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Prosecutor: Germanwings crash was mass murder
Stunning news out of France from the prosecutor, where he states the plane crash was a mass murder-suicide. The co-pilot of the Airbus A320 that crashed on Tuesday, killing 150 people, appears to ...
BruinKid 03/26/2015 630 199 2 -
Jon Stewart and John Oliver explain violence in Islam
Given all the news we've been seeing worldwide in the last couple weeks, now would be a good time to revisit this excellent clip from 2012. JOHN OLIVER: Things are pretty en fuego around here! ...
BruinKid 01/17/2015 11 31 1 -
#FoxNewsFacts trending after "expert" says major British city entirely Muslim
Fox News terrorism "expert" Steven Emerson made quite a splash when he made this bizarre claim. Non-Muslims do not go to the British city of Birmingham, which has become a “totally Muslim” city,
BruinKid 01/12/2015 130 271 6 -
BREAKING: Gunmen kill at least 12 at Paris humor magazine
Holy fucking shit. This is happening right now in Paris. Three gunmen went into the offices of the humor magazine Charlie Hebdo , which ran the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed back in 2008, and ...
BruinKid 01/07/2015 595 166 3 -
MUST-SEE: Bill Maher pushes Democrats to defend Obama and GO VOTE!
Last night, Bill Maher delivered a strong defense of the Obama presidency and all its accomplishments, chided cowardly Democrats for running away from it, and urging everyone to GO VOTE! The ...
BruinKid 11/01/2014 56 96 4 -
MUST-SEE: Bill Maher asks what's the matter with Kansas
Last night, Bill Maher delivered a blistering final New Rule about what the matter with Kansas is. And finally, New Rule: scientists must conduct a study to determine which is easier to distract ��
BruinKid 10/25/2014 86 192 5 -
Bill Maher's controversial New Rule on liberals and the Muslim world
Last night, Bill Maher delivered what is sure to be a very controversial final New Rule that will surely upset quite a few people here. 91% of Egyptian women have had their clitorises forcibly ...
BruinKid 09/27/2014 195 60 3 -
Jon Stewart to Eric Bolling: 'F*** you and all your false patriotism.'
OK, last night's show was so incredible, I had to do a transcript. Jon Stewart blasted the Fox News crew for attacking Obama over his "latte salute," calling them out for their utter hypocrisy. ...
BruinKid 09/26/2014 159 371 8 -
Jon Stewart blasts Fox News on white privilege over Ferguson
This was an important enough segment I felt I had to provide the full transcript of it for everyone. On Tuesday night, Jon Stewart returned from vacation to deliver an incredible segment just ...
BruinKid 08/28/2014 23 118 1 -
Jon Stewart blasts House GOP for their lawsuit against Obama
On Thursday, Jon Stewart tore into the House Republicans for suing Obama over Obamacare implementation. 7/30/2014: REP. RICH NUGENT, R-FL: Our Founding Fathers understood the dangers of having a ...
BruinKid 08/04/2014 17 45 - 2
Jon Stewart takes on 'corporate inversion'
Last night, Jon Stewart introduced us to the concept of corporate inversion , the latest way American corporations are acting wholly un-American. Wait a minute, when was the Citizens United ...
BruinKid 07/31/2014 20 44 - -
Stephen Colbert looks at the Sarah Palin Channel
Last night, Stephen Colbert took aim at the Sarah Palin Channel . I have always been a huge fan of Sarah Palin. She's a strong leader with a proven history of selflessness. I mean, in the midst ...
BruinKid 07/30/2014 72 93 1 1
Stephen Colbert on the 'poor door'
Last night, Stephen Colbert talked about that luxury apartment complex in New York City that is building a separate entrance for poorer people to use. And folks, if you think about it, there is a ...
BruinKid 07/29/2014 59 63 - -
Well, well. Satanists to use Hobby Lobby to block pro-life propaganda
Hm, not sure if the Catholic men on the Supreme Court saw this one coming. But you know, unintended consequences and all. In a statement, the Satanic Temple said that it will use the Supreme Court��
BruinKid 07/28/2014 583 861 11 -
Bill Maher's Dr. Seuss parody for migrant kids (and New Rule!)
