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Proposal: Make the 1% pay for the shutdown
...or some addition of new revenue that adds up to the $24 billion estimated cost of the shutdown.
BlueStreak 10/17/2013 11 3 - -
Deal? or New Deal?
This isn't crunch time in the shutdown/debt ceiling crisis. It's winning time.
BlueStreak 10/12/2013 4 1 - -
"Your democracy or your economy"
That's John Boehner's new twist on the old classic "your money or your life" least if we believe him on today's interview with George Stephanopolous. I, for one, do believe it. Simply put, we'...
BlueStreak 10/06/2013 8 4 - -
Oh Look! Mitt's using the Twitter...
Via a promoted tweet, I got this via @...
BlueStreak 11/02/2012 16 15 - -
Finally...we get to win or lose with our best
As an amateur observer of both politics and sports, I'm fond of invoking the latter to explain the former. One of my favorite axioms—particularly when it comes to baseball—goes like this: You've ...
BlueStreak 09/07/2012 1 - - 30
What's really important about OWS...
Perhaps I've missed it, but there is one critically important aspect of the OWS movement that hasn't been (apparently) commented on. I think it's actually the most compelling.
BlueStreak 10/12/2011 3 6 - 36
Nothing like a panic to bring on a little Keynes
Sorting out today's, and tonight's, financial panics (with a small "p"), it occurs to me that the government's position as economic rescuer of last resort may well come back into the spotlight.
BlueStreak 08/08/2011 5 4 - 85
Tell Wall St.: No new bailouts
With default looming, it is generally assumed that the banks and Wall St. will ultimately bring their GOP lackeys into line before any real damage to their bottom line can occur. However, it looks ...
BlueStreak 06/30/2011 2 - - 18
The Dems need to state THEIR price to raise the debt ceiling
It's high time the Dems reclaim the initiative in the budget battle. How? By setting their solid terms on voting to raise the debt ceiling. First, they must say at every opportunity the simple fact ...
BlueStreak 04/11/2011 3 - - 14
It's the economy they want to shut down
The objective, even fetishizing, of the GOP for a government shutdown has been palpable since the 2010 election. But the reality is, it's the economic recovery--tepid as it is--that is what they ...
BlueStreak 04/07/2011 17 7 - 93
Now: Eric Cantor wants to know...!
Via @fastcompany, we get word that Eric Cantor is trying to use a Quora site to solicit ideas for legislation. The direct link ...
BlueStreak 02/22/2011 1 1 - 13
A tragedy in Arizona (updated)
Note: My original title contained a reference to today's events as a modern-day Holocaust. While tragic and reprehensible, the community's voice has prevailed that this was a step too far. ...
BlueStreak 01/09/2011 22 2 - 101
The GOP's October Surprise...
... is apparently, wait for it, their platform. That's right. Their PLATFORM. According to ThinkProgress, no less a personage than Senator McConnell, the Minority Leader (Oxymoron alert), is so ...
BlueStreak 08/03/2010 40 18 - 57
Is McChrystal hoping to be fired?
I know--speculation—and it may have been covered in comments elsewhere, but I can't help thinking that there was nothing accidental about the General's comments.
BlueStreak 06/22/2010 30 4 - 24
The Republican Roadblock to Recovery™
As primary season winds down and the real contests for November heat up, I, like many here, remain frustrated on the lack of a strong, coherent line of attack on the part of Democrats. The title ...
BlueStreak 05/13/2010 5 7 - 31
Hawaii's missing a great opportunity
I'm sure we all got a kick out of this story concerning Hawaii's need to legally deny excessive requests for Barack Obama's ...
BlueStreak 03/17/2010 20 15 - 30
The real choice in Afghanistan
With the election "process" over in Afghanistan, there has been much to consider about where the US is, and how to move forward from here. Do we continue with nation building? Send more troops? ...
BlueStreak 11/03/2009 26 3 - 69
From our Waterloo to their Gettysburg
The GOP knew what was at stake in the war over healthcare reform, and they spared no effort, or expense to bring Obama his "Waterloo" moment. Instead, their supporters threw it all on a desperate, ...
BlueStreak 10/26/2009 67 27 1 23
Gen. Petraeus cured by "communists"...
OK, not exactly. The New York Times is reporting that General Petraeus has been successfully treated for ...
BlueStreak 10/05/2009 11 1 - 37
With one fell swoop
Alan Grayson did something this week that all of us have been waiting for: a clear rebuttal to all the rubbish spewed by the GOP. Best of all he beat them at their own game. He not only pointed out ...
