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Obama, Snowden and Heroes
What is a hero? What constitutes heroism? Who is worthy of the label? I suppose it's all relative. People tend to have heroes who reflect those values that they themselves hold. Ghandi, MLK, Rosa ...
Beetwasher 06/17/2013 278 22 - -
World War ZOP
H.P. Lovecraft circa 1936: "As for the Republicans — how can one regard seriously a frightened, greedy, nostalgic huddle of tradesmen and lucky idlers who shut their eyes to history and science, ...
Beetwasher 06/17/2013 10 12 - -
"The Death Of Snowden" (He's A Chinese Spy?)
Snowden's Secret: Yossarian was cold, too, and shivering uncontrollable. He felt goose pimples clacking all over him as he gazed down despondently at the grim secret Snowden had spilled all over ...
Beetwasher 06/12/2013 120 6 - -
Appears to be fizzling. I mean, come on now! How long are we going to continue to be duped by the GOP and their phony manufactured scandals, aided and abetted by their willing accomplices in the ...
Beetwasher 05/17/2013 40 13 - -
I Hope The GOP in the House Pursue Impeachment
If I were Obama, I'd be goading them into it. They're not doing anything anyway, so they might as well be proving how utterly batshit insane and extreme they really are as we go into '14. Honestly,
Beetwasher 05/13/2013 28 3 - -
WOW! Did A GOP Candidate Send The RICIN???
And did he then try to frame someone else for doing it? Former GOP Candidate Reacts After Man He Allegedly Framed For Ricin Poisoning Is Released A former Republican candidate for Mississippi’s ...
Beetwasher 04/23/2013 14 19 - -
Does The GOP Seem CONFIDENT To You About Its Budget Position?
This doesn't seem to me to be a party that has it's act together, or a party that was supposedly just given everything it ever wanted by Obama's offer of CCPI in his budget. Shouldn't they be ...
Beetwasher 04/18/2013 20 6 - -
This "Victory" for the NRA/GOP Will Backfire
The NRA's influence has reached it's high water mark, this is the best, most effective they will ever be. This is it. From now on their impact will only diminish. Savor the moment NRA/GOP. It only ...
Beetwasher 04/18/2013 16 23 - -
Does The GOP Strike You As Being Competent?
Competent enough pull off being for SS cuts while pretending they are protecting SS? Does this seem like an organization that has really gamed things out and is thinking strategically and long term?
Beetwasher 04/17/2013 10 5 - -
GOP Platform In '14: "Whatever The F*ck I Can Cobble Together
Damnit!" Think about the political dynamics coming into '14. What are the dominant themes so far? Immigration? GOP lose. Equality? GOP lose Guns? GOP lose Now, thanks to Obama including CCPI in ...
Beetwasher 04/16/2013 15 1 - -
Feelin' All RILED Up, Are Ya?
GOOD! Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: There's another reason for working inside the system. Dostoevski said that taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary change must be ...
Beetwasher 04/14/2013 14 10 - -
How Can You Have A Debate About The "Third Rail"
Without touching the "third rail"? Is it possible to discuss a "third rail" without touching it? What constitutes "touching" the "third rail"? Has anyone agreed upon these parameters? Is it ...
Beetwasher 04/12/2013 241 10 - -
Yes, Obama Punk'd GOP AGAIN With His Budget
Boehner Disagrees With NRCC Chair’s Criticism Of Obama Budget Think about what's ...
Beetwasher 04/11/2013 230 33 - -
You Know What Is Absolutely Amazing To Me?
How many people on this site still think Obama is a naive chump who is in way over his head. Or think he's truly a corporate sell out. Or some other such nonsense. Or how many apparently think ...
Beetwasher 04/11/2013 104 22 - -
The Moral Imperative To Arm Our Children With Automatic Weapons
I must say that I have come to the conclusion that I have had it all wrong about guns. I have been convinced! I have come around to the conclusion that not only is gun ownership a RIGHT, but it is ...
Beetwasher 03/26/2013 16 6 - -
I Hear OBAMA!(DAMN YOU!) Shuffles Around The White House Halls At Night
In his pajamas muttering to Nixon's portraits about "giving those rotten seniors exactly what they deserve!". You see it all started many years ago when he was just a wee lad doing community ...
