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BREAKING/ACTION: Rachel Maddow: House to vote on Fast Track TOMORROW
At the end of Rachel Maddow's discussion about President Obama's interview with Chris Matthews, she announced that the House was going to have its vote on Fast Track *tomorrow.* This is the first I'...
Brown Thrasher 04/21/2015 8 40 2 -
ACTION: Stop CISA, the Newest CISPA
Here we go again — AGAIN. Back for another round after repeated pummelings, the latest incarnation of this hideous, privacy-destroying give-away to the NSA has lurched its way out of committee, ...
Brown Thrasher 07/16/2014 2 10 - -
USA "Freedumb" Act as dangerous as CISPA; markup TOMORROW.
A new wave of CISPA look-alike bills are now making their way through the House Intelligence Committee. Besides a literal new CISPA by Mike Rogers & Dutch Ruppersberger themselves (apparently called "
Brown Thrasher 05/06/2014 3 6 - -
CISPA Passes Out Of Committee
Amid all of the loudly-trumpeted political news of the day, don't feel too bad if you haven't heard about this one yet — Mike Rogers has gone out of his way to sneak CISPA onto the floor as ...
Brown Thrasher 04/10/2013 3 34 - -
VICTORY for First Sale Rights in Supreme Court
For those who have not heard of the case of _Kirtsaeng v. Wiley,_ the legal dispute boils down to whether Americans truly _own_ what they _buy._ Specifically, Sudap Kirtsaeng legally bought Wiley & ...
Brown Thrasher 03/19/2013 17 24 - -
Here We Go Again: CISPA to be RE-INTRODUCED Wednesday
Right on the heels of the State of the Union address, Mike Rogers (R-Thought Police) will be *re-introducing CISPA* — yes, that's right, the *very same* unnecessary, dangerous, privacy-busting Blow-
Brown Thrasher 02/12/2013 3 16 - -
(UPDATEx3) Anyone had any password problems?
Just now, as I tried to log into my account, the software refused to accept my password. After several tries I changed my password through my email, which finally worked. Has anyone else had to do ...
Brown Thrasher 11/04/2012 17 2 - -
Day 3 Of Our Kitten Saga (with PICS! ...& now with MORNING UPDATE)
Here and here are Wednesday's & yesterday's diaries about this precious, brave little cat. I've spent time with the kitty a lot today, letting him play at his favorite pastime of "climb, climb, & ...
Brown Thrasher 09/21/2012 71 101 - 796
Update On The Orphaned Kitten (SEE MORNING UPDATE!)
First I'd like to thank everyone who responded to my diary yesterday about the abandoned kitten with so much helpful advice & moral support. You have all been a great help. Here's the state of ...
Brown Thrasher 09/20/2012 28 66 - 418
Tiny Kitten Found On Our Porch (UPDATE)
The area in which my family lives, along with a fair amount of wildlife, is also the roaming ground for plenty of cats. I must admit that I'm used to having mixed feelings about this — we ...
Brown Thrasher 09/19/2012 48 71 - 582
No, It's NOT Just About "Winning"
You've heard people say it. Whenever the discussion over the dinner table turns to Romney's lies, someone will remark, "Why, he'll just say ANYTHING to win!" After a good segment about right-wing ...
Brown Thrasher 08/30/2012 1 2 - 68
Musical Kossacks: Google CENSORING Popular MP3 Tool
Until the day comes when those who use & enjoy online audio can do so without Big Business harassment, they will have to keep fighting battles like this. This evening's Exhibit A: Google Inc. is ...
Brown Thrasher 08/10/2012 5 9 1 143
BREAKING: Senate CISPA Fails Cloture Vote
In the latest turn of events in the Congressional "cyberwar" saga, the Senate failed to invoke cloture to halt amendments on S 3414, the Lieberman-Collins "cybersecurity" bill. The vote was 52-46. ...
