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Update: Ukraine Rebel Commander Claims Plane He Shot Down Already Filled with Dead Bodies
Former Russian military intelligence officer, Igor Girkin, also known as Igor Strelkov in his current incarnation as a Ukrainian rebel, has now confirmed that the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines ...
Bonsai66 07/19/2014 298 136 1 -
So, I'm a dude who...
...loves the fact that his 15 year old daughter goes to an all girls high school. She is nearing the end of her freshman year and I have watched here blossom into a strong, opinionated young woman.
Bonsai66 05/31/2014 17 21 - -
Snowden Ambivalence
I was somewhat appreciative of Edward Snowden's initial actions to help publicize the NSA's extensive domestic data collection activities. It was exciting. His flight to Hong Kong. Then to Russia.
Bonsai66 04/18/2014 103 16 1 -
Flame War/Pie Fight Open Thread- NOW NEW & IMPROVED!!1
Today's topics include: NSA Syria MIC I/P RKBA Pie Obama=Bush Ed Snowden Paid Shills Glenn Greenwald Sockpuppets Handpuppets Julian Assange John Edwards Howard Dean Diebold Jerome Armstrong ...
Bonsai66 09/05/2013 95 23 - -
Quinnipiac Poll - NYC Mayor: De Blasio Leading
UPDATE: h/t to Bob Love for pointing out a previous diary from poopdogcomedy. I haven't seen a diary on this yet, (and even though I don't live in NYC), I thought I would post this little bit of ...
Bonsai66 08/13/2013 12 3 - -
On Military Service and Daily Kos
Considering that I spent the majority of my adult life in the military, only a handful of the diaries that I have posted here in the last five and a half years have even addressed that part of my ...
Bonsai66 07/17/2013 27 45 - -
Ecuador Abandons Snowden, Cancels Temp Travel Document
Ecuador is backing off of their support of Edward Snowden - President Rafael Correa canceled his temporary travel document today. From the Guardian: The plan to spirit the surveillance ...
Bonsai66 06/28/2013 215 24 1 -
Edward Snowden 2009: "Leakers should be shot in the balls"
Oh, how have the times have changed for Mr. Snowden. Edward apparently has quite a history of posts and chat logs from a website called Ars Technica as user "TheTrueHooHa." From TPM: The most eye-
Bonsai66 06/26/2013 234 25 2 -
Today in GOP Outreach to Women: Man Brain Edition
It's not like the GOP doesn't know that it has a problem with women. The election last year should have settled that issue for them. Or maybe it didn't. From the great State of Maine, behold ...
Bonsai66 06/12/2013 13 9 - -
My Missive To the Beltway Media...
Y'all are sycophantic, hypocritical assholes. In exchange for "access," you exchanged your souls. And in return, you expect us to commiserate with you in your time of need? Seriously? When the ...
Bonsai66 05/24/2013 3 8 - -
My E-mail to Harvard
Today I sent an e-mail to David Ellwood, Dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. I doubt that I'll get any type of meaningful response. Dear Dr. Ellwood, I have ...
Bonsai66 05/08/2013 33 29 - -
Final Nate Silver: Obama at 92%
It's always been about the math. Nate Silver has now posted his final numbers at 1:43am on election day. Obama sits at 92%. Romney's only hope now is that all the polls were systematically off.
Bonsai66 11/06/2012 12 16 1 -
Wisconsin - Marquette U Poll: Obama 51, Romney 43
From a link at TPM: President Obama has re-opened a solid lead in Wisconsin, according to a poll released Wednesday from in-state institution Marquette University Law School. Obama sees 51 percent ...
Bonsai66 10/31/2012 24 4 - -
Nate Silver: Obama at 75.9% in the Now-cast
Individual polls are meaningless. Now repeat it again with me class: "Individual polls are meaningless." Why? Because they are single data points thru which a line can be drawn with an infinite ...
Bonsai66 10/26/2012 170 141 2 -
Is the bedwetting done now? Is it safe to reenter the pool?
President Obama is gonna get reelected. I have no doubts on that front. It's been easy to ignore DK over the last 10 days since I've been busy cramming various bits of anatomy and physiology into ...
