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The guano that fertilized their grass roots
An LA Times investigation into the financial roots of the Tea Party movement reveals this rigor mortus-driven insurrection is about as grassroots as it is thoughtful.
Bob Sackamento 11/27/2010 8 11 - 35
Now that’s the Gainesville I know and love!
I fled the South over three years ago, and, since then, I periodically took pride in hearing my hometown mentioned in the news. I beamed when I heard Obama took Alachua County by a huge margin in ...
Bob Sackamento 09/09/2010 39 21 - 47
 BREAKING! O'Reilly discovers non-white tea-bagger in MO!
Right now, many of my fellow liberals are ingesting a dish I just reluctantly forced down my throat like a GOP talking point: crow. And our meal is being served to us by none other than the ...
Bob Sackamento 04/03/2010 86 29 - 43
 My pen pal is target of latest GOP-corruption probe
Yes, it's true, I was pen-palling around with a Greerorist who is now the subject of a ...
Bob Sackamento 03/31/2010 9 9 - 20
Michael Moore has his way with Wolf Blitzer again
When I took the grave risk of switching channels to CNN this evening, I was handsomely rewarded with the dramatic spectacle of Michael Moore hoisting Wolf Blitzer on his own proverbial petard. Wolf ...
Bob Sackamento 09/24/2009 471 739 37 689
Finally, those flowers we were promised! Update: Fireworks Reported!
Of course, they were supposed to greet us with those flowers, not our exit. Flowers are flowers, though! [ According to Reuters], the US troops are ...
Bob Sackamento 06/29/2009 173 223 - 34
Homophobes baffled as Warren backtracks towards Jesus.
As the Prop 8 vote drew near, Rick Warren eagerly pimped himself out to the Prop 8 movement (detailed by [ BarbinMD earlier last week]). In a ...
Bob Sackamento 04/12/2009 18 22 - 47
Heroes reconstructing the faces of US and Iraqi heroes
To date, [ over 30,000 US troops have been wounded] while fighting in Iraq. Many of them involved traumatic injuries that demanded intense, highly specialized ...
Bob Sackamento 03/25/2009 3 9 - 3
"Let me guess, your name starts with an A."
Yesterday, I made a new friend during a weekly celebration of Philly's beerliciousness. He worked in the same industry as me, had roots in the middle east like me, and was a damn interesting ...
Bob Sackamento 03/15/2009 25 19 - 13
WaPo: Sputtering, visionless GOP now targeting President Obama
According to [,0,1168461.story the Washington Post], the blundering GOP seeks to shift the target of their flailing ...
Bob Sackamento 03/07/2009 22 28 1 15
WSJ Poll: America urges McCain, Limbaugh et al. to PISS OFF!
The Washington Post [ reports] on the tragic effects of the Republican party's cognitive ...
Bob Sackamento 03/03/2009 17 34 - 13
Dazed McCain found wandering aimlessly, babbling incoherently.
[ Reuters reporters] stumbled across the confused Senator from Arizona earlier today while covering Congressional politics. ...
Bob Sackamento 03/02/2009 55 14 - 17
CPAHAHAC Conference: GOP's BRILLIANT self-caricature!
In three tidy paragraphs, Politico neatly packages this year's [ "hip-hop" flavored CPAC so far]: The Conservative Political ...
Bob Sackamento 02/27/2009 68 22 - 18
After a post-Obama performance that made Sarah Palin look like Hillary Clinton, Bobby Jindal was universally derided by conservatives, liberals and everyone in between. The usually-mild CNN website [...
Bob Sackamento 02/25/2009 34 20 - 14
Arnold to obstinate colleagues: I'll take your money!  
In a recent interview with Politico, California's Governor [ graciously offered to take the stimulus money] that dingleberries such as Jindal, ...
Bob Sackamento 02/22/2009 35 22 1 20
Socks, 1989-2009
Socks, the former first cat under President Clinton, [,CST-NWS-xsock22.article has died of cancer]. The Clintons have released the following statement:
Bob Sackamento 02/21/2009 110 63 2 21
The abbreviated phrase reached the height of its prominence during the second Bush presidency. It came to describe a pointless, disastrous war. Americans relied on it to make sense of debacles such ...
