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One Question for Rand Paul
We know from Senator Rand Paul's words yesterday that he believes New York's high cigarette tax directly led to Eric Garner's homicide. Paul took the GOP high-taxes-are-deadly meme right down to its ...
BoxerDave 12/05/2014 17 2 - -
Suicide: Rewriting The Great Recession Narrative
If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll admit the Great Recession—which economists generally agree hit the United States in December 2007 and ended in June 2009 —wreaked havoc on the lives of ...
BoxerDave 09/29/2014 30 29 1 -
Gun Nut Charged with Racist Hate Crime in Colorado
I will keep this diary short as I think the sick story speaks for itself. Suffice it to say, some anti-gun control folks are pretty scary. Be warned that below the fold there contains some ...
BoxerDave 03/05/2013 71 117 - -
Two (more) Reasons People Won't Flock to Church
According to a new Pew Research Center survey , one in five Americans have no religious affiliation, and one third of adults under 30 years of age have no religious affiliation. The survey also ...
BoxerDave 01/19/2013 68 26 - -
The Power of the President?
About two years ago President Obama did what might have been one of the singlemost bold things any president has done in recent history: he signed the landmark repeal of the military's Don't Ask, ...
BoxerDave 11/15/2012 2 2 - -
The LGBT Civil Rights Backlash (with graphs)
Ask any person of color in the United States and they’ll tell you the struggle for their civil rights is an ongoing one, not a part-time one : with gains and elation come setbacks and dejection. ...
BoxerDave 09/30/2012 40 65 1 617
Parasites, Masculinity and Same Sex Marriage, Oh My!
Can a nation's "personality" characteristics affect the human rights laws of its people? I couldn't help but ponder that question when recently reading, of all things, several intriguing peer-...
BoxerDave 07/13/2012 6 2 - 112
They Burn Horses, Don't They?
Morgan County, Ohio farmer Brent ...
BoxerDave 04/26/2011 20 15 - 160
California's Annals of Racism Denial: The Tea Party Edition
Don't even try to figure out the mental processes some people use to illogically interpret their world. I don't think it's possible, unless you've had years of experience as a trained psychoanalyst.
BoxerDave 04/17/2011 2 7 - 76
Papal heads exploding in 3, 2, 1...
I'm keeping this diary purposefully short. It is an ongoing story, for sure. Mostly I'm keeping it short, because I'd love to hear from y'all about today's European Court of Human ...
BoxerDave 12/16/2010 11 14 - 46
When Church and State Collide (and the State caves)
Imagine in the place where you live a government employee, through the course of his employment, obtains your personal information and then divulges that personal information to an evangelical ...
BoxerDave 12/10/2010 35 25 - 92
Rhode Island may be next state to legalize same-sex marriage (w/poll)
As the good people in Maine and California know all too well, legalizing same-sex marriage doesn't easily become a done deal. New England is the home to most of the states that have legalized same-...
BoxerDave 11/28/2010 47 21 1 97
They take our money, shutter our museums: what next?
Just about two years ago, just weeks before the 2008 national election, JPMorgan ...
BoxerDave 11/15/2010 33 4 - 66
Long-term enthusiasm gap is a GOP problem in RI
Happy election day, kossacks! Below the fold of this short diary is some great news from The Ocean State about voter registration trends. But first, this piece of trivia ...
BoxerDave 11/02/2010 21 12 - 91
Why I'm not voting a straight DEM ticket
Since the dust settled after the recent primaries, registered Rhode Island voters, like myself, have a really great opportunity to have a much, much better head of state than we currently have. Our ...
BoxerDave 10/27/2010 95 22 1 75
A movie, review for National Bullying Prevention Month
Bullying is pervasive in schools and it has horrible consequences [ pdf ], some of ...
BoxerDave 10/01/2010 31 9 1 62
Breaking:  Rahm to step down
This from the banner at Reuters: Breaking News: Rahm Emanuel stepping down as White House chief of staff to explore run for mayor of Chicago: ...
BoxerDave 09/30/2010 211 22 1 97
Now maybe he'll go away
This is a very short diary. I just read that Reverand Islamophobe from Florida lost one avenue for foisting his hatred on the world. This happened apparently on Wednesday in the late afternoon, but ...
BoxerDave 09/10/2010 7 2 - 17
The Summer of Hating Latinos
Tweaking a recently coined phrase by Tim Wise , this diary's title describes an American phenomenon that few, if any, ...
