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Arianna Huffington, STFU
You knew this was coming, Arianna. You've let this nonsense languish on the front page of the ...
Buck Power 10/15/2009 141 55 1 68
PUBLIC OPTION--Dick Durbin Needs to Hear It First Thing Monday Morning
Sam Stein over at the Huffington Post details Senator Dick Durbin's appearance today on CNN's "State of ...
Buck Power 08/09/2009 56 21 - 17
Orly Taitz Highlights LOL
I decided to create a highlight reel that includes Orly's most articulate points, so as to prevent the left wing socialist media from distorting her important message.
Buck Power 08/04/2009 72 28 2 18
Ari Fleischer STILL claiming Saddam Hussein behind 9/11
Please DIGG ! Today, on Chris Matthews, at the conclusion of a very heated exchange, dick-bag Ari ...
Buck Power 03/11/2009 69 35 - 21
How to Fix teh Economy (a Bobbie Jindals Joint)
Bobbie Jindals recently took his wisdoms to the conservative CPAc conference, where he premiered the following cutting edge, hip hop video that totally re-invents the Republicans party into a non-...
Buck Power 02/28/2009 5 1 1 2
Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) is finally embarassed by SOMETHING
OK, this pissed me off just enough to bring me out of retirement. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), yesterday, talking about the stimulus: For the first time in my life, I'm embarassed to be a ...
Buck Power 02/14/2009 19 13 - 26
California:  Ballot Initiatives Watch
The news is not good right now. But most of these only have around 20% of precincts reporting. So it's early. Updates to come. FYI-- ...
Buck Power 11/04/2008 36 6 2 -
CA Voter's Guide to Ballot Initiatives
Buck Power 11/03/2008 38 7 1 73
You look like you could use a good laugh
Not a whole lot is going on today. And with our man leaving the campaign trail to attend to family business, I wonder how interesting the next couple of news cycles are going to be. I suppose that'...
Buck Power 10/23/2008 9 4 - 2
Updated: Final Debate Highlights (w/ Poll)
Obama-Biden is 4-0!
Buck Power 10/16/2008 3 3 - 3
Chris Matthews Torches McCain Spokesperson on Ayers (Updated w/ DIGG)
Here's a little something to munch on while we eagerly await the final throwdown! Wow. Matthews just had one of those moments of clarity. He just grilled McCain spokesman Mike Duhaime HARD for ...
Buck Power 10/15/2008 73 50 2 22
UPDATED: Video Highlights UP on Youtube
In an effort to get more eyeballs on these things, I'm going with the most straightforward, no-frills title I could think up between digitizing tapes. Hopefully I'm not sacrificing style points in ...
Buck Power 10/07/2008 12 6 3 -
Video Highlights from First Presidential Debate
((Also posted at Buck Power )) Candidates' opening statements on Economy/Bailout. Notice how Obama connects straight away with the voter, while McCain ...
Buck Power 09/27/2008 9 - - -
Sunday Funnies: My Buddy™ and ME! (Video)
Remember these ads from the 80's? I never knew a single kid who had one of these creepy Chucky-lookin' dolls... but apparently George W. Bush has one! And it votes with him 95% of the time!
Buck Power 09/21/2008 9 4 - -
Video Mashup--John McCain: LIAR (w/ Henry Rollins Soundtrack)--Please DIGG
A smattering of the lies told of late by the late John McStain. Set to, naturally, "Liar" by Henry Rollins. It's not just Olbermann and Maddow anymore. Today it's The View and Karl Rove, ...
Buck Power 09/15/2008 27 23 2 2
Video: Obama Convention Speech Highlights (Metallica Remix)
While I believe that Sarah Palin (aka Dolores Umbridge) is going to prove to be a disastrous VP pick in the long run, it's hard to deny that her nomination was successful in knocking Barack's ...
Buck Power 09/05/2008 26 17 - -
Video: John McCain's Neverending War in Iraq (Buck Power Mashup)
I'm sure most of you saw Jed's amazing film last week entitled "John McCain's Neverending War in Iraq". I was truly caught off guard by the wealth of footage that Jed unearthed, charting McCain's ...
Buck Power 07/28/2008 4 6 - 10
Keith Olbermann a Sexist?!? Someone Get Rachel Sklary a Dramamine
[cross-posted at Buck Power ] Someone Get Rachel Sklary a Dramamine (hey, that rhymes with drama queen!). Because I think she's managed to make even ...
Buck Power 04/27/2008 65 10 1 17
Barack Obama in Philly: Declare Independence! (Video Mashup)
Also available at Buck Power It was over two hundred years ago that a group of patriots gathered in this city to do something that no one in ...
Buck Power 04/20/2008 11 8 - -
Why John Edwards Cannot Endorse Hillary (In His Own Words)
Buck Power 04/05/2008 89 46 4 12
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