tea Party assembly ...
dobleremolque 12/16/2014 79 69 - -
PetSmart Sold Under Pressure from Hedge Fund Manager, Jana Partners
Short diary since economics is not my forte. Local AZ business, Petsmart, the 36th largest employer in Arizona, was sold to a London based Partnership, BC Partners "in what could be the largest ...
Desert Rose 12/15/2014 48 67 1 -
US Rep. from AZ calls Native Americans, "Wards of the State"
Republican lawmakers can't keep their feet out of their mouths. This week, Representative Paul Gosar, R-AZ called Native Americans, "wards of the Federal Government," during a round table ...
Desert Rose 12/13/2014 68 139 2 -
My thoughts on the whole A-10 vs F-35 thing
A-10 pilots used to say their plane was ugly but well hung. I've been asked to do a diary about the current controversy surrounding the A-10 vs the F-35. I've done my best to research the topic. I'...
Major Kong 12/10/2014 303 207 2 -
See, it costs money to be fair. Sheriff Arpaio requests millions more to NOT racially profile
All I need is more officers, guns and tanks, and I promise not to racially profile Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has cost the citizens of his county tens of millions ...
Mother Mags 12/10/2014 19 48 - -
Air-Minded: PASM Photoblogging
I think it's time to post another batch of photos from the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona, where I volunteer as a walking tour docent. As always, you can click on the individual photos ...
pwoodford 12/06/2014 24 38 - -
Our heroes in Congress are stealing Indian land (again)
And it's not even the 1800s. All I have to say about this story is... Holy FUCK! Look what these assholes are doing now!
One Pissed Off Liberal 12/05/2014 67 143 1 -
Connect! Unite! Act! Houston, Durango & Denver Meet-ups — Experienced Your Local Tribe's Culture?
A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
Azazello 12/02/2014 83 38 - -
Arizona is a proving ground for a still-contested Medicaid expansion
There might not be a better lab for exploring healthcare policy and its impacts than Arizona, and in particular the effects of expanding Medicaid. It's been through that phase twice in the past ...
Joan McCarter 12/01/2014 14 31 - -
AZ-02 recount - Update
UPDATE: The recount process, at least for early voting ballots, includes more examination by human eyes than it seemed to me at first, though it remains true that many, if not most, of the ballots ...
Midwest Millian 12/01/2014 3 10 - -
Most child refugees have no lawyer and are sent back
The Nogales Hilton, children stay free!
Mother Mags 11/26/2014 17 43 1 -
Connect! Unite! Act! Baltimore, Durango, Kansas & Denver Events! — Been to a DKos Meet-Up Lately?
A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
Azazello 11/25/2014 132 42 - -
Sheriff Joe Arpaio sues president, claiming reforms are 'amnesty'
Grr. Argh. And America's Worst Sheriff is first out of the gate : [Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio] sued Barack Obama on ...
Hunter 11/24/2014 95 68 - -
This is my first Diary; if it all goes bad, bear with me
I had to wait a week to post as the Dkos bot filter tried to determine if I was, indeed, made of flesh and blood. Thanks to a kindly Dkos elf, I'm finally recognized as "suitably human", so here I am.
Sierrareal1 11/24/2014 42 87 1 -
C-Span & FaceBook-Where's the Left?
I'm on Facebook. Some hate it. I like it. If you give a "like" to a site or person, they enter your news feed. Which brings me to this: Why are C-Span News feed comments dominated by conservatives ...
Desert Rose 11/20/2014 24 7 - -
Diane Douglas poised to hock a big loogie over Arizona schools
What happens when a state elects a superintendent of public instruction who opposes public education? Most states would prefer to avoid finding out, but Arizona voters -- ever intrepid when it ...
wolfbane in AZ 11/17/2014 9 18 - -
Baja Arizona Open Thread
*Greetings from the Old Pueblo* Welcome to another Baja Arizona Kossacks Open Thread. The purpose of this diary is to promote our upcoming *Meet-Up at historic* Kon Tiki *next Saturday night.*
Azazello 11/16/2014 38 10 - -
AZ - SPI: Don't worry, it means nothing.
Old CW: Newly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas will be a complete disaster. New CW: No big deal, don't worry about it . After the jump...
Hi Jolly 11/13/2014 4 5 - -
AZ-02: GOP tries to block ballot count as Dem closes in
So count me! Today Martha McSally, the GOP House candidate in AZ-02, filed a temporary restraining order to block ballot counters from continuing their work in southern Arizona's ...
Mother Mags 11/10/2014 28 166 - -
Arizona Democrats: The Way of the Dodo?
Recently, an Arizona Republic columnist wrote that if Diane Douglas had won the Superintendent of Public Instruction race that Arizona Democrats would go the way of the Dodo. Though I disagree with ...
admusa 11/10/2014 21 12 - -
An Arizona swing seat comes down to the wire: An updated look at 2014's uncalled races
Democratic Rep. Ron Barber (middle) Several races remain uncalled as of Friday morning. You can check who has won each key race at our race tracker here , and you can also keep an eye ...
