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 The IAMAW has sponsored the creation of a social networking site, Union of Unemployed, and among the 120,000 members there are 1,700 very active folk who are working on a bill that will create jobs RIGHT NOW!

  As part of The Great Skulk Beth and Neal met with the communications people from this operation and a few days later we facilitated a conference call between them and staff from Congressman Hank Johnson's office.

  The draft text of the plan is below. BWIU members will have more opportunity to be involved in the creation of this legislation. Let's get our experts in there and make sure this is a solid plan written by citizen experts rather than lobbyists.

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    This is the House & Senate Twitter rankings report for 5/12/2010. If you're missing the gubernatorial data contact us; it's still available, but we're moving towards a state by state ranking system that will cover the state house politicians as well as governors.

    We are getting a new system for evaluating performance on 5/17 and this report will change significantly once it's put into operation. Please bear with us during another round of construction and testing.

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   This report, normally published on Tuesday, is delayed this week due to our return trip from D.C. We had a fine time, meeting with various people and organizations, and it seems our methods for using Twitter are about to spread.

   We're still learning as we go on this system and there is leg work involved in keeping Twitter names coherent as accounts get renamed, political figures in one office chose to also run for another, and so forth. Don't be shy about mentioning any errors or omissions

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 Not much new to say this week - we're skulking around D.C. and haven't had a lot of time to be on Twitter. If we're successful in this trip we should see a lot more uptake of Twitter on the Democratic side of the aisle in the coming weeks.

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  During the Great Depression in the 1930s part of the cure included in The New Deal included the Works Progress Administration, a direct federal employment program for those out of work.

  Seventy years later one can find sturdy public works projects built by the men and women of the WPA still in use ... and a brewing movement to repeat the successes of this program, instigated by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and named Hire US, America!

 This message came today to those of us who've taken an interest and I thought it should be shared here.

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   I've ridden Greyhound now twice, from Illinois to my Lyme doctor in Columbia, Missouri. I made an adventure of it the first time, despite the puke, the high guy being put off mid route, the prisoners, and having to sit in the aisle for two hours with a softly crying cancer patient; they'd oversold, neither of us had seats, and he was in pain.

   My trip out this time was flawless, but I've got time to write this because I'm stranded in St. Louis, and it's one of those days where I'm really tired of the discrimination that gets directed at the autistic.

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   The news this week per @Spedwybabs is this: Democratic numbers are flat in terms of new arrivals, but the Republican party is basically herding all of their members into Twitter. Connecting this trend with the presence of right wing Twitter amplifiers means Democrats, who've been behind the eight ball on Twitter from the start, are in danger of ceding this entire medium to right wing noise.

  Democrats have the people to overwhelm this, but without a a focused effort this medium will become another right wing echo chamber.

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As the Blog Workers Industrial Union does more service work for Progressive issues and Democratic candidates we get recognized.

Part of that recognition now includes a free, long term Salsa account from Wired For Change that we can use for training our members.

This is new for us so we don't have all that much to offer just yet, but it's a major direction for the group. Look below the fold for how you can get involved.

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  Wish we had more to say on this stuff, but it's been a crazy week for both our day jobs and campaigns. So, without further any further introduction, here are the Twitter rankings for the Democratic House members, Senators, and Governors.

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 Interesting phrase, isn't it? I first saw it in a book on World War II and it was attributed to Winston Churchill. I was fact checking this diary (how unjournalistic of me!) and I find that I am the only one attributing it to Churchill, but the phrase was used by others in discussion of World War II force deployment strategies.

   Unremunerative adj. an investment or action producing no response or a loss.

   Scatterization n. the dispersal of effort and/or resources, having neither positive nor negative connotation.

     So, scattering of resources might have value, but to characterize the approach as unremunerative indicates the judgment that the approach is not successful.

    This being said, let's talk about the million Progressive web sites, and the 1.5 million Progressives who populate this wasteland.

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  The last week on Twitter has been, well, odd. I'm starting to suspect that about 10% of the Tea Party leadership are the snarkmeisters from the Progressive #p2 hashtag. Following relentless #tagbagger expatina will allow you to learn how to participate in this fun sport. And Eric Cantor brings the #fail like no one else could.

  So, keeping in mind that polls are like crack, let's jump over the fold ...

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   I'm StrandedWind but I am posting this from the Blog Worker's Industrial Union account as a show of solidarity with Netroots for the Troops.
   I got drafted, Kossack style, for this duty. The email from Spedwybabs simply said "So, what's YOUR Netroots For The Troops diary going to be about?"

   Duly served, my thoughts turned to the service my father's generation did for this country ... and what my son and his friends may yet have to do.

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