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National Religious Freedom Day of Meditation and Contemplative Science
This is my contribution to our National Day of Religious Freedom. For those of us who are armchair students of the Buddha, we are given to this understanding; Buddhism is very much like a science ...
Brahman Colorado 01/16/2015 8 14 - -
An Ancient Forest
Johnnie and I moved away to an ancient forest in Southern Colorado. We live in the Pinon/Juniper woodlands of Southeast Colorado in a house on a hill overlooking the Spanish peaks. At 7000 feet in ...
Brahman Colorado 12/28/2014 39 123 1 -
Torturers are NOT Patriots !
Torture is a moral issue. It is not a political issue. Torture is a lawlessness that undermines everything that the Magna Carta, Habeus Corpus and the Constitution stand for in a Democratic society. ...
Brahman Colorado 12/11/2014 2 3 - -
Regulating the Gun Industry
I re-edited a book on firearms and archery that dealt with the knowledge of a very specific item that dealt with the Mental Mechanics of operating firearms. The FBI, Secret Service, Police ...
Brahman Colorado 05/20/2014 113 84 1 -
It's Time to Shame Republicans
I don't know about you, but I am tired of being shamed by Republicans. They shame Democrats to the point of capitulation and mockery. Look at Michigan for one moment, without shame or compromise ...
Brahman Colorado 12/19/2012 16 12 1 -
Colorado Governor signs Proclamation legalizing Marijuana
The Denver Post just reported that Governor Hickenlooper just signed the official proclamation legalizing Marijuana in Colorado today. The Denver Post and The governor had opposed Amendment 64; ...
Brahman Colorado 12/10/2012 32 20 - -
Understanding the "Fiscal Cliff"
I have noticed that there is a lot of confusion surrounding "entitlements" and the fiscal cliff. The MSM keeps it that way. Watch the video -5 minutes- and you'll be smarter than everyone else you ...
Brahman Colorado 11/27/2012 3 7 - -
"Fiscal Cliff" Drumbeat intensifies Y2K12 Propaganda fight begins
Already I am hearing and reading from the MSM that favorite red herring: The largest tax increase in American history! That tired old meme makes me want to barf. I am going to rename the "fiscal ...
Brahman Colorado 11/09/2012 5 5 - -
Colorado Early Voting
The Colorado SOS has released the early voting total of 1,640,023 votes cast as of Nov. 3, 2012.The closest races will come down to a county-by-county analysis of the remaining votes. Denver, ...
Brahman Colorado 11/03/2012 44 9 - -
Arizona and Texas will become the next Battleground States
Currently, the estimated Latino vote in the national elections is 10% of the electorate. It is the fastest growing electorate in the U.S. It is also the fastest growing population according to the ...
Brahman Colorado 11/03/2012 30 16 1 -
Missouri is the Garden of Eden - Esoteric Romneyisms
This video interview from Wednesday, August 8, 2007 12:00 am is straight from the X files. I love digging up all these gems from the past. They are relevant in explaining how far from reality this ...
Brahman Colorado 11/01/2012 17 8 - -
Romney, Republicanism, Religion and Revisionism
I hope that I am not accused of Mormon-bashing or any other sleight for publishing this diary. It is a partial reconstruct of of a diary that I wrote 4 years ago. As a former Mormon and 3rd cousin ...
Brahman Colorado 10/29/2012 7 8 - -
Colorado Early Voting- A Statistical Comparison to 2008
I've noticed that early voting numbers are up in the first week of Colorado for Republicans, Democrats and Independents. If votes cast on Election Day decided the 2008 election, McCain would have ...
Brahman Colorado 10/27/2012 14 9 - -
Zombies counter-attack across the world !
In the lull of the aftermath of the European revolutionary anti-austerity protests of September and October; the workers of Ireland, France, UK, Greece, Spain, Iceland and elsewhere were protesting ...
Brahman Colorado 12/12/2010 33 23 - 252
Atheist Digest '10, The believers' path to Atheism
The ninth-century Buddhist master Lin Chi is supposed to have said, “If you meet the Buddha on the road... kill him.” Harsh words indeed. Maybe not. But for those of us who are ...
Brahman Colorado 08/22/2010 212 32 1 45
Liberals above and Liberals below
The history of Liberalism in America has always been a double edged sword. A split personality that pits establishment Liberalism from on High with its adherents and sycophants versus Liberalism ...