Jeff Singer 11/10/2014 20 29 1 -
Arizona education update: We've elected 'Evan Mecham on steroids'
"Douglas tossed dunce hat into election ring - and won!" ~ E.J. Montini, Arizona ...
Mother Mags 11/09/2014 24 71 3 -
How Native Americans Beat the Kochs in ‘America’s Most Competitive’ Congressional District
Cook, Rothenburg and other pundits had labeled Arizona Congressional District 1 as one of the most competitive in America, and the Koch Brothers and others poured in nearly $10 million to affect the ...
EricAZ 11/08/2014 49 221 8 -
AZ-Sen: John McCain (R) 'Pleads' With Obama Not To Act Unilaterally On Immigration
Oh course he would:
poopdogcomedy 11/07/2014 24 8 - -
The Real Story of the 2014 Election: Who Lost
Everyone is talking about why the Democrats lost, but almost no one has looked at who lost. To put it simply, look at this : Having comprised 10 % of the Democratic Party's caucus in the ...
gjohnsit 11/06/2014 339 356 6 -
How do pandering Blue Dogs do? They lose
You know what happens to conservative Democrats who run away from their party, push the party toward the center, and block Democratic objectives in the name of "moderation"? They lose. There were ...
jeremybloom 11/05/2014 7 8 - -
Here's how bad it is: Check out this little race in Arizona
Chances are many of you haven't heard about this race, since most of the attention over the last 12 hours has been rightfully focused on congressional and gubernatorial clusterfucks, from Mitch ...
Mother Mags 11/05/2014 181 153 1 -
Baja Arizona Kossacks Election Liveblog
*Good Evening* Welcome to the 2014 Baja Arizona Kossacks Election Returns Liveblog. Oh sure, you could go to the one on the Front Page but they probably won't get down in ...
Azazello 11/04/2014 69 14 - -
Connect! Unite! Act! Silicon Valley GOTV Efforts & Four Corners Meet-up Info — Your Mood?
A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
Azazello 11/04/2014 167 46 - -
Deschene looks for Shelly Veto override,urges supporters to participate fully in on election day.
Chris Deschene statement:"Supporters, I’m very disappointed in today’s Supreme Court decisions. This isn’t about the $6,130.83 I was absurdly ordered to pay to remove myself from the ballot by ...
manyamile 11/02/2014 3 12 - -
Arizona CD 01 Volunteers Meet Candidates, and a Few Words About the Corporation Commission
I've been phone banking in Oro Valley Arizona, calling people in the southern part of Ann Kirkpatrick's district, which stretches from the Tucson northern suburbs to the northern border. This ...
ramara 11/01/2014 6 11 - -
Tucson Pastor checked for Ebola at 2 AM because congregant had "Ebola Symptoms"
A Tucson Pastor, Michael Petzer, who returned from Zambia in early September, was awakened by two Tucson police officers pounding on his door at 2 AM. They wanted to know if he had Ebola. It turns ...
Desert Rose 11/01/2014 349 359 1 -
Center for Arizona Policy: A Witches’ Brew of Spine-Tingling Politics and Legislation
This article was also published at the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona blog . The Center for Arizona Policy is a far-right Christian organization that was founded in 1995. According to its ...
ramara 10/31/2014 2 11 - -
The value of pessimism
It's always sad to see a person fall into a funk of despondency over politics, especially from my point of view, where I generally expect the worst to begin with. Sure, it may be characterized as a ...
tytalus 10/31/2014 1 7 - -
AZ Governor's Race Doug Ducey's "Victory" Rally
I thought I should diary this. I attended a Doug Ducey et al "Victory" Rally today in the upper Flowing Wells area of Tucson. He had with him Martha McSally who is running for Ron Barber's seat in ...
Desert Rose 10/31/2014 18 14 1 -
What's with the ironic use of the Navajo language to suppress the vote of the people?
Code Talker Thomas Begay and Chris Deschene on the campaign trail First, a progressive candidate for Navajo tribal president doesn't speak enough Navajo and now some elderly Navajo speak too much. ...
navajo 10/31/2014 44 219 1 -
Big Tent indeed. Arizona GOP officials to be punished for endorsing Dems
Remember last week when Maricopa County Republican Committee Chair A.J. LaFaro stirred up a nationwide shitstorm by claiming that a young Hispanic "thug" was stuffing the ballot box? It turns out, ...
Mother Mags 10/29/2014 28 93 - -
Connect! Unite! Act! Silicon Valley Kos: GOTV for Mike Honda Canvassing Info! — Your Vote 4 Sale?
A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
Azazello 10/28/2014 174 50 - -
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