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Warrior of Truth
Just want to re-introduce myself to the DailyKos community. I frequented this site back in the days before Obama was elected POTUS. I won't go into detail on my feelings about Obama, though I will ...
Brad007 04/28/2011 6 1 - 52
I'm back (and shilling a blog)
Long time, no see. We've all seen how Barack Obama's first-term has unfolded. I'm 50/50 on Mr.Obama's progress. However, that's not why I came back. More below the fold.
Brad007 04/11/2010 2 4 - 28
So, I came back
I used to be a daily poster at DailyKos. After Obama won the Presidency, I felt that I lost my passion in politics and I decided to explore what the interweb and life had to offer. I'm just going to ...
Brad007 05/18/2009 46 6 - -
Perspectives on the Environment Pt.1
I've decided to start this diary to document my growing interest in environmental issues and perhaps even discuss where I stand on these issues. I hope to use current news sources as well as ...
Brad007 02/03/2009 4 6 - 1
Election night beers
What beer are YOU drinking tonight?
Brad007 11/04/2008 29 2 - 9
Brad007 Goes to Montpelier
Just writing this diary to explain my new role as a member of a commission. More below the fold.
Brad007 09/16/2008 9 5 - 25
Thank you Barack
I just wanted to make a quick diary to thank Barack Obama for the inspiration he's given me this year.
Brad007 09/14/2008 8 11 - 14
Kossacks that Brew III
My third installment in this diary series about kossacks that brew. The first two diaries are listed below for anyone that wants to check them out. I wish I had a beer to go with this diary but I'm ...
Brad007 08/12/2008 47 11 - 23
My parents will not be voting for McCain
I've often alluded in comments in other diaries that my parents didn't seem to be sold on Barack Obama. I'll explain more below.
Brad007 07/26/2008 9 10 - 2
Kossacks that Brew II
I would like to make a sequel to a diary that I wrote not too long ago about beer and brewing by kossacks. Since I don't have enough experience writing about politics, I like to focus on my ...
Brad007 07/19/2008 30 12 - 46
Kossacks that Brew
Just a blog to check in with folks at DailyKos that enjoy brewing and drinking craft beer. Feel free to post your recipes or talk about why you got into homebrewing. There's always room for a ...
Brad007 07/04/2008 15 11 - 20
Uncomfortably Numb
I just wanted to write a very quick diary. I've been feeling very unproductive the whole month. I've been procrastinating too much on things I usually do with no problem. I've been uncomfortably ...
Brad007 06/27/2008 34 3 - 2
Late Night Kossacks
Are there any kossacks on here that cannot sleep? I present a diary of random, useless thoughts. Keep in mind, I'm not very coherent at 4am. I do work the third shift and even on my nights off, I ...
Brad007 06/27/2008 44 5 - 1
Let me apologize to the DKos community
I went out of line in discussing Israel and AIPAC. My own misguided notions got me hide-rated and for a good reason. I just wanted to write a short diary to express my apologies.
Brad007 06/22/2008 35 23 - 17
Shaking up the tribe
I've always acknowledged my Abenaki heritage and for a long time, I've wanted to take part in the tribal council and the political process it involves. However, the council in my opinion, is a ...
Brad007 06/20/2008 4 2 - 22
Sometimes, all we need is love
As was the theme of the 60s, it rings far more true in modern times. Just look at all the wrongs in the world. To keep this diary short, I have been in love with someone for a long time and I ...
Brad007 05/11/2008 3 1 - 7
Yes...We Can!!!
To borrow a phrase from Barack Obama, I'd like to use this diary just to illustrate my feelings on this primary season and how it may play out. I'm not the greatest diarist in the world but when ...
Brad007 05/08/2008 4 - - 12
Attention DailyKos trolls
I'll keep this diary short and sweet. Judging by a lot of comments over Barack Obama's comment about Pennsylvania, I've read a lot of disgusting, vile, putrid comments by trolls that are hell -bent ...
