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African Americans Arrested for Cheering at Highschool Graduation
In northwest Mississippi relatives of high school students who cheered very briefly at graduation were served arrest warrants and are scheduled to appear in court next Monday (June 8). Threat of $...
Historyofthe Future 06/03/2015 3
Attended A Public College? Don't Pay Your Federal Loans.
A College education is important, perhaps more important than ever before. If you want to work anywhere other than Walmart or McDonald's or someplace like that, a college education is essential. But ...
KantV420 06/03/2015 30
Look for the Union Label
On this day in Labor History the year was 1900. That was the day that the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union was formed. Eleven delegates attended the founding meeting. They ...
The Rick Smith Show 06/03/2015 7
All Meals In Baltimore Public Schools Are Now Free For All Students!
Finally, all students in the Baltimore Public Schools are now equal in the place where it probably matters to the most students. All school meals are now provided free to all students. Forget your ...
OldRedWolf 06/03/2015 36
The Pre-SAT Tests Of The 1950s and early 1960s
Under President Eisenhower, a new method of education was put forth. It was called "New Math".
nicolemaschke 06/02/2015 20
A Nation of Rats?
You probably hear it a lot, ad nauseam ...America, the land of the free, home of the brave. That it is a place, if not THE place, of the market of ideas. This is where people are free to be stupid ...
swilliamrex 06/02/2015 3
Another year, another clusterf**k at the Tennessee Dept. of Education
The State of Tennessee Department of Education (Motto: We will spend millions of dollars to make our schools like China!) is so addicted to testing that they will simply do anything to hide how bad ...
Teacherman1978 06/02/2015 7
Top Comments: School Daze IV Edition
Another in my occasional [ series]. This one's prompted by 4th grader K2's math assignment last week. Sharpen ...
brillig 06/02/2015 64
My Story
How it all fits together and what it means when it changes. This diary will follow the progress of my work on building a coherent philosophy of the nature of my own humanity in an inhuman world. I ...
Politcal Alchemist 06/02/2015 3
Worlds Enough and Time
Everywhere I look, stories of our current condition and perilous plight greet my eyes. Economic collapse, massive unemployment, infrastructure degradation, environmental ...
ThePensMight 06/02/2015 1
LGBT Computer Science Scholarship at UC San Diego
The Center for Networked Systems at UC San Diego has just created a scholarship for LGBT students called the Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship supports Computer Science and ...
gmporter 06/02/2015 4
The First Strike in the New World
On this day in Labor History, we are going all the way back to the year 1786. That was the day when what labor historians widely consider “America’s First Strike” occurred in Philadelphia, ...
The Rick Smith Show 06/02/2015 6
It's Not Complicated
We humans more times than not, make thing far more complicated than they really are... (an update has been placed at the bottom of the article. Thank-You)
nicolemaschke 06/02/2015 37
Sci. News Mag. Publishes Error
On page 6 of the 16 May 2015 issue of SN published for Society for Science & the Public , the venerable staff printed the article, Debate continues over 103's place in periodic table: New ...
PriceRip 06/01/2015 49
So We're Going To Mars
Here's how truly stupid the scientists are. From their own projections, In approximately 70 years, they have predicted water wars In approximately 120 years, they have predicted the air will be so ...
nicolemaschke 06/01/2015 67
Cruz "The world is literally on fire!"
Cruz appeared at the million dollar Massachusetts home of convicted tax cheat and Republican Rep, Jimmy Lyons. Lyons is a Tea Party darling, an anti-abortion extremist, and his wife is a sidewalk ...
MethuenProgressive 06/01/2015 32
Standing for What You Believe
Would you be willing to risk your job to stand up for the rights that you believe in? For postal worker Henry Gerber, the answer to that question was a resounding yes. And so On this day in ...
The Rick Smith Show 06/01/2015 1
On The Path - 101
I realize that everyone is "much" smarter than I am. That everyone here knows so much more than I do. That everyone here is so much more important than I am. And for those of you who feel or think ...
nicolemaschke 06/01/2015 16
Texas passes college carry
In the closing hours of the session, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 11, "Relating to the carrying of handguns on the campuses of and certain other locations associated with institutions of ...