Bonsai66 10/13/2012 45 14 - -
Simpson-Bowles: Alan K. Simpson - Reprobate
"Get of my lawn, you assholes!" No, this is not the angry old man, John McCain. Nor is it the Clint Eastwood character in Gran Torino. Ironically, it is Alan K. Simpson, former Wyoming Senator ...
Bonsai66 10/05/2012 4 5 - 62
Gallup Shows Post Debate Bounce...
...for Obama, 50 - 45. Hmmmm. That can't be right. I think someone must be cooking the numbers. The BLS must have taken over the Gallup organization when we weren't looking. Paranoid minds want ...
Bonsai66 10/05/2012 178 164 1 2390
AZ-SEN: PPP - Carmona leading Flake, 45-43.
Just saw this one pop up from PPP. "Carmona holds small lead in Arizona Senate race." Raleigh, N.C.-- PPP's newest poll of the Arizona Senate race finds Democrat Richard Carmona leading Republican ...
Bonsai66 10/03/2012 4 13 - 56
"Mitt Romney Style! Heyyyyy Wealthy Ladies!"
Forget the five year old video of then Senator Obama speaking to some preachers! This one is gonna break the race wide open! ;-) Mitt, Mitt, Mitt, Mitt Romney Style!
Bonsai66 10/03/2012 24 28 - 250
Last Resort: Complete F%$king Bullshit
Holy Carp! How does this kinda shit make it onto the airwaves? Not only was I offended by how naval officers were portrayed, but senior enlisted as well. And by how the Spec Ops personnel were ...
Bonsai66 09/27/2012 29 2 - 256
Can Dragons Fart Fire?
This question has been needling at me for some time. And when The Colbert Report mentioned it the other night, it spurred me into action. So I Googled it:
Bonsai66 09/26/2012 25 - - 157
Hilarious SNL Fox & Friends "Fact Check"
Hehe. For those of you who haven't seen last night's SNL Fox & Friends spoof, it is most definitely worth a viewing.
Bonsai66 09/21/2012 30 25 1 409
Ann Romney Rips into Iowa Republicans
Apparently, whining to a group of 200 Republicans in Iowa was Ann Romney's way of kicking off this week's campaign reboot: During an interview early this evening with Radio Iowa, Mrs. Romney ...
Bonsai66 09/20/2012 99 92 1 1308
Tonight's Lawrence O'Donnell After Show Video: Watch it!
Okay, this is a very powerful video on Romney's 47% comment. The likes of which I have not yet seen from the MSM. It's from the after show of Lawrence O'Donnell's program tonight:
Bonsai66 09/19/2012 36 55 3 592
Mother Jones Releases Full Romney Video
I haven't had time to watch it since it was only posted a few minutes ago, so no analysis from me yet. Just starting to watch, and will add updates if anything stands out that was not yet revealed ...
Bonsai66 09/18/2012 27 30 1 485
Romney Video Fundraiser also Hosted Sex Parties and Orgies
But not at the same time as Romeny's least we hope. ;-) From Mr. Corn: When Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser dismissed all Barack Obama voters as moochers and victims—showing ...
Bonsai66 09/17/2012 27 12 1 180
Disabled Vet: Moocher
Yep, that would be me. Apparently, I'm a mooch on the U.S. Government. Which is sorta ironic for me, since I spent many, many years in the top 2% of income earners...during which my total ...
Bonsai66 09/17/2012 9 20 1 77
Joe Scarborough eviscerates Mitt Romney
Wow! Just Wow. It looks like the flood gates have opened now that Mark Halperin has sanctified the CW among the villagers that Mitt Romney is toast. Joe Scarborough takes Romney to the woodshed ...
Bonsai66 09/12/2012 287 686 8 5350
Shorter Rush
Bonsai66 03/06/2012 7 1 - 84
So, According to the VA, I got me some PTSD
Not that this is any surprise to my family. I think that they've known for years that something had changed in me after my last deployment. However, I could never accept such weakness in myself. ...
Bonsai66 02/10/2012 89 120 1 397
Maybe the US Veto of a Palestinian State Would be a Good Thing...
My last name is of Jewish origin and I am of Lebanese descent on my father's side. I grew up with both a Star of David and a Christian cross hanging over the fireplace mantle in our house. And ...