Brad007 04/11/2008 61 1 - 9
My first union job
I just wanted to start this diary to talk about my thoughts on unions and the job I will be starting on Monday. It will no doubt get buried within candidate diaries but it's worth talking about ...
Brad007 04/05/2008 24 5 - 3
Don't stop believin'
Despite how difficult the past 7 years have been under Shrub's presidency, we must continue to fight. I decided to write this diary as a "war cry" of sorts and to add some positive vibes. Too often,
Brad007 03/26/2008 3 2 - 2
Obama gets a beer named after him
I realize that there are literally thousands of Obama-related threads on here. However, this piece of news was so interesting, I figured that people should know about it. I'm a fan of craft beers ...
Brad007 03/11/2008 26 3 - 1
40 years
Just a simple diary with a simple poem to express my feelings about 2008 in comparison to 1968. I wasn't alive that far back (born in 1981) but I've drawn a lot from the spirit of that decade (the ...
Brad007 03/03/2008 1 1 - 2
Karma is not just a silly hippy term like most people would like to believe. It is a force to be reckoned with.
Brad007 02/16/2008 14 5 - 2
It's official: I'm voting for Barack Obama
I've taken a while to think about how and why my original candidate, John Edwards, dropped out. However, I've decided that sour grapes is not the answer. I'll explain why.
Brad007 02/08/2008 26 21 - -
Production quotas: A good idea?
I'd like to expand upon one of my comments in a recent thread about national holidays. I feel the issue is worth looking at with a broader scope.
Brad007 02/02/2008 5 - - 2
The power of prose
I just wanted to use this diary to share some prose that I wrote years ago. Most of it is still quite relevant to our times. I never stopped feeling the way I expressed myself in such prose.
Brad007 01/26/2008 5 3 - 1
Stop it with the childishness
I just want to keep this diary short and sweet. If you feel it necessary to troll-rate someone for asking other folks to stop being negative about a certain candidate, stop berating supporters of ...
Brad007 01/23/2008 35 1 - 2
My Abenaki heritage
(cross-posted at Native American Netroots) I just wanted to share my experiences with Abenaki culture and go into depth on who the Abenakis are, etc. I feel it's important enough to write about.
Brad007 01/21/2008 15 6 1 27
John Edwards should not be ignored
I'm sure most people are sick of candidate diaries by now. However, I feel that John Edwards must not be ignored or discounted. I am here to confirm my support for John. If you disagree, you are ...
Brad007 01/18/2008 20 21 - 8
Crawling out of the Abyss
As 2008 starts to unfold, many questions will come into play. Events will unfold, stories will be told, alliances and rivalries will be forged and life will march on in a heartbeat. I will go on to ...
Brad007 01/15/2008 1 1 - 3
America's War on the Poor
John Edwards has hammered down some pretty good points about the state of America nowadays. There are indeed "Two Americas" but I'd like to examine this issue a little more.
Brad007 01/14/2008 15 18 1 11
A never-ending battle against ignorance
It's not often that I take the time to rant about smaller issues that most people would ignore or treat as fodder. I am a very loyal, dedicated individual and there are some things in life that ...
Brad007 01/02/2008 13 - - -
A new year, a fresh start (hopefully)
I'm just writing this diary because 2008 should be a hell of a year. I like reflecting on my life and what I've observed as well and I'll do that with this diary. Why should anyone look forward ...
Brad007 01/01/2008 3 1 - 13
This is not a site for electing Ron Paul
Edit: Title changed to make a point. Seriously, Ron Paul supporters are hijacking DailyKos for a candidate that is NOT a Democrat, does not subscribe to progressive values and should not be ...
Brad007 12/18/2007 167 31 1 -
It's official: I'm serious about Edwards
I started a diary back when I first signed up here about how I'd like to support John R.Edwards. I take the time to analyze all of the Democratic candidates and from what I've seen, Edwards is the ...
