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Pollution Contributed to our Political Troubles?
Really neat video by vsauce . Of particular interest to me: the look at the mass lead poisoning of society due to leaded gasoline. Why is that interesting? A lot of the nutjobs causing problems in ...
BlackGriffen 10/08/2013 12 1 - -
Blast from the Past: Bush I v Clinton Debate
This diary will be pretty short, and to the point, since it is an adaptation of a FB post. Watching the above video was like a slap to the face. I was 10 at the time, so you can imagine that I ...
BlackGriffen 10/05/2012 2 - - 24
It's Bumper Sticker Time
I'm pissed and I need to vent. I'm sick of the corruption in politics, and all that that has entailed over the last decade+ I've had the brainpower to recognize it, and at my own inability to make ...
BlackGriffen 03/29/2011 24 4 - 110
Some False Web Advertising. How Best to Counter?
I was just getting ready to watch an episode of One Piece Online and the first ad that came up contained many false an inflammatory ...
BlackGriffen 08/30/2010 5 1 - 36
Obama's Strategy: Protect Conservadems at All Costs
Many of us have questioned Obama's strength, his ability to negotiate, his willingness to stand up for principals he espoused on the campaign trail, etc. I think that ...
BlackGriffen 08/17/2010 81 8 - 48
An Open Letter to President Obama
I wrote this letter about torture, wiretapping, and Obama's approach to the economic crisis because I still believe that, in some small way, writing to the Obama Whitehouse can make a difference. I ...
BlackGriffen 04/07/2009 34 30 1 50
From TED 2009: Barry Schwartz on Wisdom vs. Rules and Incentives
Head on over to TED to see a talk on Wisdom delivered ...
BlackGriffen 02/16/2009 11 8 3 232
Now that Obama's Won, it's Time to Donate
You heard the Man in his victory speech - the work has only just begun, and the work of replenishing the DNC's strength begins now, when you're feeling so happy and generous. :D I wouldn't normally ...
BlackGriffen 11/04/2008 3 2 - -
McCain and Palin's Newest Ad
You cnat handle they're Mavericktude™! This elecction wont even be klose! It will be the first unanimous election since George Washington when McCain and Palin out-Maverick™ Obama bin ...
BlackGriffen 09/08/2008 14 3 - 2
On Judgement and Temperament, a Comparison
What follows is an email that I prepared for my family. First, a little background: I have been receiving via a member of my family the occasional anti-Obama smear. Up till now I have primarily ...
BlackGriffen 09/02/2008 12 21 2 21
Another Fantastic TED Talk: Clay Shirky on Institutions vs Collaboration
One of the newly posted talks to the TED website this week is ...
BlackGriffen 07/11/2008 20 9 1 5
My Open Letter to Senator Feinstein
Below the fold I have included a letter that I electronically submitted to Senator Feinstein just minutes ago. ...
BlackGriffen 07/04/2008 10 10 - 1
The Timing of the FISA Thing is Fishy
The fact that this FISA thing is coming shortly after the primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ended is fishy to me. Well, that by itself does nothing to my backroom smoke detector, ...
BlackGriffen 06/22/2008 40 5 - 2
Hillary's New Metric: Why Obama Has to Win KY
Obama has to win Kentucky in order to win the nomination, and that's all there is to it. Forget big states, swing states, popular vote, and even delegate count. If Obama can't win KY he cannot win ...
BlackGriffen 05/06/2008 45 14 - 17
In Defense of Caucuses
Much has been said by a certain Presidential candidate with a poor track record in the caucus states denigrating their value because they are "undemocratic" and not reflective of how a candidate ...
BlackGriffen 03/09/2008 28 4 - -
Want to Help Dems Win in November Now?
There's one thing you can do right now that will help the Dems win in November. The main event has already begun, even before tonight when John W McCain solidified his victory the initial shots had ...
BlackGriffen 03/05/2008 3 1 - 2
Obama's Out.... Then What?
The basis of the title of this diary is that the only way Senator Clinton wins the nomination if she doesn't win big on Tuesday is if Obama is not in the race anymore. In other words the only sane ...
BlackGriffen 03/03/2008 66 2 1 1
Handicapping the Race
Well, it seems pretty clear that if things keep going the way they are going Senator Clinton is going to lose the race. There is an important caveat, though, if things keep going the way they are ...
BlackGriffen 02/19/2008 15 - - 10
Fixing Primary Season with a Carrot
Let's face it - the primary process has the upside that it potentially permits a candidate to come from outside of circle of famous people, perform some face to face politics, and win the nomination ...
BlackGriffen 02/09/2008 10 2 - 7
Jon Stokes of ArsTechnica gets NH Recount Right
Kos and DHinMI have both weighed in ...