Brahman Colorado 08/11/2010 13 13 - 52
Colorado Pootie and Pie Caucus
I know it’s the middle of NN10 in Las Vegas, but on Saturday July 31st , 2010 from 3-9 p.m when you all get back or are in transit or stayed home glued to your computer all summer; we will be ...
Brahman Colorado 07/23/2010 19 23 2 208
Arizona Legislature bans ethnic studies programs in schools.
The Arizona legislature passed House bill 2281 on Thursday April 29th 2010 on a vote of 32 to 26. ...
Brahman Colorado 04/30/2010 69 41 - 188
Rocky Mountain High
2 Medical marijuana bills are wending their way through the Colorado Legislature this week.
Brahman Colorado 03/05/2010 22 14 1 338
Responding to President Obama
I really wanted to rant because I'm sick with a cold on Christmas.(bah Humbug or bah flubug) ...sniff... I decided to respond after reading Binger's ...
Brahman Colorado 12/25/2009 3 3 - 54
Wanking with Wachovia
Wachovia calls me twice everyday for 10 months to harass me into paying my mortgage on an investment home in California. Usually I just ignore them and let it go to voicemail, but last week they ...
Brahman Colorado 10/25/2009 28 8 - 104
Bloomin' Arizona... heavy photo diary
Yippee! On Good Friday, the printing press blew up at the shop, so Johnnie and I packed the car and decided to explore the great state of Arizona. Between the new pagan holidays of Oester, Tax day, ...
Brahman Colorado 04/25/2009 54 44 3 27
CO. Supreme Court affirms ground water rights
In a landmark, potentially far reaching decision released on 4-20-2009, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed ...
Brahman Colorado 04/24/2009 24 28 - 223
Deficit spending in a Depression
As early as 1919, the famous economist John Maynard Keynes glimpsed the precariousness of the Victorian and post-Victorian laissez-fair arrangements to which he was born. The calamity of the Great ...
Brahman Colorado 03/15/2009 20 18 1 19
Denver is the right place to sign Stimulus Bill In 1983 at the beginning of the oil shale bust, when seemingly overnight the oil companies left Colorado, plunging the region into a ...
Brahman Colorado 02/16/2009 34 19 2 256
The Re-incarnation of Neo-Hooverism
In this critical and uncertain time we are living in, it is imperative we must stand behind President Obama’s Stimulus Plan that will slowly but surely bring our country back to economic ...
Brahman Colorado 02/08/2009 11 18 1 24
Tax Cuts won't work !
As a small businessman, a 2% tax cut would put $200 extra in my pocket a month. a 2% tax cut for Exxon and Walmart would get them $8 billion each year. I too am tired of the "tax cut" mantra. I ...
Brahman Colorado 02/03/2009 10 5 - 2
Keep the X in Xmas !
We didn't spend a damn dime for Xmas this year. I refuse to participate in the hedonistic orgy of American shopping to prop up corporations and the false notions of American Christmas. I think ...
Brahman Colorado 12/25/2008 10 5 - 2
Onshore Drilling- A Colorado Tragedy
Since May of this year, I have tried no less than six times to write this diary. I haven't had all the facts or references to document what I know. It became so personal a journey for me that I ...
Brahman Colorado 12/20/2008 26 39 1 239
The Mormon Church- 178 years of redefining marriage
The issues of marriage and The Mormon Church have a long historically ironic and troubled past. The marriage doctrines of the church have collided with the government, constitutional and legislative ...
Brahman Colorado 11/11/2008 19 16 1 13
My Survival as a Gay Mormon
I was born into the Mormon Church into a very large Mormon family. I was spoon fed Mormon Pioneer dogma from the time I was a wee lad. The Romneys and Udalls are 2nd and 3rd cousins to me. I had 29 ...
Brahman Colorado 11/07/2008 51 64 4 198
Hiding out with Republicans
We've all been told that Osama bin Laden is hiding out in a cave in Pakistan. ...
Brahman Colorado 09/25/2008 9 6 - -
Surprise! The Angry Left... a DNC photo diary
The first amendment to the constitution in the Bill of Rights states very clearly the rights of American citizens. It has always stood as our first and most guiding principle. Congress ...
Brahman Colorado 09/03/2008 33 35 - 51
Thank you Denver...A great city Imagined
In 1983 at the beginning of the oil shale bust, when seemingly overnight the oil companies and their legions of carpet baggers left Colorado,
Brahman Colorado 08/28/2008 6 4 - -
Obamanos...Blogging the Hispanic Caucus at the DNC
Cross Posted at http://...
