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We'll Meet Again - UPDATED
Tonight I was going to write a Kumbaya on defunding, as I believe Geekesque and I, my doppelganger for the "we can't defund" group, reached a better understanding of our differences. Instead my ...
Big Tent Democrat 03/05/2007 829 104 18 96
Leaving Iraq: Details Tomorrow, Progressive Caucus Impatient
Congressman Murtha said today: MR. RUSSERT: What are the Democrats going to do to try to stop the war in Iraq? REP. MURTHA: Well, the,
Big Tent Democrat 03/04/2007 228 178 1 16
Different Day, Same Issue
Do I have to write it again? Yes. Why? Because I believe there is no more important issue today that ending the Iraq War. And the only way to do it while Bush is President is to defund the war. ...
Big Tent Democrat 03/03/2007 289 41 1 9
60 Votes, Defunding Iraq and Obama
Continuing to earn my keep as Vilsack supporter , Bob Johnson supporter , Edwards shill (for those who really want sound ground to attack me, I will almost certainly be a Clark supporter ...
Big Tent Democrat 03/02/2007 353 87 3 66
Obama Gets Punked On Iraq
From TalkLeft : Via dpg , in an interview ...
Big Tent Democrat 03/02/2007 892 207 2 178
Iraq and the Congress: 2 Choices, For or Against
Many Democratic Senators like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton have argued for years that their vote in October 2002 in favor of the Iraq AUMF was not a vote for war, but to give the President leverage.
Big Tent Democrat 02/28/2007 145 46 1 184
How Are The Dems Doing On Iraq? Badly
Today, in Kos' FP posts asking how the Dem leaders are doing, I had an exchange with some kossacks about Senate Leader Reid. Reid's numbers deteriorated badly and one kossack wondered why there was ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/27/2007 293 72 - 54
Fast Forward: 2008, What Have Dems Done To End The Iraq Debacle?
There was a time, circa 2005 and 2006 , when I argued against Dem plans for Iraq: With due respect to everybody that ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/26/2007 310 74 - 17
To Prevent War With Iran, End the War In Iraq
Sy Hersh's New Yorker article points to a key issue about the BushCo drive for war with Iran: The [...
Big Tent Democrat 02/25/2007 229 51 - 4
How Not To Handle The Politics of Iraq
Will Dems in Congress end the Iraq Debacle? Let me say this, I do believe the majority of Dems in the House WANT to. But it is beginning to look like they ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/24/2007 256 66 - 153
The Media: Business As Usual
The Media has always virtually ignored the issue of money in politics. I have always considered it a major issue, but, like the Israel/Palestine issue, not seeing any readily discernible solution, I ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/24/2007 78 34 - 24
More Iraqi Enemies: US Detains Son of Shia Leader Hakim
This ought to be interesting: American troops seized and then released the eldest son of Abdul Aziz al-...
Big Tent Democrat 02/23/2007 381 42 - 12
NYTimes: "American Liberty at the Precipice"
The NYTimes editorial page takes note of the egregious decision handed down by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals and ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/21/2007 283 437 8 24
Cognitive Dissonance: The Constitution, Habeas, the Unitary Executive and Congressional Power
One of the infamous legal theories that has underpinned the abuse of the Constitution by the Bush Administration has been the Unitary ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/20/2007 295 225 12 35
DC Circuit: No Constitutional Habeas Rights At Gitmo
In a divided 2-1 ruling, Boumediene v. Bush , a panel of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the "...
Big Tent Democrat 02/20/2007 326 219 13 49
How the Congress Can Get the US Out of Iraq
I believe the way to end the US involvement in Iraq is to announce a date certain for ending funding of the war . There is much ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/19/2007 93 45 1 29
If I Knew Then . . .
