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Honoring The Martin Luther King Legacy in The Era of Ferguson and Staten Island
Yesterday we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. There were re-enactments of The I have The Dream speech and the usual marches honoring Dr. king but there was a little different type of marches too. ...
Blondmama 01/20/2015 2 - - -
Ageism is Alive and Living in the Media
I'm 69 and plan to live in infinity, I am youthful in looks and attitude. No, i don't have a power chair, a life alert(that's what cell phones are for) and the idea of gardening bores me. In the ...
Blondmama 12/16/2013 18 5 - -
Commemorating 911 12 Years Later
Hello Readers, This is an anniversary of an event that didn't need to happen! The World Trade Center twin towers should still be standing proudly as part of New York City's Skyline. The Pentagon in ...
Blondmama 09/11/2013 1 - - -
A Prayer For Religious Peace
This is a little unusual for a political blog but it will include political thoughts along with a non-denominational prayer. The crises in Egypt and Syria and most wars in the Near East are not ...
Blondmama 08/18/2013 10 2 - -
Independence Day- A Native American Prospective
Hi Readers, We have just celebrated The Fourth of July, watched the fireworks and all got stuffed at the barbecues.It was just a big party that we all had fun with. But did you sit back and think ...
Blondmama 07/11/2013 13 7 - -
Sequester Just Another Excuse to Rob From the Middle class and Poor to Give to the Rich
The sequester solution should never have been thought of! It is idiocy at it's worst! Our government has to remember that they are working for us and we would never have approved such an idea. This ...
Blondmama 02/25/2013 2 2 - -
Does Death From Gun Violence Need to Happen in Your Family To Support Gun Control?
Columbine,Red Lake, Tucson Arizona( assassination attempt on Gabby Gifford),and Virginia State University all sights of mass murder. The list goes on Fort Hood, Aurora Colorado( the theater shooting),
Blondmama 12/15/2012 3 - - -
Election Recap: We Won, Let the Progress Begin !
Hi Readers, I am feeling great that that I am part of Team Obama and that my guy won but I am not resting on my laurels. He won't start his second term until January and we got a big economic ...
Blondmama 11/08/2012 3 1 - -
An Aternative Universe Version of The Christmas Carol With Mitt Romney starring as Ebeneezer Scrooge
Hi Readers, My favorite author is Charles Dickens and since it is getting near the Holiday Season I thought I would write a unique political commentary. This a homage to Dickens, who wrote about ...
Blondmama 09/20/2012 4 1 - 39
Don't Be a Slacker Citizen!
Hi Readers, Most immigrants, when they come to the USA want a better life then they had. They come to have better paying jobs then in the old country. They want to taste the delicious freedom that we,
Blondmama 09/08/2012 2 - - 26
Bill David Ansari, An Example of a Worthy Candidate
Hi Readers, I usually don't write about local politics but since I met the man I will profile I never met a person that deserves to win a public office they seek more then Bill David Ansari. He is ...
Blondmama 08/09/2012 1 1 - 16
Don't Let Your Religion Rob You of Your Constitutional Right to Vote!
Hi Readers, I was on the bus yesterday on the way to Walmart. I was wearing my Obama Biden tee shirt and a pair of jean shorts. A man that I used to talk to on the bus on our way to work his was in ...
Blondmama 07/14/2012 13 4 - 153
Why You Should Vote For Barack Obama and Help Re-elect Him for President!
Hi Readers, As you know I'm a Progressive Liberal Democrat and PROUD of it! I also tell it like it is both with my Diary here and My blog, The Non-Trad Manifesto, the link,http://www.blondmama....
Blondmama 06/16/2012 9 8 - 74
Eliminate Ageism Now!
Hi Readers, Ageism, though seldom discussed, is not only a social issue but a political issue too. To put the point more strongly, it is a Civil Rights issue. Ageism is just as toxic as racism! I ...
Blondmama 05/24/2012 37 1 - 248
Socialism, Done Right, is a Good Form of Government.
Hi Readers' Anyone that listens to rhetoric spouted by the Retro-Republicans has heard the word "Socialism" used to insult those that disagree with the Republican Theology.They know their target ...
Blondmama 05/06/2012 11 2 1 106
It's Not "Cool" to Vote For The Retro-Republicans
Hi Readers, A good political candidate is supposed to be forward thinking. He/she is supposed to have a goal of making this a better country for it's citizens(that means ALL citizens not just the ...
Blondmama 04/20/2012 3 1 - 49
The Pillaging of Women's Rights, Blame The Republicans!
Hi Readers, I have always been a feminist, although not always by choice. My life made me become self sufficient. My parents divorced when I was 12 and my mother received a skimpy settlement so her ...
Blondmama 03/31/2012 5 6 - 61
Right to Defend is Wrong For Peaceful Neighborhoods
Hi Readers, I'm back. I am now living in my new apartment. I feel secure here because the other residents seem peaceful and the area is in the suburburbs. I have moved from Minneapolis MN to St. ...