Brahman Colorado 08/25/2008 11 8 - 3
Focus on the Family favors Flash Flood
Just when you think the wingnuts couldn't get nuttier, here comes Stuart Shepard from Focus on the Family: From ...
Brahman Colorado 08/05/2008 93 23 - 28
I have tried to avoid the hysterics of this campaign season. It has been quite a media extravaganza with Bill and Hill at core of national politics for 18 years with all the trysts and turns of a ...
Brahman Colorado 06/03/2008 5 2 - -
Koo-Koo for Koolaid Konservatives
I hope it is apparent to even the most paranoid of beady-eyed Blue Dog Democrats that pandering to conservative constituents is as meaningless and destructive as pandering to Conservative ideas......
Brahman Colorado 05/15/2008 8 8 - -
Goodbye Shangri-La
I am bummed out this week. I sold my house that my partner and I remodeled over the past 2+ years. Last night I cried with my realtor as I showed her this diary in my office. Johnnie and I have ...
Brahman Colorado 05/03/2008 28 23 1 13
Oral Histories of the Clans of the Mountain West II
Many friends and family members have encouraged me over the years to write down the stories of my youth in recollection of the stories of my Great Grandparents and Grandparents from over 40 years ...
Brahman Colorado 04/05/2008 29 33 3 153
Flat Tops Wilderness
We all need a little beauty in our lives. Memories and gilded reminders of places and times that capture the splendor of the natural world. Simple times and quiet places that sleep in our memories ...
Brahman Colorado 04/03/2008 43 33 2 209
Bringing in the Sheaves
My partner and I were raised in very strict and devout Christian homes. I, a Mormon and him, a Church of God (Holiness). We often use biblical metaphors when discussing issues with our friends and ...
Brahman Colorado 02/08/2008 11 21 1 -
Reuniting the Democratic Party in 2008
One of the important lessons of the last 50 years has been the successful ability of a political party to unite the major factions of primary base voters who often compete for conservative, moderate ...
Brahman Colorado 02/02/2008 13 10 - 8
Global Stock Market Correction
DOW when Bush took office: 10,659 DOW futures now – 11,550 NASDAQ when Bush took office : 2,841 NASDAQ futures now - 2,340 Unemployment when Bush took office - 4.0% Unemployment now - 5.0% U.S.
Brahman Colorado 01/22/2008 27 16 1 34
VooDoo tax rebates to prop up the Consumption Economy
As a bad 3rd tier blogger, it behooves me to occasionally raise the collective consciousness of the 11 bloggers who follow my diaries. (yea for double digits!) Not a lot of MSOC style Meta, very ...
Brahman Colorado 01/20/2008 44 19 - 5
Inheriting a mess...again
It is easy to be cynical and pessimistic about what has transpired in America over the last 8 years. The Republican Party has destroyed the economy they inherited 8 years ago. Their propaganda of ...
Brahman Colorado 01/18/2008 7 15 - -
Delegates, Super Delegates and Primary Mania
I have followed politics for a long time. When I was 9 y.o. my Dad was a Chairman for Goldwater in New York for the Southern Tier district. Governor Nelson Rockefeller was the establishment POTUS ...
Brahman Colorado 01/08/2008 14 14 3 265
Romney wins Wyoming Caucuses
The wire services are reporting that Romney has taken 6 of the 12 national delegates that will represent Wyoming at the Republican convention. One went to Fred Thompson One went for Duncan Hunter ...
Brahman Colorado 01/05/2008 24 5 - 4
Buddy can you lend me a Dollar?
The world economy depends on the dollar. It is the most important currency in global trade. Aircraft, oil, steel,and most natural resources are priced in dollars. Central banks around the world ...
Brahman Colorado 01/01/2008 26 36 3 154
Snowblogganing in Colorado
Merry Christmas from snowy Colorado! This morning we woke up to a white ...
Brahman Colorado 12/25/2007 12 10 - -
Romney, Republicanism, Religion and Revisionism
It has taken me a few days to reflect on Mitt Romney's questionable invocation of faith , history and the founding fathers from last Thursday night, " Freedom requires religion just as ...
Brahman Colorado 12/08/2007 153 145 21 41
Working Class Real Estate Crash
Most of all my savings and wealth is in my primary residence. Like many of you, I figure my home as my big investment in life. Two and half years ago,at my old house, they rezoned the empty lot next ...
Brahman Colorado 12/02/2007 80 33 - 7
The Power of Colorado Wind
This week, after 2 years on a waiting list, my company was finally accepted to participate in the voter ...
