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Black Kos community
Black Kos community group. This group publishes diaries that cover a broad range of topics including black history, the arts, politics, and the culture of peoples of African descent worldwide.
Community Spotlight
Community Spotlight, formerly Diary Rescue, is dedicated to finding great writing by little-known or unknown diarists whose work hasn't gotten the visibility it deserves. We rescue and promote these diaries based on the original vision set out by Susan Gardner, Matron Saint of the Rescue Rangers, who single-handedly began our mission and has supported us vigorously over the years. We hope you enjoy our efforts.
Meatless Advocates Meetup
A group for those reducing their consumption of meat for environmental, health, animal rights etc. And who also love good food, sharing recipes and good times!
New Diarists
A place to practice writing a first diary that won't get us publicly consigned to Worst Diary Hell at the GOS (Great Orange Satan). Lurkers come out and play with us! Mentors come by and help us, please!
Overnight News Digest
The Overnight News Digest is a nightly chronicle of the day's news. Each editor makes his or her own story selection for that day's digest and publishes the compilation typically around midnight Eastern time. Readers are encouraged to remark on the news of the day and contribute additional stories in the comments.
Silicon Valley Kos

Connect! Unite! Act!

Congressional Districts CA-17, CA-18 and CA-19
We work together online and offline for political and social causes. We also meet to just socialize.
The group will republish diaries on issues of interest to the residents of Silicon Valley.
To join our group, send a request HERE.

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