Bonsai66 09/19/2011 65 5 - 202
I'm Down with the Boycott...
And heading to Motley Moose for a week, (or possibly longer). The whole meta pie fight thing has really driven me away in the last year. However I barely come here anymore anyway, so I doubt I'll ...
Bonsai66 09/11/2011 5 8 1 76
Gingrich Had 2nd Line of Credit at Tiffany's for up to $1 Million
Newtiny certainly likes his bling. As we already know, when his third wife's financial disclosure forms as a congressional staffer were scrutinized by the media, a zero interest line of credit from ...
Bonsai66 06/21/2011 71 27 1 254
GOP Starts to Panic: Giuliani Now Leads 2012 Field
They say that when someone is drowning, they'll grasp at anything in an effort to survive. A ...
Bonsai66 05/28/2011 61 24 - 334
Medicare Attack Truce Over: NRCC Releases Scary Ad Today
Well, that little truce didn't last very long. But hey! We have to ...
Bonsai66 05/12/2011 4 4 - 90
Some Random Thoughts on Navy SEALs and Other things...
I haven't been posting much here recently. Probably because I've been furiously looking for a job for the last 18 months, as well as trying to crank out that novel that I've been planning to ...
Bonsai66 05/07/2011 332 356 6 1544
Bedbugs Get Booth at CPAC
Bonsai66 02/10/2011 11 7 - 122
'Anti-dentite' is the new 'Refudiate':  Palin has done it again!
Well folks, she's done it again! If there is anything that we can count on from this woman, it's adding new words to the Uhnglish language. For your inspection, I present 'Anti-dentite.' From ...
Bonsai66 11/01/2010 150 23 - 130
Democratic Early Voting Surges in Nevada
Many of us have watched with horror as Weird Angle has taken a narrow lead over Senator Reid in several polls over the last few days. No doubt the contest is close, but looking at those recent ...
Bonsai66 10/29/2010 45 51 1 138
LA Times Poll: Whitman Sliding Into the Abyss
UPDATE: I was beat to it. Please head over to nirbama's diary for a ...
Bonsai66 10/24/2010 34 33 - 91
Joe Miller: Infamous DropZone Sign Revealed!
As far as I am aware, there are no known pictures of the infamous, "We are not an F**king Museum" sign that used to be posted on the front door of the DropZone store in Anchorage, Alaska. Until ...
Bonsai66 10/23/2010 32 47 - 150
UPDATE: Joe Miller is a Tax Cheat
Joe Miller has a new problem. That didn't take long, did it? Based on a quick analysis done by a reader at Andrew Halcro's blog, (Andrew is a 45 year resident and former President of Avis ...
Bonsai66 10/19/2010 360 644 9 688
Meet Joe Miller's Thugs: Drop Zone Security
If you went to bed early tonight, you may have missed one of the most wonderful gifts that the Teabaggers have ever given to the Democrats: Alaskan GOP Senate candidate, Joe Miller. If you wanna ...
Bonsai66 10/18/2010 57 78 5 959
Very Cool Video: Brooklyn Father & Son Send iPhone into Space.
Want to know what a good education with a strong grounding of science can bring? This kind of cool stuff...and all made with off the shelf parts that anybody can purchase.
Bonsai66 10/17/2010 12 15 - 76
(Updated) Generic Congressional Polls: How to Do a Quick Sanity Check
UPDATE: Mark Blumenthal over at the Huffington Post just posted a really ...
Bonsai66 10/05/2010 22 12 - 128
How Rasmussen is Screwing Up Nate Silver's Election Forecast
Nate Silver has built the most sophisticated election prediction model ever created. Not only does it use the results of local and national polling in it's model, but it also includes many less ...
Bonsai66 10/04/2010 56 52 1 152
Rescue of Jonze's Diary:  This is a big F'ing Deal!
As many worthy diaries are on the rec list, I'd hate to knock any of them off...but this is a big deal and it will hit the national networks tomorrow. Please look ...
Bonsai66 10/03/2010 12 25 - 91
Homeless Cows:  Please Help!
Due to the unprecedented number of deleted dairies on the recent list, large numbers of homeless cows are roaming the countryside, looking for homes. For just pennies a day, you can help make a ...