Bob Sackamento 02/16/2009 45 43 - 18
NYT introduces Newt's mini-me, Eric Cantor
Bob Sackamento 02/14/2009 68 28 - 44
Spoken like a true Democrat.
I'm watching the Senate blowhards with my seven year old, Ibrahim. In response to the "BREAKING NEWS" banner hogging up a third of the screen, he inquired, "Is this really happening? Is it really '...
Bob Sackamento 02/06/2009 12 7 - 1
Voters contrast Obama's bipartisanship w/GOP *sshattery
[ Assmussen Reports] just ...
Bob Sackamento 02/03/2009 16 13 - -
Chuck: Obama administration could set up "bad bank" by Tues
So I'm suffering through Morning Joe a few minutes ago as a consequence of my kid's school being snowed in, and Chuck Todd and some geezer are discussing the financial crisis. I couldn't help but ...
Bob Sackamento 01/28/2009 59 17 - 19
Obama's al Arabiya interview marks death of cowboy diplomacy
[ Back in 2004], an Al Arabiya journalist covering the streets of Bagdahd was killed by US helicopter fire. In an interview with ...
Bob Sackamento 01/27/2009 21 34 - 25
Limbaugh responds to Pres with vomit, defense of Merrill Lynch
As Icebergslim notes in [ her popular diary], Obama recently educated Republicans on the wisdom of ignoring Rush Limbaugh. Yesterday, ...
Bob Sackamento 01/24/2009 459 268 2 44
It's not just a light that f'd up this diary
Yesterday, a light brighter than the sun on most days foiled my efforts to pictorially document the Wilmington stop of Obama/Biden's inauguration whistle stop tour.
Bob Sackamento 01/18/2009 10 11 - 2
$3,000,000+ for Mitch McConnell shrine!!
A Louisville, Kentucky-based publication [ is reporting that the University of Louisville] and its benefactors are throwing ...
Bob Sackamento 01/10/2009 34 18 - 14
Formerly united GOP devolves into crabs in a basket
As the GOP's race-baiting staple--the Southern Strategy--completes its natural evaporation, Republicans in the throes of an epic identity crisis are turning their knives on each other. While the [...
Bob Sackamento 01/05/2009 32 40 - 15
Obama seeks to protect workers from spineless dems, DINOs & GOP
The lowest point in my life is traceable back to October 31, 2001. I was 24, and, as my exit interview with the CEO's wife/HR director ended, I confidently laughed off extending my health insurance ...
Bob Sackamento 01/04/2009 13 23 - 19
Obama's Weekly Pre-Presidential Address: Economic Stimulus
In the President Elect's weekly youtube address this morning (video follows diary), Barack Obama made a strong case for his economic stimulus plan. He began his address by recognizing the ominous ...
Bob Sackamento 01/03/2009 38 26 1 18
G-d is a Democrat: Palin a 3.5-1 favorite in 2012!
Reported in [ the Hill]: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the front-runner to win the ...
Bob Sackamento 01/02/2009 63 15 - 24
Meet the new face of the Republican Governors Association.
As 77,000 unemployed citizens of his state watched ...
Bob Sackamento 01/01/2009 249 277 1 29
Oh for F*ck's sake, give the man a little space!
[ A small group of] placard-waving pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered near U.S. President-elect Barack Obama's ...
Bob Sackamento 12/30/2008 135 26 - 22
Historian Dr. Laura Bush: "My husband did NOT suck!"
Filed under "stand by your man." According to [ an AP report this morning], Laura Bush was a guest on FOX ...
Bob Sackamento 12/28/2008 45 21 1 18
GOP Chair Mike Duncan shocked (shocked!) at party racist.
While an RNC candidate for party chairman seizes the opportunity presented by Jesus's birth to [ distribute ...
Bob Sackamento 12/27/2008 39 25 - 18
Warning! Insurance companies seek to infiltrate house meetings
If you are one of the thousands of Obama supporters planning to hold or attend a house meeting in the next few weeks to discuss the health care crisis, be on the lookout: patrons of the health ...
Bob Sackamento 12/17/2008 20 41 - 82
I never thought I’d be writing one of these diaries.
Check my history, and you’ll see that my Obama Koolaid-drinking credentials are unimpeachable. According to expert sources (my wife), since 2006, I have been Obama’s top cheerleader ...
