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Bush's 2004 campaign manager, Ken Mehlman, comes out as gay
Ken Mehlman, Bush's 2004 campaign manager and former chairman of the RNC,
Bamos 08/25/2010 274 127 - 81
Pat Buchanan: Don't Blame Hitler
In a blog post today, noted crazy-person Pat Buchanan asks the simple question: Did Hitler want war? The [British] war ...
Bamos 09/01/2009 69 13 2 66
Where's the center?
As part of the rebuilding of the Republican Party following a terrible election this November, Arlen Spector defecting, and about a dozen other signs that the party is in decay, conservative leaders ...
Bamos 05/05/2009 5 4 - 3
"National Grand Jury" Indicts Obama for Treason
Some kids play Dungeons and Dragons, other go online and play World of Warcraft. Conservatives, apparently, play courtroom, ...
Bamos 04/30/2009 79 23 - 95
Florida May Introduce Christian License Plates
These are the two plate designs that ...
Bamos 04/25/2009 105 17 - 29
States' Rights vs. Sore Losers' Rights
As you’re likely aware, last week during a tea party protest in Austin, Texas, Governor Rick Perry gave a speech. Addressing a crowd of people shouting “Secede! Secede,” he did not ...
Bamos 04/24/2009 13 3 - -
The True Hollywood Party
The Democrats have long been accused of being the party of Hollywood, a complaint only relevant because Republicans never recovered from being unpopular in grade school. Granted, there is some truth ...
Bamos 04/23/2009 10 3 - 10
Twitter + Stimulus = Conservative Stupidity
If you don't believe the title, consider that a number of conservatives believed that Laura Bush racked up nearly a million dollars in gambling debt during her international trips as First Lady, and ...
Bamos 03/26/2009 89 12 25 1763
Daniel Johnson (NC-10 candidate) becomes a father
Daniel Johnson , the Democratic challenger to Patrick McHenry of North Carolina's 10th district, just sent out an email announcing the birth of his ...
Bamos 06/23/2008 2 3 - 12
Bad Campaign Websites
It's easy to make fun of bad websites, and with thousands of elections at different levels of government, there are bound to be some terrible campaign sites out there. However, I've been looking at ...
Bamos 06/05/2008 73 23 2 72
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