Brown Thrasher 08/02/2012 4 26 - 216
Schumer Proposes Gun Control Amendment to Senate Version of CISPA
As Joan McCarter diaried this week, the Senate's version of CISPA (S 3414, aka the Lieberman-Collins bill) has been granted cloture & will move to the amendment process on the Senate floor next week.
Brown Thrasher 07/28/2012 12 10 - 98
PETITION: Stop Illegal Censorship of Websites
The PRO IP Act, which the Department of Justice has already used to hound Megaupload (in a case which is itself rapidly falling apart), has an outrageous & overreaching provision allowing the ...
Brown Thrasher 06/13/2012 5 8 - 69
Announcing A New Group: "Logic & Rhetoric at Daily Kos"
I have just started a new Daily Kos group for Kossacks interested in good discussion, clear thinking, and the skills of sharp & meaningful debate for use at Daily Kos & life in general. I want this ...
Brown Thrasher 04/28/2012 37 42 4 238
The US House of Representatives has officially gone insane. What seems to have happened: 1. *Ben Quayle*, in the name of "limiting" the government's power, *made CISPA massively worse* by adding an ...
Brown Thrasher 04/26/2012 141 207 7 1403
House Rules Committee REJECTS all amendments to CISPA
Remember those heady days of _yesterday_, when Mike Rogers brushed off the White House's veto threat against CISPA, claiming that a slew of amendments already addressed privacy concerns? Well, ...
Brown Thrasher 04/26/2012 7 22 - 129
EFF: Opposition to CISPA from Security Experts... & Conservatives!
As Joan McCarter mentioned yesterday, the House of Representatives plans to vote on CISPA, yet another Internet-breaking bill that's loved by AT&T & the NSA and rightly excoriated by the ACLU & the ...
Brown Thrasher 04/24/2012 8 13 - 61
A Series On Logic: Informal Fallacies, Part 7 — Irrelevant Thesis & False Analogy
Welcome & welcome back to this series on logic! (Sorry I'm late; I usually post on *Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays* in the afternoon, but this week has been a little bit strange...) The series so ...
Brown Thrasher 04/20/2012 41 37 15 301
The *Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (HR 3523)* is the House of Representatives' latest attempt to destroy privacy and freedom of speech on the Internet. Co-authored by Reps Mike ...
Brown Thrasher 04/17/2012 12 11 - 46
A Series On Logic: Informal Fallacies, Part 6 — Argument from Ignorance & False Cause
Welcome & welcome back to this series on logic! I've been posting these diaries on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays in hopes of creating a resource to aid in discussions at Daily Kos & elsewhere in ...
Brown Thrasher 04/16/2012 14 7 - 125
Bundle or Nothing: Big Telecoms ENDING Universal Phone Service
Add this to your reasons to be disgusted by the big telecom companies. After a century of offering basic landline phone service to the entire country — a service they maintained in order to ...
Brown Thrasher 04/15/2012 306 340 6 2844
A Series On Logic: Informal Fallacies, Part 5 — "That Begs The Question"
Welcome to the latest diary in this series about logical argument! On Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, I mention list of logic terms & describe what they mean in as plain terms as I can — hopefully ...
Brown Thrasher 04/13/2012 42 62 11 507
A Series On Logic: Informal Fallacies, Part 4 — Generally Speaking
Welcome (or welcome back) to this Daily Kos series discussing logical argument! For now I'm writing these diaries on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, & as always I welcome your comments & suggestions.
Brown Thrasher 04/11/2012 9 14 1 167
A Series On Logic: Informal Fallacies, Part 3 — Un-Appealing Gimmicks
If you're new to this series, welcome; if you've visited one of last week's entries, welcome back! This series discusses logic, hopefully in a way that will be useful at Daily Kos as well as in ...
Brown Thrasher 04/09/2012 60 48 9 567
A Series On Logic: Informal Fallacies, Part 2 — Getting Personal
For those who are just discovering this series, welcome! Here is Monday's edition, which got things started by defining propositions & arguments (now updated!), & here is Wednesday's diary on a few ...
