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Child Labor: Switzerland's Shame and Newt Gingrich
An Associated Press story on Switzerland's 150-year practice of ...
Cabbage Rabbit 11/25/2011 3 10 1 88
Good News: Independent Book Store OPENS (Rather Than Closes)
The story today in The New York Times about the birth --rather than the death-- ...
Cabbage Rabbit 11/16/2011 7 13 1 54
Occupied Media
Any irony that the best print coverage of Occupy Wall Street is coming from overseas? Any at all?
Cabbage Rabbit 10/06/2011 6 2 - 40
The Illustrated Imagination: Graphic Novels--Chris Ware's LINT
Since the success of Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid On ...
Cabbage Rabbit 08/25/2011 6 4 - 41
The Illustrated Imagination: Graphic Novels--R. Crumb's GENESIS
In the beginning, Robert Crumb’s work was all parody and cartoonish variation. Over the decades, he breathed ...
Cabbage Rabbit 08/18/2011 19 16 2 118
America's New Poet Laureate Philip Levine: Working Class Hero
It ...
Cabbage Rabbit 08/13/2011 39 58 3 238
The Illustrated Imagination: Graphic Novels--STIGMATA
I love art, but don't have a complete understanding of why. I have no art training, can't draw, sculpt or assemble ...
Cabbage Rabbit 08/11/2011 10 7 - 61
The Illustrated Imagination: Graphic Novels--Reoccurring Mortality
In Daytripper (Vertigo, 2011), twin Brazilian brothers ...
Cabbage Rabbit 08/04/2011 21 27 1 199
The Illustrated Imagination: Graphic Novels--Jonathan Ames' THE ALCOHOLIC
Memoirs as graphic novels have advantages. Everybody knows text-only memoirs need something on the order of a thousand words to equal the worth of a single picture. Visual cues allow us to imagine ...
Cabbage Rabbit 07/28/2011 29 14 - 214
The Illustrated Imagination: Graphic Novels -- Harvey Pekar's THE BEATS
The late Harvey Pekar made illustrated literature out of a working stiff's every day life. But not single handedly. Artists, including Robert Crumb, recognized his genius for social and personal ...
Cabbage Rabbit 07/21/2011 13 8 - 53
The Illustrated Imagination: Graphic Novels-- Prostitutes and Johns
Chester Brown's latest graphic novel Paying For It: A Comic-Strip Memoir About Being A John isn't as much about buying into prostitution as it is about buying out of romantic love.
Cabbage Rabbit 07/14/2011 6 6 - 90
The Illustrated Imagination: Graphic Novels--Journalist Joe Sacco
Journalism in graphic novels? Help me here. Sure, there's a graphic account of the war on terror and even an illustrated ...
Cabbage Rabbit 07/07/2011 11 11 - 64
The Illustrated Imagination: Graphic Novels--New Series
It's a huge universe out there (maybe more than one !). There's an equally expansive one ...
Cabbage Rabbit 06/30/2011 61 33 3 308
The Illustrated Imagination: Graphic Novels
It's a huge universe out there (maybe more than one !). There's an equally expansive one ...
Cabbage Rabbit 06/23/2011 23 2 - 91
The Housing Bubble and the Comics Crash of 1993
Jonathan Last has an interesting article in the Weekly Standard dated June 13 comparing the comic book ...
Cabbage Rabbit 06/16/2011 6 11 - 98
Philp Roth's Latest Novel: Duty As Nemesis
We hear a lot about duty these last days of May. Patriotic duty. Those who answered the call to duty. Extended duty. Duty to God and country. Philip Roth's latest novel,
Cabbage Rabbit 05/30/2011 3 4 - 116
Gil Scott-Heron: Message To Rappers
Gil Scott Heron was there first. A poet, novelist and songwriter known for mining Marshall McLuhan's media-centric philosophy and applying it to 1970s radicalism ...
Cabbage Rabbit 05/28/2011 21 52 2 429
Dream On: Government Mistake Funds Education
Thanks to Paul Krugman -- his blog offers more than economic ...
Cabbage Rabbit 05/21/2011 3 4 - 40
The Angry Poet: "Housing Bubble"
The Angry Poet loves greatest hits. The Angry Poet holds a grudge. The Angry Poet can't help but look back, get nostalgic about things that happened three-and-some years ago if only to become angrier.
Cabbage Rabbit 05/15/2011 5 4 - 45
The Angry Poet: "Hand-Me-Down"
The Angry Poet shops in thrift stores . The Angry Poet suffers resentment (thus the anger). The Angry Poet is certain ...