Beetwasher 03/08/2013 139 30 - -
Obamacare Effing GOP's Sh*t Up
Well now, what do we have here? Yet ANOTHER ugly schism within the GOP ranks and lo behold! The culprit? OBAMACARE!! Included in this story at TPM is the interesting tidbits about how the Medicaid ...
Beetwasher 03/05/2013 20 18 - -
GOP Civil War Gets Bloody (Your Daily Schaudenfraude!)
Club For Growth’s ‘’ Escalates GOP Civil War Conservative advocacy group Club For Growth shows no signs of slowing down its efforts to purge the GOP of alleged ...
Beetwasher 03/01/2013 22 17 - -
Another Day, Another Shootings Spree (Orange Co., CA)
Authorities: 4 dead in California shooting spree TUSTIN, Calif. (AP) -- A shooting spree early Tuesday left three people dead and two others injured in Orange County, and the search for the gunman ...
Beetwasher 02/19/2013 98 24 - -
GOP Coming Apart At the Seams, Need TWO Responses To SOTU!!
Rand Paul To Deliver Tea party Response To SOTU Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) will deliver the tea party response to President Obama's State of the Union next week, the Tea Party Express announced Friday.
Beetwasher 02/08/2013 31 14 - -
World War ZOP
Entertainment, it can be argued, is an expression of the group unconscious bubbling to the surface, like dreams of the individual, except en masse. jungian archetypes writ large reflecting the ...
Beetwasher 02/06/2013 5 1 - -
Sorry Bob, It's The LOOMING Threat of the ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE!!
I mean who is this guy and who does he think he's kidding with his milquetoast threats of mobs of armed intruders, government tyranny and civil war? What a naive, unskilled chump. He needs guns for ...
Beetwasher 02/04/2013 26 9 - -
PHX Workplace Shooting During Sen. Gun Hearing
Mark Kelly Breaks News Of Phoenix Shooting During Senate Gun Hearing (VIDEO) Won't somebody ...
Beetwasher 01/30/2013 8 17 - -
The POWER of Shame, Mockery and Ridicule
Shame mockery and ridicule are potent weapons and have their place in society and in the contest of ideas, values and philosophy. There are certain ideas and concepts, values and philosophies that ...
Beetwasher 01/29/2013 48 10 - -
Yet ANOTHER Ignorant, Gun Toting Moron
Unidentified 22 year old man takes loaded AR-15 to local Kroger grocery store in Charlottesville to make a point about his second amendment rights. Charlottesville police say the man who showed up ...
Beetwasher 01/29/2013 123 38 - -
THIS Is ALL I Need To Know About Guns:
Weapons that can kill 20 six year olds in 3 minutes, without breaking a sweat, are too easily accessible to maniacs who use them to kill 20 six year olds in 3 minutes without breaking a sweat. That'...
Beetwasher 01/19/2013 539 380 5 -
A Look Inside The Life of a Weirdo, Gun Troll
You know the type. They troll this board and others, and all they do is go from gun thread to gun thread nitpicking your terminology and definitions, attempting to derail the conversation etc. They ...
Beetwasher 01/18/2013 112 11 - -
Ironically, The Anti-Terror Apparatus
Set up presumably to fight them "A-rab terrist" cells, and supported by many of the RW shitbag freaks who are now promising violent insurrection in response to gun regulation, may end up being used ...
Beetwasher 01/16/2013 7 - - -
Read It And Weep Part II: "We Got Whooped!"
GOP Rep. On Fiscal Cliff Deal: ‘We Got Whooped’ Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH) on Wednesday said that Republicans "got whooped" in the fiscal cliff negotiations. "We all knew the President was ...
Beetwasher 01/02/2013 46 29 - -
Obama's Biggest Crime Is "Putting 'It' On The Table"? Really?
Let's really think about this, shall we? Because honestly, this is what it boils down to for so many here who find it necessary to second guess and microscopically examine every nuanced morsel of ...
Beetwasher 12/22/2012 458 88 - -
GOP on the GOP (OMFG!!!)
Rep. Steven LaTourette, R-Ohio, who is close to Boehner, said the idea that this episode has hurt Boehner's speakership is, "like saying the superintendent of an insane asylum should be discharged ...
