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Farming Tip #137 or The Curious Humor Of A Complex Universe
Say a starry eyed city slicker shows up to the farm talking about wanting to work outdoors, with nature, and flowers, and staying in shape and wanting to get back to some romanticized version of ...
Methinks They Lie 04/06/2013 48 77 3 -
Leaves Blowing On An ill Wind
Digging in the dirt. Primal. Evocative. Soothing. Despite the rain got up off the couch (down with a cold), slipped on the rain gear, rode the farm bike out to help harvest sorrel, arugula, spinach ...
Methinks They Lie 02/08/2013 27 53 3 -
Work Made a Farmer
And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need a caretaker." So God made a farmer. God said, "I need somebody willing to get up before dawn, milk cows, work all day in ...
aimlessmind 02/08/2013 119 107 6 -
Pollination Crisis
In recent years we have heard a lot about "colony collapse" in reference to honey bee colonies. As honey bees pollinate many of our crops, including all stone fruit, apples, pears, and many others, ...
Desert Scientist 02/05/2013 92 143 10 -
The Dirt I Occupy: Still Life of a Harvest
Late last summer, I realized that I had put all of my thoughts and energy into setting up the kitchen garden but I neglected to thoroughly consider what to do with the food that it produced. I didn’
AZ Sphinx Moth 01/10/2013 35 72 5 -
Seeds Started: CHECK!
I don't know which time of the year I like more. That first day you see tiny little sprouts poking up out of the seed trays, or that week you get your first cherry tomatoes off of the vine when ...
GreenMother 01/07/2013 136 76 13 -
The Deal, The Wind, And A Greener America
While the pros and cons of the Fiscal Cliff deal continue to swirl in the pool of the American body politic, and the debate rages on even here in an orangy and "robust" fashion, here's one nugget of ...
Methinks They Lie 01/03/2013 21 51 2 -
A Brief Moment In Deep Time
Mojave twilght--All photos taken by Methinks They Lie (a.k.a Ramblings Over Earth) While walking slowly through the Mojave desert I found what looked like part of an old desert tortoise's shell, ...
Methinks They Lie 12/29/2012 44 79 13 -
Just dirt
"Washy, washy, washy queen Get that dirty shirty clean." -- Anonymous marketeer Folks complain about dirtiness, and dirtiness is synonymous with both unhealthiness and depravity. One watches a "dirty"
The Geogre 12/18/2012 22 25 - -
Richard Nixon and the 2000 Mile Tomato
Dear friends, meet Earl Butz: He's the one on the right. You may have never heard of him but he has had a profound and lasting impact on your life. Nixon and Butz might be having a chat about ...
Methinks They Lie 12/12/2012 84 190 8 -
Terra Firma or Why We Better Start Getting Dirty
When I was a kid I roamed where I liked playing with friends, riding bikes, and building forts in the dirt. Times were different then I guess. We didn't have soccer practice or band or cell phones ...
Methinks They Lie 12/06/2012 112 166 15 -
DOJ quietly drops investigation of Monsanto
While most of us were enjoying our Thanksgiving dinners of factory-farmed turkeys and GMO Korn, the Department of Justice quietly dropped its antitrust investigation of Monsanto without so much as ...
Methinks They Lie 12/06/2012 145 215 6 -
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