BoxerDave 08/05/2010 20 8 - 26
Evangelical Lutheran church welcomes back gay/transgender clergy
In a society still filled with unrepentant homophobes , and in a culture where all too many people—...
BoxerDave 07/26/2010 32 21 - 51
Republican Governor kills same-sex "marriage" bill
It should come as no shock that a divorced heterosexual Republican governor would veto a bill that would have provided same-sex couples many of the same benefits and rights given to married ...
BoxerDave 07/07/2010 20 13 - 41
Meet Steve Blair. He's not Racist.
Though I’ve dabbled in painting and although many years ago I put together what was (in my dreams) to be a video installation (I never submitted anyplace), I am by no means an artist. Still, ...
BoxerDave 06/11/2010 21 9 - 46
I Guess it's Time to Feel Sorry for Rapists (Sympathy For The Devil)
This diary is about the proposed changes that American psychiatrists are very seriously entertaining regarding those who rape, changes that could only be conceived of and made possible in a ...
BoxerDave 03/08/2010 94 10 1 110
The Low Spark of Well-Heeled Boys
Time and time again, the American public is subjected to racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise xenophobic comments made by those whose socio-demographic profiles equal privilege. Though women are ...
BoxerDave 01/26/2010 11 2 - 23
RIP My Sweet Baby Boy:  a photo diary
I didn't name Gil-Galad , my wonderful partner did when he bought him from a local breeder when the lil' guy was about 10 weeks old. Gil-Galad couldn't have been a better name for ...
BoxerDave 11/26/2009 339 327 4 460
Racist Irony Friday
This is a very short diary. Although I cannot participate in any discussion that might take place immediately after I post this (due to my work demands today), I felt that this story, which to my ...
BoxerDave 10/16/2009 7 2 - 72
Two Evangelical Christian Ministers: two different paths
Just one day after the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of including sexual orientation as a protected category with respect to hate crimes, there ...
BoxerDave 10/09/2009 31 22 2 240
Breaking:  Tsunami spotted off American Samoa
This from Reuters as of 4:00PM EST: A powerful 8.0 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific off the Samoa ...
BoxerDave 09/29/2009 29 38 - 48
My health care reform plea to President Obama
My two Senators hear from me from time to time, as does my House representative. I've contacted all three of their offices to let them know that I support their support of, at the very ...
BoxerDave 09/05/2009 4 2 - 30
This is your Bank of America
Ok, now that the recession isn't over , ( ...
BoxerDave 09/03/2009 18 9 - 24
HuffPo goes Right Wing Nutty in Hate Crime Analysis. Yes, HuffPo.
It's irritating as hell when the neo-cons blather about being against hate crime laws. Stupid garbage typically falls out of their mouths (oh, and this is no small point: the people are almost ...
BoxerDave 07/24/2009 22 15 2 268
Remember Tyson Homosexual?
Remember how much fun some of us had here about a year ago laughing our butts off when, the whackadoodle, ...
BoxerDave 07/10/2009 25 3 - 86
How afraid are you? H1N1 @ Day 72 (w/Poll)
July 3, 2009, marks the end of the tenth week of the so-called swine flu in the United States. Cases of novel H1N1 influenza in America have been tracked ...
BoxerDave 07/03/2009 31 11 - 30
Kossacks, Here Comes Pat Boone! (w/Poll)
In Pat Boone's latest hate-screed against all that is progressive, a little piece called Christians, here come the lions , Pat ...
BoxerDave 06/26/2009 269 136 4 27
Dick Cheney: ALL kinds of Marriages OK
If I had the time, I'd try to write a snark diary about Dick Cheney's revelation about marriage. It's gotta have the rightwing gobsmacked, especially given the exact words that the former vice ...
BoxerDave 06/02/2009 32 3 - -
Fighting for same-sex marriage, not safety
With all the hubbub recently about the California Supreme Court’s decision regarding marriage equality, lost in America—including lost within the GLB communities[1] and other ...
BoxerDave 05/29/2009 7 1 - 78
What epileptic women should know about anti-convulsive medication
One peer-reviewed scientific paper does not truth make. We know this from the poorly conceived study that was published in the Lancet about autism and childhood immunization shots. It ...
BoxerDave 04/16/2009 35 19 2 248
Race, racism & mortgage lending
With worldwide economic markets tumbling for months now due in no small part to the worsening subprime mortgage meltdown in the United States, ...