Beetwasher 12/21/2012 19 13 - -
The Sandy Hook Gun Safety Act
Since the only safe gun, is no gun, a ban on all civilian possession of semi-automatic weapons of any type. Waivers may be considered under certain, extremely tightly regulated circumstances. ...
Beetwasher 12/17/2012 22 7 - -
"Pry Them From My Cold Dead Hands"
Isn't that what Charlton Heston Said? Well let me tell you something. Things are gonna change and y'all better get used to it. I don't know exactly what shape it's gonna take at this point, but ...
Beetwasher 12/15/2012 92 6 - -
I Have Twin Boys In Kindergarten Right Now
My boys. My sweet, pure boys. The absolute light of my life. My everything. I can't even wrap my head around this tragedy, because I see them when I think about this and my heart is ripped from my ...
Beetwasher 12/14/2012 80 86 - -
The Vile Stink Of A Rotten Con Game
I can't help it, I can't shake it. I'm a born skeptic. I need proof for everything. I'm an empiricist, show me the evidence. I'm a critical thinker, I adhere to scientific method and objective ...
Beetwasher 10/28/2012 20 5 - -
Why The "Rose Garden" Moment Is BIGGER Than You Think!
We all know it's a big moment and quite probably a "game changer" that could seal the deal for Obama. It's a big part of his win yesterday, but there's a few overlooked, under analyzed elements to ...
Beetwasher 10/17/2012 25 17 - -
Debate BAIT And Unmasking The BIG LIES!
One thing I think should be clear is that I believe the whole "Rose Garden" moment was a beautiful and planned set up by Obama. Obama baited Romney down that path. The second thing to realize is ...
Beetwasher 10/17/2012 7 15 - -
OH Early Voting Indicates MASSIVE Enthusiasm Gap
Think about it, why is early voting so heavily favoring Obama? You'd think if Repubs were motivated to vote for Romney the would do so. Or are they waiting for something? Is there something inherent ...
Beetwasher 10/13/2012 27 10 - -
Hey Traditional SLAVE Media, GOP is BRAZENLY Insulting Your Intelligence
They think you are in their pocket, and I suspect to a certain degree you are. But now they're just rubbing your noses in it. They are shoving piles of shit down your throat with the brazen ...
Beetwasher 08/30/2012 15 8 - 114
Massively and Publically Shaming and Humiliating Romney Will Be EXTREMELY Beneficial for the Country
It will set an example and be a powerful repudiation of his and his ilk's vile, malignant and malicious philosophy.
Beetwasher 08/10/2012 39 30 - 389
Mittens Inept Campaign Could Implode The Whole GOP
Man oh man. It's like the perfect shit storm, and Mittens is so inept, so out of it, he's likely to make it even worse. And he's going on the major networks tonight to muck it up even more. He'll ...
Beetwasher 07/14/2012 33 12 - 350
Face It America, Mitt Romney's A Weirdo
There's something seriously wrong with this dude. Shall we count the ways?
Beetwasher 05/10/2012 23 6 - 169
Obama's Trap: Culture War? BRING IT!
And the Repubs will not be able to help themselves now. They will work themselves into a frothing fit of frenzied rage and speak of nothing else. They will make this election about same sex marriage.
Beetwasher 05/09/2012 52 27 - 354
Repubs Intend On Going Out In A "Blaze of Glory"
While we may snicker at how inept and self defeating the self immolation of the Repub party appears, and indeed I can't help myself from marveling at the spectacle, we must not forget the dark and ...
Beetwasher 03/20/2012 28 29 - 381
Has Obama Laid A TRAP For Oil Speculators?
Just speculating here. I think Obama is probably astute enough to have predicted that his powerful opponents might resort to fucking with gas prices going into the FY12 elections so they could use ...
Beetwasher 03/13/2012 61 22 - 585
When the President first introduced the idea of his jobs bill there was a lot of criticism from certain folks that the Republican response would be simple, and effective; they will chop it up and ...
Beetwasher 10/06/2011 9 1 - 75
Can Obama Funnel The OWS Energy A La Alinsky?
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a diary titled [ "Is It Possible? IS ...
Beetwasher 10/03/2011 21 5 1 122
Is It Possible? IS It Part Of An Obama GRAND STRATEGY?
Maybe. Maybe not. But there was an interesting discussion started in another diary yesterday that makes a good case for it, and it hinges on Obama being familiar with the writings and philosophy of ...
