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Planting: A hopeful resistance and a resistant hope
When I was just a few years old my great grandmother passed away. My family gathered at a beautiful old plantation home to divvy up what remained of her possessions. I can barely even remember it ...
Boudreaux 04/16/2013 2 4 - -
Neoplasm - cancer explored in the context of the human condition
Cancer is a malady defined by unrestrained growth. Clearly as we expand and duplicate as a people we have a broader base and add more ways to nurture our oddest, perhaps perfected companion. Is it ...
Boudreaux 02/21/2013 1 - - -
Scalpel and Axe Mirrored
The argument on funding our way of life is often one presented as the scalpel or the axe. When it comes to spending cuts, anyway. What if you take the same metaphor and apply it to the revenue side?
Boudreaux 02/06/2013 1 - - -
Little green signs all over WA (tangentially related to R74, directly related to national discourse)
People can try to frame our current argument as an imposition of lifestyle or a creeping presence of a different sort of society. An infringement upon religious liberty, somehow, or some type of ...
Boudreaux 10/21/2012 23 40 - -
The Share (all cuts have cost)
I hear oh so often that government workers aren't giving their fair share, aren't making the sacrifices that private businesses must. That they are the coddled class. That they exist apart. It's a ...
Boudreaux 07/15/2011 2 3 - 25
I wish elite wasn't bad
So I forced myself to watch the O'Reilly/Obama interview. And here's what really, truly, sincerely pissed me off.
Boudreaux 02/07/2011 28 11 - 105
Insert ideology: receive outrage
We've all seen the MediaMatters cataloging of Palin's North/South Korea slip and her ridiculous overly protective reaction to it. It's great comedy and, as the best of it always does, says so much ...
Boudreaux 11/28/2010 5 2 - 36
Kill Me (an unintended diatribe on healthcare from a lucky one)
So I was sitting at my computer half-listening to news and heard this goofy soundbite. Thought I would post it on my blog and make a funny retort and instead ended up making a long run-on rant about ...
Boudreaux 08/23/2009 2 2 - 3
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