BlueStreak 09/30/2009 9 6 - 13
Medicare-the public option 2nd front
I'm happy to be counted with the optimists--the fight is far from over. This week we have seen an intriguing addition to the message: Medicare. Will this be the tipping point in the debate?
BlueStreak 08/18/2009 4 1 - 3
My response to Whole Foods' response
Whole Foods sent a poor attempt at "clarification" today. My Response: The Board has a choice: Keep your CEO, or keep your customers. Full text below:
BlueStreak 08/15/2009 11 4 - 32
Is that all they got?
Death Panels?, Just Say No™?, Socialism?, Nazism? I'll admit, I was a bit discouraged by the Blue Dog "compromise", the Baucus negotiations(?), etc. And of course the time frame. We had to ...
BlueStreak 08/12/2009 4 5 - 4
Conrad: "The votes aren't there"
Kent Conrad was on NPR this morning and stated the above in reference to the public option.
BlueStreak 07/30/2009 20 2 - 3
What "Going for the Kill" Means
Obama is right in confronting the Waterloo comments of Jim DeMint, but he missed the opportunity to go further.
BlueStreak 07/23/2009 3 6 - 5
How about we don't have an August recess?
Obama and the House are, despite the odds, heading towards an actual vote on healthcare reform. But the Senate seems bent on taking their summer break before taking it up.
BlueStreak 07/14/2009 11 8 - 5
More Hypocrisy from Faux News (not BREAKING)
So today I was treated to Fox news on the Plasma screen during my lunch hour. Fortunately, it was silent, and close-captioned. Much to my surprise, Gov. Sanford was actually being covered. Then came ...
BlueStreak 06/25/2009 32 14 1 95
Gov. Sanford's got some 'splainin' to do
Straight up Governor--you are hiding something. You hid it from your family, your staff, your constituents, your citizenry.
BlueStreak 06/24/2009 25 6 - 6
MAKE Specter vote like a Dem
The ink may barely be dry on Specter's new Democratic Credentials, and we're already abuzz over the implications. But while he may protest that he's still "against" EFCA, we already know the truth--...
BlueStreak 04/28/2009 9 3 - 1
Outrage in MN
The AP is reporting that the Minnesota Supreme Court will not hear oral arguments until June. Almost 7 ...
BlueStreak 04/24/2009 25 7 - 11
Message: We don't need the GOP
The GOP's inability to provide a single vote for the stimulus should be seen for what it is, an opportunity to say thanks, but no thanks.
BlueStreak 01/30/2009 7 3 - -
Two Ways to Expand the Victory
Even after a well-deserved celebration, there's no time to lose in getting down to business. So here are two humble suggestions for preparing the ground for further expansion of the new majority:
BlueStreak 11/05/2008 3 1 - -
Ayers Questions? Answer with the economy
Today's continued meltdown on Wall Street continues to focus the election debate. Simply put, there is no other issue now. Yet McCain still tries to mud sling ridiculous charges. Palin continues to ...
BlueStreak 10/09/2008 2 - 1 1
The Ifill gambit is off target
The McCain campaign continues to display it's widening break from reality by attempting to make Gwen Ifill THE STORY of tonight's debate--before it even happens. We all know that they've been ...
BlueStreak 10/02/2008 58 1 - 3
McCain and UnAble
The unpredictable nature of political fortune has turned. The Dems now have their overwhelming closing argument. John McCain is not ready to lead. His running mate--an absolute disaster.
BlueStreak 09/26/2008 - - - 1
Dems need to up the bailout ante. Now.
Regardless of the specifics, it seems clear that the current and future political fallout is now a huge obstacle for any bailout proposal. If this is the emergency that the the administration and ...
BlueStreak 09/25/2008 18 10 1 -
Biden coins a catchphrase...
Joe Biden may have just coined the killer catchphrase of the campaign, one that puts the GOP policy in perfect perspective.
BlueStreak 09/18/2008 59 28 2 14
One question for Palin
Where does the mother of a child with Down's Syndrome stand on stem-cell research?
BlueStreak 08/29/2008 9 2 - -
I got your arrogance right here...
There's been some astute observations of an emerging media narrative on Obama--he's arrogant, he thinks he can't lose. Here's an appropriate response:
BlueStreak 07/27/2008 18 10 1 -
Austin at a glance for NN08
It's almost here, so I'm throwing my two cents of highly opinionated and partially substantiated intelligence about food, drink and entertainment for the NetRoots Nation crowd. To make this more ...