BoxerDave 03/24/2009 34 18 - 236
Under Pressure
On occasion I have been known to write diaries inspired ...
BoxerDave 02/05/2009 2 - - 5
American gays fall further behind (w/POLL)
Yes, California and Florida recently codified the stigmatization of gay and lesbian folks by branding them not marriage worthy. It was a huge victory for one of the most powerful groups in America ...
BoxerDave 11/11/2008 21 7 - 40
UPDATE: Joe The Not-Plumber to dump McCain for Nashville?
Samuel Wurzelbacher, AKA Joe The Plumber (but not really), has apparently moved on. He's taken his 15 minutes of being whored out by John McCain, and he is planning on parlying it into, what, hell ...
BoxerDave 10/30/2008 9 2 - 2
Brother Joe McCain to apologize
Although some aren't so lucky , John McCain's brother, Joe, probably won'...
BoxerDave 10/25/2008 10 4 - 1
Bailout letter to my non-progressive Senators
I am lamenting the fact that my two senators voted to bailout Wall Street (my House Represenative, Patrick Kennedy , made the same mistake). I know I'm not the only one. Oh, how I ...
BoxerDave 10/13/2008 14 3 - 25
Safety tips for female Kossacks
Below the fold is an email I received from my dear, sweet, Obama-supporting, swing state voter friend, Susan. She asked me if I would forward it to the women in my email address book. I hope I'm ...
BoxerDave 10/02/2008 29 12 2 -
Choosing when and how Austerity comes (w/POLL)
As I diaried two years ago when many didn't think that there could be a connection between a housing boom, reckless Wall ...
BoxerDave 10/01/2008 13 6 - 10
Election Hate: what do they do in your hood? (POLL)
I saw this disturbing news story out of Garfield, Washington, of a woman who had a "Obama/Biden" sign in her yard first set on fire, and ...
BoxerDave 09/27/2008 21 1 - 1
Dear Members of Congress
Since 9/11, you have given two shits less about the working class or the middle class of this country. The one shit you gave was when you raised minimum wage, but you only did this after ...
BoxerDave 09/23/2008 6 2 - 7
My FBI involvement
Like most people here, I am an average citizen with no law enforcement involvement. Until recently I had no reason to contact the FBI. However, the 2008 Presidental race changed that for me. Join ...
BoxerDave 09/22/2008 26 7 1 11
Attn Value Voters: Yet another Bush failure
Although the wikipedia page clearly states that the neutrality of judge Samuel B. Kent's wiki page is disputed, what is not in dispute is that Samuel B. Kent is a judge for the U.
BoxerDave 08/31/2008 - 1 - 2
VP attack ad ideas.  Let's hear from you.
VP attack ad idea: what's yours? I'd like to read some, cuz I know we've got some really creative types here. Palin is almost the perfect VP choice....for the Democrats. She's inexperienced (...
BoxerDave 08/29/2008 44 6 - -
Your failing bank's insurance company is going broke? (w/POLL)
So this story from Reuters made me queasy. Today they reported that ...
BoxerDave 08/27/2008 27 14 1 15
Blows Against The Empire
It's been eight long years for Americans. Long, difficult years. Internationally shameful years. Environmentally wasted years. And let's face it: it's going to take some time—not to ...
BoxerDave 08/20/2008 10 8 - 11
What's so funny about Peace, Love & the Fourth Amendment?
The current GOP-led White House and the current Democrat-led Congress are amending (I use this verb genteelly)
BoxerDave 08/14/2008 9 18 - 196
Gaslighting Northport, Alabama
In the early morning hours on July 14, 2008 in Northport, Alabama , which bills itself as an All-American City (no immigrants allowed?),
BoxerDave 07/23/2008 12 9 - 13
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse explains his FISA vote
This is a different diary for me. It's not link heavy, but rather is a written exchange between Rhode Island Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse , who I proudly voted for, and ...
BoxerDave 07/22/2008 26 9 - 12
Republican State Senator indicted, oil company involved
This is an emerging story, so I'll keep this diary very brief. Today, the Justice Department reported that Alaska state Senator, ...
BoxerDave 07/11/2008 7 6 - 4
Does your church make you suicidal? (w/POLL)
The Associated Press reported June 28th that the Texas State Supreme Court, in a 6 to 3 decision, overturned a lower court's ruling regarding the ...
