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The Case for Provoking a Temporary Constitutional Crisis: King v. Burwell
Today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in King v. Burwell, a case with enormous consequences for both the millions of people receiving subsidies on health exchanges operated by the Federal ...
Barnaby Tucker 03/04/2015 15 2 - -
Every CPAC Speech Ever
Rush Transcript: Thank you! Thank you all very much. Obama's teleprompter, am I right? Thanks again. Wow it is cold outside. So much for that global warming, huh? Guess Obama can't play golf! It'...
Barnaby Tucker 02/26/2015 26 37 - -
Fournier's Fallacies: July 29 Edition
In case you've missed my earlier entries, I've been combing through the columns of Washington's worst pundit, Ron Fournier, to point out his many logical fallacies , using ...
Barnaby Tucker 07/29/2014 2 1 - -
Fournier's Fallacies: July 21 and 22
Sadly, I've been away the past few days and have thus been derelict in my duty to apprise readers of the many fallacies in Ron Fournier's articles. If you're new to this page, I have begun ...
Barnaby Tucker 07/24/2014 23 16 1 -
Fournier's Fallacies: July 16 Edition
Yesterday, I started a new series of posts called "Fournier's Fallacies" in which I dissect every column from Washington's most famous "Obama must lead" terrible pundit and point out the very ...
Barnaby Tucker 07/16/2014 3 3 - -
Fournier's Fallacies: July 15 Edition
I stumbled upon this list of logical fallacies yesterday. It is really spectacular, and explains in depth why conservatives on the internet are terrible. The good thing about conservatives on the ...
Barnaby Tucker 07/15/2014 1 - - -
Mizeur for Maryland
The Maryland primary election is just a few weeks away, and I wanted to add my voice in strong support of State Delegate Heather Mizeur for Governor. She is not only the candidate that most embodies ...
Barnaby Tucker 06/05/2014 2 6 - -
The Fournier Principle: An Offer to Compromise isn't An Offer to Compromise Because Reasons
Let me draw your attention to this Twitter exchange between the great Greg Sargent and all around "Why won't Obama lead?" expert Ron Fournier. The exchange begins in response to Fournier's article, ...
Barnaby Tucker 05/27/2014 8 6 - -
Play Campaign Moneyball: Get Local
The small subset of the country that pays attention to midterm elections is focused this year on the United States Senate. The House of Representatives, due to gerrymandering, Democratic clustering ...
Barnaby Tucker 03/26/2014 1 - - -
Forget Fox: Local News is the Progressive's Biggest Media Enemy
The conventional wisdom in progressive circles is that there is a mainstream media that is relatively bad at doing it's job, and leans right in many ways, and then there is a right-wing media ...
Barnaby Tucker 11/02/2013 11 18 1 -
EXCLUSIVE: National Journal Article Template Uncovered
Big news, guys! I've been given access to the National Journal article template. Apparently they sit around all day because the computer generates all or their articles. Without further ado: In ...
Barnaby Tucker 09/17/2013 3 2 - -
I know this subject has been covered extensively on this site and others, but the extent of Republican sabotage of the Affordable Care Act is unprecedented, immoral and...just really makes me mad. ...
Barnaby Tucker 08/02/2013 1 1 - -
Pres-by-CD: By the Numbers/Interesting Tidbits
I've followed with great interest the tremendous work of Daily Kos Elections to figure out the 2012 Vote by Congressional District. The work became final today . Prior to the election, the great ...
Barnaby Tucker 04/09/2013 8 20 2 -
Call for Nominations - Worst Political Media Figures
I'm thinking of writing a Top 10 (or 20?) worst political media figures. I'd love to solicit some nominations. I know others, like Atrios, have done similar lists, but I think it could use an update,
Barnaby Tucker 02/21/2013 5 1 - -
Filibuster Reform Dies a Slow Death
The Huffington Post is reporting that Senators Reid and McConnell have agreed to a scaled-down filibuster reform proposal. Scaled-down is generous. This proposal not only does nothing to reform ...
Barnaby Tucker 01/24/2013 20 4 - -
DC Media Tells Us We're Doomed On Guns So We Shouldn't Even Try
To a certain extent, I've come to expect shoddy work from a group I call the "Looks." I call them the "Looks" because they're constantly telling us, in a condescending voice "Loooooooook, (...
