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You Know You're From Detroit If.....
You long for Vernors or Strohs on a warm summer day, with Ernie Harwell on the radio; you know Al Kaline has nothing to do with batteries; and your road map is attached to your wrist. Alas, I will ...
BobBlueMass 07/14/2014 207 104 3 -
Happy Anniversary! 10 Years of Marriage Equality in Massachusetts
The first American Revolution began with the shot heard 'round the world on Lexington Green. Another American revolution began with a court decision heard 'round the world in a Boston courtroom. ...
BobBlueMass 05/17/2014 7 9 - -
Boston Strong
I know this is a political web site and not a sports site. In Boston there is no difference. Spent a few minutes before the game chatting with a former state rep, in fact. First, congratulations to ...
BobBlueMass 10/31/2013 72 61 1 -
If this is a dream, please don't wake me up
I am standing with friends, my fellow Democratic town committee members, at the Joe Kennedy victory party. A few minutes after watching Elizabeth Warren's victory speech the cry goes out from the TV ...
BobBlueMass 11/06/2012 5 6 - -
Joining The Fun - Getting on NOM's Boycott List
I am pissed. I missed getting on Nixon's Enemies List (by that much). Born a bit too late. Now comes The National Organization for Marriage's boycott list. Starbucks gets on it. Starbucks???? Some ...
BobBlueMass 04/04/2012 4 20 - 97
Healthier, Richer, Smarter ... And Liberal
Tom Keane writes this morning in the Boston Globe comparing liberal (OK, he calls us "moderate") Massachusetts to the 5 most conservative states: Wyoming, Mississippi, Utah, Alabama, and South Dakota.
BobBlueMass 02/11/2012 4 5 - 46
The Life and Death of An American Working Man. Thanks and Update.
My father died a week ago. He died quietly, in his sleep, in the home he built, with his family at his side. Just as he wanted. But it is not his death I write about. It is his life. A life made ...
BobBlueMass 11/21/2011 33 91 1 293
Massachusetts Legislature Redistricting - With Maps
The Massachusetts Legislature's joint redistricting committee has released the new district maps for both the State House and State Senate. I know the quality of these is less than desirable, but ...
BobBlueMass 10/25/2011 3 1 - 81
Elizabeth Warren for US Senate - The Work Begins
I just got back from an organizing kickoff event for Elizabeth Warren at Framingham State. It's late and I'm tired. But.... Over 400 people showed up; mostly Metro West, but a smattering of folks ...
BobBlueMass 10/25/2011 15 14 - 51
Evolving, Mea Culpas, and My Friend
I suck at writing diaries, so I'll keep this short. I am very excited about New York passing the marriage equality law. We've had marriage equality for awhile in Massachusetts. I've been to same ...
BobBlueMass 06/25/2011 6 13 - 79
FBI Catches 81 Year Old Man After 16 Year Hunt
After 16 years on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List, the FBI finally captured infamous Boston fugitive Whitey Bulger. Bulger was living in a cozy oceanside rent controlled apartment with his girlfriend.
BobBlueMass 06/23/2011 25 4 - 179
Celebrating Patriots Day in Madison
Monday is Patriots Day. At least in Massachusetts and our former fellow citizens in Maine. Paul Revere, William Dawes, etc. made their rides to turn out the minutemen and the Battles of Lexington ...
BobBlueMass 04/14/2011 9 6 - 50
Buying Guilt Relief: The Kochtopus
Like Rockefeller buying sympathy by handing out dimes to small children. Like Carnegie washing the blood of Homestead off his hands by building libraries. David Koch's buying a little guilt relief ...
BobBlueMass 03/05/2011 5 1 - 37
Here We Go! Again! Saturday Noon State House is organizing rallies in all 50 state capitals this Saturday, February 26th. Boston's rally is - again - at the State House at Noon.
BobBlueMass 02/24/2011 10 9 - 93
Well that was fun! Who else was at a Massachusetts rally?
OK Kossacks, who was at one of the rallies today? Thoughts? Comments?
BobBlueMass 02/22/2011 14 10 - 113
Another Dem for Senate
More Democrats begin to emerge in the race to retire Scott Brown. Today's Herald (hey I was getting my hair cut, it was the only paper there. Honest!) brings up Salem mayor Kim Driscoll as someone ...