Last night, Bill Maher read a Dr. Seuss parody to the migrant children crossing our border. The teabaggers say, "It's not that we're monsters Or that we don't care. It's just that God put us here,
BruinKid 07/26/2014 12 36 4 -
Stephen Colbert on Obamacare ruling from D.C. Circuit
Last night, Stephen Colbert looked at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals panel's reasoning behind striking down the subsidies for Obamacare in all those red states that have refused to set up their ...
BruinKid 07/25/2014 43 44 2 2
Jon Stewart looks at contradictory Obamacare rulings
Last night, Jon Stewart looked at the two contradictory Obamacare rulings on the subsidies for states where the GOP refused to set up state health care exchanges. See, the law says you must be "...
BruinKid 07/24/2014 42 39 1 2
Jon Stewart challenges John McCain to a Wrong-Off
Last night, Jon Stewart challenged John McCain to a battle of who's been wrong more, after McCain dismissed Stewart on Fox News. Come on! I'll tell you what. You come on the program loaded down ...
BruinKid 07/23/2014 48 78 - -
Stephen Colbert on GOP's cruel heartlessness over child immigrants
Last Thursday, after opening with a serious update about the downed Malaysian airliner and Israel invading Gaza, Stephen Colbert debunked some of the right-wing lies about the child immigrants ...
BruinKid 07/22/2014 11 18 - -
Jon Stewart exposes GOP lies about Reagan's response to downed airliner
Last night, Jon Stewart ripped into how the GOP is attacking Obama for his response to Russia over the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 by invoking a mythical version of Ronald Reagan . Yes,
BruinKid 07/22/2014 78 94 - 1
Jon Stewart exposes fake bluster behind impeachment push (and why there will not be one)
Last Thursday, Jon Stewart looked at Sarah Palin's call for impeachment , and the lawsuit ploy John Boehner is using instead. Don't tell me you can't squeeze one little tyrant impeachment in your ...
BruinKid 07/21/2014 49 58 - -
Jon Stewart blasts right-wing cruelty towards immigrant kids
Last night, Jon Stewart tore into the right-wingers who exhibited a sickening display of cruelty towards the children who fled here from Central America. Ah, Representative Louie Gohmert. He's ...
BruinKid 07/16/2014 99 96 1 -
Stephen Colbert looks at the race factor behind GOP lawsuit over Obamacare
Last night, Stephen Colbert looked at John Boehner's lawsuit over the mandate in Obamacare in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision . You see, last week Eric Holder stood by his previous statement,
BruinKid 07/15/2014 20 82 3 1
Bill Maher calls out all the debunked GOP lies on Obamacare
Last night, Bill Maher ripped the Republicans for their repeated lies about Obamacare that they never bothered to apologize for, or show any shame. You know, you just wanna go, wait, when did we ...
BruinKid 07/12/2014 110 266 3 1
John Oliver shows why Hobby Lobby's arguments were so irrational
Two weeks ago, before the decision was handed down, John Oliver showed why the Hobby Lobby case was so mind-numbingly irrational on so many fronts. What these companies are arguing is that the ...
BruinKid 07/10/2014 85 115 8 -
Bob Menendez smear cooked up by Cuban government
Well, this is quite the interesting development. Remember in 2012, Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller tried to take down Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) by claiming he was involved with prostitutes? And how ...
BruinKid 07/08/2014 33 57 1 -
Bill Maher warns of revenge in Iraq
Last night, Bill Maher had a New Rule about the current conflict in Iraq, boiling it down to revenge. World War I is the only war I can think of where I don't know why it was fought. I don't ...
BruinKid 06/28/2014 31 43 1 -
MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart goes after 'warfare queens'
Last night, Jon Stewart ripped into the warmongers who got us into Iraq but refuse to help out Americans at home. So basically, when we give other countries government assistance, they handle it ...
BruinKid 06/27/2014 38 107 2 2
Stephen Colbert on Thad Cochran's win in Mississippi
Last night, Stephen Colbert covered the surprising win by Sen. Thad Cochran against Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel in the Senate Republican primary runoff. The point is, Thad Cochran is ...