Cabbage Rabbit 05/07/2011 5 5 - 38
The Angry Poet: Credit
The Angry Poet get solicitations but doesn't understand how he, of all people, is eligible for rewards, bonus points and mileage plans. Why The New York Times even thought him among the 200,...
Cabbage Rabbit 04/30/2011 3 3 - 44
Snow Cover: Pessimisim and Three Cups of Tea
Pessimism towards the charges against Greg Mortenson as well as pessimism towards Mortenson's defense seem to cast shades of gray on everything in his home town of Bozeman, MT. Then it snows....
Cabbage Rabbit 04/30/2011 92 42 3 370
Phoebe Snow: 1950-2011
In the mid-1970s, everyone loved singer-songwriter Phoebe Snow . Her strong pliant voice, its tremolo and dulcet tone, singing things we wanted to hear; yes ...
Cabbage Rabbit 04/30/2011 4 10 - 63
The Angry Poet: Sell Off
What makes the angry poet angry? Reading. Reading the papers, the blogs, certain books makes him angry. Reading poetry makes him angry, not because of what's written but because of what's not. The ...
Cabbage Rabbit 04/24/2011 18 17 - 149
David Brooks: "Pedestrian Poet"
David Brooks, that most frustrating of New York Times columnists (He sees reality! He denies it!) today (April 12) talks ...
Cabbage Rabbit 04/12/2011 14 3 - 69
Auster In the Moment
Add Paul Auster's Sunset Park to the list of recent novels ...
Cabbage Rabbit 04/09/2011 1 3 - 50
Where Do the Homeless Sleep? William T. Vollmann Follows the Displaced
National Book Award winner William T. Vollmann's essay "Homeless in Sacramento" in the March edition of Harper's (subscription ...
Cabbage Rabbit 03/19/2011 10 25 2 112
Political Satire Meets Love Story In Gary Shteyngart's Latest Novel
Novelists are catching up with the times, framing their stories against the contemporary backdrop of economic and political turmoil. The hero of Jess Walter's excellent 2009 ...
Cabbage Rabbit 03/13/2011 6 5 - 40
Why No Jail Time For Wall St? Matt Taibbi Tells (Nearly) All
It's only mildly reassuring to see the theme of Matt Taibbi's latest Rolling Stone piece, "Why Isn't Wall St.
Cabbage Rabbit 02/27/2011 52 126 8 742
Egypt and Tom Hayden's Movement Politics
Watching events in Egypt, I couldn't help think of Tom Hayden's "movement politics, " as outlined in his book The Long Sixties:
Cabbage Rabbit 02/15/2011 1 1 - 17
Ginsberg's Howl: A Cry for Revolutionary Poetry
The release last week of Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s Allen Ginsberg film, Howl in New York and San Francisco (fat chance I'll see it soon, living hundreds of miles away from ...
Cabbage Rabbit 09/26/2010 19 17 - 231
Father's Day Reading: Michael Chabon
Michael Chabon has a wonderful chapter in his book Manhood For Amateurs: The Pleasures and Regrets of a Husband, Father, And Son about that November night when Barack Obama brought his ...
Cabbage Rabbit 06/20/2010 6 3 - 24
Chris Ware's Too Funny Fortune Cover Rejected
Fortune magazine has allegedly rejected a cover illustration that Chris Ware ( Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid On ...
Cabbage Rabbit 04/25/2010 6 5 1 32
Captain America Hates America
Political correctness, long a term that served as a right-wing bludgeon, has gone cartoon.
Cabbage Rabbit 02/12/2010 6 5 - 13
Salinger Redux
Adam Gopnik's sparkling Salinger "Postscript" in the February 8th issue of The New Yorker sums up Salinger's writing better than anything else we've read.
Cabbage Rabbit 02/04/2010 3 1 - 11
Holden Caulfield, Guru
Since the death of J.D. Salinger, there's been scads of comment declaring his books as life-changers (
Cabbage Rabbit 01/31/2010 17 18 - 247
Gingrich Celebrates Court Decision
Newt Gingrich sees hope for the middle-class --and Newt Gingrich-- in the Supreme Court's corporate-spending-in-elections decision. While he's at it, he smears Obama's small-donor base as well. Will ...
Cabbage Rabbit 01/22/2010 24 8 - 13
Denial Economics
Can University of Chicago economists admit they're wrong? Eugene Fama, Richard Posner and Paul Krugman in slap down...
Cabbage Rabbit 01/20/2010 5 4 - 20
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