that daily kos' college hoops team, the Fighting Florida Gators, would lose to Vanderbilt yesterday I would STILL have written ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/18/2007 132 17 1 24
Not Meta - Iran and the War Power
I'm taking a break from the site, but I wrote the post below for Talk Left, and thought it would be of interest here. The title of the piece is "Iran: The War Power, Clinton and the War Powers Act"
Big Tent Democrat 02/15/2007 33 47 2 1
The College Hoops Team Dkos Should Root For
They are covered at this blog . But why this team should be the Daily Kos supported team is demonstrated well by a fact and an article. The fact? The team ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/13/2007 223 6 1 14
Jackie Robinson's Second Season: I'm Beginning To Believe in Obama
I've been rough on Barack Obama . I think, fairly. Many say not fairly. But I am beginning to see qualities that I think are necessary for a ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/11/2007 230 91 3 25
How Not To Stop War With Iran
Matt Stoller asks for a strategy to prevent war with Iran. Mine is end ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/11/2007 383 117 3 24
Liberals: Ideology, Tactics and Branding
In my relatively unnoticed earlier diary today, Miss Laura and DHinMi brought up two very interesting and important issues about liberalism, what it means, what it projects, and how the mechanics of ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/09/2007 141 28 3 10
Loyalty, Disagreement, Good Faith And Emotion
A lot of people I like and care about are hurt. I think a sense of betrayal is at the heart of what they are feeling. And, truth be told, some of what they feel is reasonable. Not right, but ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/09/2007 626 214 8 28
Accountability Inside the Big Tent
One of the reactions to my user name I find most humorous is the gawd knows how many times I am accused of being intolerant (you know pup tent, et al.) because I criticize or disagree with certain ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/07/2007 172 77 2 29
Iraq and The Dems: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back
In June 2006, Senators Levin (D-MI) and Reed (D-RI) proposed a resolution that stated, in part : It ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/07/2007 218 122 - 33
Ending the Iraq Debacle: The Wise Words of Sen. John Blutarsky
What? "Over"? Did you say "over"? Nothing's over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no! And it ain't over now. Cause when the going gets tough..
Big Tent Democrat 02/06/2007 213 41 - 7
Whither Chronic Meta S**tstirring?
One page of comments reveals more than once that he/she thinks the site is 'poisoned', etc. Regardless of whether or not there was an actual 'purge', [name] shouldn't care too much about ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/05/2007 204 19 - 7
What Makes a Good Diary?
The diaries written at daily kos are as varied as one might imagine a group of thousands, with views ranging from Communists to Scoop Jackson Democrats and beyond, with dirty fucking hippies and ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/04/2007 467 85 8 21
Reprieve: GOP Saves Senate Dems From Colossal Blunder On Iraq
Lithium Cola reports to us on this :
Big Tent Democrat 02/03/2007 321 242 4 89
On Iraq and Dems: Deja Vu All Over Again
It stuns me that some Dems and Dem analysts seem never to learn the most basic lessons of politics. Four years after proving clearly that political cravenness was the surest way to humiliating ...
Big Tent Democrat 02/02/2007 279 240 3 32
The War Power: What the Congress Can Do; What The President Can Do
Update [2007-2-1 10:52:32 by Big Tent Democrat]: Rep. Brad Miller discusses the issue w/Sec'y Albright .
Big Tent Democrat 02/01/2007 170 135 6 24
Iraq Can Lead To A Lasting Political Realignment
Barack Obama has been criticized often by me for lacking sufficient commitment to a politics of contrast .
Big Tent Democrat 01/31/2007 218 87 2 21
All Apologies? Fuck That!!!!
