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The Debate Surrounding Ed Markey's Residency is Ridiculous
During my time as a community organizer, I had the honor of getting to know several people who represent Congressional Districts in the suburbs of Washington, DC. While they'll probably never say it ...
Bryan Scrafford 02/14/2013 11 3 - -
Blogs Cause Teabaggers to Cancel Rally Burning Nancy Pelosi and Tom Perriello in Effigy
I wrote a post last week about how the Teabaggers were planning to burn Tom Perriello and Nancy ...
Bryan Scrafford 11/16/2009 165 261 1 262
Video: Sen. Jim Webb Will Vote to Proceed With Debate
On Thursday evening Sen. Jim Webb spoke to a meeting of the Brigades, which is a grassroots organization that formed in 2007 largely in response to volunteers from his campaign looking for a way to ...
Bryan Scrafford 11/13/2009 18 16 - 144
(With Video) Rep. Gerry Connolly Goes After Republicans' Health Care Plan on House Floor
One of the reasons that there was so much attention given to Alan Grayson's speech on the floor of the House of Representatives is because we have all been waiting for Members of Congress to ...
Bryan Scrafford 10/06/2009 17 32 - 23
Strategist Accused Me of "Abandoning the Democratic Party"
One of the first things I do when I get to my office in the morning is check my email. There’re usually a number of messages from listserves I’m on, press releases from people who want ...
Bryan Scrafford 11/25/2008 35 5 - 4
My Conversations With Veterans for Obama
In addition to the large number of students who attended the Hillary Clinton rally yesterday in ...
Bryan Scrafford 11/03/2008 16 10 - 2
Reaction: Caroline Kennedy in Northern Virginia Yesterday
Bryan Scrafford 11/02/2008 25 38 - 27
Obama In Harrisonburg, VA (with photos)
With just a week left until Election Day, I jumped in my car and made the two hour drive to James Madison University in order to see Barack Obama deliver a speech to an overflow crowd of at least 12,...
Bryan Scrafford 10/29/2008 32 26 1 29
Why The Media Will Help Obama
There has been a lot of discussion recently about how the length of the primary race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could potentially harm the Democratic nominee. If negative campaign ...
Bryan Scrafford 05/18/2008 11 3 - -
My Letter to Hillary Clinton
The following is a letter I sent to Sen. Hillary Clinton on April 15 which some of my fellow bloggers encouraged me to post here for some discussion. Dear Senator Hillary Clinton, One of ...
Bryan Scrafford 04/22/2008 5 4 - -
Did Hillary Take Campaign Tactic From Rex Simmons?
With the race for the Democratic nomination coming down to the wire, Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has most definitely been trying to increase Sen. Barack Obama’s negatives. According ...
Bryan Scrafford 02/25/2008 1 1 - -
Edwards Speaks In Northern Virginia
I just got back from a luncheon at the Sheraton Premiere in Northern Virginia hosted by Delegates Brian Moran and Ward Armstrong which featured Senator John Edwards as the speaker. There was a ...
Bryan Scrafford 07/31/2007 14 13 - 1
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