Barnaby Tucker 01/16/2013 19 6 - -
The Progressive Case For Giving a Hoot About the NHL Lockout
Two things I love the most in the world, besides my family and fiancee, are hockey and progressive politics. Generally, besides Sean Avery cutting an ad for marriage equality, or the great work ...
Barnaby Tucker 12/28/2012 126 60 - -
The Fix is In
I know it doesn't really matter that much in the grand scheme of things, but I came across a stunningly stupid article this afternoon from our favorite purveyors of Beltway Conventional Wisdom, ...
Barnaby Tucker 11/27/2012 2 5 - -
Filibuster Reform: The Strategy
One of the biggest battles early next year will be over much-needed filibuster reform in the Senate. Unless we reform the filibuster, the Senate will continue to be a useless, dysfunctional mess ...
Barnaby Tucker 11/13/2012 12 17 1 -
Concern Trolling Time
I don't know about you guys, but it's been hard to avoid some schadenfreude these past couple of days. We beat the Republicans badly in the election, and in doing so, shocked not only Conservative ...
Barnaby Tucker 11/08/2012 5 3 - -
Putting me on Record: Official Election Predictions
It's that time! We're just over 24 hours for finding out who has won the Presidential election, and it seems like everyone is making their predictions either based on data (most people) or "feel" (a ...
Barnaby Tucker 11/05/2012 4 1 - -
Weekend Poll-o-Meter: 9
I was busy doing some field work in Virginia this weekend, so I didn't get around to the poll-o-meter until tonight. The bottom line is that there have been hundreds of polls this weekend, ...
Barnaby Tucker 11/04/2012 8 4 - -
From the Ground in Virginia: Elite Organization
I thought I'd give a brief overview of what I saw doing GOTV for Obama and Kaine this weekend in Virginia. I went yesterday to Falls Church and today to Leesburg, which means I got a closeup look at ...
Barnaby Tucker 11/04/2012 9 17 - -
Friday's Poll-o-Meter: 9
I wanted to wait until the midnight release of the new NBC/WSJ Ohio and Florida numbers before I cranked up the meter, and I'm glad I waited. These two polls capped off an excellent day for the ...
Barnaby Tucker 11/02/2012 21 7 - -
Thursday's Poll-o-Meter: 8
There are two ways we know that polls are headed in the right direction. One would be to look at state polling averages. But the mainstream media, led by those at Politico, may look at this as ...
Barnaby Tucker 11/01/2012 10 2 - -
Wednesday's Poll-o-Meter: 9
How about this day in polling!?!? The meter reaches 9, its highest ever, as Obama looks better and better in his quest for reelection. There weren't many national polls today, mostly because a ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/31/2012 18 5 - -
Tuesday's Poll-o-Meter: 5
Even though Hurricane Sandy interrupted a lot of polling outfits, there was still plenty of data to chew over on this Tuesday. Overall, a day that pretty much confirms the status quo, which at ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/30/2012 10 2 - -
Monday's Poll-o-Meter: 7
Here on the East Coast, we were mostly concerned with the weather today. It was actually nice when one Rasmussen poll showing Mitt up 2 in Ohio didn't set Twitter ablaze. Nevertheless, it was a ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/29/2012 21 2 - -
Sunday's Poll-o-Meter: 7
The eastern seaboard is about to be buried under Superstorm Sandy. I'm curious as to whether the storm will affect response rates, and the poll toplines. But for now, let's look at the polls we ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/28/2012 12 9 - -
Saturday's Poll-o-Meter: 5
It wasn't a very prolific polling day, but from what we saw, it was pretty much the status quo. The national tracking polls remained stubborn and poor-to-mediocre today. Rasmussen showed Romney ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/27/2012 14 - - -
Friday's Poll-o-Meter: 7
There's a lot to think about these days. I'm trying to stay safe from the impending Hurricane Sandy and my beloved San Francisco Giants are in the World Series! However, fear not, I still had time ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/26/2012 12 4 - -
Thursday's Poll-o-Meter: 5
Today was a day of dichotomies. First, there were national polls vs. state polls. The national polls moved, on average, slightly towards Mittens today. The state polls were mostly, though ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/25/2012 19 2 1 -
Wednesday's Poll-o-Meter: 7
We finally got a good day of polling to talk about! Maybe it's random noise, or maybe it's a small bounce from the third and final debate, but this was a good numbers day for the President. ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/24/2012 13 4 - -
Tuesday's Poll-o-Meter: 5
Today was pretty sparsely polled. I didn't see any swing state polling, so we were mostly stuck with the national tracking polls. Today's polling also does not take into account last night's ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/23/2012 19 2 - -