The Last Apology. Well, that’s a lie too. But, as of today, the Last Apology. I apologize for all of us for being such a bunch of drama queen wimpy geeks. Man are we the biggest group of whiny ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/29/2007 288 16 1 20
Iran Savoring the Fruits of the Bush/McCain/Lieberman Iraq Debacle
This is good news . . . . for Islamic ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/28/2007 88 37 - 6
Slice of Life: My Dinner With Jay, Phil and Larry  
Before I went out tonight with Jay Elias (Mossad Agent), FredfromSanDiego (Bloomberg Sycophant LarryfromNYC) and NYBri's campaign manager (Lipris), I went to the mall with my 13 year old daughter ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/27/2007 144 15 2 6
Obama, Krugman, Kennedy, Pyrrho and Me: Partisanship And Solutions
Thanks to Jim in Chicago and mcjoan , for ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/26/2007 138 24 2 3
Robert Moses, The Brooklyn Dodgers and Kelo
Remember Kelo ? Yes, I still think it ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/25/2007 85 19 - 2
The Worst of DKos: Left Wing Bigotry and Horse Thieves
What was the worst you saw today at daily kos? I saw some Left Wing Bigotry : ALVY: You’re like New York,
Big Tent Democrat 01/25/2007 469 24 2 25
Meta -Taking The Gloves Off
The next time I read another diary calling for civility, I will puke. Yesterday's contretemps were such an exercise in blatant sanctimonious hypocrisy that I can not stand it. Let's be clear. I ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/24/2007 449 19 1 30
Advice For Hillary: Controlling Your Second Act
One of the interesting, and I think somewhat predictable developments has been the newfound "virtues" of Hillary in the ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/23/2007 46 10 - 20
Al Campanis Day
Remember Al Campanis ? Nightline anchorman Ted Koppel had just asked him why . . . there had been few black managers . . . in ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/21/2007 212 34 1 10
Terrorist Loving Extreme Right Wing McCarthyites
A tip of the hat to a TNR contributor, Alan ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/21/2007 76 41 1 5
Stripping Courts of Jurisdiction: The Real Habeas Controversy
It has been unfortunate, imo, that the nonsense Alberto Gonzales spewed about the Constitution not guaranteeing the writ of habeas corpus was treated seriously, and even defended here by some at ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/20/2007 353 252 13 35
Solomon: Hatcheting Edwards, Giving Lieberman A Pass
In addition to the hatchet job John Solomon does on John Edwards today, a couple of days ago ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/19/2007 41 32 1 24
Gonzo On Habeas Rights: Loving The "Terrorists"
For a less snarky treatment of the subject, I recommend CI's excellent diary . There is a certain irony ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/18/2007 98 79 4 18
Why Did You Oppose The Iraq War Daddy?
Kevin Drum asks: Question: [Re:] the primary critique among the anti-war left, has the Iraq ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/16/2007 76 48 1 21
What Is The Netroots?
At TPM Cafe, Matt Stoller kicked off a discussion about the nature of the Netroots. Matt chose to ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/16/2007 95 45 2 35
Iraq: Lessons Learned, Gloating and Projection
Jon Chait has chutzpah, that's for sure. Today he writes : I DON'T WANT to ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/15/2007 57 26 - 7
What Can Congress Do About Bush and Iraq?
In its long Sunday editorial, the New York Times says : If Mr. Bush refuses to deliver this ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/14/2007 131 32 - 4
Trevino's Commitment to Talking About Victory
Josh Trevino's latest drew attention because of his references to concentration camps . I was stunned by his endorsement ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/12/2007 56 20 - 8
Dog Bites Man: David Brooks Lies Again
Brooks is simply incorrigible. Check this lead : If the Democrats don’t like the U.S. policy on Iraq over ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/11/2007 93 36 - 6
Bush's Plan: Fight Iran's Battle in Iraq
The most remarkable part of a remarkable Bush speech was this : They blew up one of ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/10/2007 103 31 - 5
The Iraq "Surge": Can Congress Restrict the Number of Troops in Iraq?
From TalkLeft . To answer my own question - Yes. But not in the way that is being discussed today ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/09/2007 136 48 4 19
Let's Go Gators!
Tonight the Gators are Cinderella. Well not exactly, but surely the heavy underdog. Now, at first glance, it would seem that any good Democrat should be rooting for the Buckeyes. Ohio turned true ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/08/2007 195 4 - 11
More Stupidity: The "Macho Dems" Or "Every Man Wants To Be A Macho Macho Man"
You wonder sometimes how stupid our DC Democrats can be. Just when you think they can't do something more idiotic, they top themselves. Nancy Pelosi makes history this week, heck the press coverage ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/07/2007 138 43 - 14
Meta: Reality Based Community
Glenn Greenwald writes: These right-wing bloggers operate at a level several beneath ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/06/2007 123 35 - 5
Meta: Outing
Outing. What is it in the blogging context? To me it is publishing the true identity of a blogger or commenter without their express consent, manifested by their disclosing it themselves at their ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/05/2007 829 144 5 16
Some Would Have You Believe David Brooks Is An Airhead
. . . and they would be right. But he is a malignant airhead. In a return to the misleading GOP serving shill that we have all come to know and detest, David Brooks serves ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/04/2007 253 123 - 14
Charisma? Geography? Biography? What Does Electability Mean?
