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Erick Erickson's intelligent response
Quote: "... there is no war on women and women did not abandon Mitt Romney for Barack Obama because of their love of killing kids in the womb. In fact, if you pull out black female voters, the ...
Bogman 11/07/2012 17 8 - -
Obama surging in RAND tracker
Shock poll (hat tip Drudge). The President now leads 49.6% to 44.9%. Romney is tanking, Obama surging. The trendlines are brutal for Romney. ...
Bogman 10/15/2012 36 45 1 -
Breaking: Syrian Defence Minister Killed
From the Guardian it looks like Syrian State TV have confirmed that the Syrian Defence Minister was killed this morning in an explosion during a meeting with other high-ranking officials. I have to ...
Bogman 07/18/2012 20 19 - 286
Is a big drop in unemployment about to happen?
The Gallup daily employment numbers are often derided because they are not seasonally adjusted. They also seem to be consistently higher than the figure produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (...
Bogman 03/29/2012 42 17 1 410
Obama crushing Romney nationally and in Virginia
Apologies if this has already been posted but has anyone seen today's Rasmussen numbers? After a soft few days (lead tightened to 2 points) Obama is now crushing Romney 49-39 in the national matchup.
Bogman 02/23/2012 36 19 - 407
Battleground state polls did not tighten in the last week
Watching Morning Joe this morning it was obvious that Scarborough was pushing the 'tightening polls' talking point. It was frustrating to see him repeat the idea that the battleground polls are ...
Bogman 11/02/2008 73 16 3 1
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