Bob Sackamento 12/16/2008 66 17 - 23
DC droppings: roving holder, arlen's spectre, discheneying, corkerscrewed, WCOCTDOGW?...
Roving Holder Karl Rove, in his post-Bush role of smarmy pundit, has managed to inject his foul stench into the Holder nomination. Patrick Leahy—upon witnessing his GOP ...
Bob Sackamento 12/14/2008 7 10 - 23
What do Chester County & Mogadishu hospitals have in common?
A typical argument for preserving the existing health care system in the United States goes something like this: Sure, you wouldn’t have to pay for that transplant in Canada, ...
Bob Sackamento 12/13/2008 15 17 1 20
WTF?! Who's keeping the Obamas out of the Blair House?
[ The White House has refused a request] by the Obamas to move in early into the Blair House to facilitate ...
Bob Sackamento 12/12/2008 102 30 1 175
Global markets, dollar plunge as rescue collapses
[ Stocks tumbled around] the world and the dollar slumped after the Senate rejected a bailout for American ...
Bob Sackamento 12/12/2008 92 27 1 19
GOP vultures circle Obama's vacant Senate seat.
True to form, the Republican vultures in the Illinois General Assembly are circling over Obama’s vacant senate seat like the bottom feeders they are. According [
Bob Sackamento 12/11/2008 55 12 - 22
Obama approval at 79%. Bush believes in evolution, staff remains delusional.
According to a [ newly released CNN poll], 79% of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of the transition. No numbers are available regarding ...
Bob Sackamento 12/09/2008 411 252 3 29
Blackwater lashes out at indictment for killing civilians!?
A miniscule, equivocating part of me is almost barely certain that a percentage of what Blackwater does in Iraq is noble and good. But lashing out at the US government’s prosecution of the ...
Bob Sackamento 12/07/2008 225 292 3 47
Obama lays out bold recovery plan in weekly address
Obama lays out his economic plan for both “Wall Street and Main Street,” which is intended to create 2.5 million jobs by rebuilding “infrastructure...improving schools, reducing ...
Bob Sackamento 12/06/2008 212 149 2 38
Democrats assail Obama for failure to shed "elect"
"At a time of great crisis with mortgage foreclosures and autos, he says we only have one president at a time," Frank said. "I'm afraid that overstates the number of presidents we have. ...
Bob Sackamento 12/05/2008 48 22 1 25
Jews and Muslims wage war on Christmas
The fight I’m about to chronicle is a deeply personal one, and its winners and losers are yet to be determined. The combatants include my wife, my brother, my sister-in-law and me: two Muslims,
Bob Sackamento 12/03/2008 47 24 - 18
Scientists stand up to Bush a$$hattery on stem cells
I have a few good friends who are scientists, and the one thing they all share is zero tolerance for asshattery perpetuated by religious bigots. And with good reason. Scientists have faced a fierce ...
Bob Sackamento 12/02/2008 13 21 1 19
Good luck finding someone to pee in your cup.
Friday was a good day to be waiting on a FedEx truck. I was expecting a job offer that came with a promotion, 10K signing bonus, 10% pay increase, talented boss and fresh new challenges and ...
Bob Sackamento 11/30/2008 949 606 11 57
Choosing 8000 from 1,000,000 of America's most brilliant
What a difference an election makes. The Executive Branch is transitioning from a country club ruled by incompetents whose primary qualifications are drinking-buddy appeal and Jesustude to a budding ...
Bob Sackamento 11/29/2008 14 17 - 18
OUTRAGERY: Draft of Bush's unedited memoirs leaked!
Excerpts follow.
Bob Sackamento 11/28/2008 20 20 - 21
Tweety for Arlen Specter's PA Senate Seat? HA!
One thing thats struck me about Pennsylania's residents is how many PA Democrats express affinity towards Arlen Specter. Okay, so compared to the modern, Constitution-loathing, bigot-endearing ...
Bob Sackamento 11/27/2008 61 7 - 36
Prop 8 enters the judicial fray
Historically, the courts have been the last line of resort for citizens whose civil liberties are threatened by their government. One such landmark case, Brown v. Topeka Board of Education , ...