BlueStreak 07/14/2008 38 29 7 98
Thoughts on Obama, Hillary, and Debt
What a difference 24 hours makes. The media is recognizing the reality of Obama's all but certain nomination. The debate now is what to do about Hilary. Two options have been floated as Trial ...
BlueStreak 05/08/2008 39 3 - -
Reject and Denounce
The sidebar about Geraldine Ferraro remains a storyline--thanks to Ms Ferraro insisting on pouring more gasoline on the fire. Obama should use this opportunity to demand that Hillary Reject and ...
BlueStreak 03/12/2008 16 - - -
Obama's play
Last night's results, while incomplete, are a net loss for Obama's campaign. That shouldn't be confused with a catastrophic loss. The bottom line is that, since Super Tuesday, Obama and Hillary have,
BlueStreak 03/05/2008 7 2 - -
Clinton's Fatal Error
As Hilary's campaign continues to struggle, we see more negative campaigning, more accusations, more dissension in the ranks. And while the mistakes have been many, I do offer an opinion on what I ...
BlueStreak 02/26/2008 6 1 - -
Another Superdelegate for Obama
Austin's KVUE News (ABC) reported last night that Congressman Lloyd Doggett has officially committed to supporting Barack Obama at the convention. Just a quick note, and apologies if this was ...
BlueStreak 02/21/2008 15 10 1 -
Don't put Texas into Obama's column just yet
The next few weeks will have much to do with the outcome in Texas. Particularly if there's a clear momentum on Obama's side, he may be able to sweep to victory here. But there are some big obstacles.
BlueStreak 02/10/2008 61 1 1 -
The Return of the Wave
In this piece, kos talks about Obama's poll momentum as a tsunami. While currently it is the effect of momentum, it ...
BlueStreak 01/07/2008 12 - - -
The Bloomberg Specter
As if on cue, just as Iowa moves into "winning time," we see new speculation in the media about a Bloomberg run. While I don't know if he'll run or not--ultimately, it may be a question of ego--I'm ...
BlueStreak 01/02/2008 16 2 - -
Amateur Hour is over
It's time for Democrats to get serious about changing the course this country is on. The seriousness and complexity of the problems we face around the world, and at home, is accelerating at an ...
BlueStreak 11/07/2007 3 5 - -
Red Sox strike blow for separation of Church & Sport
I've had the pleasure of watching the Sox take their second world title, and I must say, knowing that Colorado's owners made a special effort to build their team with "Christian" athletes made that ...
BlueStreak 10/29/2007 63 17 2 16
SCHIP and the GOP war on the middle-class
Today's vote continues the GOP's shameless policy of loyalty above all else. Many of the 156 have clearly been willing to gamble (with the lives of Children, no less) that they won't be hurt by this ...
BlueStreak 10/18/2007 7 5 - -
The Frost Family and the Snowball Effect
The Republicans latest outrage does more than expose the Republicans at their absolute worst, it does so in a way that--finally--is tailor-made for traditional media. We need to maximize the damage--...
BlueStreak 10/10/2007 15 14 - 4
Nixon, China, and Iraq
Only Nixon could go to China -- Old Vulcan Proverb In a time when logic fails us, is this about to become our next nightmare in bringing the Iraq war to its ...
BlueStreak 09/27/2007 3 - - 4
Deception. Denial. Dementia.
Last night's address truly had it all. It's time for Democrats to stand up--so our troops can stand down.
BlueStreak 09/14/2007 - 3 - 1
Not Vietnam, but Chile?
Some interesting developments have occurred that seem just a little too coincidental. First we hear, via of all places, two recent front page stories concerning Iraq. Then via ThinkProgress, ...
BlueStreak 08/23/2007 3 5 - 21
Dems: Make a statement on 9/11
We have learned today that Gen. Petraeus is to report to Congress on 9/11/07. And just when we thought we could expect a new civility in the post Karl Rove era... This is a perfect time to ...
BlueStreak 08/20/2007 17 15 1 146
More Desert Fox than Satan
Waiting Period? But I'm ANGRY NOW!--Homer Simpson So why not weigh in for my first diary on everyone's favorite white whale: Karl Rove. (his words; h/t ThinkProgress)
BlueStreak 08/14/2007 11 2 - -
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