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Chain Restaurants, exploitation of employees, arrogance, greed, and crappy food.
A week ago We the People exercised our political power and put Obama back the White House. Americans chose a clear path. A vote for Romney was a vote for rule by the rich, for "trickle", for ...
Broke And Unemployed 11/15/2012 175 383 5 -
The ugliness of racism against interracial couples, and why Paul Ryan's ex-girlfriend doesn't matter
Today, on the little slice of the Twilight zone that is the 2012 election, there is a story on the interwebz saying that Paul Ryan dated a black woman in college, and how this earth-shattering ...
Broke And Unemployed 08/22/2012 124 144 2 1792
I'm so freaking sick of rightwingers hurling disgusting insults at Michelle Obama.
I always get excited about the Olympics, there's something awesome, something electric about it. Usually, it's a uniting force, as millions turn on their TV's for over two weeks to cheer on our ...
Broke And Unemployed 07/27/2012 182 236 2 1969
73-year old Walmart greeter fired and loses her home after being pushed by customer.
In case you thought it was time to give Wal-Mart a break, or give them the benefit of the doubt... Found this HuffPo story on the Twitter: Ex-Walmart Greeter Jan Sullivan Loses Job, Home After ...
Broke And Unemployed 07/02/2012 170 244 6 1840
I was inspired by a rec-list diary about a student being banned from his high school graduation, and decided to post one of my own stories about things I went through and things I witnessed. My high ...
Broke And Unemployed 04/17/2012 1 5 - 39
Happening Now: Legal medical marijuana shops being raided by feds in Oakland.
Happening Now: Legal medical marijuana shops in Oakland being raided by the U.S. Marshals, and DEA. Twitter and mainstream media sources are confirming that Oaksterdam University, which was a ...
Broke And Unemployed 04/02/2012 13 22 - 150
There has been a school shooting at Chardon High School
There has been a shooting in the Chardon High School cafeteria in Northeast Ohio around 7:50AM. According to reports, five shots were fired and four students were injured, and the LifeFlight ...
Broke And Unemployed 02/27/2012 49 37 - 341
An agnostic Lent, and a nerd's Mardi Gras.
I know that some folks might think it's odd that I am agnostic, that I'm not a member of any religion, but I follow the tradition of Lent, an observance that revolves around Jesus. But this is my ...
Broke And Unemployed 02/21/2012 5 1 - 51
I no longer have to "check that box", except that I still do.
For the seven or eight years or so between the time I left high school without a diploma and the time that I got my GED in 2007, every time I filled out a job application there was that dreaded "...
Broke And Unemployed 01/30/2012 96 229 4 1269
Riding circles around the anti-choice crowd.
Every couple months or so there's a group that gathers in the center of our town on Sunday afternoon and silently stands on the sidewalk with anti-abortion signs. "Abortions hurt women" and the ...
Broke And Unemployed 01/25/2012 79 225 6 1115
Suddenly broke and unemployed, I put my faith in education and the Wizard of Jobs.
Job security is dead in America, and the "American Dream" is on life support, with the Tea Party and their rich backers ready to pull the plug. Workers are considered expendable and paid peanuts for ...
Broke And Unemployed 01/03/2012 91 151 - 1170
Another 39 miles for the 99%, and down but not out at #OccupyYoungstown
My last Occupy-related bike adventure was an awesome experience,
Broke And Unemployed 11/14/2011 22 57 2 301
I got tired of Democrats arresting peaceful #Occupy protesters, so I wrote them a letter.
When the Occupy Chicago and Occupy Cleveland arrests happened this weekend, it dawned on me that these raids and arrests were being ordered by Democrat mayors, by mayors of the party who are ...
Broke And Unemployed 10/25/2011 24 23 1 184
A 39-mile bike ride for the 99%, and an engineer among poets at #OccupyCleveland
Maybe I could have figured out a ride to Cleveland by car if I had waited till Sunday, but I was determined to make the journey. I had follwed the Occupy movement obsessively on the Internet, and ...
Broke And Unemployed 10/18/2011 37 74 4 284
Boycott? I'm in! Down with censorship.
I won't pretend I'm an important person here, but I'm supporting the boycott, I will not check or post on this site for a week. Censorship is very un-democrat-like. It's the way Corporate Media ...
Broke And Unemployed 09/11/2011 3 12 1 72
A rental contract 'till death do us part.
Though my girlfriend and I are not married yet (we're planning for next spring, can't wait!), we've lived together a very long time, and effectively function as husband and wife. Last fall, we lost ...
Broke And Unemployed 08/14/2011 74 71 - 696
Fighting greedy banks at street level.
This diary is about direct action, about feeling deep down in your gut that a certain practice is wrong, so strongly that taking action to stop it is the only choice. I don't expect everyone to ...
Broke And Unemployed 08/12/2011 35 50 1 348
Rick Perry's agenda is extreme, and we can't allow it to become reality.
I spent Saturday watching Gov. Rick Perry's huge prayer rally "The Response" on livestream and followed it on Twitter. I watched hours of young people swaying back and forth, weeping and hugging ...
Broke And Unemployed 08/08/2011 21 19 3 99
He was fired because he was black, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.
There's been a few diaries today about unemployment among African Americans, so I decided to post my experience with the subject. My experience was humbling, and changed the way I think about the ...
Broke And Unemployed 06/21/2011 180 275 2 1529
CNZ: CNN to announce new channel, format changes.
Tomorrow, CNN will announce that it is launching a new channel that will feature coverage of news and politics with a format similar to that used by channels that specialize in entertainment and ...
Broke And Unemployed 06/20/2011 18 13 1 318
I went to protest the local Tea Party meeting alone...
Today I went to the local Portage County Tea Party meeting to protest against what I see to be an anti-education, anti-worker organization. I'm worried that the Tea Party Republican backed Congress ...
Broke And Unemployed 03/24/2011 160 497 3 2952
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