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Where did our hope go?
A rec-listed diary currently laments the loss of hope in much of the commentary here at Daily Kos. The diarist notes that steadily since President Obama won his first election, optimism has gone out ...
CT Hank 07/25/2013 45 29 1 -
You know you're apologizing for fascism, imperialism when...
You don't engage with why the politician we supported in 2008, who explicitly denounced sacrificing civil liberties for security, has not only continued most of the worst Bush/Cheney police state ...
CT Hank 01/08/2012 123 6 1 667
The NYPD led protesters into a trap
Some 700 people were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday, participants in a march related to the ongoing #Occupy Wall Street protest. Their mistake? ...
CT Hank 10/02/2011 36 15 - 179
Against acquiescence: In defense of Greenwald & having principles
Earlier today, a diary made the reclist that was an extended critique of blogger Glenn ...
CT Hank 08/17/2011 12 16 - 86
On Obama, ideological disarmament and responsibility
There is currently a diary up that advances the thesis that the people responsible for the wave of GOP attacks on labor and working people are the fault critics of President Obama! ...
CT Hank 03/10/2011 2 - 1 14
Geithner undermining Obama on banks
Finally, President Obama seems to get the need to deal forcefully with financial reform. If it proves to be more than rhetoric, ...
CT Hank 01/21/2010 63 13 - 24
Organizing for America: What do you take me (us) for?
I have hesitated to post this, my first Daily Kos diary, because it does indeed cover ground that others have been covering recently. I have chosen to do so because I wanted to express at some ...
CT Hank 09/30/2009 83 18 - 94
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