Beetwasher 09/20/2011 30 18 2 214
Hey Repubs, The Table Is Set, Now Obama SERVES YOU UP!
First course: The American Jobs Act. Despite all the moaning and gnashing of teeth, the AJA was real plan, a progressive plan that will have a real effect and shows that Obama is serious about ...
Beetwasher 09/19/2011 6 7 - 92
Republican Sh*tbags Block Hurricane Irene Relief Funding
Bill to provide Hurricane Irene relief fails in U.S. Senate WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate this afternoon failed to advance a bill that would have provided $7 billion for victims of ...
Beetwasher 09/13/2011 12 22 1 122
Repost: This 9/11 Survivors Thoughts On This Day "9/11 survivor". Yeah, I guess I am, though some might quibble. I wasn't actually in the ...
Beetwasher 09/11/2011 5 9 - 63
Wow, That Was A MASSIVE Repub A** Kicking!
Just watched the speech. Man oh man... He nailed Repub ass to the wall. They are trapped. Completely and utterly trapped. Loved this part: "I know that some of you have sworn oaths to never raise ...
Beetwasher 09/09/2011 232 183 1 1781
Get Ready For A Serious A** Kicking Obama STYLE! (Speech Excerpts)
Get ready, Obama is going to kick some major ass tonight in his speech. It's going to be meat and potatoes and he is going to challenge Congress step up and do their damn jobs! Yeah, he's not ...
Beetwasher 09/08/2011 12 20 - 241
There's A Word For It: DIGNITY
I wrote another diary yesterday [ here] and I wanted to follow up on and add to it because I feel I ...
Beetwasher 09/02/2011 24 6 - 88
This President Is Only "Weak" To The Weak Minded
Only those who find it impossible overcome these capricious, arbitrary labels, these vapid attachments to appearances, choose to interpret actions as "weak" or "strong" and attach importance to such ...
Beetwasher 09/01/2011 86 18 1 301
Yup, I'm going to predict a very unexpected and ambitious jobs program from Obama. Despite the details that are being floated that make it see to be a rehashing of some older ideas. He's going big,
Beetwasher 08/31/2011 75 18 - 372
Wow, What A Crazy F'in Week, Man!
I mean on a macro and micro scale. Just one of those once in a lifetime confluence of events on every level. Crazy man.
Beetwasher 08/25/2011 7 4 - 106
The Media Double Standard Is Really Quite Stunning
When you really think about it. I remember when I was younger and used to talk to my dad about politics, when I was first really starting to understand it and learn about it. He's a diehard liberal,
Beetwasher 08/22/2011 14 11 1 155
Obama IS Going To Go BIG On JOBS
Watch what happens in Sept. I'm going on record now and predicting that he is going to go big. Bigger than what everyone is expecting. He's going to catch the Repubs off guard and go big when they ...
Beetwasher 08/22/2011 32 11 - 323
The ULTIMATE Timeline!!!
Courtesy of the inestimable Steve Benen, no embellishment needed:
Beetwasher 08/06/2011 5 2 - 80
Hostage Negotiations And Other Sundry Things
So apparently you don't negotiate with terrorists. Not ever. Nope. No siree. Don't. Negotiate. Ever. Let's think about this a bit, shall we? Could this be just a tad absolutist? Or perhaps even ...
Beetwasher 08/04/2011 2 1 - 27
Boner's Gonna Fail
I'm telling you. Here we are and still no vote, just more bullshit. Chairman Of House Leadership: "I Think We're Very Close" Two possible signs of movement. The first is a Republican ...
Beetwasher 07/28/2011 27 2 - 154
BREAKING: Boner Cancels Vote, Doesn't Have Votes
Postponed indefinitely. The House vote on Speaker Boehner's plan scheduled for tonight has been postponed indefinitely. Read: He didn't have the votes to pass it. Late word from Cantor'
Beetwasher 07/28/2011 13 15 - 229
Face It, YOU Don't Know Obama's Motivations
I don't know Obama's motivations. No one does except Obama. And he's human (GASP!), so he may not even be fully aware of what truly motivates him to make certain decisions or do certain things. Why ...
Beetwasher 07/18/2011 93 21 1 219
Did Obama Just Break The Back Of The GOP?