Blondmama 03/27/2012 24 1 - 148
Taking Away Collective Bargaining, A New Way to Crush Unions From The Teapublicans!
Hi Readers, First of all a caveat from me, I have never belonged to a labor union,Drat it! I have only belonged to The Northern Lakes Co-operative Union(in Hayward WI) and now I do my financial ...
Blondmama 02/08/2012 1 2 - 55
Science Fiction Explores Ideas To Make This a Better World
Hi Readers, I am a fan of Science Fiction movies not only for the cinematic thrill ride but for the messages that they present that are sometimes very inspirational. Good science fiction movies can ...
Blondmama 01/16/2012 12 1 - 84
The Republican Iowa Caucuses-A Revealing Look at Republican Values
Hi Readers This is the way I will address you from now on. It is the same way I address my readers on The Non-Trad Manifesto, the link- The Republican candidates ...
Blondmama 01/07/2012 3 - - 58
The Coming Year 2012, a Clean Page to Write Great Ideas On!
Sunday is the beginning of a New Year, 2012, blow the horns and herald the coming of a new page to right the wrongs of the previous year! Each new year offers us a new beginning to do better then ...
Blondmama 12/28/2011 1 1 - 29
The Teapublicans Raise Taxes on the 99%
Here we go again, the Teapublicans pulled another trick on the USA by not passing The Tax cut Bill in the Congress! They added a whole bunch of junk amendments on the original bill which would have ...
Blondmama 12/22/2011 2 - - 31
The Teapublicans Raise Taxes on the 99%
Here we go again, the Teapublicans earn their "Scrooge" title by at first tacking on junk amendments to the continuing Payroll Tax bill. This didn't work so they tried a new a new trick, They ...
Blondmama 12/22/2011 1 - - 34
Read Tomorrow's Diary: Teapublicans Raise Taxes on the 99%
This is a Diary Plug- You will find tomorrow's Diary thought provoking and informative so watch for it tomorrow! It will be here before4PM CST ...
Blondmama 12/21/2011 3 - - 24
How To Be a Critic With Class
I see myself as a commentator here and on my blog, The Non-Trad Manifesto, the link- As I noted in my first blog last New Year's Eve, I am not PC. I tell it like I ...
Blondmama 12/12/2011 5 - - 64
Evil Spirits, Part of Our Country's Woes?
It may seem strange talking about Evil Spirits in a political internet blog but I am observing a country(The USA) that is covered by a blanket of doom. There is so much foreboding of gloom you can't ...
Blondmama 12/04/2011 17 - - 152
Our Government Needs to Be Retrofitted!
In my blog, The Non-Trad Manifesto, http://, I wrote two blogs that illustrate further what I am about to write about. The first one was posted April 11th, it was titled, "...
Blondmama 12/01/2011 1 - - 12
If You Are a Loyal Democrat, Don't Shop at Target!
Before 2010 I was a frequent Target shopper. I was proud that my city Minneapolis MN had a World wide corporation that had it's home in Minneapolis on the Nicollet Mall! I was also glad that it was ...
Blondmama 11/22/2011 74 6 - 492
The Teapulicans Destroy Jobs
Ah remember the days during The Clinton Administration? We were a more prosperous country and there were jobs! I had a job then in Market Research, it wasn't the best job but it fed my daughters ...
Blondmama 11/20/2011 1 - - 53
The Teapublicans Destroy Jobs
Ah to be back in the days of the Clinton Presidency, We were a more prosperous country and jobs were available. I had jobs at the time, they weren't the greatest but it helped feed my daughters and ...
Blondmama 11/20/2011 2 1 - 34
My Political Journey To Presidential Campaigns
I have always been interested in politics, even as a teenager. My mom would put the Democratic Convention on the radio and we heard all the great oratory coming from the podium. I remember the great ...
Blondmama 11/12/2011 3 2 - 31
November is Honoring Native American Indian Heritage Month, Where's The Honoring?
Here we go again, Soledad O'Brian is trotting out her world famous Black in America series. And when does she do this? November! This the month that is supposed to be honoring Native American ...
Blondmama 11/05/2011 28 3 - 198
An Open Letter to Somali-American Youth
Urgent To Somali-American Youth, I was watching the 10AM News on Channel 4, WCCO-TV Minneapolis/St. Paul. Their breaking news story was that there was a suicide bombing in Somalia Saturday and that ...
Blondmama 10/30/2011 3 - - 42
The 1% Are Not Happy, They're Delusional
I have written many blogs about wealthy people in The Non-Trad Manifesto Some people have an erroneous notion that wealthy people are happy, they ...
Blondmama 10/28/2011 6 5 - 78
Occupy Minnesota Inspired Me
I wanted to demonstrate all my life for my political causes but I was raised in Hayward Wisconsin whose population was 1600. It was a more conservative area and there was no protesting in Civil ...
Blondmama 10/24/2011 4 3 - 47
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