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A Brief Open Letter To The Baltimore Police Department Commissioner
By now, everyone has seen the video of the mother putting the goon hands on her son, during the Baltimore Uprising. In a surprise move, the Baltimore Police Commissioner responded. What follows is ...
BigTy1968 04/28/2015 4 7 - -
Happy MLK, Dinesh D'Souza
This past MLK Day, Dinesh D'Souza (being the worthless slug that he is) attempted to co-opt the legacy of the good Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I gave him the business on his FB page. See ...
BigTy1968 03/10/2015 2 3 - -
Chicago Is A War-Torn Hellscape! Call Out The National Guard! Wait... Not So Fast...
Chicago has faced a particularly violent 4th of July weekend. 84 people were shot, and 14 people were killed. These numbers are truly terrible, regardless of the weekend. And as usual, there is a ...
BigTy1968 07/08/2014 112 84 - -
The Rank Hypocrisy Of Hobby Lobby - And Its Supporters
The United States Supreme Court decided that as a corporation, Hobby Lobby is entitled to religious beliefs. And as such, they have the "religious freedom" to pick and choose which medications they ...
BigTy1968 07/02/2014 19 17 - -
America's Favorite Racist Apologist Is At It Again! (Or... Dance, Boy! Dance!)
Note: I edited out the phrase that people found offensive. Black conservative Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is the High Priest of Racist Apologists for the Right. Whenever a white conservative says ...
BigTy1968 06/23/2014 46 25 1 -
Who Taught You To Hate The Poor?
An open letter to Conservatives and Evangelical Christians: Who taught you to hate the poor? It's easy to scapegoat the poor and blame them for all of society's woes. But where did this hatred ...
BigTy1968 06/07/2014 64 109 7 -
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