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Dream Menders
We are Bay Area residents concerned about the fading away of the American Dream. Inspired by Van Jones' "Rebuild the Dream" campaign, we organize to bring people together to work toward getting our economy back on track and restore the American Dream. We are not affiliated with a political party, candidate, or association, but we collaborate with other organizations both locally and nationally to advance the American Dream movement. Visit us at: Dream Mend...
RaceGender DiscrimiNATION
RaceGender DiscrimiNATION is a group focused on the historical and contemporary issues of prejudice, discrimination and hate based on race and gender as well as the intersection of race and gender. We will discuss the impacts on our rights to equality and fundamental human rights and freedoms in all aspects of our lives, including political, social, cultural, educational, personal and economic. This group's membership is at capacity. If that changes, group founders will send out invitations on ...
Silicon Valley Kos

Connect! Unite! Act!

Congressional Districts CA-17, CA-18 and CA-19
We work together online and offline for political and social causes. We also meet to just socialize.
The group will republish diaries on issues of interest to the residents of Silicon Valley.
To join our group, send a request HERE.
This Week in the War on Women
This Week in the War on Women provides a weekly summary of new on women's issues and information on current political actions. We welcome all who are interested to join, to write for us, and to provide relevant links and stories.

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