BobBlueMass 02/16/2011 4 - - 33
GOP Pervert Candidate Now a Hypocrite
As elsewhere, Massachusetts GOP'ers rail against patronage, pork, and pension padding. Small government and all that. Two years ago, when Gov. Deval Patrick attempted to appoint supporter State ...
BobBlueMass 01/26/2011 24 19 - 72
Don't Blame Me I'm From Massachusetts: John Walsh for DNC Chair
Don't Blame Me I'm From Massachusetts. While it wasn't a complete Blue Paradise (there were some troubling local results) last Tuesday, we did have a very good night here in Massachusetts. A ...
BobBlueMass 11/08/2010 18 8 - 50
A Different GOTV Technique
A random spam email from some sports ticket outfit came today: OCTOBER 30 | 3:00 PM WWE Presents FAN APPRECIATION DAY! Be here for all of the WWE action this weekend! BUY TICKETS | ...
BobBlueMass 10/25/2010 2 - - 37
MA-10:Keep a Child Molester's Enabler Out Of Congress. Updated
Jeff Perry. Tea Party pet. GOP candidate and bright hope to take the Massachusetts 10th Congressional District (William Delahunt retiring) against Democrat Bill Keating. Quick background: Perry ...
BobBlueMass 10/22/2010 14 7 - 130
We're #49?!?!?!?!
(cross posted at BlueMassGroup) Sad statistics and analysis. A study by two Columbia University public health ...
BobBlueMass 10/12/2010 13 8 - 78
MA-GOV The Crazy Keeps On Coming
The craziness that is the Massachusetts Governor's race keeps coming. Our story so far. Charlie Baker, a wealthy former health insurance executive, has long been viewed as the Smartest Republican ...
BobBlueMass 10/08/2010 6 7 - 68
Back to Democracy: Town Meeting
October 19th was another fall Monday in our merry little New England exurb. With one exception. A few hundred of us spent the night in the high school gym, but not to watch the girls volleyball team.
BobBlueMass 11/13/2009 1 - - 16
 MA-Sen Fundraising Update
Looks like all four Democratic candidates got out of the blocks fast in fundraising for the December 8th primary to fill the remainder of Ted Kennedy's Senate term. The Boston Globe (
BobBlueMass 10/01/2009 5 2 - 30
Ooops! MA-Sen GOP Ad Pops Up on Page Advocating Military Coup. UPDATED with Scott Brown Response.
OK, maybe this is just a keyword algorithm gone wrong or ignorance about where exactly your ad would appear. But, the lone remaining GOP candidate to fill Senator Kennedy's seat (as if), Scott Brown,
BobBlueMass 09/30/2009 13 14 - 101
Moving and Shaking in Massachusetts Democratic Party. Updated.
After several months of speculation and increasing attacks on Governor Deval Patrick, State Treasurer Tim Cahill has left the Democratic Party and is now registered as Unenrolled (the Massachusetts ...
BobBlueMass 07/07/2009 10 5 - 17
Netroots 2.0 - Toolbox for the Progressive Majority
Jumping ahead a bit to January 2009, and getting ready to do something with our winnings. And maybe get beyond the "DailyKos as MySpace" issue. Kudos for MyDD user Shai Sachs for starting this on ...
BobBlueMass 10/27/2008 4 5 - 13
And now for something completely different.... Some good numbers
Cribbed this from BlueMassGroup and user CentralMassChic. I haven't read it in detail, but Alan Abramowitz of Emory University, a Poli Sci professor who claims a very good prediction record using ...
BobBlueMass 09/11/2008 4 3 - -
So much for the free ride. Kerry challenger makes primary ballot
OK, Massachusetts Democratic State Conventions are often snooze-a-thons. The only reason for this year's convention was to endorse a candidate for US Senate. Candidates also need 15% of the vote to ...
BobBlueMass 06/09/2008 39 6 - 13
Kerry Gets Free Pass in Senate Re-election
MA-SEN - Things have been pretty poor for the Republicans in Massachusetts for quite some time. Other than the stray rich guy looking for an amusing hobby like being Governor, they'...
BobBlueMass 06/03/2008 8 6 - 2
Hillary Clinton is the New Hubert Humphrey
My first political hero was George McGovern. I was 15 when he lost to Nixon. I cried myself to sleep Election Night, got up the next morning and put my McGovern button safely away. (Before you all ...
BobBlueMass 03/18/2008 32 13 - 12
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