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Brat's "simple economics" of health care
I was stunned watching the Hannity interview with David Brat (or maybe I was just stunned to find myself watching Hannity but I wanted to see the Fux News coverage, anyway) on Brat's cold, cruel ...
Bugsydarlin 06/12/2014 240 154 2 -
This old lady just got herself a job
Isn't it great? I'm doing a happy dance. I'm a woman aged 55 who was laid off beginning of Dec 2012. I have no degrees but I have been working for 35 years (40+ years if you include babysitting in ...
Bugsydarlin 05/09/2013 73 216 1 -
Madmen and Game of Thrones
diaries on the front page one after the other. I'm lost. i was looking for a site about progressive politics.
Bugsydarlin 05/06/2013 20 4 - -
Rush Limbaugh and Apple?
A question for the Flush Rush group. What, if any, is the connection between Rush Limbaugh and Apple? He read an ad today that started with how great the iphone is and then went into a ad.
Bugsydarlin 04/29/2013 18 2 - -
Kasich is making his case to his would-be
Redstate followers this morning and it's not going well. While I don't want to direct any traffic that way, I find it incredible that a sitting Governor is using a right wing blog to post some ...
Bugsydarlin 02/06/2013 7 6 - -
More and better Democrats-check
Thanks in part to DK and other, true grassroots support, a bit of good news amid the very bad. I went to contact my Congressman elect, Dr. Ami Bera, CA-7 (love being able to write that and write ...
Bugsydarlin 12/17/2012 9 10 - -
Making it work on $250k/yr
I'm wrecked. Just saw Michael Steele on Hardball. I'm paraphrasing here but this is essentially what he said, "for a family of four, $250k, even adjusted gross, that's not rich, divided by 12." I'...
Bugsydarlin 12/10/2012 90 31 1 -
George Allen dodges NPR
NPR Political Junkie segment today on the Virginia senate race was missing George Allen who couldn't fit it into his schedule. They had on Tom Davis trying to explain the "macaca" comment and then ...
Bugsydarlin 10/10/2012 1 6 - 20
CNN debate coverage trainwreck
This is a first diary and I hope I don't run afoul of the rules and norms. I'm watching CNN and can't believe what I'm seeing.
Bugsydarlin 10/03/2012 31 4 - 537
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