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Posting History for California One Care

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The ER is no way to manage health care
During a recent interview on “60 Minutes,” correspondent Scott Pelley asked Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney whether the government has a responsibility to provide care to the 50 ...
California One Care 10/02/2012 10 15 - 58
Concierge care and retail clinics: two-tiered health care?
Do you feel like a doctor’s visit these days is sometimes akin to being herded like cattle? My mother related to me that her recent visit with her doctor lasted “five minutes.” She may not ...
California One Care 08/14/2012 36 11 - 96
New film documents America's broken healthcare system through the ER
Whenever healthcare reform is discussed in the media, often the voices left out are the people actually affected by our broken system. The Waiting Room , an award-winning documentary by filmmaker ...
California One Care 07/19/2012 4 12 - 69
Could Adverse SCOTUS Ruling on Obamacare Provide Opening for a Public Option?
As Judgment Day for the Affordable Care Act draws closer – a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court is expected in the next couple of weeks – legal observers, health experts and pundits are trying to ...
California One Care 06/19/2012 40 20 1 162
Medicare for All California Bus Tour 2012 Kicks Off Tuesday, June 19!
No matter the outcome of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act, the grassroots fight to expand Medicare to all Americans forges ahead. Starting Tuesday, the California Nurses ...
California One Care 06/15/2012 5 22 1 50
Legislation Could Boost State Single-Payer Efforts
Rep. Jim McDermott, a Democrat from Washington, will soon introduce legislation that would allow states to use federal funds to create their own single payer plans. From The Los Angeles Times : ...
California One Care 05/30/2012 9 18 - 74
Other nations see universal health care as necessary. Why don't we?
Our public leaders here in United States like to proclaim that we're number one at everything, despite evidence to the contrary. When it comes to health care, now developing nations are beginning to ...
California One Care 05/14/2012 20 21 - 105
Images From May Day "Healthcare Is a Human Right" Rally
On May Day - also known as International Workers Day - the Campaign for a Healthy California , Occupy LA and Occupy LA Wellness held a rally in support of universal health care. The rally at ...
California One Care 05/11/2012 4 10 - 48
Help us get Single Payer TV spots in key districts
On March 1, California OneCare launched its 365-day ad campaign on the Internet featuring health care professionals, ...
California One Care 05/24/2010 5 15 - 27
Why we fight for Single Payer even after HCR passed in DC
Many have asked: “Since President Obama signed the bill for health insurance reform, is it still necessary to pursue single payer health care in California?” The answer is a resounding,
California One Care 04/20/2010 47 34 1 43
The 1st 6 one-a-day California Single Payer TV spots (you can help too)
Once people understand Single Payer, they support it. So how do we get the word out? Our idea is to release a new 30 second TV spot every day for one year. We have enlisted popular Hollywood ...
California One Care 03/06/2010 14 50 1 32
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