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Pro-Marriage Equality Candidates
In the wake of President Obama's momentous announcement supporting marriage equality this past Wednesday, more and more Democrats have began clarifying their positions on this issue and ...
BluntDiplomat 05/12/2012 47 9 - 409
Don't Hate the Player or the Game - Hate Yourself: ProPublica's Hit Job on CA Redistricting
The recent ProPublica article entitled "How Democrats Fooled California’s Redistricting ...
BluntDiplomat 12/23/2011 13 8 2 132
WY Rule versus NH Rule
To commemorate redistricting, I decided to crank out my calculator and see what each state and territory's House delegation size would be if the Wyoming Rule or the ratio being used for the ...
BluntDiplomat 06/20/2011 30 5 - 244
Buckeye Bull's Eye: OH Redistricting
Although Republicans control Ohio redistricting, I cannot help but play around with Ohio and produce a new 16-district map of my own. My goal was pure and simple: to keep Dennis Kucinich out of ...
BluntDiplomat 06/14/2011 17 2 - 148
Silver State Shuffle: NV Redistricting
Although Nevada is awash in proposed maps and veto stamps, I decided to have some fun with my former home state and take stab at redrawing the lines without having seen any of what the legislature ...
BluntDiplomat 06/09/2011 7 4 - 120
My Wisconsin Gerrymander
So I finally took the plunge and decided to try Dave's Redistricting App (2.2!) this past weekend. Seeing as how my Facebook is flooded with updates from the Wisconsin recall attempts, I decided ...
BluntDiplomat 06/07/2011 7 2 - 94
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