BruinKid 06/26/2014 17 41 1 1
Jon Stewart looks at Hillary and Biden's appeal to blue collar voters
Last night, Jon Stewart looked at how Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden seem to be appealing to blue collar voters . Clearly, there's only one way to settle which Democratic candidate can appeal best ...
BruinKid 06/25/2014 20 18 - -
Jon Stewart on Dick Cheney's hypocrisy
Last night, Jon Stewart used Dick Cheney's own words against him as he now tries to attack Obama for seeming weak on what to do with the worsening situation in Iraq. By the way, Mr. Cheney there, ...
BruinKid 06/24/2014 27 40 - 2
Bill Maher on how we cannot change Iraq
Last night, Bill Maher had a New Rule on how we simply cannot change Iraq. And finally, New Rule: Now that Iraq is falling apart again, someone needs to drill it into the American psyche that ...
BruinKid 06/21/2014 101 120 1 -
Jon Stewart on Senate GOP's continued denial of global warming
Last night, Jon Stewart looked at an incredible Senate hearing where the Republicans there were still denying man-made global warming in a variety of ways even against former REPUBLICAN EPA ...
BruinKid 06/20/2014 34 56 1 2
Stephen Colbert covers Fox News reaction to Benghazi terror suspect's capture
Last night, Stephen Colbert looked at Fox News's reaction to our capture of a key suspect in the Benghazi attack. Why'd it take so long? Khatallah was interviewed by the New York Times "
BruinKid 06/19/2014 34 50 1 -
Stephen Colbert looks at how GOP can appeal to Latinos
Last night, Stephen Colbert looked at how the GOP can try to appeal to Latinos. BOB SCHIEFFER (6/11/2014): If the Republican Party is going to be successful in electing a presidential candidate ...
BruinKid 06/18/2014 23 44 3 -
Jon Stewart goes after Iraq War cheerl​eaders
Last night, Jon Stewart blasted those Iraq War cheerleaders who got it so, so wrong. Those idiots were ostracized, never heard from again, because of how... I'm kidding. Because I think we all ...
BruinKid 06/17/2014 102 93 3 2
Adam Kokesh PRAISES Las Vegas cop killers for SAVING lives
He actually said it . Speaking on his Internet show on Wednesday, libertarian pundit, gun rights activist and former resident of a D.C. prison Adam Kokesh partially defended the actions of Jerad ...
BruinKid 06/15/2014 44 44 - -
Bill Maher has do's and don'ts for Colorado's pot legalization
Last night, Bill Maher closed with a New Rule on what Colorado needs to do now that pot has been legalized there. So Colorado, don't sell keef to novices, talk to customers like a pharmacist ...
BruinKid 06/14/2014 22 27 - -
Stephen Colbert on Ted Cruz's citi​zenship
Last night, Stephen Colbert looked at how Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has now formally renounced his Canadian citizenship. But come on, Senator, no piece of paper can wipe the Canada off you. I visited ...
BruinKid 06/13/2014 73 56 1 3
Jon Stewart looks at Eric Cantor's loss
Last night, Jon Stewart covered the bombshell news that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) lost his primary to unknown Tea Partying college professor Dave Brat. So what strategy did God use ...
BruinKid 06/12/2014 53 63 - 2
Jon Stewart looks at VA's outdated technology
Last night, Jon Stewart looked at some of the outdated technology that's been plaguing the VA . If only there was some visual representation of how responsibility for this mess is batted back and ...
BruinKid 06/11/2014 12 35 - 1
Jon Stewart goes after Fox News for smearing Bergdahl family
Last night, Jon Stewart concentrated his anger at Fox News for their despicable treatment of the Bergdahl family . STEVE DOOCY (6/4/2014)
BruinKid 06/10/2014 95 105 4 -
Bill Maher goes after Open Carry "ammosexuals"
Last night, Bill Maher tore into the "ammosexuals" who want to open carry everywhere. Guns aren't just a tool of last resort. They're awesome . That's why people stroke them. And name them, ...
