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Posting History for Bethesda 1971

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Act Today to Stop Christie's Phone Scheme
Every other day it seems we learn about another way in which the Tunnel Assassin is trying to screw the people of his state and others. Today it's a sleazy deregulation deal with Verizon. [David ...
Bethesda 1971 05/18/2015 4 11 - -
. . . And you thought it was that other thing that can make you go blind.
Nearly all of us have engaged in a natural, pleasurable activity that despite clerical, parental and scholastic warnings, [did not make us go blind.] (Most of us ...
Bethesda 1971 05/13/2015 3 6 - -
Marco Rubio Endorses the Neeson Doctrine
Liam, that is. The Florida Senator outlined his highly nuanced foreign policy views based on Liam Neeson's fictional character in the Taken film franchise: On our strategy on global jihadists and ...
Bethesda 1971 05/11/2015 7 5 - -
The Billionaire Behind Rubio
The topic of this diary: [Marco Rubio's Sugar Daddy] deserves attention. The NY Times has an article about the close ...
Bethesda 1971 05/09/2015 9 11 1 -
Going to W for Advice on Foreign Policy is like going to Tom Brady for Advice on Inflation
Or maybe it's like: Going to Donald Trump for Advice on Hair Care; or Going to the Kardashians for Advice on Keeping a Low Profile; or Going to Bill O'Reilly for Advice on Truth Telling; or ...
Bethesda 1971 05/08/2015 10 6 - -
Once again, Krugman goes after Brooks
He doesn't mention David Brooks, of course, but [Paul Krugman clearly is directing his column today
Bethesda 1971 05/04/2015 25 74 - -
Times: Wildstein, Baroni and Kelly to be Indicted Today in GWB Scandal
The NY Times is [reporting] that three figures in the George ...
Bethesda 1971 05/01/2015 50 55 - -
Paranoia Reaches a Peak in Texas: Governor Sends Nat'l Guard to "Monitor" US Military Exercises
Via [Ed Kilgore,] I learned this today: Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday asked the State Guard ...
Bethesda 1971 04/29/2015 30 25 1 -
Right Wing Pundits: President Obama's WHCA Comedy Routine Shows the Truth About Him At Last!
The Reviews are in! And the consensus (from the right) is that President Obama's hilarious routine at the White House Correspondent's Dinner proves at last that he is . . . . . [An ...
Bethesda 1971 04/27/2015 28 26 - -
Reverend Wright, Meet Marco Rubio's Pastor (or, The Satanic Voices of Evolution)
Marco Rubio is Catholic, but most weeks he also attends a Protestant Megachurch in Miami: "On most Saturday nights, we still attend services at Christ Fellowship, especially if Pastor Rick [...
Bethesda 1971 04/15/2015 11 14 - -
Christie Speech on Social Security Reveals his New Goal: Job at a Wall Street Firm
At least that's what the Bridge and Tunnel Assailant's [speech today about "Entitlements"
Bethesda 1971 04/14/2015 16 13 - -
Is it Wrong to "Revel" in Another Christie Failure?
The answer, of course, is an emphatic "No," and it's OK that you're smiling too. "Revel" in this case is the bankrupt Atlantic City Casino project that Christie pushed as his legacy, but has ...
Bethesda 1971 04/10/2015 22 21 - -
Breaking: Christie Appoints Self Senator
"F&#$k this President s$@t" was how former Governor Chris Christie began his news conference today in which he announced that in a multiparty deal: Sen. Bob Menendez will step down and Christie ...
Bethesda 1971 04/02/2015 18 20 - -
Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal of Wisconsin Discriminatory Voter ID Law
Send this to anyone who claims that there is no difference between the parties: [Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of Wisconsin Voter ID Law
Bethesda 1971 03/23/2015 29 31 - -
Maher: The "Cuban Excuse"
So Bill Maher has a panel that includes failed Senate candidate Jack Kingston, failed Mayoral candidate Christine Quinn and bizarre Mary Matalin- wannabe "Republican consultant" Mercedes Schlapp, (...
Bethesda 1971 03/20/2015 9 11 1 -
Frank Bruni -- the New Maureen Dowd of The Times
Those of us who follow the NY Times Op-Ed pages know that substance-less mean girl Maureen Dowd has lost her Wednesday column gig and is relegated to once a week to spew bile against the Clintons, ...
Bethesda 1971 03/11/2015 12 6 - -
Jon Stewart Engages in Both Siderism
Jon Stewart is a hero and truth teller who will be missed. Last week, he seemed to be turning yet another corner of "I don't give a shit" territory when for the first time, he railed against not ...