There is something almost ridiculous about the political (as opposed to policy) pronouncements of some of our smart blogging wonks. For example, when discussing the malleable concept of electability ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/03/2007 308 88 - 5
The Best and The Brightest - Part 2
OF the many striking things in the long NYTimes ...
Big Tent Democrat 01/02/2007 112 37 - -
What Happened to the Dkos Community?
[This diary speaks for me alone. I am NOT an Admin nor a FPer at daily kos.] Does it exist? Does it care? Does it have standards? Two issues. First for the second time this week, an ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/30/2006 793 211 8 32
When The New Republic Was Progressive
I know most of us know that The New Republic was something better before Crazy Marty got his hands on it (and yes there are still some very good things in it now) but I just read ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/29/2006 42 14 1 -
Political Space Time Curvature and Whistling With Dixie
I continue to try and popularize a concept that I think is key to Democratic politics and the 50 State Strategy - Political Space ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/28/2006 162 35 1 -
What Happened To Bush? Iraq
Over at TPM Cafe they are discussing the question what caused Bush's spectacular political fall? Katrina? Stymied on Social Security? Schiavo? Obviously all of ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/28/2006 70 31 - -
Values Voters and Vanderslice: The Big Lie
Again we are regaled with stories about "Values Voters" and how to get them. Self proclaimed Dem values voters guru Mara Vanderslice has a good publicist and was able to ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/27/2006 71 33 3 96
Defending Obama: When He Made A Smart Political Calculation on Iraq
In a diary at MYDD , Senator Barack Obama is criticized for "flip-flopping" on "redeployment" of our troops in Iraq: That said,
Big Tent Democrat 12/26/2006 90 16 - 15
Whose Birthday? Nicea, Constantine and The Nature of Christ - One in Being With the Father
While Bill O'Reilly celebrates and defends the secular American Christmas holiday from imagined attack, he and the evangelicals we see on Meet the Press, you know the ones, they are the folks Barack ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/25/2006 300 94 11 37
Is Obama Democratic Enough?
When I says Democratic, I mean as in a Democratic political partisan, prepared to fight the political battles for his Party. I have ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/24/2006 342 76 1 -
It Is John McCain's Iraq Debacle Now
In a Senate Armed Services Committee session last month, the following was said: McCain, a front-running GOP presidential hopeful for ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/23/2006 174 62 - -
Hillary's Best Friend: The Insane Marty Peretz
I do not support Hillary Clinton's potential run for the Presidency. For a number of reasons but primarily because I think she is the least electable potential candidate. But ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/22/2006 120 14 2 2
Single Payer, The Tyranny of the -Isms and the Genius of the New Deal
The continuing faux-negotiations of our Lefty wonks with Libertarians is an interesting exercise but it does suffer from a fatal flaw in my view - our Lefty wonks are attributing ideological ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/21/2006 38 33 4 160
I'm Just A Bill, Yes I'm Only A Bill
With our new Democratic Congress set to take power in January, it worries me somewhat that many believe that only spinelessness could possibly keep them from enacting a progressive agenda. This ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/20/2006 197 92 1 7
Memo To Sens. Clinton, Obama: Embrace the Dem Brand
E.J. Dionne writes : It wasn't all that long ago that Democrats and liberals were said ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/19/2006 190 29 - 10
What Time Meant
Time magazine has generated laughter around the country by ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/17/2006 70 31 - 20
Judge Robertson's Troubling Reasoning In Hamdan
From TalkLeft : Glenn Greenwald ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/16/2006 44 26 - 9
2008: Lessons From 2006 For Dems and the Netroots
"D.C. is still trapped in 1970s thinking. It is hard for them to realize [the Democratic Party] really [is the] minority party. What they have to understand is that Republicans became a ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/14/2006 368 99 11 26
Can Congress End the War in Iraq?
"What Should Dems Do About Iraq?" is a question that the Media LOVES to ask . ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/13/2006 54 19 - 4
Congress: Oversight and Vigilance
Senator Leahy'...