BruinKid 06/07/2014 270 265 8 -
MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart blasts the Open Carry Texas movement
Last night, Jon Stewart tore into the Open Carry Texas gun nuts. CHRIS COX, NRA-ILA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (6/3/2014): The truth is, an alert went out that referred to this type of ...
BruinKid 06/06/2014 65 73 1 1
Jon Stewart blasts GOP for climate denialism and hypocrisy
Last night, Jon Stewart tore into the GOP for denying climate change and attacking Obama hypocritically over getting POW Bowe Bergdahl back. OLIVER NORTH (6/3/2014): Was a ransom paid to the ...
BruinKid 06/05/2014 20 38 2 -
Jon Stewart covers the right-wing reaction to Bowe Bergdahl
Last night, Jon Stewart looked at the quickly changing reaction to the news about getting POW Bowe Bergdahl back from the Taliban. BRIAN KILMEADE (
BruinKid 06/04/2014 86 83 - -
Jon Stewart on the reactions to the UCSB mass shooting
Last night, Jon Stewart came back from a week's break to talk about the UCSB shooting, and the media's reaction to it. But what about the real victims — the news networks, who are still going ...
BruinKid 06/03/2014 35 60 3 -
Joe the Plumber to UCSB: "your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights" for guns
He really said it . In an open letter published Tuesday on the website Barbwire, Wurzelbacher went out of his way to explain to the victims' parents that the deaths won't undermine his "...
BruinKid 05/27/2014 95 197 2 -
7 dead in shooting rampage in Santa Barbara
Shit. Someone went on a drive-by shooting rampage in Isla Vista, where UC Santa Barbara is located, killing 6 people before being found dead himself. KEYT reported that "witnesses described seeing ...
BruinKid 05/24/2014 162 119 - -
Bill Maher rails against political correctness
Last night, Bill Maher had a controversial New Rule that won't go over well with some people here, talking about the return of political correctness, and the drawback of attacking those who don't ...
BruinKid 05/24/2014 96 26 - -
Jon Stewart on GOP's bad memory on screwing over veterans
Last night, Jon Stewart wasn't letting the GOP off the hook in the VA scandal as they tried to blame it all on Obama, as he noted this has been going on throughout American history . Yes, these ...
BruinKid 05/23/2014 62 75 1 -
Jon Stewart: Mitch McConnell only beat the Tea Party by becoming an extremist
Last night, Jon Stewart explained how Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) beat back his Tea Party challenger. Mitch McConnell, the ultimate mainstream establishment Republican handily defeating the Tea ...
BruinKid 05/22/2014 15 29 - 1
Jon Stewart blasts NRA for being against smart guns
Last night, Jon Stewart looked at the news about Chipotle banning guns inside their stores and how the pro-gun crowd has gone to extremes to try and stop the smart gun . STEVE DOOCY (4/9/2014): ...
BruinKid 05/21/2014 115 40 - -
Stephen Colbert on Wall Street's hatred of Elizabeth Warren
Last night, Stephen Colbert looked at Wall Street's hatred of Elizabeth Warren , who was his guest as well. And now she'...
BruinKid 05/20/2014 56 89 3 -
MUST-SEE: Bill Maher DARES Republicans to impeach Obama over Benghazi
Last night, Bill Maher dared the Republicans to just do it and impeach Obama over Benghazi. So there you go, Republicans! You finally have your impeachable offense. Obama gave you a case of the ...
BruinKid 05/17/2014 118 206 4 -
Stephen Colbert looks at Rove's smear against H​illary
Last night, it was Stephen Colbert's turn to mock Karl Rove 's latest smear attempt against Hillary Clinton. All Karl Rove is saying is that Hillary's a public figure, and we should be worried ...
BruinKid 05/16/2014 36 51 2 3
Stephen Colbert on our failure to take action on climate change
Last night, Stephen Colbert looked at our inability to take action on climate change . Well, you know what they say. If you can't stop climate change, lay back and enjoy it. (They = Koch Brothers)
BruinKid 05/15/2014 15 39 1 -
Jon Stewart goes after Karl Rove for his latest Hillary attack
Last night, Jon Stewart went after Karl Rove for trying to slime Hillary by claiming she's brain damaged. Just one quick question before you go there, House M.D. When did you start caring so much ...