Bethesda 1971 03/10/2015 25 16 - -
Calvin Speaks (through Bill Watterson)
Bill Watterson, the genius behind Calvin & Hobbes, has given a rare interview as part of a [book and exhibition of his work.
Bethesda 1971 03/10/2015 7 15 - -
The Senate GOP's Letter to Iran: An Open Violation of the Logan Act?
The [Logan Act] is a 215-year-old law imposing fine, imprisonment or both on anyone who without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly ...
Bethesda 1971 03/09/2015 58 30 - -
One Column Shows David Brooks' Many Ways To Deceive
David Brooks' [column today] is a "Greatest Hits" compendium of Brooks' dishonest techniques and ...
Bethesda 1971 03/06/2015 8 12 - -
Live Blog of King v. Burwell Argument
The Supreme Court is now hearing arguments in King v. Burwell -- the meritless case that nonetheless compelled four Justices to accept it for hearing. The WSJ has a [live blog
Bethesda 1971 03/04/2015 15 8 - -
The Dress Bucket Challenge
So yesterday one of my kids who's 14 shows me a picture of The Dress and asks me what colors it is. My first reaction is "Who gives a *&$@?" but being a good dad, I forbear from saying that and ...
Bethesda 1971 02/27/2015 2 2 - -
Another O'Reilly Lie: I was at the Scene of Suicide of JFK Assassination Probe Witness
[Media Matters reports on a new (old) lie:] In his 2012 best-selling non-fiction book Killing Kennedy ,
Bethesda 1971 02/24/2015 122 147 1 -
"Screen Voters for Patriotism:" Poe's Law in Operation
[Poe's Law] states : Without a blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of extremism or fundamentalism that someone won't mistake for ...
Bethesda 1971 02/23/2015 6 5 - -
Giuliani “I do not believe that the president loves America."
We last heard from our former Mayor spouting blatant racism on TV. Now, he has seen fit to say [this:
Bethesda 1971 02/18/2015 261 155 1 -
Mark Kirk's Over the Top Rhetoric: "Coffins Outside Democrats' Offices"
Senator Mark Kirk is supposed to be one of the "moderate" Republicans, and by comparison he is, showing it by some isolated votes, like his vote to confirm NRA target Surgeon General Murthy last ...
Bethesda 1971 02/11/2015 23 12 - -
Idiocracy Triumphs in Tennessee: "Keep Your Government Hands Off My Medicare" Lives
"I’m skeptical of government-run programs,” said Louis Stans, a retired engineer who was part of the AFP (American's for Prosperity) group. Medicare, Stans said, was “better” and he had “...
Bethesda 1971 02/09/2015 8 14 - -
Prayer Speech Freakout or Nobody Expects a Defense of the Spanish Inquisition
I love the new "I don't give a crap" Obama. The President makes a thoughtful speech at the National Prayer Breakfast and mass hysteria erupts on the right, or as only Charlie Pierce can put it, the ...
Bethesda 1971 02/06/2015 33 32 1 -
Are You Really Saying That With a Straight Face, David Brooks?
David Brooks teaches a course on "humility" at [ Yale.] That was ...
Bethesda 1971 01/30/2015 8 18 - -
The NY Times' Love Letter to Fox or, The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations for Megyn Kelly
I. Jim Rutenberg of the Times is in love. Jim Rutenberg has written a lengthy love letter to Megyn Kelly and Fox News in today's [New York Times Magazine Cover Story.
Bethesda 1971 01/25/2015 75 131 2 -
A Former Student's Encounter with the Police
Below is a Facebook post by a student of mine at a NYC High School in the 1980's. He was the outstanding student in the class, which was a course in Criminal Law. Somewhat ironically, in light of ...
Bethesda 1971 01/24/2015 32 108 1 -
Barack Becomes Luther (his "anger translator")
[Steve Benen] today has the best analogy for the President's "I won both of them" comment in response to Republicans' derisive applause ...
Bethesda 1971 01/21/2015 9 7 - -
Obama Joins in Commie Atheist Agenda 21 Song ("Imagine" if he had gone to France)
Yesterday in this space, we explored how [President Obama's Re-Election Chances were Doomed by his failure to go to France.
Bethesda 1971 01/13/2015 6 8 - -
Todd: President Obama's Re-Election Chances Doomed by France Flap
The consensus in: President Obama's failure to go to France (the Most Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Decision in the complete annals of American History) has doomed his chances of being ...