BlackGriffen 01/11/2008 8 13 - 5
A Question for the Legal Scholars
There's one thing I find kind of confusing about the recent hoopla over telecom immunity and the previous Military Commissions act. That is the fact that these laws retroactively make something legal.
BlackGriffen 12/14/2007 38 1 - 1
In Memoriam: Ed Mayne
From the Salt Lake Tribune :He was the most high-profile labor leader in a state known for its stiff opposition to unions. He ...
BlackGriffen 11/26/2007 2 4 - 108
Digging in the Memory Hole - Chocolate and Secret Holds
It seems all too often some issue will flare up around here, then it will just disappear a couple of weeks later, never to be heard of again. As much as we decry the media for its minute attention ...
BlackGriffen 11/11/2007 1 2 - 2
Credit Union Advantage #5,672: Transparency
I have been following, with no small amount of trepidation, the bad news in the financial markets of late (bondad: The Worst Economy of ...
BlackGriffen 11/09/2007 12 10 - -
Lesson From Bush: Own Your Weakness
Failures are, perhaps, the most sound source of positive lessons you could ask for. Given that, what better place to go to for lessons than that epic failure, George Bush? We are already well versed ...
BlackGriffen 06/18/2007 6 - - -
A Proposal for How to Pick Who to Primary
It seems that a large fraction of the people here is ready to move on from the minimal, "Give me a Democrat, any Dem!" We're ready for some substantive standards. The most comment tactic mentioned ...
BlackGriffen 06/15/2007 8 - - -
Action Item: You Don't Need the Courts, Impeach Gonzales Now
Looks like Alberto Gonzales has defied the subpoena for emails with Karl Rove. See, for example, the video titled Gonzales' blame game here . That's ...
BlackGriffen 05/16/2007 4 13 - -
Beyond Impeachment: Disbarring Alberto Gonzales
The focus on impeachment is healthy inasmuch as it helps move forward the impeachments of those who have committed crimes in the Bush administration. Impeachment may not be the only possible course ...
BlackGriffen 12/26/2006 29 14 1 -
Healthcare Soundbite Potluck
BlackGriffen 09/23/2006 7 4 1 -
Kossack Soundbite Potluck!
BlackGriffen 09/16/2006 63 13 1 5
Bush Jr's Narrative: The Spoiled Rich Kid
BlackGriffen 09/12/2006 12 6 1 -
PT9/11 - Net Neutrality is Disney's Motive
BlackGriffen 09/10/2006 1 7 - -
Wedge Issue Frameshop: Opposing Min-Wage is Anti-Family
BlackGriffen 08/02/2006 4 4 - -
The Environment IS The Economy, Stupid
BlackGriffen 06/26/2006 15 13 - -
Fear Rules Conservatives. What Rules Liberals?
BlackGriffen 01/30/2006 20 21 2 13
The Nomination of Alito Marks and End, but Also a Beginning
BlackGriffen 01/27/2006 4 5 1 -
Dangerous Ideas - from the Intriguing to the Repugnant
BlackGriffen 01/04/2006 3 1 - -
How Does "President Nancy Pelosi" Sound?
BlackGriffen 12/17/2005 33 5 - 7
Turning Their Weapons Against Them: Minority Shareholder Lawsuits
BlackGriffen 09/11/2005 4 10 1 -
The Mainstream Media Will Never Wake Up Because it Cannot.
BlackGriffen 09/04/2005 18 6 1 9
Peak Oil, Energy Efficiency, and the Internet
BlackGriffen 08/18/2005 18 6 - -
One Possible Iraq Pullout Plan
BlackGriffen 08/15/2005 2 - - -
Side Track: Into the West
BlackGriffen 07/09/2005 11 - - -
Cracking the Right Wing Coalition by Using their Own Wedge Against Them
BlackGriffen 06/24/2005 18 2 - 13
Getting Money out of Politics
BlackGriffen 06/10/2005 1 1 - -
Utah Politicians Want to Out Stupid Kansas Ones
BlackGriffen 06/03/2005 10 6 - -
Social Security is an Investment, Just not the One You Think
BlackGriffen 05/11/2005 10 1 - -
The Party of the American Spirit
BlackGriffen 04/27/2005 2 2 - -
Bush Tapes - A Distraction Tactic?
BlackGriffen 02/21/2005 16 7 - -
Democracy by Proxy - an Improvement Over Representative Democracy
BlackGriffen 01/17/2005 4 3 - 26
The Simple Case for Reform of the Democratic Party
BlackGriffen 11/15/2004 - - - -
Amending Lakoff
BlackGriffen 11/06/2004 8 - - -
Let's Steal Tort Reform
BlackGriffen 11/04/2004 5 - - -
Faithless Electors, Anyone?
BlackGriffen 11/03/2004 20 2 - -
Time to Set the Agenda
BlackGriffen 11/03/2004 1 - - -
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