BruinKid 05/14/2014 42 50 2 -
Jon Stewart starts #F*ckYouRush for Limbaugh attacking Michelle Obama over kidnapped Nigerian girls
Last night, Jon Stewart covered Boko Haram and just blasted Rush Limbaugh for his mocking of Michelle Obama for participating in the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag. Video and ...
BruinKid 05/13/2014 58 142 3 4
Stephen Colbert mocks Fox's Stuart Varney for being so out of touch
Last night, Stephen Colbert had some fun at the expense of Fox Business's Stuart Varney, who thinks he's all that. So it hurts to see Stu and Fox Business tanking in the ratings, averaging just 54,
BruinKid 05/09/2014 24 42 1 -
Stephen Colbert's short and sweet takedown of Fox's Eric Bolling
Last night, Stephen Colbert had a short but still great segment mocking Fox News's Eric Bolling for making up shit in relation to Benghazi just in order to try and smear Obama, before he was ...
BruinKid 05/08/2014 106 100 5 -
Stephen Colbert looks at Georgia's 'guns everywhere' law
Last night, Stephen Colbert took aim at Georgia's new "guns everywhere" law. But shockingly, the "guns everywhere bill" doesn't cover some everywheres. Yes, it broadens conceal carry ...
BruinKid 05/07/2014 78 41 - -
Jon Stewart's brilliant takedown of right-wing's hypocritical Benghazi "outrage"
Last night, Jon Stewart examined all the right-wing "outrage" over Benghazi, which he contrasted with other stuff that maybe should've gotten them even more outraged. I think I see ...
BruinKid 05/06/2014 114 135 6 -
Stephen Colbert looks at 2014 midterms
On Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert looked at the GOP advantage in the 2014 midterms with a special guest. And the bad news does not end there, because that same Washington ...
BruinKid 05/02/2014 18 39 1 -
Jon Stewart takes on the crazy at the NRA convention
Last night, Jon Stewart looked at Sarah Palin's demented speech at the NRA convention . Well, I see the NRA has changed its mission from firearms safety to defending the Alamo. Um, I guess that ...
BruinKid 04/30/2014 29 77 - -
Daily Show covers recent cases of racism in America
Last night, Jon Stewart looked at the recent cases of racism in America, with all of them claiming they're not racists . He then talked about this ...
BruinKid 04/29/2014 24 41 - -
Bill Maher blasts cheating conservatives and obnoxious liberals
Last Friday, Bill Maher blasted both conservatives that cheat to win elections, and obnoxious liberals who turn off people from voting for their side. Look at all the big issues Democrats have on ...
BruinKid 04/28/2014 205 97 2 -
Stephen Colbert looks at Sean Hannity's close devotion to racist Cliven Bundy
Last night, Stephen Colbert examined Sean Hannity's devotion to promoting the cause of racist Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. And folks, my one regret here is that I did not embrace Cliven Bundy ...
BruinKid 04/25/2014 79 137 4 -
Must-see: Hannity attacks Jon Stewart. Stewart responds with epic smackdown.
Last night, Jon Stewart noted how Sean Hannity had attacked Jon the day before over Cliven Bundy. Jon ...
BruinKid 04/24/2014 124 263 9 -
Jon Stewart skewers how the right-wing reacts to male vs. female politicians
Last night, Jon Stewart looked into how the media treats male vs. female politicians differently. LARS LARSON (12/14/2010): That's a man's man, who gets choked up about his country, ...
BruinKid 04/23/2014 40 100 1 -
MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart rips into Cliven Bundy and his demented defenders
Last night, Jon Stewart really took it to Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his hypocritical band of supporters . SEAN HANNITY (4/9/2014): And by the way, when your cattle graze there, that keeps ...
BruinKid 04/22/2014 103 151 2 -
MUST-SEE: Bill Maher explains abundance of right-wing radio
Last night, Bill Maher closed with a New Rule explaining just why right-wing radio is so abundant. The fact is, today's Republicans aren't built to governing. They don't want to go to the Moon, ...