Bethesda 1971 01/12/2015 30 18 - -
The Unbearable Relevance of "Selma" (Poll added)
Selma goes into wide release tomorrow, so I'm publishing an expanded version of a December diary I wrote about the film. Prior to Selma, the last time I cried at a movie was two years ago at the ...
Bethesda 1971 01/08/2015 24 49 1 -
The vicious circle/ Fear is why we shoot, shooting/ is why we're afraid. (2014 Haiku)
Hey -- A Haiku fits in a a Diary title! Another: Ebola, ISIS Benghazi, high gas, Iran: It's Obama's fault These are from [The Rude Pundit's annual Haiku contest.
Bethesda 1971 01/02/2015 6 6 - -
Cuomo and Christie Perpetrate the Saturday Night Massacre of PA Reform; or "One Bill, Two Guvnors"
The unholy alliance of NY and NJ Governors struck again last night, as Governors Christie and Cuomo jointly vetoed Port Authority [reform bills that had been passed unanimously by both house of the ...
Bethesda 1971 12/28/2014 26 31 - -
The Incredible Timeliness of "Selma"
Prior to seeing Selma, the last time I cried at a movie was two years ago, at Lincoln . I cried then for many reasons: The towering performances of Daniel Day Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones as Lincoln ...
Bethesda 1971 12/26/2014 4 14 - -
Is Kim Jong-Un hacking Fandango?
As good Jews on Christmas, my family was planning our Christmas movie day. (Maybe a double feature of Into the Woods and Selma !) I typed in on Firefox just now and got a picture of ...
Bethesda 1971 12/25/2014 6 4 1 -
Rudy: Cop Killer Needs Mental Health Treatment
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani [said Sunday] that the shooting of two New York police ...
Bethesda 1971 12/22/2014 6 13 - -
If ACA Success Falls in a Forest . . .
Note: Sorry for the arguably oxymoronic metaphor. Success can't "fail" but can it "fall?" But I couldn't think of an alternative. [Steve Benen
Bethesda 1971 12/17/2014 5 9 - -
The Rise of Joy under President Obama
The celebrations of Dreamers and other beneficiaries of yesterday's immigration reform announcement are timely reminders that President Obama's actions have brought moments of unalloyed joy ...
Bethesda 1971 11/21/2014 14 14 - -
This Week in the War on Social Security Disability Benefits
Social Security Disability Benefits are the Benghazi/FastnFurious/Gruber of "Entitlements." Bashing recipients is even the cool, hip thing to do, as proven by NPR-Hipster-God-Horn-rimmed-Raconteur-...
Bethesda 1971 11/15/2014 19 36 1 -
The Most Hilarious David Brooks Column Yet?
Hallelujah! exclaims [David Brooks] this morning. The "Palin Spasm" finally ended on Tuesday. Until then, David ...
Bethesda 1971 11/07/2014 11 17 - -
Christie: "Big Chicken" Earns His Name, Annoys Rush
Over the last few days, Christie has richly earned Charlie Pierce's name for him: [Big Chicken.] The phony tough guy was all bluster [...
Bethesda 1971 10/28/2014 5 9 - -
Krugman, Brooks and the Museum of Willful Cluelessness
Every Friday in the New York Times, Paul Krugman shares op-ed page space with David Brooks -- a Nobel winning economist sharing space with a former right wing cheerleader turned phony moderate and ...
Bethesda 1971 10/26/2014 5 24 - -
Hey Christie -- Want Better Paying Jobs? Build the Damn Tunnel
Chris Christie, bless his heart, does not subscribe to the "soft bigotry of low expectations." He's "tired" of hearing about the minimum wage and believes parents should aspire to more than that ...
Bethesda 1971 10/21/2014 8 13 - -
A long, blue river of sadness
Charlie Pierce, just now, reacting to Justice Ginsberg's dissent from the Supreme Court decision [upholding North Carolina's restrictive voting laws:
Bethesda 1971 10/09/2014 24 169 5 -
Arguing for the ACA: "How many lives will it take to be saved, before we can end all the lies."
To paraphrase Dylan: "How many lives will it take to be saved, before we can end all the lies." There has been great news about the ACA lately, real time facts that knock down the right's ...
Bethesda 1971 10/07/2014 7 9 - -
Christie's Fall: Mall Stall by Football. And That's Not All.
No matter that it looks like "Christie cronies made sure they protected their boss [from the GWB] like he was a Sicilian godfather in the wrong pasta joint"(1) The record of failures by this media-
Bethesda 1971 09/30/2014 14 34 - -
Does Anyone Remember the Government Shutdown by the FKN Party?