Brown Thrasher 04/06/2012 12 23 2 205
A Series On Logic: Informal Fallacies, Part 1 — Ambiguity (Updated!)
Thanks to everyone who responded to my proposal for a logic series! I welcome any input about what times & days would be best to post the installments. Right now, I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday, & ...
Brown Thrasher 04/04/2012 22 24 3 258
Musical Kossacks: Rhythm & Rhyme — Or Not?
This is part of an informal series which I started yesterday to discuss & encourage musical ideas at Daily Kos, both as community recreation & as tools for social change. During the months when ...
Brown Thrasher 04/03/2012 27 8 1 75
Proposing A Series On Logic (Updated)
Over several years, many Kossacks have shown an interest in studying logical argument. The skills of clear thinking & sound reasoning remain the best counters to the otherwise persuasive power of ...
Brown Thrasher 04/02/2012 18 16 3 210
Here's to Musical Kossacks!
The US corner of the Internet started this year with a bang, marshaling its forces to help bring down a pair of Big Media threats to the the Net's free existence, the infamous SOPA & PIPA (...
Brown Thrasher 04/02/2012 7 4 - 58
ACTA SIGNED ...Unconstitutionally? (w/info & petition)
First, a bit of background: *ACTA*, the "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement", has been called the international version of SOPA/PIPA/PCIPA. In fact, ACTA is the _reason_ & _inspiration_ for the ...
Brown Thrasher 01/25/2012 11 22 - 161
Reddit To "Black Out" On 1-18 To Protest SOPA
Reddit , the site which has led much of the netroots charge against the horrifying Internet censorship bills SOPA & PIPA, has announced that it will ...
Brown Thrasher 01/11/2012 8 13 - 95
How long should the Internet strike against censorship?
Many web businesses, search engines, & Web-based information sources are now seriously talking about some sort of simultaneous suspension of operations in protest of the Internet censorship bills, ...
Brown Thrasher 12/30/2011 14 4 1 81
A Brief Thank You to Daily Kos
About a year ago this month, enough crazy things started happening in the world at once that I could no longer remain a lurker at Daily Kos; I simply _had_ to help raise a fine stink about what the ...
Brown Thrasher 12/29/2011 12 14 - 96
BOYCOTT these SOPA supporters!
Some of the guys at reddit have started collecting lists of corporate sponsors of SOPA. Here's one ...
Brown Thrasher 12/21/2011 29 16 2 231
SOPA News: Markup to resume WEDNESDAY at earliest
First, the good news: Today, Rep. Lamar Smith, MPAA puppet & author of the insidious, Internet-breaking "Stop Online Piracy Act" (SOPA), suddenly announced a delay in the House Judiciary Committee's ...
Brown Thrasher 12/16/2011 3 8 - 57
Wikipedia Discussing Strike To Protest SOPA
In the last several years, whenever the DC political class & the Big Telecoms have started campaigns to bully/privatize/censor the Internet, one of my 1st worries has been the consequences for one ...
Brown Thrasher 12/14/2011 29 19 1 117
ACTION: Call Congress to stop SOPA
This Thursday the House Judiciary Committee plans to vote SOPA out of committee. YOU should call Congress NOW to stop this bill. Tell your family, friends, & _everyone you know online_ to do the ...
Brown Thrasher 12/12/2011 4 8 1 45
Internet Freedom Roundtable & Action
Kos wrote an excellent diary about the Internet censorship bills yesterday,
Brown Thrasher 11/29/2011 1 4 - 35
No Stinking Badges: Let's Keep The Current Trusted User System
On Friday Kos diaried that he believes our current community moderation system to be "...
Brown Thrasher 09/12/2011 47 17 - 286
How can we save Keith & Rachel & fight the Comcrap takeover?
The FCC, as of this week, has officially approved the proposed "merger" of Comcast with NBC/Universal. All who care about the survival of real journalism in this country now have our last chance to ...
Brown Thrasher 01/20/2011 60 9 - 75
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