BoxerDave 06/29/2008 91 11 - 32
Fighting Anti-Semitism proves too costly
For those looking to feel a little more patriotic--a little more proud to be American--as the Fourth of July approaches, please, don't read this. Cooper City, Florida, a town in Broward County of ...
BoxerDave 06/28/2008 15 7 - 10
One Man’s Quest to Quell Free Speech
“Far-left nuts” of Toledo, Ohio beware: should you publicly voice your opposition to the war in Iraq, voice your support for universal health care, or dare to criticize former Lucas ...
BoxerDave 06/26/2008 15 9 - 10
DKos-bashers align with wealthy excuse-spewing Evangelical family (w/POLL)
Perhaps no other domestic social issue divides the two major political parties more than hate crimes and hate crime legislation. You'd be hard-pressed to find an issue with such consistent ...
BoxerDave 05/27/2008 1 2 - 13
More hate-mongers weigh in
Here's some mind-numbing irony from the far right. I had intended to write my third and final diary about an alleged hate crime that took place recently in Champaign, Illinois, after the ...
BoxerDave 05/04/2008 18 3 1 6
Anatomy of a Hate Crime (Part Two; with POLL)
We know from examining the FBI's hate crime statistics from 2006 that hate crimes based on hatred toward non-heterosexuals accounted for 1,387 ...
BoxerDave 05/03/2008 11 6 1 350
BREAKING: My Lai massacre reports declassified
Apologies for this very short diary. I've just learned that the Army has declassified and made available reports regarding the My Lai massacre. Here is ...
BoxerDave 05/02/2008 26 25 3 19
Hate Crime Reports Cloud Assailant's Identity (but victim hits home run)
Understandably, there was national outrage and sadness about last year's very probable hate crime murder of a young gay man from South Carolina, Sean ...
BoxerDave 04/19/2008 5 3 - 18
Detainee disagreement: Leading psychologist resigns post
Below the fold is letter that was sent to American Psychological Association (APA) President Alan Kazdin via FedEx on February 6, 2008, and to members of the APA Council of Representatives via the ...
BoxerDave 02/08/2008 13 19 - 27
Bashing a first-time diarist
Ok, so first of all don't crucify me, because this diary is short and not link-heavy. I'm posting to draw some attention to: a really nice diary I read by a first-time diarist about the United ...
BoxerDave 07/04/2007 34 11 2 1
Party values in the news
These short news stories will come as no surprise to kossacks. Grassroots and local as they are, these stories speak, I believe, to national differences between the GOP and the Democratic party. ...
BoxerDave 03/16/2007 - - - -
Illegal aliens, a sweatshop, Iraqi War supplies:  A strange intersection
In the surreal socio-political landscape that has become the United States since the Bush Administration took and began to abuse power comes another strange, surreal (and sad) story. This one comes ...
BoxerDave 03/07/2007 9 7 - -
BREAKING: Unconscious Iraqi prez sent to Jordan
Here's the link from yahoo . One wonders just how many unexpected turns to this ...
BoxerDave 02/25/2007 25 5 1 -
Iraqi Death\Disability Costs:  Let's do the math
How much has it monetarily cost the United States so far for each U.S. servicemember killed or so gravely wounded that they are unable to return to duty in Iraq?
BoxerDave 02/21/2007 1 3 - -
Switching to Switchgrass [with poll]
In a televised address to Congress on January 31, 2006, President George W. Bush detailed the pressing issues of our nation; among them, he singled out our dependence on foreign oil as a ...
BoxerDave 12/17/2006 54 10 4 14
Top Twenty 2006 election songs
BoxerDave 11/07/2006 31 4 - -
Got out the HATE vote? [poll]
BoxerDave 11/03/2006 7 2 - 7
WE OWE WHAT?!?!? Our per state cost of the Iraq War [poll]
BoxerDave 10/22/2006 56 51 15 238
Tax & Spend = Cash & Carry
BoxerDave 10/21/2006 1 - - 10
Polio Vaccine's 50th Birthday: A Reflection
BoxerDave 04/12/2005 3 4 - -
BoxerDave 04/06/2005 1 10 - 1
BoxerDave 03/24/2005 14 5 - -
TEN TO ONE [poll]
BoxerDave 03/23/2005 1 6 - -
White House selects tonights New Hampshire audience!
BoxerDave 02/16/2005 7 7 - -
BoxerDave 02/15/2005 6 - - -
Our Iraqi Investment
BoxerDave 11/16/2004 4 1 - -
BoxerDave 11/13/2004 19 4 1 1
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