So I'm watching Bill Maher the other night and his panel consists of "Boss Hogg," Haley Barbour, "No Labels" guy Jon Huntsman and Andrea "CW" Mitchell Greenspan. Maher asks the group the "Worst ...
Bethesda 1971 09/14/2014 12 8 - -
Given who I am, Bárðarbunga would not dare erupt -- Chris Christie
NY Times [today:
Bethesda 1971 09/02/2014 20 18 - -
Maureen Dowd Uses Robin Williams' Death to Attack Hillary -- Seriously.
Maureen Dowd once interviewed Robin Williams, and (writer and editor) Michael Kelly came up in the interview. In tomorrow's [Times
Bethesda 1971 08/12/2014 36 22 - -
Vote For Us! We Are Going to $#@% You!
Vote for Us! We are going to [voucherize Medicare!] Vote for Us! We hate the [minimum wage!
Bethesda 1971 08/05/2014 6 10 - -
Grasping at Gruber Straws on Halbig
The hot conspiracy theory for the right on Halbig is that the "such states" phrase was intentional. Those sly Democrats in Congress wanted to force states to set up exchanges and hatched a scheme to ...
Bethesda 1971 07/26/2014 7 5 - -
Desperate Christie Backs Hobby Lobby Decision
After Hobby Lobby came down, beleaguered Chris Christie lived up to his title of Big Chicken (Charlie Pierce) by refusing to take a position, using the bizarre "logic" that if he took a position, he ...
Bethesda 1971 07/18/2014 30 12 - -
Wrong X7 -- Seven Predicted ACA Disasters that Never Happened
Bill Kristol's 1993 [Nightmare] is coming true. But if a Democratic ...
Bethesda 1971 07/16/2014 20 17 - -
Charlie Pierce's Rant on Cheney/Politico: A Conscience in an Undisclosed Location
There are rants and then there are [Rants by Charlie Pierce] at Esquire. Charlie has a regular feature, "Things in Politico ...
Bethesda 1971 07/15/2014 16 36 1 -
We Don't Need that Crap on MSNBC
"Up" with Chris Hayes was by far the best TV political talk show -- "long form" TV journalism that he can't really do on "All In." The norm was intelligent discussions, including discussions with R ...
Bethesda 1971 07/13/2014 38 32 1 -
Rude Pundit Dives Into the Fever Swamps of GOP Child Immigration Position
Sometimes you've just got to consult the [Rude Pundit] to (literally) probe the depths of Republican depravity and insanity. Today the RP once again dons the hazmat ...
Bethesda 1971 07/10/2014 9 29 - -
"Big Chicken" Vetos Gun Bill, Ducks Newtown Parents
One of the many great characters in Catch-22 is Major Major Major Major, an unfortunate soul whose father's sadistic naming of him was matched by the army's unexplained promotion of him to the rank ...
Bethesda 1971 07/08/2014 35 60 1 -
We Have Our Single Issue Now -- Thanks, SCOTUS!
Why thank SCOTUS for a horrible decision? Because it has created the left version of the gun-rights single-issue voters: Women enraged by Hobby Lobby , and the men who love (or at least respect) ...
Bethesda 1971 07/01/2014 26 14 - -
Republicans Are After Your Birth Control -- Vote!
The simplest message is always the best. Forget nuances like "closely held corporations." The Hobby Lobby Decision is terrible -- but it's an opportunity to further motivate women (and men) to get ...
Bethesda 1971 06/30/2014 4 16 1 -
VA + MS = Keep the Senate? (but not because Cochran will lose)
In April, I wrote [Virginia is for lovers . . . of turnout.] It was about the 2013 turnout in the "off-off-year"
Bethesda 1971 06/26/2014 3 8 - -
Christie Moves from Bridge and Tunnel Lies to Zombie Lies
One of the hoariest of the many "Zombie Lies" is the canard that Bob Casey was banned from the 1992 Democratic Convention because he was "pro-life." This one was so ensconced in the public ...
Bethesda 1971 06/23/2014 29 80 1 -
The Washington Gasbags? Pick the New Washington Football Team Name!
In light of the Trademark ruling on the Washington football team name, Ed Kilgore invited suggestions for [new names.
Bethesda 1971 06/18/2014 45 14 - -
Republicans Hate Obama More than They Love [Fill it in]
Everyone is playing the fascinating new game, Republicans Hate President Obama More than they Love [fill it in] Here are a few entries. Can you add more? Republicans Hate President Obama more ...
