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Check out this RedState Piece
The top story on the front page of RedState is a piece entitled "The Romney Campaign was a Consultant Con Job." It goes on to describe an organization that was one part Bain Capital and on part ...
Blue The Bluegrass 11/10/2012 75 56 3 -
another Strong VA poll for Obama
Priorities USA just tweeted the results of their new poll of LVs in Virginia: "NEWS FLASH: Our new Virginia poll for @Priorities2012 has Obama up 49%-46% w/ likely voters. 807 interviews, Thurs-Sat.
Blue The Bluegrass 10/28/2012 6 11 - -
Racism and the Electoral College/Popular vote Split
One increasingly familiar feature of the 2012 campaign has been the remarkable stability of the Electoral College polling forecasts, despite ups and downs and now nail-bitingly close results in the ...
Blue The Bluegrass 10/26/2012 17 9 - -
Romeny made "No Major Mistakes?"
The strongest talking point the right-wing punditocracy has been hammering since Obama hammered Romney in the third debate is that Romney passed the Commander-In-Chief test by having "command of the ...
Blue The Bluegrass 10/23/2012 15 13 - -
Rasmussen Collapse
The fallout from Mitt Romney's disdainful dismissal of half the country as being unwilling to take "personal responsibility and care for their lives" is starting to show up in the tracking polls. ...
Blue The Bluegrass 09/20/2012 25 31 - 588
Avik Roy confesses on Bill Maher
On HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" this past Friday, August 24, Bill got a surprising confession out of Avik Roy, Mitt Romney's health advisor. Roy admitted that Kathleen Sibelius memorandum on ...
Blue The Bluegrass 08/29/2012 7 5 - 180
Online Petition re: Bush Tax Cuts: Updated with link
If we can get 300,000 signatures to save Keith Olberman, we can get just as money to pressure the Democrats to push the tax program we were promised by our president.
Blue The Bluegrass 11/11/2010 13 7 - 55
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