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He Was a Special Kitty
He weighed barely eight pounds, like his brother, and he was a chatty little white-and-black reverse tuxedo cat with bright green eyes. His meow was soft and sweet and often combined with little ...
CajunBoyLgb 03/06/2013 99 173 - -
New AP Poll on Marriage Equality...
The Associated Press has released results of a nationwide telephone poll by The Associated Press and the National Constitution Center around the topic of same-sex marriage equality. Corporate media ...
CajunBoyLgb 09/14/2011 14 11 - 109
Breaking: Obama DOJ to Defend DOMA in Gill vs Office of Personnel Management
Just in from Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders : Government ...
CajunBoyLgb 10/12/2010 249 44 1 80
Today's Facepalm Moment: Americans and Majority Rule (w/Poll)
Over the last, say, forty-six years or so, the United States has been under attack from a first-covert, now overt, right-wing campaign of scientific un-education of the American citizenry. Elements ...
CajunBoyLgb 09/15/2010 11 7 - 34
Here's Why I Fight for FULL EQUALITY
While Congress fights over whether law-abiding LGBTQ citizens have the right to live and work without the fear of losing their jobs, their homes, etc. over their sexual orientation (which should be, ...
CajunBoyLgb 04/19/2010 36 16 - 38
IT WAS NEWS TO ME: Air America Declares Chapter 7
Air America is throwing in the towel. Again.
CajunBoyLgb 01/21/2010 24 12 - 24
Can a "Moral Imperative" Argument Work in the US?
The Monday to Friday morning drive is made much more pleasant thanks to the "Mensa meeting with fart jokes" that is the Stephanie Miller Show . As I ...
CajunBoyLgb 10/14/2009 7 8 - 54
Those Poor, Poor Prop H8 Supporters...!! (Updated)
John Aravosis, on his America Blog, has an inspired and impassioned rant regarding ...
CajunBoyLgb 12/15/2008 1492 667 11 44
A No on Prop 8 Personal Story: Our Wedding
Since the political IS personal (and the personal IS political), I wanted to try and make the whole No on Prop 8 movement a bit more concrete for anyone who STILL thinks we're whining about our "...
CajunBoyLgb 10/21/2008 53 32 - 25
Standing for What's Right: Did I Go Too Far?
The issue came up in a phone call my partner got from his mother while I was washing cups in the bathroom sink (no kitchen at the moment-- ahh, home renovations!). "Oh, do I have something to ...
CajunBoyLgb 09/08/2008 13 4 - 2
I Think I'm Getting Married This Summer...! (w/poll)
Marriage Equality arrived in California as of 5:01 PM yesterday, June 16, 2008. Historical civil ceremonies are going on up and down the state, with happy couples exchanging simple vows to share ...
CajunBoyLgb 06/17/2008 22 10 - 154
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