The Old Line State: A Laboratory for Progressive Policy
My home state of Maryland has gotten almost no attention this election season. Barack Obama will win the state's 10 electoral votes by upwards of 20 points. Ben Cardin will be reelected as our ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/23/2012 12 3 - -
Monday's Poll-o-Meter: 4
There were an annoying number of polls released today, making today's rating a little difficult. Certainly, there were good numbers for both sides. On balance though, the trend in many polls was ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/22/2012 25 3 - -
Sunday's Poll-o-Meter: 5
Nate Silver noted today on Twitter that this race has been in a holding pattern for a couple of weeks. I tend to agree. Today's polls, while interesting in some respects, essentially represent the ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/21/2012 23 3 - -
Saturday's Poll-o-Meter: 5
Taking a look at today's Presidential polls, it's hard to find any real concrete patterns. As a result, we'll rate today as keeping with the status quo. The trackers showed no real discernible ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/20/2012 23 3 - -
Friday's Poll-o-Meter: 7
Today seemed like a reversal of fortunes in the polling world. The story of the past couple of weeks has been Romney taking a small, but solid lead in the popular vote with Obama holding strong in ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/19/2012 10 - - -
Thursday's Poll-o-Meter: 6
I was all ready to break out the gloom and doom earlier today, but suddenly this is looking like a good to very good polling day for President Obama. It also raises an important question: Are right-
Barnaby Tucker 10/18/2012 3 3 - -
A New Polling Frontier?
There seems to be quite a large discrepancy among the polls from firms that use traditional polling methods (like Gallup etc.) and those that have sought alternative methods (like YouGov, Reuters-...
Barnaby Tucker 10/18/2012 12 1 - -
Tuesday's Poll-o-Meter: 4
This should be the last day of polling that doesn't include post-debate data, so we're hoping that perhaps things pick up for Barack Obama. It's far too early to speculate on whether there will be ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/17/2012 5 2 - -
Tonight's Official Debate Activity
My plan tonight is to follow Jen Rubin's twitter feed. If she says one critical thing of Romney, I'll take 3 shots and eat a pint of ice cream.
Barnaby Tucker 10/16/2012 2 - - -
Tuesday's Poll-o-Meter: 5
Today on the polling front, as Kos notes in this excellent post , there was a bit of a cluster#%*k. There are numbers that partisans on both sides will like. As a result, polling today remains at ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/16/2012 4 4 - -
Monday's Poll-o-Meter: 7
Another day, and another addition of the poll-o-meter. The day started out with some very encouraging news, that Obama was up by 3 on the ABC/WaPo national poll. The rest of the day was decent, ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/15/2012 7 1 - -
Sunday's Poll-O-Meter: 5
It's time for our daily ranking of today's Presidential polls. All in all, pretty much the status quo for Team Blue. First, those dreaded daily trackers. The Rasmussen tracker went from a one ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/14/2012 14 3 - -
Saturday Poll-O-Meter: 6
I thought it might be fun to give a somewhat arbitrary ranking of each day's polling for President Obama to get an idea of how good we should feel about the election on any given day, and to help ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/13/2012 7 2 - -
The Next Polling Hurdles
The polling over the last few days has been, shall we say, less than stellar for Team Blue. There's a pretty broad consensus that nationally Romney leads by about 1, and the swing state picture ever ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/12/2012 8 1 - -
What Obama Can Learn from the San Francisco Giants
Two things occupy most of my time these days: politics and playoff baseball. My beloved San Francisco Giants, and President Obama, were both hitting lows over the weekend. The Giants had lost two ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/12/2012 8 5 - -
No, Romney probably doesn't lead by 7 in Florida (But we should worry anyway)
SIREN! Mason Dixon is out with a poll tonight showing Mitt Romney leading Obama 51-44 in Florida. Other polls out today show Romney's lead more like 1-2, or if you believe a poll out yesterday ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/11/2012 56 9 - -
Ohio Firewall, Educated Projections (Updated)
This is my first post in the elections section. I hope I can add just a little bit of insight to an already excellent site. My one takeaway from the early morning swing state polls (NBC, CBS, Pulse ...
Barnaby Tucker 10/11/2012 10 - - -
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