Bonsai66 08/16/2010 118 36 - 49
Today in Right Wing Stupid
For Monday, 8/16/10, the intertubes provide us with a veritable panoply of Right Wing stupid. More below the fold...
Bonsai66 08/16/2010 14 2 - 55
John Ensign Raises $ Q1
Nope. That's not a typo. Senator john Ensign raised just $50 in Q1 ...
Bonsai66 04/21/2010 62 29 - 51
Rep Tom Tancredo: Go back to Kenya
Update : �Ooops! �The front page beat me to it. ;-) Consider this an extraneous diary then. �Recipes welcome! And I also misspelled the poll ...
Bonsai66 04/19/2010 19 13 - 81
Cornyn Starts to Panic over Indy Crist Bid
With the new Q-Poll out today showing Crist leading a 3-way ...
Bonsai66 04/15/2010 70 29 - 40
(Update)- Haley Barbour: Virginia slavery flap "a nit"
UPDATE: Adeptu2 has a better diary than mine up on this topic: Please visit ...
Bonsai66 04/11/2010 55 15 - 89
Breaking: Did the RNC launder a half million bucks?
This one is just getting started, but it could be the final nail for Michael Steele. From ...
Bonsai66 04/07/2010 267 394 3 267
(Update x2) RNC "Census" mailer offers phone sex number
If ya' thought that the Club Voyeur scandal was just the tip of the iceberg...then you were completely right! ...
Bonsai66 04/01/2010 53 18 - 59
GOP puts 'Young Eagles' on Hold, Steele to Announce New 'Spread Eagles' Program.
Per Politico , the GOP has announced a hold on all future Young Eagles activities:
Bonsai66 03/31/2010 29 11 1 54
Leadership Poll: Michael Steele
Do you approve of the way RNC Chairman Michael Steele is doing his job?
Bonsai66 03/29/2010 57 10 - 25
Cantor's Campaign Office Shot at?  Really?
Something is fishy here. Eric Cantor announced on national TV that his campaign office in Richmond Virginia was 'shot at' sometime in the last 3 - 5 days. Nobody is actually sure when, and the ...
Bonsai66 03/25/2010 50 46 1 35
Michael Steele:  Republicans are not Americans
Hehe. I know that this is a comment, more than a diary, but I just had to post this quote from Michael Steele :
Bonsai66 03/23/2010 48 24 - 32
This Bill is DEAD!
Or, at least these folks thought so: ( courtesy of HuffPo ) Fred Barnes, The ...
Bonsai66 03/22/2010 28 22 - 40
The Progressive Case for Killing the Bil...oh who gives a sh!t
This bill is gonna become Monday. Debating the merits of whether this bill should pass or not, is pretty much like arguing about the weather now: It's out of our hands. good, ...
Bonsai66 03/19/2010 65 18 1 45
What is a 'Patriot?'
This question has puzzled me for years. In my mind, there are patriots...and then there are 'Patriots.' Just as a quick reference, here is Webster's definition: patriot ...
Bonsai66 03/17/2010 14 3 - 15
Crowd estimates differ for Tea Party Rally in DC
As many folks are aware, Dick Armey's FreedomWorks held a Tea Party in DC today and according to informed sources, over 1 million 'baggers showed up to tell congress their thoughts on health care.
Bonsai66 03/16/2010 44 9 1 27
Alrighty then, I'll primary Obama in 2012. Updated!!!!!!!!!
Before you dismiss me, consider this. I like tinfoil. Lots and lots of foil of all different types...but especially the kind made of Lead, which tastes sorta sweet when I suck on it. At any rate,
Bonsai66 02/25/2010 97 15 - 39
MA-SEN Turnout Ahead of Projections?
Josh Marshall over at TPM is getting some limited factual data about the size of the turnout in MA: We're getting some limited information, not just anecdotal now, but statistical, ...
Bonsai66 01/19/2010 105 25 - 29
On the Record Prediction:  Coakley Wins by 8%
This is not a diary of facts. It's a diary of faith. Faith in us, as Democrats. There have been a litany of doom and gloom diaries today, predicting the end of the world and a massive defeat ...