BruinKid 04/12/2014 67 140 1 -
Stephen Colbert hits back at Bill O'Reilly
Last night, Stephen Colbert hit back at Bill O'Reilly for one of his attacks on Stephen Colbert for supposedly bringing down American society. BILL O'REILLY (4/7/2014): Ahh, but Mr. Colbert is a ...
BruinKid 04/11/2014 97 122 3 -
Stephen Colbert mocks Fox News outrage over equal pay
Last night, Stephen Colbert mocked Fox News for their outrage over Obama pushing for equal pay for women. CHRIS JANSING (4/8/2014): President Obama will sign two executive orders aimed at closing ...
BruinKid 04/10/2014 8 27 - -
Jon Stewart mocks right-wing disbelief over Obamacare enrollments
Last night, Jon Stewart mocked the right-wing reaction to the successful Obamacare enrollment numbers, and had Al Madrigal explain Fox News's fevered ravings about how the Spanish TV stations here ...
BruinKid 04/09/2014 39 67 1 1
Jon Stewart blasts Cheney and Rumsfeld over continued intransigence over torture
Last night, Jon Stewart tore into Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for their recent media appearances where they still show no remorse for torture. ERROL MORRIS: What about all these so-called ...
BruinKid 04/08/2014 46 58 1 1
Bill Maher's excellent commentary on America's disappearing middle class
Last night, Bill Maher had a great final New Rule on our disappearing middle class. 50 years ago, America's biggest employer was General Motors, where workers made the modern equivalent of $50 ...
BruinKid 04/05/2014 37 79 3 -
MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart BLASTS Supreme Court over campaign finance ruling
Last night, Jon Stewart really ripped into the Supreme Court for their ridiculous ruling in McCutcheon v. FEC by ridiculously narrowing the definition of " corruption ", and discussed this ...
BruinKid 04/04/2014 46 90 5 -
Stephen Colbert on our inaction to IPCC climate change report
Last night, Stephen Colbert looked at how our government will basically do nothing in response to the latest IPCC climate change report that warns of dire consequences, thanks to companies like ...
BruinKid 04/03/2014 16 37 - 1
Stephen Colbert laments Obamacare's success
Last night, Stephen Colbert opened the show lamenting how Obama took a victory lap with the latest enrollment numbers actually surpassing the 7 million mark, thus ruining his plans to celebrate ...
BruinKid 04/02/2014 14 43 - -
Jon Stewart mocks Chris Christie's Bridgegate 'investigation' and kissing up to Sheldon Adelson
Last night, Jon Stewart covered the farce of a report from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's (R) own lawyers that absolved him of any wrongdoing in Bridgegate, and then discussed his 2016 ambitions ...
BruinKid 04/01/2014 9 46 - -
Daily Show looks at fracking's effects in Pennsylvania
Last Thursday, the Daily Show 's Aasif Mandvi had a segment looking at how fracking has affected people living in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. MARITA NOON: Oil and gas companies are quite good ...
BruinKid 03/31/2014 34 36 1 -
MUST-SEE: Bill Maher calls on Democrats to stand up and DEFEND Obamacare
Last night, Bill Maher called out Democrats for running away from defending Obamacare, which would only lead to more defeats come November. Now last week in this space, I congratulated Democrats ...
BruinKid 03/29/2014 54 110 1 -
Jon Stewart explains Hobby Lobby's idiotic anti-Obamacare rationale
Last night, Jon Stewart examined the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court on the birth control mandate in Obamacare with Jordan Klepper . PETE WILLIAMS (
BruinKid 03/27/2014 78 58 1 -
Jon Stewart rips NRA for blocking Obama's surgeon general nominee
Last night, Jon Stewart tore into the NRA and exposed the hypocrisy of the pro-gun senators who are helping the NRA block Obama's surgeon general nominee, the extremely well-qualified Dr. Vivek ...
BruinKid 03/25/2014 125 55 - -
MUST-SEE: Bill Maher explains the power of language framing and how Democrats can use it
On Friday night, Bill Maher explained how Democrats must win back the language framing from the Republicans. Being a Republican means starting with a bedrock principle, like rich people shouldn't ...