Brad007 12/11/2007 164 95 1 22
Calling all DKos beer enthusiasts
Thanks to this diary on beer as the perfect food (thanks Crashing Vor for the inspiration), I have decided to use this diary to see ...
Brad007 11/24/2007 113 15 - 12
Why you should never write while drinking
While I remain optimistic about politics in general, there's a part of me that feels that we are headed towards something that most Americans have never faced in their lives. Never before, have ...
Brad007 11/05/2007 3 2 - -
Why the Red Sox victory means so much to me
It just does. All my life, it's been the underdog versus the establishment. To see Boston come back from a 3-1 deficit in the ALCS is a ray of hope. Baseball and I, we go back a long time.
Brad007 10/28/2007 42 5 - -
I have talked about my feelings to some extent on here in regards to where our country is going as a whole. I have stated that I feel helpless sometimes, powerless to stop the inevitable. However,
Brad007 10/26/2007 26 7 1 -
Why I follow politics
When I first joined this site, I asked myself why I wanted to bother to follow politics. But after nearly 8 years of Shrub in office, I'm no longer interested in arguing about politics with ...
Brad007 10/17/2007 7 1 - -
The march to Iran
As bad as Iran can be, I've noticed for a while how our government is beating the war drums for Iran. I'm fully against a war in Iran because it is simply too hard for our government to manage 3 ...
Brad007 10/07/2007 18 3 - -
Conservatism: A dying ideology
All I'd like to say is that I'm completely frustrated with conservatism and conservatives in general. While I realize that the internet will have a wide diversity of political opinions, I've never ...
Brad007 09/25/2007 16 1 - -
What it means to be a Vermonter Part 2
My last diary on Vermont , which touched upon issues such as sprawl and urbanization in Vermont, apparently left a bad taste in ...
Brad007 09/23/2007 10 1 - 20
Let them grow hemp!
I've decided to publish this diary because I feel strongly on the issue at hand, which is growing alternative crops. The disappearance of family farms and the problems that small farmers face ...
Brad007 09/19/2007 8 3 - 29
It still amazes me how there are people who deny everything out there, whether it be Global Warming, Iraq or whatnot. Their answer is to label a place like DailyKos as a "gathering of angry liberals"
Brad007 09/16/2007 5 1 - -
What it means to be a Vermonter Part 1
I've had these thoughts on my mind forever. I've wanted to discuss what it means to be a Vermonter in changing times, both in Vermont and the world in general. I would like to write several ...
Brad007 09/16/2007 7 6 - 29
Letter to the BIA
I am basically reposting a letter I wrote to the Board of Indian Affairs in regards to federal recognization for Vermont's Abenakis. I haven't mentioned but I happen to be a member of the ...
Brad007 09/14/2007 2 2 - 2
Edwards has got my vote
After reading about how John Edwards seems to be closer to Al Gore on environmental issues than the other Democratic candidates, I am encouraged. In fact, I've been able to look past the haircut ...
Brad007 09/13/2007 10 22 - 44
Picking apart Bill 'O Reilly
Like a vulture picking at a carcass, I decided to examine the website for Bill 'O Reilly's All-Spin Zone . By the way, the people who put ...
Brad007 09/11/2007 12 2 - 4
Thoughts on 9/11
I just don't understand the trend behind "remembering 9/11". It just seems more like a cottage industry to me, a Hallmark holiday if you will. Americans are famous for falling for bullshit ...
Brad007 09/10/2007 48 2 - 5
The Beauty of Technology
In this diary, I want to take some time to talk about technologies that Deaf people are using nowadays. I'm very fascinated with these forms of technology.
Brad007 09/07/2007 3 2 - 3
Musings from a glorified Janitor
The purpose of my diary is to share my thoughts on politics in this country, as well as the rest of the world. I really don't hold back much and I like to take a hard hitting look at politics in ...
Brad007 09/06/2007 2 3 - 7
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