Brahman Colorado 11/29/2007 30 40 2 13
A brief History of Immigration Part 1
The Immigration debate is a history of the legal issues that surround our border with Mexico and Mexican immigration. Many of us who live in the Western U.S. with our extended families and friends ...
Brahman Colorado 11/17/2007 88 16 3 10
Denver passes Pot "Priorities"
By a vote of 55% to 45%, Denver voters chose to further decriminalize pot laws in the City and County of Denver. Question 100 overview: Original text: Shall the voters for the City and ...
Brahman Colorado 11/06/2007 52 24 1 11
The Colorado Rockies... a Pitch for Jesus
What do I care about what religion baseball players are? Sports is that competitive domain of imported and domestic talent that comprise the most talented of Professional Athletics. Yeah sure, we'...
Brahman Colorado 10/24/2007 94 8 - 11
The Heart of a Nation
The saying goes: All politics is local. If that's true, then you need look no farther than the race for city council right here in the heartland of the nation , Littleton Colorado. Oh sure... Bush ...
Brahman Colorado 10/18/2007 6 7 1 2
Today is the 150th anniversary of yet another senseless religious massacre of innocents called the Meadow Mountain Massacre. It stands as a blotch on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ...
Brahman Colorado 09/11/2007 16 35 2 143
Wake me Up when September ends...
For seven years now we've witnessed the core of the Neo-Conservative ideology; the sheer pagentry of solemn, yet shameless theatrics of unending wars,voter fraud, corruption, scandals, corporate ...
Brahman Colorado 09/01/2007 14 14 - -
Citizen Arcane
I'm not much for speculating on what "Rosebud" might symbolize, but I remember it is the name of a sled. (aren't they used on slippery slopes?) However,I DO sit in my bathrobe in my home office ...
Brahman Colorado 08/20/2007 23 21 - 135
I'm gonna miss George Bush (photos)
Let's face it...I'm NOT going to miss his policies or the smirk on his face or his inept administration; but I'm going to miss all the laughs we've had as Liberals at his expense. I know a lot of ...
Brahman Colorado 08/13/2007 7 7 - -
Forcing the hand of God
The Christian Right began to play it's hand in the 1970's when Ronald Reagan began his run for the Republican nomination for President against Gerald Ford. The Back to Basics movements began ...
Brahman Colorado 08/05/2007 9 3 2 -
The Gilded Age of the Digital Revolution
Front Paged at Progressive Historians Colorado has a history of rugged western individualism. The Gold Rush of 1859 saw fortune ...
Brahman Colorado 08/01/2007 25 16 2 132
The Middle Class Recession
I know you have filled up your gas tank and thought OMG, I hope the price of gas doesn't go up anymore. How about tomatoes or bread? Jeans, Shirts, a new microwave or an electical switch or a piece ...
Brahman Colorado 07/29/2007 483 261 12 54
Qwest's Nacchio crashes in the chips
The meteoric rise of former Qwest chairman Joseph Nacchio has culminated in ex-CEO Nacchio sentenced to six years in federal prison. Federal Judge Edward Nottingham also ordered Nacchio to pay a $19 ...
Brahman Colorado 07/27/2007 6 5 - 1
The Red Meat of Impeachment
I remember the first time I ordered a rib eye steak in France. I ordered it well done. When a medium rare steak appeared on my plate with all the usual French accroutements, I looked at the waiter ...
Brahman Colorado 07/17/2007 8 10 - -
Giant WalMart loses big in Littletown USA
Littleton Colorado is one of those places that people dream about. It is a folksy kind of place. We have a Main Street with turn of the century architecture that was just designated a national ...
Brahman Colorado 06/20/2007 128 211 5 30
September 11, 1857
Most all of my ancestors were born in the Western Territories of the United States, we used to get together for reunions in Colorado when I was a kid. In 1964,when I was 9 years old, we all drove ...
Brahman Colorado 05/05/2007 34 19 3 133
Doc Cheney goes to Utah
As reported in the Deseret News today BYU will award Cheney an honorary doctorate of public service during ...
Brahman Colorado 04/26/2007 20 4 - 4
I'm voting for Julie Annie
Welcome everyone to the Miss Republican President Contest! Last Years winner was also the talent contest winner:
Brahman Colorado 04/14/2007 12 2 - -
Understanding Mormon Theocracy and Dominionism
Today is the 177th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in upstate New York. It is blythely known as "conference weekend" when all of Mormondom tunes into T....