TexasBill 05/31/2015 20
Next up? Barnard
Barnard College's trustees are expected to vote this coming week on the issue of transgender admissions. Mills, Mount Holyoke,
rserven 05/31/2015 1
When Comparing Quality of Education Around the World, Don't Forget the Family
The financial, social, and emotional security of the family unit is an incredibly important factor to integrate into the discussion when dealing with causes of problems in the school systems. I ...
otto 05/31/2015 23
The Inoculation Project 5/31/2015: STEM Activities & Books
Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
nomandates 05/31/2015 16
The Flood
On this day in Labor History the year was 1889. Nestled in western Pennsylvania was the community known as Johnstown. The town and surrounding area was home to 23,000 people, families of ...
The Rick Smith Show 05/31/2015 7
Why 2 Years of free college is a brilliant idea.
Imagine what would dominate the national political conversation if overall unemployment was still hovering at 12, 15 or ever 20 percent. Well those statistics are still a shocking reality for ...
windsong01 05/30/2015 18
This week in the war on workers: Did Kevin Johnson destroy black mayors group over charter schools?
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Former All-Star NBA point guard Kevin Johnson is now the mayor of Sacramento, California—and the destroyer of the 40-year-old National Conference of Black Mayors. ...
Laura Clawson 05/30/2015 55
Solutions for the Urban Heat Island Effect
There were 33 proposals submitted to this Climate Colab contest solutions to the urban heat island effect in Cambridge, MA recently. I wonder if any of these would be useful in India too. http://...
gmoke 05/30/2015 7
Memorial Day Massacre
On this day in Labor History the year was 1937. It was a day that would become known as the Memorial Day Massacre. Ten demonstrators were killed by police bullets, while protesting at Republic ...
The Rick Smith Show 05/30/2015 2
Congressional Millionaire's Club
More than Half of the Members of Congress are Millionaires. The median net worth for all House members was $896,000 (Democrats averaged $929,000 to Republicans’ $884,000) and, for Senators, $2.5 ...
NM Ray 05/29/2015 6
PA High School Sends Home Body-Shaming Dress Code Letter
Biglerville High School in Adams County, PA sent home a letter just prior to graduation with the following dress code "requirements" for ladies: Choose modest attire. No bellies showing, keep "the ...
StarbucksGirl51 05/29/2015 84
“The road to hell is too often paved with Jazz steps.”
On this day in Labor History the year was 1912. That was the day fifteen women lost their jobs for dancing on their lunch break. The women worked for the Curtis Publishing Company in ...
The Rick Smith Show 05/29/2015 2
When American troops were welcomed and remembered
with love and honor can be seen in a a piece in today's Washington Post titled Americans gave their lives to defeat the Nazis. The Dutch have never forgotten. It is about an American cemetery in ...
teacherken 05/25/2015 5
Absolutely Nothing: A Veteran’s Savage Indictment of the Iraq War
Is the title of this post by someone named Jim Wright, which I think you will want to read. It is a totally brutal putdown of the likes of Mitt Romney and John McCain, of the neocons who pushed us ...
teacherken 05/24/2015 47
An image of Hillary Clinton that might surprise you
appears on p. 158 of the new book by former CIA #2 Michael Morrell, a book titled The Great War of Our Time: The CIA's Against Terrorism From Al Qaeda to ISIS . It is in the context of the planning ...
teacherken 05/24/2015 342
A number with various connotation, none of which are relevant to this reflection. In this case it is merely a measure of longevity in years. My longevity. I can turn to my Facebook page as the ...
teacherken 05/23/2015 14
Time for Dem Committees to Follow California Dem Party's Lead, Call for Fossil Fuel Divestment ASAP
I wrote this on Blue Virginia , but it applies to every single state and local Democratic Party committee in the country. Just do it! A few weeks ago, Terry ...
lowkell 05/21/2015 11

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