Bonsai66 01/18/2010 116 28 2 98
Meet the Teabaggers: A retrospective
As a political phenomenon, it's difficult to know where the Teabagger movement will end up. As a grassroots movement, there seems to be very little that the Teabaggers can do to aggregate their ...
Bonsai66 01/13/2010 36 19 - 33
How to Make a 'Hamquist' Sandwich
Making a Hamquist Sandwich is relatively easy, and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Digesting a Hamquist sandwich, however, can take the rest of your life.
Bonsai66 12/26/2009 46 28 - 51
A rewrite...
Matthew 21:12-17 (King James Version) 12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the ...
Bonsai66 10/07/2009 18 3 - 17
Harry Reid was Not a Boxer
He may have boxed...but he never was a REAL boxer. I've always been amused by the references to Harry Reid as a "Boxer." He may have boxed in his time, i.e. participated in the sport of pugilism,
Bonsai66 09/29/2009 34 13 - 134
BREAKING: The Rapture Occurred this Morning at 8:17am EDT
ROME - Pope Benedict the 16th confirmed this morning that the long awaited Rapture occurred today at 8:17 am EDT. Based on confirmed reports, only two souls were taken out of 6 Billion available ...
Bonsai66 09/25/2009 67 6 - 87
Health Insurance Industry = Tobacco Industry
Both of these industries are exceedingly good at converting human life to profits. It's time that we admit that these two industries are more alike, than not. Should someone be "proud" that they ...
Bonsai66 09/07/2009 8 1 - 4
Attention Former Obama Staffers & Volunteers:  Please Sign Pledge Supporting the Public Option
A new petition has been set up, encouraging former staffers/volunteers/workers to make their ...
Bonsai66 09/04/2009 21 17 1 18
I Was Activated by Obama:  If the Public Option Goes Away, So Do I
I was a passive liberal. I gave money, instead of time. Why? Because I used to have a job that took 80 hours a week of my time...and I am also a single dad. I made good money and I gave ...
Bonsai66 09/03/2009 41 40 - 28
Maria Bartiromo: Dingbat Extraordinaire
Not that this is news to anyone here, but Maria Bartiromo must be placed in the running for the "Public Display of Stupidity and Dingbatism" category, as part of the the 1st Annual Palin Awards. ...
Bonsai66 09/01/2009 71 25 - 38
Let's Change the Pledge of Allegiance and How it's Used
As a child, I recited the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school. And unless you grew up elsewhere, almost all of us are closely acquainted with this morning ritual. We didn't question it.
Bonsai66 08/30/2009 103 2 - 34
My 73 y/o Dad's Letter to Pres. Obama - Some Old School Spine
In remembrance of Senator Kennedy's passing, I'm posting a letter that my 73 year old father just sent to President Obama about Health Care reform. Now before you read his letter, it would ...
Bonsai66 08/27/2009 58 50 - 28
Freepers Invade Whole Foods Website: Hilarity Ensues (updated x2 w/ more Freeper fun)
Just a small drab of a diary, to quickly point out a hilarious Whole Foods forum discussion on Healthcare. It appears the Freepers have invaded, pledging their new found love of Whole Foods. John ...
Bonsai66 08/14/2009 567 290 3 30
Schumer and the Public Option (I'm going to bed)
UPDATE x6: Follow the bouncing ball to slinkerwink:$$-On-The-Public-Option! UPDATE x5: Goodnight, ya'll. I ...
Bonsai66 07/05/2009 520 593 9 208
How To Defeat Hamas by Force
Genocide. The only proven method that works for "winning" an insurgency, (based on 4,000 years of recorded military history). UPDATE: Hey, folks. I'm heading to bed, so I wanted to thank ...
Bonsai66 01/17/2009 174 26 1 28
The "Breathe American" Act, (w/ Petition)
Cross Posted at MyDD While many people continue to bash this Great Country of ours, a massive tragedy is taking place...right under our noses! That’s right. I’m talking about ...
Bonsai66 07/31/2008 9 1 - 2
Why I'm a Sexist
This is my first attempt at a diary, so bear with me here. I’ll let you guys figure out whether this is snark or not. I’m not sure that even I know for sure... I just discovered ...
Bonsai66 04/14/2008 79 7 - 9
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