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State Senator Justin Harris and Wife Believed Adopted Daughters Possessed by Demons, Had an Exorcism
No, really, they had an exorcism. If you haven't heard by now, Arkansas State Senator Justin Harris (Republican, of course) and his wife Marsha are attempting to fight off a huge scandal. They ...
Buckeye BattleCry 03/11/2015 408 320 4 -
Another Dead Coal Miner in West Virginia
One coal miner is dead at the Marshall County Mine in Cameron, WV due to a roof collapse. Two more are injured. Marshall County EMA Director Tom Hart confirmed there was one fatality at the ...
Buckeye BattleCry 03/09/2015 17 12 - -
It's not just a big city problem. Ohio police lieutenant verbally abuses, threatens teenagers
Meet Eddie Wilson, Lieutenant of the Village of Wellsville, OH police department. He's a real sweetheart. Eddie and another policeman were recently caught on camera verbally abusing and ...
Buckeye BattleCry 02/01/2015 82 77 1 -
WV Widows File Wrongful Death Suit Against MSHA
Delorice Bragg is the widow of WV coal miner Don Bragg. Freda Hatfield is the widow of Ellery Hatfield. Both men died in a 2006 fire in Massey Energy Co.'s Aracoma Alma No. 1 mine in Melville, ...
Buckeye BattleCry 04/28/2010 21 18 - 104
MSHA Closes Portions of 3 Massey Mines After Anonymous Complaints
MSHA announced today that it had ordered closed portions of three Massey Energy Co. coal mines in West Virginia following surprise inspections. MSHA was following up on anonymous complaints of ...
Buckeye BattleCry 04/27/2010 95 143 2 46
WV Mine Disaster-MSHA requested Massey procure nitrogen DAYS ago
If you are not closely following the mine disaster at Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch mine in Montcoal, WV that has so far resulted in the deaths of 25 coal miners, let me give you an update: ...
Buckeye BattleCry 04/09/2010 48 25 - 45
Ohio Mayor Refers to Black People as "Spooks"
I think I must live in one of the strangest little cities in America. An audio tape has been released to local media and the NAACP. On this tape the Mayor of Martins Ferry, OH refers to African ...
Buckeye BattleCry 03/12/2010 83 48 - 29
My aunt died today, rejected for a transplant
My aunt was a nurse. She took care of other people for 30+ years until she was diagnosed with emphysema. (Yes, she smoked, and I'll talk about that later.) Her prognosis was bad--she was only ...
Buckeye BattleCry 02/10/2010 249 308 4 41
91 year old WWII POW's home collapses, no running water
This is going to be a relatively short diary. I don't think I need to add much dialogue to the story. I want you to see how this man, a war hero, was living. 91 year old World War II veteran ...
Buckeye BattleCry 10/29/2009 55 34 - 112
Senator Byrd suffers another fall and is taken to the hospital
Senator Robert Byrd has fallen at his McLean, VA home this morning and has been rushed to nearby hospital. His staff doesn't seem to think he'll need to be admitted. Local news reports--
Buckeye BattleCry 09/22/2009 32 25 - 36
Remember the sit in? Republic Windows CEO Arrested, held on $10 million bond
Richard Gillman's arrest took place several days ago and a bond hearing was held last week. I'm covering what may be to some old news. It might be worth repeating. 240 union workers at Republic ...
Buckeye BattleCry 09/21/2009 170 573 8 95
What is driving Ohio men to do the unthinkable?
In a little over one week, three Ohio men have killed their wives, sons, and themselves. Our men are programmed that they must provide for their families. When they are unable do so the end ...
Buckeye BattleCry 02/26/2009 66 23 - 96
Not so "sickly" after all~My medical update
I thought it might be a good idea to give you all an update on my medical situation. I know many of you expressed great concern. I was feeling pretty scared too. I saw a dentist first thing this ...
Buckeye BattleCry 02/02/2009 32 24 - 16
I was let go too, because I am "sickly"
This diary ended up way longer than I expected it would. Once I finally decide to write, I write it all , I suppose. I worked in a warehouse filling catalog and online orders for a large ...
Buckeye BattleCry 01/31/2009 289 265 1 23
Ohio Rally w/ Joe Biden (Pics!!)~The view from back here
My 12 year old son Justin and I went to a rally with Joe Biden today in St. Clairsville, Ohio . The outdoor campaign rally took place ...
Buckeye BattleCry 10/14/2008 76 98 - 173
Have you seen this yet?
A group of people who occasionally work together on film projects packed up and went to Alaska. They created a website called The Wasilla Project and ...
Buckeye BattleCry 10/09/2008 10 31 1 9
More schadenfreude, please. Jerome Corsi arrested, deported.
Jerome Corsi, vile swiftboater extraordinaire and author of hit piece The Obama ...