Bob Sackamento 11/20/2008 13 12 - -
Breaking great news & video! Senator Kennedy returns to work! (updated w/statement)
[ According to Kennedy's aides], the Senator from Massachusetts will be back at his second home in Washington ...
Bob Sackamento 11/17/2008 100 258 5 67
Today, the US Senate lost another rising star.
Barack Obama was only the fifth African-American to serve in the US Senate. During Reconstruction, Hiram Rhodes Revels (1870-1871) and Blanche Bruce (1875-1881) helped pave a path for him and other ...
Bob Sackamento 11/16/2008 174 405 15 317
Ashton Kutcher PUNKS prop 8!
My exposure to Ashton Kutcher is limited to his show on MTV, and I have always had the impression that he was a goofy and sophomoric, well, punk. But, last night, facing a bitter ender from the ...
Bob Sackamento 11/15/2008 39 29 - 20
Pen-Pal around with Iranian Despots? Yes we can!
In 1979, Iranian revolutionaries caused a substantial ruckus that drew the United States’ collective ire. Nearly three decades earlier, President Eisenhower joined the British efforts (in hot ...
Bob Sackamento 11/14/2008 29 9 - 1
Entering bizarro world: Israeli President praises Saudi King.
With a backdrop of [ increasing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis], a rare piece of good news regarding the middle east escaped NYC yesterday. ...
Bob Sackamento 11/13/2008 112 10 1 33
Connecticut is the new California.
Last year, before fleeing the South, I was under a constant barrage of insults from my Californian wife regarding how backwoods my hometown was. Compared to California’s diverse utopia, my ...
Bob Sackamento 11/12/2008 69 25 - 33
Introducing, grownup foreign policy!
In the wake of eight years of bumbling, catastrophe-spawning foreign policy, today’s Washington Post provides [
Bob Sackamento 11/11/2008 11 12 - -
Obama's favorables record high, Bush's approval record low.
It's quite fitting, but, today, George Bush, one of the least popular people on this planet, was visited by one of the coolest. According to a USA Today/Gallup poll [
Bob Sackamento 11/10/2008 30 16 - 23
"He's still President-Elect?"
When I put myself through college in the nineties, I relied on jobs like delivering pizzas and bagging groceries. I wouldn’t have been able to pay rent or buy food without this work. These days,
Bob Sackamento 11/09/2008 6 12 - 12
Israel's Obamaphobia ceding to the "Obama Effect"
Despite Obama’s solid support for Israel, many Israelis, unlike their Jewish-American kin, have been suspicious of our President-Elect. Prior to the election, polls showed Israeli-Americans ...
Bob Sackamento 11/07/2008 38 28 1 20
The world anxiously awaits America's redemption.
Although today felt like hundreds of years away, it seemed like only yesterday we were half a nation reeling from a shame-inducing punch to the stomach:
Bob Sackamento 11/04/2008 21 26 - 19
Tomorrow, deliver me my government entitlements.
I’ve canvassed, phoned and donated. I’ve worried, celebrated and wondered. My back hurts, and I still have some phone calls to make, but, after tomorrow, I expect my demands for the ...
Bob Sackamento 11/03/2008 17 18 1 16
11th-hr GOP desperation sullies wrong Jew's mailbox.
In PA, the GOP has flooded the airways and post-offices with their anti-Obama sleaze in what appears to be their only synchronous and coherent effort to date—a last ditch attempt to paint ...
Bob Sackamento 11/02/2008 30 56 - 23
Palin booed for praising Phillies in Pirates' backyard. (Video)
Just when you thought the McCain campaign had reached the pinnacle of tone deafness, McCain’s fumbling running mate resets the bar. While in Erie PA yesterday, the backyard of both the ...
Bob Sackamento 10/31/2008 46 20 2 33
Why does the Jerusalem Post hate Israel?
The Jerusalem Post leans to the right and bares little resemblance to the diverse attitudes of Israelis at large. Though I don’t recommend it, navigating around their website will reveal an ...
Bob Sackamento 10/30/2008 12 26 - 28
Obama's Spot: Politico Flatulates, ABC Fails (preview inside!)
If you guys are like me, and I know you are, you’re eagerly anticipating Obama’s thirty minute spot tonight and highly curious about its contents. In typical Obama fashion, his campaign ...