Just a thought. This could be a seminal moment in politics. I think it's quite possible Obama has unmasked them in a big, meaningful way with long lasting repercussions. I think he broke their back.
Beetwasher 07/12/2011 274 232 3 2883
The Big Blink? McConnell Proposes Giving Obama Authority To Raise Debt Limit Alone Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has proposed a sort of escape hatch for Congressional ...
Beetwasher 07/12/2011 29 12 - 434
Dems NOT Caving: Strategy Begins To Emerge
Hold on to your hats folks, looks like the dems are digging in and taking it to the Repubs and getting ready for the down and dirty trench warfare. Sen. Chuck Schumer launches the latest salvo.
Beetwasher 07/01/2011 668 428 4 3824
Sen. Pat Roberts: "Take A Chill Pill You Uppity...."
Ok, not exactly that, but if you read the between the lines you know that's exactly the dog whistle he's blowing.
Beetwasher 06/30/2011 56 14 - 366
And Here Comes The PIVOT!
Yesterday I posted a diary about how now was the time for the WH to pivot, using the mojo from killing Osama to launch a new initiative. I had suggested making it all about jobs. Well, here it is! [...
Beetwasher 05/07/2011 13 8 - 215
Obama Now Has TONS Of Political MOJO, Time To PIVOT
What do you do when you've got the mojo like Obama does now? You use it. Just like he did right after he was elected. He used that capital, that momentum from the election and USED it to push ...
Beetwasher 05/06/2011 17 7 - 99
Obama Killed The Boogey Man, Do Not Discount The Symbolic Significance
Obama Killed The Boogey Man, Do Not Discount The Symbolic Significance of that event. This would be Obama as Beouwulf. The archetypal hero who slays the beast. There are deep, deep group ...
Beetwasher 05/03/2011 22 17 1 156
And The News Was Delivered Without A Smirk
There was no "Mission Accomplished" banner. No codpiece. No false bravado. No rejoicing. No call to rejoice. No tooting his own horn.
Beetwasher 05/02/2011 19 46 2 274
This 9/11 Survivors Thoughts On This Day
"9/11 survivor". Yeah, I guess I am, though some might quibble. I wasn't actually in the buildings, I was outside, under them when the second plane hit.
Beetwasher 05/02/2011 53 244 5 863
B-b-b-but Obama Doesn't Know How To Negotiate!!!
Yes it's true! The naive novice Obama, who has no political accomplishemts to his name that I can think of, is the worst negotiator on the planet.
Beetwasher 04/15/2011 65 16 1 249
Does Sarah Palin Believe She IS Guilty Of Human Sacrifice?
Warning, lot's of **gasp** speculation ahead. But essentially I'm theorizing that the charges of "blood libel" can stem from Palin herself possibly believing or thinking that on some level she IS ...
Beetwasher 01/12/2011 57 5 - 86
I Have A Feeling Law Enforcement Already Knows A LOT About Loughner's Motivations
And they are not releasing it all at once because the nation is essentially a powder keg ready to blow right now. I think they need to handle this whole case very carefully.
Beetwasher 01/11/2011 73 8 - 53
I Have Had It With The False Equivalency BS! Time To PUT UP OR SHUT UP!
The violent rhetoric, symbology and actual violence is coming from one side. Anyone pushing the false equivalency bullshit needs to put up or shut up. Yeah, it's really getting me pissed off now.
Beetwasher 01/10/2011 72 17 1 84
Sarah Palin Targeted Her, So Did Her Cong. Opponent And Her Office Was Vandalized
During the HCR Debate. And an attempt to assassinate her just occurred at a political event. You can refrain from jumping to conclusions, but I won't.
Beetwasher 01/08/2011 323 294 3 231
I know there's other threads on the emails, but I didn't see this particular development posted yet. If it was, sorry.
Beetwasher 04/12/2007 195 333 16 31
Confession: I DIDN'T VOTE!!
Beetwasher 11/09/2006 14 4 - 1
Putting The Rotten, Dysfunctional, Corrupt MSM Out Of It's Sordid Misery
Beetwasher 11/02/2006 14 6 - 2
ABC Reporting Whittington Shot W/ a PELLET GUN!!!!
Beetwasher 02/14/2006 75 10 - 9
W Is A Defective Product and Rove is a Moron
Beetwasher 11/11/2005 1 3 - 2
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