Buckeye BattleCry 10/07/2008 50 26 - 65
Planned Parenthood!!! "Rape Kit" ads on the air
OMG, it's a brilliant ad. And I'm hoping Planned Parenthood used those donations made in Sarah Palin's name to get this on the air:
Buckeye BattleCry 10/01/2008 55 38 - 14
More FEMA Ice Follies in Louisiana/Texas?
Remember this? Yet again, ice may not be reaching those in need. I'm going to be writing about a family member's experiences, and I want to keep ...
Buckeye BattleCry 09/16/2008 11 17 1 27
What you don't know about the AP (American Pravda)
This diary is posted in honor of the departed droogie6655321. With permission . I was inspired ...
Buckeye BattleCry 08/29/2008 10 15 1 5
Obama Volunteer WV Food Bomb ~ Yes We Did! (Wheeling pics!)
This diary is posted with many thanks to Ninepatch ...
Buckeye BattleCry 05/13/2008 108 196 3 39
KY SoS Issued Warning Re: WVWV mailers and robocalls
Kentucky's Secretary of State, Trey Grayson , has issued a warning to Kentucky ...
Buckeye BattleCry 05/09/2008 29 21 - 20
The Gutting of Social Services~My Experiences
The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 made cuts to federal funding for child support ...
Buckeye BattleCry 09/29/2007 15 12 2 -
Dear Pet Owners--A list of safe foods
I've searched the internet today to compile a list of safe brands of pet foods. The following is a list of brands that claim to have absolutely *NO* affiliation with Menu Foods, Inc and do not ...
Buckeye BattleCry 04/03/2007 117 46 8 28
Injured Pootie Happy Update
This is an update of a diary I wrote about 36 hours ago. I want to thank you all for your emails and all your very helpful ...
Buckeye BattleCry 03/29/2007 65 17 1 75
Injured (Stray?) Pootie--What do I do?
Well, I'm at the end of my resources so I'm asking you animal lovers for advice. I hope no one will be angry that this isn't a political diary. My son found a pootie in our alley this evening. I ...
Buckeye BattleCry 03/27/2007 116 10 - 3
Walter Reed Hearings Live Thread~2nd Panel (w/Kiley)
The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s national security panel will hold a hearing today on the scandal at Walter ...
Buckeye BattleCry 03/05/2007 239 111 - 31
What's wrong with Grandma?
Like many of you, I've spent quite of bit of time reading nyceve's remarkable health care diaries. I've been wanting for quite some time to write about this issue that has been affecting my own ...
Buckeye BattleCry 01/25/2007 49 13 1 9
Breastfeeding Mom kicked off airplane--A Follow-Up
This diary is a follow-up to my diary of November 16 . For those just hearing of this incident-- Emily Gillette, a 31-year-old woman ...
Buckeye BattleCry 11/20/2006 133 21 1 13
Breastfeeding Mother Kicked Off Commuter Flight, Moms stage Nurse-In
Buckeye BattleCry 11/16/2006 879 161 4 52
"Let Them Walk Out of Here"-- Katrina Blog Project
Buckeye BattleCry 08/04/2006 21 19 1 16
The Working Poor in Appalachian Ohio-My Story, Part III
Buckeye BattleCry 07/25/2006 84 131 11 9
The Working Poor in Appalachian Ohio-My Story, Part II
Buckeye BattleCry 07/21/2006 113 217 14 32
The Working Poor in Appalachian Ohio--This is my Story
Buckeye BattleCry 07/20/2006 155 292 11 46
KY Teacher loses job because of 1995 porn film
Buckeye BattleCry 05/05/2006 32 12 - -
OH-Gov: Michael Coleman's Wife Charged With Drunk Driving BAC=.271
Buckeye BattleCry 10/21/2005 15 - - -
Charlie Wilson Announces Congressional Run (OH-6)
Buckeye BattleCry 05/31/2005 25 4 - 1
Bob Ney--$1.7Million in Transportation Bill to tear down Private Bridge
Buckeye BattleCry 05/17/2005 8 1 - 9
Bob Ney needs to be investigated--One House member needed
Buckeye BattleCry 05/16/2005 2 2 - -
U.S. Senate Sim
Buckeye BattleCry 05/10/2005 3 - - -
William Kristol Takes a Pie to the Kisser at Earlham College
Buckeye BattleCry 03/31/2005 89 21 - 12
Move over NASCAR dads
Buckeye BattleCry 03/07/2005 18 4 - -
Jefferson County Republican Chairman, "Columbus went behind our backs"
Buckeye BattleCry 10/29/2004 27 2 - 8
Jefferson County, OH--170 Voter Registration Challenges
Buckeye BattleCry 10/27/2004 6 2 - -
Wheeling-Charleston Bishop Issues Press Release: "Abortion 'Greatest Evil of Our Age'"
Buckeye BattleCry 10/25/2004 2 - - -
WTF is going on in Ohio?? Isolated incidents?
Buckeye BattleCry 10/23/2004 21 - - -
Ohio House Approves Defense Of Marriage Act
Buckeye BattleCry 02/04/2004 4 - - -
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