Bob Sackamento 10/29/2008 101 49 - 18
Michelle Obama Flaunts Her J. Crew! (w/Leno Video!)
The [ New York ...
Bob Sackamento 10/28/2008 29 44 - 18
Michelle Obama incites 10,000+ FL hopemongers! Pics & Video!
Michelle Obama was in my former hometown of Gainesville, Florida, this past Wednesday drumming up the early vote. In a backdrop befitting our distinguished next first lady, over 10,000 zealous ...
Bob Sackamento 10/26/2008 155 315 9 94
Bob Sackamento 10/25/2008 71 35 - 22
Politico Exposes IMPLOSION: McCain's Bus Runneth Over!
Take cover, this implosion's going to be an epic one! According to several news reports this evening, the New York Times Sunday magazine will print an article this weekend featuring numerous ...
Bob Sackamento 10/23/2008 93 56 1 23
Smerconish(!?) dropped the Wasserman Schultz on a wingnut!
On my birthday, Michael Smerconish gave a somewhat [ surprising endorsement of Obama]. Realizing that this probably caused most of his wingnut listener base ...
Bob Sackamento 10/23/2008 20 46 1 22
$150K(!) to Dress Palin Clan for 2 Months as 9 Million Americans Go Jobless! (w/Maddow)
Marc Ambinder has been receiving e-mails by Republicans disgusted by a [ Politico report] that the RNC has spent 150K to outfit Sarah Palin, ...
Bob Sackamento 10/22/2008 861 570 18 51
Obama is a Fanatic. McCain dares to go there.
John McCain made [ the following remarks] a few moments ago in PA: I heard that Senator Obama was showing ...
Bob Sackamento 10/21/2008 45 20 - 27
McCain: the fundamentals of my campaign are STRONG
McCain's got us right where he wants us. In the wake of Powell's ringing support for the Democratic nominee and Obama's staggering fundraising totals, he's brimming with confidence. Brace yourself ...
Bob Sackamento 10/20/2008 17 25 1 -
Press BATTERS McCain/Palin. Happy Birthday to Me!
Was Palin's SNL skit a proverbial game changer? I couldn't tell you first hand; I was out by 11. But based on the across-the-spectrum battering that today's papers are dispensing to McCain/Palin, ...
Bob Sackamento 10/19/2008 34 48 - 15
Paying Penance for My 2000 FL Nader Vote.
In the last few years, my mom—one of those older, Jewish Florida residents we hear so much about—has suffered a severe political devolution. I'm not sure whether it's the result of ...
Bob Sackamento 10/18/2008 20 19 - 1
We don't take kindly to yer type 'round here. (w/Obama Pics!)
Much to my horror, I learned yesterday that John McCain was in my neighborhood spewing half-baked angst. For a brief instant, the streets surrounding my home were teeming with cars sporting McCain ...
Bob Sackamento 10/17/2008 24 41 2 16
NR Eats Young: Buckley Resigns Over Obama Endorsement!
In Chris Buckley's now famous essay, "Sorry, Dad, I'm Voting for Obama," he predicted that the National Review and its readers, following Republican tradition, would cannibalize him for expressing a ...
Bob Sackamento 10/15/2008 47 38 - 28
McCain's Reboot Results in Lime-Green Screen of Death
Yesterday, Obama pursued a steady course towards election day and [ unveiled] the following economic stimulus proposals: 1. ...
Bob Sackamento 10/14/2008 26 43 1 17
Axelrod DISMANTLES Rick Davis, Stale GOP Talking Points!
See below for video of Axelrod schooling Rick Davis. On FOX News Sunday this morning, Axelrod flashed his mastery of the verbal smackdown by dismantling Rick Davis's exhausted talking ...
Bob Sackamento 10/12/2008 69 54 3 16
McCain Disgusted By His Disgusting Campaign?
A McCain surrogate was caught today behaving like [ a McCain surrogate]: “I also would ...
Bob Sackamento 10/11/2008 11 9 - 1
The Hillary Lady Down the Street
For many months, her house escaped my notice by fading into the background of my daily commute to work. It was typical for our neighborhood: 20+ year old construction, well-manicured lawn, ...
Bob Sackamento 10/11/2008 39 55 1 20
William Ayers? Obama's Drug Use? Really?