BruinKid 03/23/2014 78 158 5 -
Bill Maher attacks Noah's Ark story
Last night, Bill Maher closed his show blasting the Noah's Ark story for being fantastical. But the thing that's really disturbing about Noah isn't the silly. It's that's it's immoral. It's ...
BruinKid 03/15/2014 319 218 3 -
MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart HAMMERS Fox News for attacking food stamp recipients
Last night, Jon Stewart delivered an epic takedown of the utter hypocrisy of Fox News for attacking those on food stamps , while also making excuses for big corporations that drain a lot more ...
BruinKid 03/14/2014 104 160 4 -
Stephen Colbert mocks Fox News meltdown over Obama's Zach Galifianakis video
Last night, Stephen Colbert mocked Fox News's outrage over Obama appearing on Zach Galifianakis's "Between Two Ferns" interview series on ANDREA TANTAROS: Zach Galifianakis is ...
BruinKid 03/13/2014 43 93 - -
Jon Stewart has 3 history professors rip apart Fox's Andrew Napolitano's slavery revisionism
Last night, Jon Stewart invited Fox News's Judge Andrew Napolitano on the show after ripping him a new one with Larry Wilmore over his revisionist history about Abraham ...
BruinKid 03/12/2014 152 127 3 -
Stephen Colbert's hilarious bit on Kentucky church giving away guns
Last night, Stephen Colbert mocked the efforts of a Kentucky church giving away guns to lure people back to church in a segment that's sure to offend the NRA crowd. But these days, all of that is ...
BruinKid 03/11/2014 20 56 - -
MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart blasts conservatives for praising Putin while bashing Obama
Last night, Jon Stewart covered Vladimir Putin's "in another world" press conference , but mostly focused on the right-wing's unhinged reaction to Putin, as opposed to how they treat Obama. I'll ...
BruinKid 03/07/2014 78 92 3 -
MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart shames Senate Republicans for blocking veterans benefits
Last night, Jon Stewart delivered another excellent segment showing how Senate Republicans have blocked veterans benefits and the military sexual assault bill in order to try and stoke a war with ...
BruinKid 03/06/2014 27 52 1 2
MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart BLASTS Fox News for attacking food stamp recipients
Last night, Jon Stewart tore in Fox News for their constant attacks on people who receive food stamps. 10/26/2011: NEIL CAVUTO: Bailouts from cradle to grave, Connecticut Democrats pushing for ...
BruinKid 03/05/2014 77 90 5 2
MUST-SEE: Stephen Colbert debunks Obamacare horror stories with special guest
Last night, Stephen Colbert helped debunk some Obamacare horror stories with a special guest who was very definitely not a paid actor.
BruinKid 03/04/2014 23 76 2 -
Bill Maher's excellent commentary on income inequality
Last night, Bill Maher delivered an excellent final New Rule on how some of the 1% are whining about feeling persecuted. Did you know that during World War II, FDR actually proposed a cap on ...
BruinKid 03/01/2014 63 93 7 -
Jon Stewart blasts Fox News for stoking Arizona homophobes' fear
Last night, Jon Stewart covered the news surrounding the anti-gay bill in Arizona , looking at how Fox News helped set the culture of fear for religious conservatives that made them pass such a bill ...
BruinKid 02/27/2014 32 77 3 -
Jon Stewart mocks Fox News flailing to attack Obama over Ukraine
Last night, Jon Stewart looked at how Fox News is trying to use the volatile situation in Ukraine to attack Obama by comparing him to their hero Reagan. The real problem isn't how future presidents ...
BruinKid 02/26/2014 17 25 - -
MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore destroy Andrew Napolitano's warped view of slavery
Last night, Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore discussed Fox News's Andrew Napolitano's bashing of Abraham Lincoln over ending slavery by means of a Civil War. Americans, we take certain things as gospel.
BruinKid 02/25/2014 12 19 - -
Bill Maher's warning to us about only getting customized news
Last night, Bill Maher warned us about how more and more Americans are only getting "news" from places that only reinforce what they think. And finally, New Rule: the Sparkletts guy must tell me ...
BruinKid 02/22/2014 70 81 1 -
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