Bethesda 1971 06/09/2014 21 17 - -
Awkward . . . Zimmer gets Sandy Aid for Hoboken. Christie Watches.
HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan announced yesterday that Hoboken will receive $230 million in flood prevention funds. At the suggestion of the governor’s office, the ceremony announcing the grant was ...
Bethesda 1971 06/03/2014 44 129 - -
Stop Looking for Honest Conservatives -- Rick Perlstein
The excellent Kagro in the Morning Show today (to which I am now addicted, especially the David (Kagro) and Greg (DemfromCT) segment at the beginning), referred me to a nice piece in The Nation by ...
Bethesda 1971 05/30/2014 8 21 2 -
Krugman: Simpson, Bowles and Brooks: Ridiculous and Mind-Boggling
As we know, tensions at the higher levels at the New York Times have been a bit "elevated" lately. At the columnist level, though, there's more or less an unwritten rule that op-ed writers don't go ...
Bethesda 1971 05/21/2014 80 94 2 -
New Rule for Bill Maher: If You Want to Talk about Climate Change . . .
Don't have a panel consisting of coal-loving ex-Governor, a Republican quasi-denier and an [Ed Grimley] clone ...
Bethesda 1971 05/16/2014 12 13 - -
Christie Saved from Idina's Troubled Waters
File this in the "Not the Onion" folder: According to the [Associated Press:] A last-minute change prevented what ...
Bethesda 1971 05/15/2014 9 16 - -
I Hate the Sterling Story
Everyone is having a wonderful time with the Donald Sterling Story. Wow. What a racist piece of crap. It writes itself for Stewart, Colbert, other comics and commentators. And they're right. ...
Bethesda 1971 05/13/2014 23 5 - -
Movie Review: Rose Byrne Steals "Neighbors"
Neighbors is a completely and utterly(1) hilarious "Parents v. Frat house next door" movie. In its review, the NY Times [referenced
Bethesda 1971 05/11/2014 2 2 - -
WI -- Appeals Court Stays Federal Judge's Order to Destroy Walker John Doe Documents (Updated)
Now this is bizarre. Yesterday, Federal District Court Judge Randa, ordered a halt to the John Doe Investigation of the Walker Recall vote. A [diary
Bethesda 1971 05/07/2014 101 243 5 -
Shrunken America? Look in the Mirror, Frank Bruni.
Frank Bruni is [troubled.] He looks around and sees signs of America's decline -- Education, our ...
Bethesda 1971 05/04/2014 3 8 1 -
Zen Master Peter Matthiessen's Last Words: "Get Fox News Off of that TV"
Peter Mattheissen died less than a month ago, on April 5, at the age of 87. He was a remarkable man. Jeff Himmelman wrote an article about him that appeared in the [New York Times Magazine http://...
Bethesda 1971 05/02/2014 8 30 3 -
Christie's Budget Bullying: The Worst You Can Be is Right
One of my "Rules" for dealing with a certain type of boss is "The Worst You Can Be is Right." This precept applies a thousand-fold to the Tunnel-killing; Bridge-Stopping Bully of New Jersey, Chris ...
Bethesda 1971 04/30/2014 11 18 - -
Scott Brown Articulates the "Gobbledygook" Position on the ACA
Well, "articulates" may not be the right word. On WMUR yesterday, NH Senate candidate Scott Brown gave his sage [opinion
Bethesda 1971 04/28/2014 17 12 - -
Krugman v. Brooks on Piketty: No Contest
Today's NY Times Op-Ed page provides us with a lopsided battle of columns on Capital author, Thomas Picketty, whose book is now the No. 1 bestseller: In one corner, wearing the blue, Nobel winner ...
Bethesda 1971 04/25/2014 12 37 - -
Virginia is for Lovers . . . of Turnout
There are Presidential year elections (2012) There are off-year elections (2014) And then there are off-off-year elections (2013)* By now we're sick of hearing that Democratic base turnout is low ...
Bethesda 1971 04/22/2014 17 35 - -
Burning Man 2014 -- At Bundyfest - Adjacent to Bundy Ranch -- I'm Going. Are you?
That's right! This year, Burning Man will be held at Bundyfest -- free land adjacent to the Cliven Bundy Ranch. And it's all free, free, free -- no permits, no rules, nothing! Thanks Cliven, for ...