On the way to work this morning, I listened to the dire warnings of an economist on NPR. He betrayed a grave tone as he hinted at the possibility of another depression. The UK market was down 10%, ...
Bob Sackamento 10/10/2008 49 34 - 18
BREAKING: First Dude Admits to Long-Held Vendetta
The bell appears to be tolling [ a day early for Sarah]: Todd Palin talked with over a dozen state officials, many of them repeatedly, ...
Bob Sackamento 10/09/2008 49 50 - 25
Bell Tolls For Thee - This Fri.
Filed under "Karma=3, McCain/Palin=0." McCain/Palin's efforts to derail the troopergate investigation have failed. Despite their aggressive push to put a Cheney-like kibosh on the investigation, ...
Bob Sackamento 10/08/2008 31 23 - 9
It was in this context that I heard her say "never again"
I can't imagine the decision my grandfather faced before he fled Poland. My entire family on his side had refused to believe that centuries of hard work and laying roots were in danger. The family ...
Bob Sackamento 10/06/2008 16 29 2 42
Another McCain Boondoggle
Before Monday's foiled bailout credit grab, McCain used his "surge" support to heap praise upon himself for a decrease in Iraqi violence. In reality, the US's Sunni allies are primarily responsible ...
Bob Sackamento 10/05/2008 2 12 1 -
First Michigan, now Pennsylvania!? Why Can't McCain Close the Deal on "Hard Working Americans..."?
The headline on Huffington Post reads: "[ McCain Could Be Forced Out of Pennsylvania.]" The story: ...
Bob Sackamento 10/04/2008 335 530 10 68
More Lobbyist Trysts Exposed
Several years ago, John McCain (V. 2000) was apparently becoming too lippy about executive pay for some big wigs' comfort. When one mortgage conglomerate caught wind, it identified someone "known ...
Bob Sackamento 10/03/2008 10 29 - 28
Bush Steals From Obama's Playbook (AGAIN!)
For all of McCain's droning on about Obama's naivety regarding cross-border attacks into Pakistan, McCain's policy Guru, George Bush, can't hide his affinity for the Democratic nominee's ideas. For ...
Bob Sackamento 10/01/2008 5 9 - -
WSJ(!?) Exposes McCain's Naked Exploitation of Nat'l Crisis
Wow. Not even Rupert's mouthpiece, the Wall Street Journal, is buying McCain's pathetic attempt to seize credit for the bailout agreement. Or his desperate attempt to link its failure to Obama. ...
Bob Sackamento 09/30/2008 60 62 2 26
Why Can't McCain Close the Deal on POWs?
It's his trump card. His ace in the hole. His cynical analog of the proverbial [ "race card pulled ...
Bob Sackamento 09/29/2008 2 7 - 8
NYT: John McCain=Capitol Hill's FREDO
The hour's late. A high-stakes gambler, a crooked politician, a casino owner's lackeys and a group of smarmy, inside-D.C. influence peddlers are mixing it up. A scene out of Godfather? Maybe Scarface?
Bob Sackamento 09/28/2008 28 31 - 19
Morning Joe Sparks the Meme: McCain=Old, Testy Nixon!
McCain's campaign wanted this election to be about appearances rather than substance. You know what they say--be careful what you wish for... Morning Joe opened up with Mika and Joe describing ...
Bob Sackamento 09/27/2008 94 46 1 22
McCain Nears Defcon Britney Spears--TOTAL MELTDOWN
What we are witnessing is an unprecedented and tragic unraveling of a presidential nominee. From the stunning Palin FAIL to the latest, desperate cry for attention, McCain is actively losing the bet ...
Bob Sackamento 09/26/2008 29 36 1 20
McCain's Right, this is a 9/11 Moment.
McCain [ said]: Following September 11th, our national leaders came together at a time of crisis. We must ...
Bob Sackamento 09/25/2008 21 15 - -
Obama Exposes McCain's Tax Scam
Bob Sackamento 09/24/2008 15 24 1 9
Yesterday, Steve Schmidt's [ head exploded] during a conference call in which he declared war on everyone from the New York Times to my ...
Bob Sackamento 09/23/2008 19 32 - 19
Steve Schmidt's Head Explodes as Cranium Exceeds BS Capacity.
Bob Sackamento 09/22/2008 65 79 2 21
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