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Resume time.  I would venture to say that many many many Dailykos members' experience trumps that of Sarah Palin.

I'll start with Markos himself.  He has longer and greater executive experience that Palin.  He runs a site that has more members than Alaska.  Kos has more foreign policy experience.  He is a military veteran and has a passport and has traveled - and lived - in several parts of the world.  His voice, many say, has been more influential over the past six years than anything Sarah Palin has said.  He also has a law degree which makes him more educated than Governor Palin.

And take me, BoyBlue, for another example.  Like Kos, my law degree trumps Palin's journalism bachelor's by a large margin.  I have more executive experience than she has.  And I have had to make tougher decisions tha she has by being the head of a large law enforcement union with over ten thousand members.  I also seem to have gotten more accomplished on an executive level than she has:  I lobbied hard and won for my union due process rights, the right to bargain, and several pay increases (this was in a red state).  

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Okay, folks, now's the time for your predictions.  Make this diary a "prediction" diary.  Who do YOU think he will pick.  From the sounds of his email, it seems like Obama could very well make his announcement tomorrow!

My prediction:  Claire McCaskill

Here's part of the mass email that I and all others who have signed-up for Obama's campaign received tonight:

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Please just ask one simple question to both John McCain and the former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods (Woods is one of the former Attornys General leading the effort to exonerate Siegelman in Alabama):

Did John McCain “pressure” the then-Attorney General Grant Woods in 1996, to “lay off” on a state investigation into the then-Governor Fife Symington regarding his alleged corruption involving real estate dealings?  And when Woods said, “no”, did John McCain physically touch Woods in a threatening manner and threaten him of political ruin if he didn’t lay off Symington?

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McCain outperforms Bush by fifteen fucking points!  How is that?  How can that be?  Oh, yeah, the media...and their lovefest for McCain.

However, getting back to the poll, even I was surprised, and I am one of those who thinks that Obama will end up beating McCain by a more comfortable margin than most think (but NOT a landslide....those days are over, for both parties).

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Of course my diary will be short.  But I am sure Kossacks will come up with plenty of jokes ragging on John McCain's ancient status.  

I'll go first and apparently Chris Rock was the first to say it (and have another one that's now my signature):

John McCain is so old, when he heard Lincoln's Gettysburg address, he mocked it for being "change we cannot believe in."

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According to just released exit poll numbers on MSNBC, Hillary has won the Latino voters by a 61-37 percent margin.

These numbers will be death to Obama's candidacy unless he can somehow figure out how to do better amongst this key constituency.

What can Obama's campaign do to further reach out to Latino voters and actually eat into Hillary's lead with them?  Please discuss.


Does Obama Need To Do A Better Job Getting The Hispanic Vote?

41%91 votes
8%18 votes
6%14 votes
44%98 votes

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Grijalva Endorsement Instantly Makes Obama Competitive In Arizona

Today, Rep. Raul Grijalva switched his endorsement from former Senator John Edwards to Senator Barack Obama.  Besides being an all-important Super Delegate, Congressman Grijalva's endorsement instantly makes Sen. Obama competitive with Hillary Clinton to win the February 5th state.

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During the all-important Feb 5th states, the black vote and four bucks will get you a cup of latte at starbucks.  That's reality.

Obama needs to eat into the latinos in California or he's done.

There's an old adage in political campaigns:  never continue to court a constituency that you have already attained.  Stop priming the pump when you've got them already.

If Obama loses, it'll be justified because latins may think he's ignoring them in favor of the black vote.  And Obama needs to stop being so after the fucking black vote because HE HAS THEM ALREADY!!!

Expand his theme and message and get those latinos!


Hillary Rodham Clinton "winning" with FORTY PERCENT UNCOMMITTED in Michigan is astonishing.

I think the media won't talk about it because they have no idea what this means.  C'mon, to people who are involved in the numbers thing for real campaigns, this is amazing.

40% of people that had gone to vote in SNOW went expressly to vote for "uncommitted."  Hillary has problems.  I thought that number would be half what it was.  This is and should be embarrassing for the Hillary campaign, but the media is taking a walk in discussing it.  

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This won't be long but it deserves it's own diary.  I have the info on good sources but I cannot repeat where/whom, except that it involves my partner.

Anyway, as we speak, Hillary, Penn, and some "new people" (whatever that means) are working on a MAJOR policy speech about Hispanics and immigration.

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And this is why his wife just ain't gaining traction.  Yes, Bill's PERSONAL numbers are always up, but that's just the cutesy former president thing going for him.  

People realize that his administration didn't cause any LASTING good aside from his Supreme Court picks.  Yes, his economic plan helped, but NAFTA'S long-term effects have been devastating.  And more and more people (like me who was 18 in 1992) are taking the rose-colored glasses off and realizing that Clinton was simply a centrist-conservative when he was president.  And as a new, young president without a whole lot of experience had limited capital to begin with when he was inaugurated in 1993.

So a brand-new president with all this promise, with a majority on Capitol Hill, and what did we, as Americans get out of it?  NAFTA.  And that was George H.W. Bush's last big agenda item that he couldn't get through with a Democratic Congress.  Oh, but Bill could.  And he did.

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I am laughing.  And she fucking deserves it!  And I am pissed that her selfishness cost us two Supreme Court Justices.

You see, she got greedy and too cute by half by waiting until 2008 to run.  Remember, even AFTER Kerry had secured the nomination in 2004, most (by some SIXTY PERCENT) of Democrats wanted her to be the nominee.  AND she was favored against Bush.  

But yet, she waited.  She chose to give Bush four more years AND two Supreme Court Justices so she could run at the "perfect" time.  Haha, look how that turned out, huh?

Hillary's time was in 2004 and she could have saved the country.  Her hubris made her not run then, when it would have been a cakewalk to (at least) the nomination.  2004 was her year, yet we got Bush again.  Thanks, Hills.

Guess what, Hills?  Time has passed you by.  And the same with your conservative husband and rightwing advisers.  A new day has dawned and it doesn't include you.


Did Hillary blow it by NOT running in 2004?

36%53 votes
38%56 votes
25%38 votes

| 147 votes | Vote | Results

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