Brahman Colorado 04/06/2007 33 6 2 20
Vanities and Vulgarities
I remember clearly when it hit me that the Afghani campaign of the War on Terror was a debacle, maybe you remember it too. The DoD had just bombed the hell out of everything in Afghanistan and in ...
Brahman Colorado 02/24/2007 7 5 - 150
The Reincarnation of Henry Kissinger
In 1957 Dr. Kissinger published his PHD dissertation titled A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of the Peace 1812-1822 In a startling summation, Kissinger wrote:
Brahman Colorado 02/03/2007 34 22 1 135
The Insidious Effects of Propaganda
We all know that the MSM is feeding us the Corporate version of the news. That is why many of us are here in the Liberal Blogosphere. That is why many watch Link T.V., MyDD and Amy Goodman. That is ...
Brahman Colorado 01/29/2007 8 7 - 1
The State of DisUnion
It is difficult to begin a discussion about the relationship of American foreign policy without first emphasizing the relationship of the Bush Administration to the Prime Minister of Great Britain.
Brahman Colorado 01/28/2007 3 1 - -
January 27,1945 Auschwitz Liberated
Today is the 62nd anniversary of the liberation of the deathcamp of Auschwitz-Birkenau by the Russian army. I have been following with interest the Dairies that attempt to rationalize Holocaust ...
Brahman Colorado 01/27/2007 48 32 1 15
Raising a Family on no Civil Rights
Almost all of my friends have raised families. My best friend raised her daughter as a single mom. My business partner is raising 5 kids with no money. Some people raise their kids with no home or ...
Brahman Colorado 01/25/2007 12 13 1 -
MLK Tribute...and a dream for my grandson
My 11 year old Grandson, Terrence, is half African American and January 14th is his 12th birthday. I look into his smiling face and beaming eyes when he calls me "poppy" and I know that love has no ...
Brahman Colorado 01/14/2007 7 6 - -
Business cents...cutting losses
Financial sections of major papers across the nation headline the bad news on a near daily basis of corporations cutting employees, closing plants and forcing early retirements. These same ...
Brahman Colorado 01/09/2007 4 3 - -
Small Business cents
In the heady world of Macro economics, small business owners are often overlooked as major job providers and innovators in the American economy according to ...
Brahman Colorado 01/08/2007 7 15 1 140
Bilingual America-Only
Hispanics and Spanish speaking communities have been living in the western portion of the United States for a little under five hundred years. Their culture and language has existed and flourished ...
Brahman Colorado 01/07/2007 123 18 3 15
Escalation...a failed policy of yesteryear
Escalation is a tricky word something like... a floating turd mixed meanings that are often blurred Sanctuary for the herd Vietnam was the war of escalation. Increasing troop numbers as a ...
Brahman Colorado 01/04/2007 20 6 - -
Utah Compromise of 2007
Within the Yin and Yang of the ebb and flow of political discourse, there are sometimes interesting constitutional issues that cause one to sit up,take notice and ask a few questions. Such is the ...
Brahman Colorado 01/01/2007 37 11 1 3
Happy Solstice
As we dig continue to dig out of 2+ feet of snow that is still falling...just a few original lines for the community on a beautiful day in Colorado. The barley soup is a bubbling...
Brahman Colorado 12/21/2006 23 6 - 1
Paranoiastroika...Bush Foreign Policy
The AP is reporting that the Bush administration is casting another wary eye towards Syria and Iran in their attempts to hold multi-lateral talks with Iraq. ...
Brahman Colorado 11/20/2006 4 2 - -
India... the forgotten Democracy
Queen Isabella of Spain pawned her jewels and sent Christopher Columbus on his fateful journey in search of India and pepper. He made landfall, found some people who he misnamed Indians, returned ...
Brahman Colorado 11/19/2006 14 4 - -
Pandering to the South ...Again...
Brahman Colorado 11/10/2006 151 3 - 4
Sunday Poetry
Brahman Colorado 11/05/2006 2 1 - 2
Not the Republican party of my Grandmother
Brahman Colorado 11/04/2006 8 3 1 1
Brahman Colorado 10/31/2006 1 1 - -
Sunday Political Poems .... The Frat in the Shat ....
Brahman Colorado 10/15/2006 2 2 - -
Habeus Corporationus
Brahman Colorado 09/29/2006 4 9 - -
Our Commonality
Brahman Colorado 09/28/2006 4 2 - -
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