Big Tent Democrat 12/13/2006 67 24 - 12
Giving Anti-Castroism A Bad Name
I detest all anti-democrats, wherever they stand on the political spectrum. Democracy is my political religion and I truly believe that democracy is not the worst system except for all the rest, as ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/12/2006 65 20 - 18
The Separation of Powers, Not Impeachment, The Principal Bulwark Against Presidential Abuse
In Unitary Moonbat's Impeachment History diary and thread, both too little and too much is said. The too little is about the POLITICS ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/10/2006 356 107 9 113
Greetings from La Perla, USA
Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States but it is not the United States. I point this out because there was some confusion on this point as expressed by some European kossacks in Jerome's ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/09/2006 78 6 - -
On The Dkos Community: Primaries, Discourse and Unity
Before the newest FPers were chosen I wrote a diary that argued: With all the talk of front pagers, it got me to ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/08/2006 73 30 1 6
The Media Marginalizes The American People
Here is another example of the Media marginalizing the views of the American People: Americans ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/08/2006 37 24 - 12
Church-State Separation: What The First Amendment Says and What It Means
One of the many examples of Right Wing distortion and disingenuousness comes when the concept of church-state separation is discussed. You have all heard this one -- "The separation of Church and ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/06/2006 88 46 8 29
Obama And How Democrats Should Talk About Democrats
Chris Bowers has an important post up about the need for Democrats to understand the power of words, especially their own:
Big Tent Democrat 12/06/2006 815 174 12 78
Tom Edsall: Not a Wanker Today, In Fact Pretty Darn Good
This is a pleasant surprise from Tom Edsall, a column that has some good insights on both Democrats and Republicans. First on ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/05/2006 39 20 - 5
Posner's Pragmatic Realism: Why It Is Wrong
At Balkinization , Brian Tamaha writes a terrific piece on Judge Richard Posner's "pragmatic realism": His views on these two topics can be ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/04/2006 76 20 4 24
On Obama: A Conciliatory Note
The rhetoric was hot and heavy. Old friends had dagggers drawn. Boy all of you are a bunch of hotheads. Pro-Obama and those with some worry about Obama. Why can't you all be calm and rational like me?
Big Tent Democrat 12/03/2006 156 33 - 19
Sirota and Obama
It does not amaze me that David Sirota's critique of Barack Obama elicited strong reactions. I must admit I am surprised that the ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/02/2006 976 281 7 84
What Barack Obama Needs To Learn From Richard Hofstadter, Abraham Lincoln and FDR
Richard Hofstadter was the most perceptive observer of our political history since DeToqueville. So perceptive was Hofstadter that even though he passed away 36 years ago, he still is more clear ...
Big Tent Democrat 12/01/2006 115 32 2 5
"That's Not What I Asked You"
Greg Sargent catches George Will being a dishonest boor: ...
Big Tent Democrat 11/30/2006 87 14 - 6
About the South Again
Our great friend Chris Bowers writes about our good ...
Big Tent Democrat 11/28/2006 159 28 1 8
The Kiss of Death
Here it comes - I support Bob Johnson for the Front Page. Have I lost my senses you might reasonably ask? Bob Johnson is a huge prick. Could I think of a bigger (eligible) asshole to put up for the ...
Big Tent Democrat 11/27/2006 304 20 - 26
Populism, Politics and Governance
A necessary and fascinating debate is now beginning to emerge in the Left blogs about the role of populism in politics and governance. Max ...
Big Tent Democrat 11/27/2006 74 38 4 8
On the DKos Community
With all the talk of front pagers, it got me to thinking a little bit about the Front Pager role and one of the things that, to me at least, has been lost a little bit, the community building aspect ...
Big Tent Democrat 11/26/2006 497 87 5 20
Hey Edsall: We Fought This War, Your Side Lost
Matt Stoller , who has been on fire the last few days BTW, takes DC ...
Big Tent Democrat 11/25/2006 44 38 - 16
UPDATE: Ballot Design Likely Culprit; FL-13: Who Is To Blame?
This will be an unpopular post with my Democratic brethren. It is about who is to blame for frustrating the voters' intent in the House race in Florida's 13th Congressional district (Katherine Harris'
Big Tent Democrat 11/24/2006 82 12 - 10
Who To Thank
Who deserves the thanks of Iraqis for this ?
Big Tent Democrat 11/23/2006 83 60 1 7
I'm Back
Back in the Saddle Again . I confess to be this guy . And I'm back, but only to leave. More.
Big Tent Democrat 11/22/2006 193 31 7 43
Last Big Push
This is a cynical and ...
Big Tent Democrat 11/21/2006 19 14 - 5
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