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She’s Pissed, She’s Fighting Back, and She’ll Win.
“Before the Deluge” from Late for the Sky —Jackson Browne, 1974 Some of them were angry at the way the Earth was abused By the men who learned how to forge Her beauty into power. And they ...
Bruce Brown 12/16/2014 9 21 4 -
Two Men Without a Party. Or how to waste a great President
A few days ago, a friend shared a Facebook post written by a friend of hers, someone I didn’t know. Yesterday our mutual friend introduced us, and I talked him into letting me share his message ...
Bruce Brown 11/13/2014 10 20 2 -
We’ve Misunderstood the First Amendment. By Sonia Bader Kaganbreyer
The First Amendment , United States Constitution Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or ...
Bruce Brown 07/14/2014 3 5 - -
Global Warming: How much does a Republican charge to make himself look stupid in public?
On Wednesday, June 18, the day before the House Subcommittee on Power and Energy began its hearings on the Environmental Protection Agency’s new emission regulations, the ...
Bruce Brown 06/22/2014 6 12 1 -
Keystone XL Pipeline, again
HuffPost and WSJ just reported: It's ba-a-ack . From the Huffington Post: WASHINGTON -- The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee approved a bill on Wednesday that would force approval of ...
Bruce Brown 06/20/2014 20 14 2 -
Global warming? Yeah, but. Socialism! Invisible Hand! Deregulate!
Formerly Nazi Germany, now a bastion of Socialism, ruled by a woman who heads a coalition of political parties with suspicious names like Christian Democratic UNION ...
Bruce Brown 06/19/2014 9 7 - -
Well, yeah, we could slow global warming. But it would cost too much.
El Paso Energy solar panels Fossil fuel energy is still cheaper than renewable energy because coal and oil had a huge head start in capturing the market—oil by more than a century, coal by many ...
Bruce Brown 06/17/2014 59 74 1 -
My least favorite Congressman just helped revive the Keystone XL pipeline.
A couple weeks ago I posted a pissed-off-at-Fred-Upton diary . Yes, the Fred Upton who chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee. I live in his district, and I'm on his subscription list, and he'
Bruce Brown 05/22/2014 15 13 - -
How House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Upton Can Make the World a Better Place: Retire
I’m usually left mildly irritated by the occasional messages that Fred Upton, my congressional representative, sends to his email subscribers. His most recent email got me thoroughly pissed. I’...
Bruce Brown 05/07/2014 9 5 1 -
A Pre-Emptive Strike Against Koch, ALEC, and Black Energy Proponents
This morning an email from alerted me to this issue and I immediately came to Kos to see if it’s received any attention here yet. Not much, it appears. A New York Times ...
Bruce Brown 05/03/2014 9 18 1 -
"It's Not About Ideology." Or is it?
Amy Walter at ABC News calls this election " an ideological battle that voters don't want ." Both sides, she says, are eager to characterize the election as a contest about the proper role of ...
Bruce Brown 08/13/2012 6 1 - 34
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