Bethesda 1971 04/21/2014 35 37 1 -
Maybe it's you that has a "Manhood Problem," David Brooks [Updated]
David Brooks reminds me of one of those film aliens who disguise themselves in human skin. For half the movie, they're just friendly people. Then, when things get serious, they peel off the skin, ...
Bethesda 1971 04/21/2014 179 153 1 -
New Christie Cast Member Michael DuHaime: What Happened at Rockin' Joes?
H/t [Up.] It's November 11, 2013. Chris Christie had just been re-elected Governor. Two men meet at "Rockin' ...
Bethesda 1971 04/19/2014 30 50 1 -
Dana Perino Needs to See Luther -- Obama's Anger Translator
Ericlewis0 refers us today to [Dana Perino's] graceless comment that the President is a Steve Martin [...
Bethesda 1971 04/18/2014 14 24 - -
Don't We Want Another Elizabeth Warren in the Senate? (Updated with Poll and Matching Contribution)
Until ten minutes ago I had not heard of [Shenna Bellows.] (That means something, because I follow this stuff very closely.) Five minutes ago I became [https://...
Bethesda 1971 04/05/2014 78 136 2 -
Issa Subpoenas Seven Million People Who Signed UP for the ACA
Breaking -- via [The Borowitz Report] in the New Yorker. In ...
Bethesda 1971 04/02/2014 32 37 - -
If Money is Speech, Isn't Voting Speech?
Today, in McCutcheon v. FEC , the Supreme Court [opened the door] to even more money ...
Bethesda 1971 04/02/2014 18 13 1 -
Krugman: Obamacare IS The GOP Healthcare Plan
Republicans are always searching for something and not finding it: In 2003 it was WMD in Iraq. In 2013 it was a smoking gun on Benghazi or the IRS. And since 2009, it's been " The GOP Alternative ...
Bethesda 1971 04/01/2014 15 14 - -
Enough with the "General" Crap, Gov. Christie. An Attorney General is not One.
Chris Christie, [yesterday:] I spoke to General ...
Bethesda 1971 03/29/2014 28 36 - -
Epstein is totally innocent. Signed, Epstein's Mom
By far the best comment so far on the Mastro - Christie Report. (From commenter Jay Brida on [Charlie Pierce.)] ...
Bethesda 1971 03/28/2014 15 15 - -
Did Chris Hayes Handle the "Gish Gallop" well? (with poll)
The [Gish Gallop] is: a debating technique of drowning the opponent in such a torrent that the opponent cannot possibly answer every falsehood in real time."
Bethesda 1971 03/27/2014 33 8 - -
Why is the NY Times Helping the Kochs?
As any Republican will tell you, the New York Times is the ultimate headquarters and nerve center for the Liberal Media. Yet if that's the case, it's puzzling why the Times seems to be engaged in a ...
Bethesda 1971 03/26/2014 24 8 - -
Huntsman's Kid Spreads Zombie SS Lies on "Liberal" MSNBC
Abby Huntsman, daughter of "only-sane ex-GOP candidate" Jon Huntsman is furious. On her regular segment, Abby's Road on MSNBC's The Cycle (y' know -- just like Chelsea Clinton's regular segment, ...
Bethesda 1971 03/14/2014 24 29 - -
Have you ever heard a more terrible thing to say?
That's Gail Collins, commenting on a line in Paul Ryan's CPAC speech in her column today, [Lunch on the Barricades.
Bethesda 1971 03/13/2014 24 28 - -
The Ukrainian candidate: Putin wins CPAC poll
In a stunning upset, Vladimir Vladimirovich ...
Bethesda 1971 03/06/2014 137 75 3 -
Dowd's Worst Yet?
Maureen Dowd desperately needs help. It's apparent in almost every column she writes, yet the "therapy" of writing her deeply troubled columns obviously has not helped at all because she just ...
Bethesda 1971 02/22/2014 176 198 - -
Remember "Embrace the Suck?"
Remember [Embrace the Suck?] It was Nancy Pelosi's way to urge Democrats to vote for the Budget Bill, even ...
Bethesda 1971 02/06/2014 4 4 - -
CBO Report -- Chuck Todd: Shill Extraordinaire (Update)
Back in September, Chuck Todd infamously [said:] What I always love is people say, '...
Bethesda 1971 02/04/2014 55 119 2 -
Letters to My Former Social Studies Students
Chris Christie: David Wildstein was “publicly accused by his high school social studies teacher of deceptive behavior” Dear Vance: Do you remember when you jumped up in the middle of class ...
Bethesda 1971 02/02/2014 6 13 - -
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